Berkeley Blowback: Milo Book Sales Soar 12,740% Overnight

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Following the violent anti-free-speech protests in Berkeley, California last night - sparked by cal's special snowflakes hurt feelings at the potential words that would come out of Milo Yiannopoulos' mouth during a sold-out event - it appears America's curiousity has been piqued.

Sales of Milo's book have increased 12,740% overnight sending it rocketing from 642nd to 5th ranked best-seller on Amazon. Pretty impressive considering the book is not even released until March 14th 2017.


When the book was first announced last year, a twitter storm also sparked panic-buying of the book.

* * *

So despite all the best efforts of the liberal intelligentsia to shut down his 'free-speech' last night - hurting the feelings of 600 conservatives who were looking forward to the event - we suspect a lot more than 600 Americans are now about to get a crash course in how Milo thinks.

h/t @Vexmark

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Love that "dangerous faggot."

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Would be hilarious that in the end he's no faggot, just doing some "marketing"


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It's no surprise that the Libtards worship Cankles, as much as they do;

They can't seem to do anything right, anymore than she could.

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What do you expect from the runts in the litter, they are the Beta to Omega males and females. Loosers and useful idiots.

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Looks like Milo received payment for his dialectics services rendered.

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Damn Van.. we so could use some good old fashion plagues. Just to cull the herd a bit.

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Funny that they scream RAYCIS at this guy who literally sucks black penises. God damn the left is fucking stupid.

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M Thanks YOU... Snowflakes ~

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Now all that needs happening is to apply this to Aubrey Huff's book. After he Tweeted (since deleted and apologized for)...

"I mean seriously what the hell is going on? If you have time 2 march, protest and riot. Maybe it's time for something called a job!"

The haters immediately went to Amazon to "review" his book. This was on Jan 29th and well the book was released Feb 1. Amazon has for it's part deleted many of these, but they keep on coming. It will be interesting to see if his sale suffer or rise.

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MILO looks exactly like how LUCIFER would look. 

NON-melanated mutant.  

Troll soul.  

and even in the bible Lucifer is the only character who's color is described.... WHITE.

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FreezeThese (not verified) balolalo Feb 3, 2017 7:01 AM

Buy two copies ... throw both in the trash

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The Alt-Right can use Milo as the secret weapon to wreck havoc on the leftist strongholds.

Simply booking small venues in their areas and then selling tickets online and instantly show it sold out..... so don't sell any tickets.

Use some provocative (to the idiot left) title for his presentation and then watch them go ape shit.

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Zerohedge readers used to stand against fascism and nazism. Trump is like early stage of those two regimes. He is going to start killing Americans pretty soon!

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He is going to start killing Americans pretty soon!


The rumors of our demise.....have been greatly exaggerated.


Props to Mark Twain.

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Chris Dakota (not verified) BaBaBouy Feb 3, 2017 6:41 AM

Soros funded John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, John Kasich.

Soros is committing suicide as I predicted 6 months ago. He will lose money and most likely his life, but not before he is totally unmasked as the evil cretin he truly is.

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I listened to some of his lectures on Youtube and the guy is brilliant. Sad the berkely snowflakes did not arrange a debate with this man to discuss opposing views instead of burning and destroying which seems to be the Democrat/liberal MO these days. I had to order his book to read it and then pass it on to others who want to learn and educate themselves about the issues the middle class faces against the fascist left wing these days.

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Sorry to be the least informed. What does his book say?

Edit: okay, just saw him on Nightline. Got it. Can see why left hates his guts. Have to say he's got guts speaking against everything left hates.

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up 17,675% now.  well played, milo.  hehe...

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A perfect example of the Streisand effect.  Very sly, Milo.


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I will buy a copy and support everyone and everything I can that pokes a stick in the eye of the cultural marxists.

Milo brings out the teeth and claws of the Left against one who should be one of their constituents. I hope he maintains his health.

Plus, I like free-thinkers who can intelligently challenge the PC culture.

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Exactly. He'll cash in on this "scandal"

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sucking black cocks is racist! oh wait...... No I mean anti gay! oh w wait......  damn it! let me call a libtard to figure this out.... 

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And add iTune preorders and I'm sure the move is more impressive.


Don't give a damn what hole he prefers.  So long as he is for truth, justice, and the 'america first' way...



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And it no average penis...he says he likes "big black cocks".

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skype are painted into a corner

no matter how they try to fight back they fk themselves

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Wow, I find the protest quite puzzeling, when I was in college (UT Austin)  the joke was, "two things came out of Berkeley, BSD and  LSD,  it's not a coincidence."

It has such an easy going culture, FreeBSD, has the reputation:  "It's so free you can make it not free"  --


What's wrong with the kids those kids?

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It's not as fast as the plague but radiation is nailing the left coast....give it time.

Hey, maybe that's why they can't think straight!

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cloud_boost (not verified) Kassandra Feb 3, 2017 6:50 AM

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emf involved with this spectacle.

it would also appear the lesboINchief is about to get caught up in pedogate.

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She is the King of Lip-service.

Unfortunately, Libertarians don't know that Lawyers rip them off or that Bankers Rip them off.

- We should introduce them to Foreign Agents operating within our US Govt and Our State Dept and the problem with financial conflict of Interest of Foreign Agents
- Perhaps we need to apply sedition law and racketeering law to a few politicians and DC insiders (Title 18 USC)

hxc's picture

Libertarians know full well that lawyers and bankers rip us off. The most hardcore libertarians (ancaps) want to abolish the state and central banking as a whole. Even lukewarm libertarians want to diminish the state (where lawyers draw their power from) and get rid of the Fed (where bankers draw their power from).

cheka's picture

libertarianism needs to be sequential.  eliminate the private central bank...then the rest is plausible. 

as long as skype have the bank, forget about it

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Radicals believe in only the moment.... and Berkeley is ground xero now as before.... intersting how history repeats itself.... Janis Joplin was asked essentially about "tomorrow" in the 60's ... her answer was that it's all the same fucking day ... some historical perspective on this long "day" ... Alinsky.. Cloward Piven .. Columbia U ... all very surreal..


Kaos and Control ... crazy world

The Management's picture

Such an excellent point!

Almost as if their second place beta status is affirmation that they chose the correct leader.

Like they are allergic to WIINNING

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I just had this same discussion.  

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We just need Milo to go to every other Liberal Hellhole college/University. They are just as dumb as the Ferguson Mo. rioters, "Hey let burn down our whole fucking town"

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xythras (not verified) D Nyle Feb 2, 2017 9:04 PM

Those low level jobs about to come back from China & Mexico will be soooo suitable for this monkeys

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Yep. I think Milo needs to hit up every big campus in the country. He will probably get the same reaction. Hell, the fucktards at each college will probably try to outdo the other with how much of their own campus's shit they destroy. It would be great.


Funny how shortsighted these people are. Milo has won the agrument without ever opening his mouth. They make his points for him better than he ever could.

Meat Hammer's picture

"Milo has won the agrument without ever opening his mouth."

Nailed. It.

hxc's picture

Better than them working for George Soreass.

TeethVillage88s's picture

Broken Windows Policy?

- see Broken Windows Fallacy


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Chris Dakota (not verified) ArtVan Delay Feb 2, 2017 9:26 PM

He said he is tired of being gay because gays are now so privileged.

"Im a gay man, that means I can do anything I want."

He is thinking of becoming straight and Christian, more chance for being victimized.


Vigilante's picture

He's a faggot alright

I doubt that he's a Jew though..

hxc's picture

Half jewish, half white. Kinda obvious when you look at his face though (both parts).