Trump Drives A Wedge In The EU

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Submitted by Mike Shedlock via,

Trump has made it clear he does not like the EU. He prefers bilateral negotiations. And like it or not, Trump is succeeding in his efforts to split the EU.

How Trump is Dividing the EU

It took Donald Trump less than a week to drive a wedge between the constitutionally weak Europeans. His travel ban applies to people with dual passports – except to those with dual British citizenship. It was a concession Britain’s foreign secretary, Boris Johnson, managed to negotiate directly with the White House.


Angela Merkel assures Germans with dual citizens her full support, and promised to co-ordinate the position with other European member states. She said yesterday that Trump’s policy did not reflect her idea of the international co-operation and how to deal with refugees, but there was not even a hint of any action, or counter-action. We noted a comment by Italy’s new foreign minister, Angelino Alfano, that we should stop hyperventilating about Trump. What else can the EU do, having made itself totally dependent on the US for its defence?


The Conservative Party yesterday strongly rallied behind Theresa May and her pro-US position. It is becoming very clear that the combination of Brexit and the election of Donald Trump will simultaneously reposition the UK geo-strategically and economically, and weaken the EU. This is why we think the EU would be best served by agreeing a friendly Brexit as quickly as possible.


There is a growing number of signs that what is happening in the US constitutes a national and global regime change. The elevation of Steven Bannon to a full seat of the National Security Council tells us that more outrages are now very likely. We noted this Bannon quote, as relayed by the New Yorker.


“I’m a Leninist…Lenin wanted to destroy the state, and that’s my goal, too. I want to bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today’s establishment.”


Four years of Trump should mercilessly expose the weaknesses of the EU.

The above viewpoint by Email from Eurointelligence. I believe they are correct.

However, Eurointelligence views the euro and the EU as good things. I view the euro as a failed project and the EU as a collection of massively overpaid statists best gotten rid of.

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petar's picture

In Europe, No one cares about UK. We are all glad they voted to leave.. but still waiting to happen. It is going to be a EU national holiday when Brits Finally triger article 50. 

Oh regional Indian's picture

There is no real trump.

You have a reel trump.

Watch this and shudder, just a bit, as you rah rah rah your way over the drumfcliff

Oh regional Indian's picture

drumfettes are such thin-skinned, fact hating snowflakes... *whiney voiced* but I want to win now, win win win.... my turn to win...libtard, leftard, wetback, no one let me win.....i'm with drumf....... fecking sickening....all grown men at that, or so i'd thought...

xythras's picture

They will thank him SOON.

If not, all EU will become a libtard cesspool .. just take a look around Seattle and the mayor's new idea:

Sodom and Gomorrah! Seattle Approves “SAFE SITES” for People to do THIS

skeelos's picture

The government should not legislate what a mature adult can or cannot put into their own body. End the useless, senseless, and counterproductive "War on Drugs".

Drug use is not a moral issue. It is an issue of individual liberty and God given free will.

Oldwood's picture

So Schumer crying on TV for all the poor refugees trying to escape our bombing but for Trump's Muslim ban, must have brought a tear to YOUR we as well.....

Fix YOUR country. Make it the beacon for freedom and prosperity.

We always need a good example. Americans are moving in droves to India to enjoy the good Oh, that's right, the Indians are all coming HERE. Bless their H1b visas, each and every one.

devnickle's picture

Obomber and Hitlery's bombing. There, fixed it. 

Oh regional Indian's picture

Wow Oldwood, you clearly have a real grip on how things work in the real world, don't you? Here, let me explain, it's really simple: EXCHANGE RATES.... okay? And massively manipulated at that.

Like the rest of the world, people follow the money.


BarkingCat's picture

let's hope this administration fixes that issue. That H1-B visa is as abused as Lady Graham's back door.

fleur de lis's picture

Schumer is a sleaze and a typical Dem parasite.

He fights any law or official that interferes with his Marxist worldview.

Then he has the nerve to define what it means to be American -- everyone who wants to enter the US legally or illegally, should be allowed to do so and they have every right to nonstop welfare.

Because thats what American taxpayers are for -- they make Marxist dreams come true.

He calls himself American to the extent that America serves his purposes.

No point in letting pesky laws get in the way of his bright ideas.

He sees America as a bottomless pit of money so why shouldn't we give it all away to anyone who wants a cut?

He should do something productive for a change and focus on his skank niece and clean her up. 

And he needs to find a better acting coach.




scintillator9's picture

And all the grown men in India are buying, hook-line-and-sinker that having all those rupee notes be abolished overnight was simply for one's own good, and to stamp out corruption and black money, right?

I mean, it is for the common good that people die in line waiting to exchange their soon to be worthless notes for different notes, or to have the banks skim vig off of every transaction for eternity.

I am SO glad that once this is all done, corruption, black money, and evil will be abolished in India at last, am I right, oh wise one?

They will all win win, win win now, because they are with Modi.


Oh regional Indian's picture

I'm not a Modi or demonitization supporter.

Luckily for the world, modi does not command a world wide army of thug/rapist killer zombie drug peddling cowards.

Your version of modi does.


gespiri's picture

Wow....great post!  You should go and post it on CNN, MSNBC, Bloomberg, HuffPost, etc.

forensicator's picture

if you (oh regional indian) say this video is real and there is no real Trump, then why is the media (controlled by Jews) so against Trump. 

Sandmann's picture

Good because UK pays the bills and takes the exports. Enjoy your "EU nation" holiday and start paying your way........time to find €10 bn each year to fund yourselves plus the huge Overspend going forward, plus boosting Defence Spending which in the EU is only 85%  2007 levels.

EU spends €203bn on Defence with a €14 trillion GDP  or 1.45%  = so to get to just 2% would cost €80 bn

Germany spends €35 bn on Defence and spent €22bn last year on Merkel's Marauders

Ashowa's picture

Only 55m or so of us indigenous folk left in Britain out of a total population close to 70m. London is now overwhelmingly brown. And like other cities in Europe it too has 'no go', Sharia compliant, areas. 

Yet the work ethic and wits of the remaining natives means we are still the sixth biggest economy in the world, the fifth greatest military and, within living memory, we were the planet's greatest producer of culture.

Until Brexit surprised us all, the young had given up hope of making a decent life for themselves and the old would say 'I'll be glad when I'm gone'. Maybe, just maybe, the rot has stopped. 

All hail Farage. We salute you, POTUS

Sandmann's picture

Don't ignore the fact that lots of West Indians and Pakistanis and Indians in UK subscribe fully to Western mindset and want to leave the sub-culture behind. There is no amorphous mass, there are some very interesting people who want to belong

EndlessNight's picture

Well I'm no civic nationalist like Farage, or you, so I'd like to see a demographic shift to at least 85% of people inhabiting our fair isles having a strong, ancestral link to them. I want to see those that are not honour our culture and traditions and aspire to fit in.

Sandmann's picture

I have few problems with your viewpoint save that I recognise Englishmen have intermarried with Indians since 1700s

EndlessNight's picture

If ancestral links are established and they aren't subversive, cultural marxist scum, then I say be  proud. A school friend of mine was half Indian and it never really entered my mind that he wasn't English. It's a numbers game. Too many and our natural tendency to xenophobia kicks in.

DaNuts's picture

Even encouraged to marry the dark skinned beauties. Why do you think British intel is so good?

Ghordius's picture

isn't that OT? all those "brown" people did not come to the UK because of the EU

specifically, PM May used to be the very minister that could have done something about immigration from non-EU countries, a completely British National Affair, before, during and after Brexit

Free Man's picture

Who is, "we"?

Brexit, Le Pen surging, Merkel sagging, Trump win, the Euro melting, most EU countries are insolvent, and cave men Muslims & Africans running wild in Europe.

The EU is not Europe. No one cares if the EU cares or not. The EU is doomed.

perikleous's picture

The 20yr experiment is doomed and the currency is doomed and mostly Germany is doomed because when you subtract all the debts that will default with zero ability to repay and no subsidies going to weaker areas of the EU.

Germany will not be able to recover!

They will have lost the auto market through out the EU because the currencies will not equalize enough to be competitive and there market in US already took a hit due to the scandal...

The indebted nations will walk debt free and begin anew free of the EU shackles (life sentences commuted/pardoned) from a life of enslavement to the German rulers...

They will remake there currency and start anew...

The countries that were ok financially but just unhappy with policy(bending to Germany) like France will be ok because there trade will begin with Russia again and all will be well..

Mostly, I like most here will be awaiting Germany to ask the others for a bailout to save them, will our taxpayers save Germany? LOL LOL

MK13's picture

We know Trump's America won't save EU. Third most important thing in regards to Trump's election - after not Hitlery and Supeme Court - blow up EU. Didn't Trump's EU ambassador short euro? Get the commies and commie want to be in the flop that is EU!!

Nexus789's picture

Snowflake Euro. Snowflakism' and its mantra of stupudity is everywhere. 

The Northsman's picture

Then you don't represent us

Bollockinell's picture

You are of course speaking for yourself, certainly NOT for Europe. Whilst I agree that many Europeans pay little attention to what happens with the UK I believe you will find that a very large number are pinning their hopes on an EU collapse so their countries may return to sovereign rule. Let's be realistic, how can you seriously contend that being ruled by a bunch of totally corrupt, unelected individuals is in your interests?

perikleous's picture

The weathiest 30% of the people want to remain regardless because there wealth depends on it, the money will drop in value and all stocks take a huge hit...

 They always push to remain, its the other 70% that know we all need out to move forward and remove the Austerity shackles that Germany has put us in!

duckrichard's picture

30 % ???   you're way off. The FTSE went up since the yes on brexit.


it's more like the 0.01 % that own factories abroad and the media.

BarkingCat's picture

"..remove the Austerity shackles"


so you want to keep spending moey that you do have and keep going further in debt.

If you cannot see where that will lead, you are not paying attention.

May I suggest a visit to Venezuela?   They are a bit ahead of you in this prosperity to poverty experiment.

duckrichard's picture

Because he is either:

-part of the very wealthy that benefit from the EU neo liberalism

-A coward unable to face reality because he is afraid of losing his little confort

-A gulible fool that can't think for himslef and take the msm narrative as gospel


Ghordius's picture

"Let's be realistic, how can you seriously contend that being ruled by a bunch of totally corrupt, unelected individuals is in your interests? "

I contend the whole sentence

who are those individuals? National Ministers in the EU Council and, only IF those agree on anything, the elected members of the European Parliament

and no, we are not ruled by them. It's laws. As in Rule of Law

Idaho potato head's picture

Petar you forgot the D on the end, and don't forget to hoist.

TREE MAN's picture

Unfortunately EU will suffer when Britain leaves. Millions of Brits take holidays to EU...we import least 800k BMW each year not to mention VW, Mercs and French cars.....we buy vasts amount of wine from EU...WE CAN buy that stuff all our contributions. We make..NO the EU will suffer

halcyon's picture

And where will UK holiday after Brexit? Scotland?

What cars will UK consumers buy after brexit? Tata?

Dont make me laugh.

EU countries (even if not EU) and UK will do ok.


TREE MAN's picture

I agree with point made..however, if the EU beaurocrats try to penalise Britain out of can backfire spectacularly. Am sure the CEO of the big German cars companies will lobby to protect their interests if UK slaps a huge import duty on German cars French wine etc. The Unelected EU beaurocrats will soon backdow or thrown out of office. UK has the upper hand as we buy more goods from EU than we sell. Cornwall/ Devon a great place for holidays. I also have two BMWs.

halcyon's picture

Trump wedged shit. When he starts negotiating bilateral deals with individual countries and offering benefits to those whoe leave EU (thus forcing eventually German core Euro area to revalue), then he has driven a wedge, no a stake, into the heart of EU.

Until that happens, suffer we must.


Overdrawn's picture

So why is the EU making it so difficult for us to leave?  FUEU, Germany & France going to have to pay the billions the UK currently pay into the 4th Reich, good luck with that one, and the migrants.

Ghordius's picture

perhaps you did not note that the EU is not making anything, regarding Brexit, and never mind difficult

perhaps you did not note that there are 48% of Britons that voted for Remain. now, those are trying to make Brexit difficult

kellys_eye's picture

"In Europe, No one cares about UK" ???

Right... except for the £bn's that you are demand we pay as 'reparation'.  Except for the 'poor exit conditions' you're demanding to deter other countries from doing the same.

The British aren't 'against' Europe - they are against the EU - a bunch of unelected, unaccountable dictators that are taking the rest of Europe towards war and finincial ruin.

Get your own house in order before you decide to dictate to us.

Ghordius's picture

so a chap goes to the pub, drinks his beer, and the publican reminds him of the tab he has

"reparation demands!" cries the patron. "dictator!". "get your smelly pub in order, first!"

Kranky's picture

In the rest of the world nobody gives a fuck about the failed experiment that is the EU.


Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Brits are not so keen on WOGs*?

* Westernized Oriental Gentleman.  Polite, if outdated euphemism for Middle Easterners or Asians in the UK.

Sandmann's picture

Maybe not but they had 300 years experience in The Raj and know which are good and which are bad

Oh regional Indian's picture

yup, they sure knew how to pick their local flunkies. the worst locals, the most spine-less....

Ashowa's picture

Correction: 'Worthy Oriental Gentleman' is a phrase that dates back to when the Empire's indigenous cultures would send members of their elite over here to pay homage to Queen Victoria.

Bollockinell's picture

"Polite" -- Oh really? I grew up with everyone using that word as an insult. Here's the proof:


OverTheHedge's picture

But don't forget, in my youth the expression was "The wogs begin at Calais", and being Cornish, we always insisted that "the wogs begin at the Tamar Bridge". It's just about localism, and NIMBYism, and that old farming saying -  "Red sky at night? GET OFF MY LAND!"