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The US Justice system is corrupt and easily manipulated by Soros. As a goodwill gesture, deport Soros and his son to Russia for trial. Declare Soros as an enemy of the people of the US.

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Evening ZHealots,

I owe you guys an apology. At the advent of those 'spontaneous' demonstrations succeeding Trump's inauguration, and because those demonstrations had for janus very personal (and difficult to describe) associations, my muse waxed bold, dousing the ole noodle with some magical secret sauce of super-yummy hilarity. A send-up so funny, it had the potential to bring down empires. Even the germ of its genesis was so hilarious that I had to take smelling salts and endure a fortnight of prune-juice enemas to subdue the conniption fits of giggling this concept catalyzed.

But I made a promise not to share it; and it's a promise I reckon I'll keep. Instead, I'll pay tribute to Butch Trucks with a little Allman Brothers story. God bless you, Butch. You did a bad thing there. That is not a choice within your range of options...but your fans love you all the same. Perspective in life is often hard to keep (we have freedom to rearrange our lives in many ways, and wisdom is obtained through trial and error therewith) but beyond the bleak and bleary present tense, every perspective should stretch out to hope, the only antidote to despair.

I've been to many Allman Brothers shows...even remember one or two...and while there are show stories I could tell that would do well in paying tribute to a band that defined 'Southern Rock' as a genre, I'll instead tell the story janus and his intersection with Gregg Allman at a crossroads in my life, lo about 10 years ago in Birmingham, Alabama.

Okay, so, living in rural Alabama means a scarcity of careers bristling with opportunity. For a variety of reasons, janus accepted a job selling yellow page advertising (shortly before the internet took over its role). Fact is, janus can sell. I have a gift for it, but it drains my soul. All the same, gotta pay the mortgage and whatnot.

Training for this position was held at the nicest hotel in Birmingham, was a four week course, we all had our own rooms and we were all given fairly generous per diems to cover our after-class suppers and suchlike.

Showing up late for the first day is the janus-way; and I was not going to make an exception for the yellow pages. After asking the concierge where and in what room, I strolled into the classroom gushing with apologies and dressed in a dark navy suit, collared with a lavender tie running about 22 minutes late.

After accepting forgiveness from the darling lil teacher and bringing her cheeks to blush, I started to make some sense of the scene: Let's just say that janus recognized the situation for what it was immediately: A Blessing from The Heavens.

After surveying the room, I quickly deduced that the yellow pages abides a definite and discernible hiring strategy: super-cute co-eds fresh from sorority. I kid you not, it was janus, a dozen 23-27 year old hotties, a former linebacker from USC (so cal, not south carolina) and some garrulous and glib dufus. As was said, A Blessing from The Heavens.

Anyway, there was this one lil 23 year old blond twinkling in the corner and giving janus a leer lush with naughtiness. Naturally, I sat as far from her as I could. We'll call her K.

Later that night, I would find out that K was a Kappa Delta (AOT, girls), 23, high school cheerleader, recently graduated from the University of Tennessee, and presently residing in Knoxville -- originally from Chattanooga. Overall? 9.44. A little short; small tits; amazing little apple of an ass and, most especially, a beautiful a face always lit aglow with glee -- sparkling eyes. Happy, happy girl, that least, always around me.

I was in really big trouble, gentlemen. mrs. janus & janus aren't really ozzy & harriett -- beyond that, I won't comment. Suffice it to say, I was highly susceptible to the sway of young K. At night, we'd all go swimming and hang out in the hot-tub while drinking and listening to classic rock and whatnot. K would sit on my lap in the tub, rub my neck, whisper all sorts of stuff. I was in really big trouble, gentlemen.

{There are so many parts to this story...but I'll keep it trained on a single theme}

Somewhere around the end of the second week, Birmingham was to hold its annual City Fest -- a weekend of concerts targeted at the local audience. Both Dylan AND the Allman Brothers were scheduled to play. As for janus & K? It was a date.

Two of my favorite acts in a single night. janus was happier than a 3-dick cock in a hen-house. bliss at last!

Well, as we're leaving the hotel to amble down to the concert venue, a custom bus comes pulling up, stops, opens its doors and out stroll six lil does leading a buck out of the thicket, they are followed by none other than Gregg Allman. It's difficult to 'really' impress janus, but with this spectacle, Mr. Allman had all but secured my sincerest awe.

K says to me, "OH!, janus, my daddy LOVES the Allman Brothers. Will you get his autograph?"

Gregg had security, so I figured the best way to approach him way by leading with my doe. Impressed as he was with my Tennessee mistress, Gregg stopped for a second to chat. After asking after his kin and paying my respects, I asked if he'd sign his name to something for my sweetie.

I was holding a copy of a magazine and the valet handed me a sharpie.

And so, on the front cover of a 2006 copy of The New Republic, Gregg Allman made out a special note to my cutie's daddy.

It was a very sweet thing of me to do, I agree. I wonder if she still has it?

Nevertheless, later that day at our date, as we're drinking and nibbling away at some fondu bread-bowl on a late spring day, K makes a suggestion, "hey, why don't we skip this concert, go get room-service and have a pillow fight? All I want to do right now is talk with no one else around."

I was in REALLY BIG trouble, gentlemen.

K won the pillow fight. We ordered the Mike Ditka Special -- a 24 OZ NY strip, rare-to-medium-rare -- for room service, and stayed up talking till 2 a.m. Absolutely unbelievable, I give up the Allman Brothers AND Dylan for this? couldn't be happier.

Well, in all this I forgot to mention another character that only made a cameo or two. There was this one other class member -- an older gentleman with the gift for gab -- truly gifted salesman, but he never joined us in the hot-tub. At lunch one day he said, "be careful, young man. You're playing with fire." After telling him about my own domestic lack of bliss he replied, "that's running from something. I promise you that 'that' will end in disaster. If and when it's time for something else, God will lead you out. Running gets you nowhere in this life."

I knew he was right. As for janus and K? I never went 'too' far. But that was the closest I'd ever come to a genuine affair. I behaved myself as much as could be reasonably expected. Never accepted any invitations to come and see her in Tennessee. Didn't join her when she stopped in Montgomery and asked me out to drinks. After Birmingham, I only chatted with her a few times on the phone. I still remember her number. She's married now, and I hope she's still just as bubbly and happy as ever. K was a fun girl. VERY fun. But, when I thought about it all the way through, I had to admit that she lacked a certain depth and substance. I finally came to accept that my feelings were only infatuation. And on reflection, I'd say I made the right call. Patience isn't just 'a' virtue in life -- it very well may be THE virtue in life.

Godspeed, Butch.

Keep on truckin, Gregg.


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You are a man of few words.

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I'm back! Just so you all know, I was until recently, a long time member of the ZH community. A week ago I posted a link to the White House that has a petition to issue a warrant for George Soros' arrest and my account was immediately terminated without warning or reason; admittedly this is the website operators prerogative but having said that something is rotten in Denmark. So, to that I say: FUCK TYLER DURDEN! You weaselly piece of shit come out and tangle with me you goddamned faggot!

So, when you are all here reading and posting realize there is more going on here than meets the eye.

Thanks for reading my post. And if you really want to stick a weed up Tyler and George Soros' ass please go The White House website and sign the petition:

Also, post it everywhere on this site and share on other sites and with your friends. You want to get this bastard? Now you have an opportunity; ACT!!!


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According to Jim Stone [his site worth monitoring and supporting!!], who also publicized the SOROS PETITION drive, the "counter" at was only changing once every (100? 1000?) signatures. I, too, signed the petition, the count did not change. This may be so sensitive that even the Trump team does not know what to do, other than bury the issue for now! Check it out. I doubt that ZH has anything to do with this.

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You are lucky. I posted a petition to take NASA Public and they gave me an invalid email to address and I sent it to 417k people without checking. There is no way to contact anyone to fix it.

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I like.  Succinct.

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brillian WB

It appears that not only these puppet masters but  the media  are actually trying to incite anarchy on a national scale. This could get out of control very quickly. A dangerous paranoia appears to be setting in among the unhinged left who dominate social media.  Spend some time looking at tweets from influencers and responses to them.


New Zealand looking better every day.

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Better get in early and avoid the rush.

17000 ADDITIONAL Visa applications since Trump took office

But you'll be behind the queue from China - surreptitiously buying

up property in Auckland - perpertual ownership, no capital gains tax,

and low interest funding from China.  Whats not to like?


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This must terrify the sheep.

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NZ looks good just so long as you are willing to pledge your allegiance to a Queen and all her heirs, like Peter Thiel apparently is.



The dbleplusgoodthinks contained here are stunning. Only on ZH can folk be simultaneously derided for fascism, nazism, being leftist-statist,  and inciting anarchy (which, really, is the only one that fits with the 'left' if Kropotkin, the father of anarcho-communism, is taken into account)

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Stainless Steel Rat (not verified) Feb 2, 2017 1:55 PM

This is AWESOME.  Totally t-shirt worthy.

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Too bad Soros is literally the furthest thing from an actual anarchist.

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I'm doing a runaround the Dems and appointing you to the post of Whitehouse Political Illustrator. When can you report for duty to your new office in the West Wing?

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I'm not tooting my own horn, but I certainly feel like I'm the only artist generating counter propaganda aimed at the incoming from the Leftturds and statist shitheads.

I hope they appreciate it in there.

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maybe you can do something along the lines of Marlon Brando but replacing horror with "The hypocrisy, the hypocrisy."

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WB7, perhaps David Dees, too, eh?

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WB, you are simply the best. 

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WHat gives, I thought I had straightened this out with you long ago WB:

It is patently hypocritical for anyone who believes there should be even a modicum of gov't to derisively tar someone else with the epithet 'statist'

ie. if you expect 'law and order' from your gov't, you are 'statist'. If you support a DoD (or a DoO): statist. If you expect a publicly funded and overseen police force and judicial system to enforce/settle your precious contract obligations/disputes: that is 'statist'.

"Now, if that's a fact, tell me: am I lying?"

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Not a hypocrite. Any of the services you mentioned we "need" the state for, the market can easily and readily provide.

Department of Offense? Really? We have to be robbed and coerced to death so some dicks with fancy costumes and guns can go fuck up other places too? Not sure the market would provide that one, but private security, private arbitration, etc are already in effect and work much better than the shitty publicly funded ones.

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pffft. Oh yeah, an opaque, unnaccountable, privately funded standalone judicial system would be perfect alright, especially for the owners; easily and readily making one judgement after another in their favour, regardless of actual 'justice'. After all,

"It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it!" - Upton Sinclair

So maybe you're not a hypocrite then, just another of the legions of the plutocrats' useful idiots, because you're effectively advocating 'Might Makes Right' and 'Money Talks', which have never been the cornerstones of a just society. ie. More of the same, but with even less pretense. Yay.

But good luck with:

Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes FTMFW!!!!

and for God's sake won't someone please Free Steve Mnuchin!

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>> I hope they appreciate it in there. <<


Big time.

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I love the Hoodie effect. It serves two purposes. It illustrates what a Pure Evil Satanic Lucerferian Scum Fuck Criminal Psychopath Thug Geroge Sorros is.

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On Goodfellas they found someone hanging in the back of a meat truck frozen stiff.

fitting end for this scum.


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Sums it up rather beautifully!

Is that "banksy" or yours????

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You need to get ahold of him to spray paint it on the side of the UN, Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan with your initials on it!


Whether it's Ferguson or Berkeley,

you can always spot the Soros' paid-for thugs.

They're the ones dressed in black hoodies

and wearing ski masks.

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Yeah, the police provocateurs all wear their badges on their sleeves, along with their hearts


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True that. Bunch of gutter socialist trash calling themselves anarchists and paid off by this devious scumfuck.

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Good God WB7.

Your art is even more powerful than Trump's tweets.

1,000 Up Votes!

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This Vagina prostitues more than anyone I know...

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Crap  I completely forgot janet Napolitano is chancellor of the CalUC system. This explains a lot about the riots at Berkeley.  She's probably handing out the paychecks to these rioters.


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Yeah. Not sure why they put the head of DHS in charge of the UC system (she has never been a professor or educator or even an elementary school administrator) but I can imagine a few reasons. Like the one you mentioned and all the other false flag / agent-provocateur shootings like the one in IV (ucsb) a couple years ago.

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Maybe Obama should be next to him in a white hood

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I don't think those girls are who the beach boys sang about...

Fine art Mr B.

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Red and Black swastica armbands and its perfect.

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Where it's a 'Holiday in Cambodia, every day...

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The Maoist, The Nazi, The Stalinist.  Crony collectivists worth $100s of millions of loot collected from the serf class.  Ready to step on your neck if you don't genuflect.

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CA has a new junior US Senator, former CA AG, former SanFran DA, Kamela Harris, vetted and groomed by the CA dem machine.  I'm sure you'll just love her once you get to know her!