Trump Threatens To Pull U.C. Berkeley Funds After Violent Protesters Cancel Yiannopoulos Speech

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In the latest crackdown by less than tolerant liberals against free speech, on Wednesday night hundreds of protesters at University of California in Berkeley smashed windows, set fires and clashed with police as they forced a controversial "alt-right" speaker to cancel his appearance at the liberal-leaning institution.

Two hours before Breitbart News editor Milo Yiannopoulos was to give a speech at the student union, protesters tossed metal barricades and rocks through the building's windows and set a light generator on fire near the entrance, footage from news outlets showed.

Police ordered protesters to disperse as the school put the campus on lockdown. Protesters also tossed bricks and fireworks at police in riot gear who fired rubber pellets back at the crowd, according to, a news outlet in San Francisco.

"We shut down the event. It was great. Mission accomplished," a protester told CNN.

Some 150 "masked agitators" were responsible for the violence during the otherwise largely peaceful protest of about 1,500 people, the university said in a statement, noting that the school "is proud of its history and legacy as home of the Free Speech Movement" in the 1960s. Many have expressed curiosity if the masked agitators are the same ones who tried to provoke violence during Trump's inauguration and if they are funded by certain financially endowed "liberal" organizations linked to George Soros.

Donald Trump's chief strategist, Steve Bannon, previously headed Breitbart News and CNN reported that many of the protesters voiced opposition to the Republican president.

One protester at Berkeley held a sign that said "No Safe Space for Racists" while other protesters danced to hip hop music, footage from a Facebook Live feed showed. Protesters later marched along streets near the campus where some smashed storefront windows and car windshields while clashing with police, the feed showed.

Yiannopoulos, whose account on Twitter was suspended last year after he was accused of participating in the online harassment of an African-American actress, criticized "the Left", saying in a statement it was "absolutely terrified of free speech and will do literally anything to shut it down."

He also said on Fox News that he was evacuated by police after protesters began throwing rocks and other objects at the building. "Obviously it’s a liberal campus so they hate any libertarians or conservatives who dare to express an opinion on their campuses," he said. "They particularly don’t like me."

On Thursday morning, in a barrage of tweets that touched on topics as far ranging as Rex Tillerson, to the death of Navy SEAL Ryan Owens to the Iran ballistic missile test, Trump also lashed out at UC Berkley, and hinted that the university which "does not allow free speech and practices violence on innocent people with a different point of view" may see its federal funding yanked.

Fox & Friends ran a segment on the protests just before Trump's tweet, including Milo's comments last night to Tucker Carlson. It appears that Trump may have been inspired by this particular segment.

It was not immediately clear if any algos were confused by the Trump tweet and interpreted it as referring to interest rates or the Fed's hiking plans.

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Last of the Middle Class's picture

The smell of Kent State is in the air. It smells like. . . . dead snowflakes.

VinceFostersGhost's picture



Pull funding here.......a little over there.


That could add up to some real savings.

mtl4's picture

When you run around in all black with your face covered you're not protesting, your a rioter looking for a fight.

Fuki's picture
Fuki (not verified) mtl4 Feb 2, 2017 7:09 AM

The ex idiot in chief has left a massive mess and he's off to an exciting new life


847328_3527's picture

Professional rioters+spoiled students.


3 months jail time minimum and let the guy speak. Cut fed funds....



FatTony7915726's picture

Law and Order.  No rubber bullets, please use real ammo.

FreezeThese's picture
FreezeThese (not verified) FatTony7915726 Feb 2, 2017 7:40 AM

Great precedent this ... how about the neo-nazi from Brietbart give speeches in his living room instread

TeamDepends's picture

Progressives, ya can't live with 'em and you can't live with 'em.

UndergroundPost's picture

Cowardly masked agitators should put on pink PUSSY Hats instead of black burgler masks - then the earth would tremble at their kitty kat shadow and the rotting carcus of capitalism would blossom (after being well fertilized by kitty poop) into Lenin's and Soros' glorious vision of global socialism! Fight on Berkeley! Pussies of the world UNITE!!

"We must not depict socialism as if socialists will bring it to us on a plate all nicely dressed. That will never happen. Not a single problem of the class struggle has ever been solved in history except by violence. When violence is exercised by the working people, by the mass of exploited against the exploiters — then we are for it!" - Lenin

HopefulCynical's picture

Water cannons, tear gas - and PRISON.

Manthong's picture

I heard there were NO arrests made.

WTF is up with “LE” there?

pazmaker's picture

It's UC Berkley even the LE are leftist

devnickle's picture

He her. Should go to zero or negative within days. Rightfully so. Trump needs to claw back all of their ill-gotten gains. Destitution is a fitting end for these scumbags.

mc888's picture

Unemployed Maidan contractors can't afford pink pussy hats made in China.


Stuck on Zero's picture

Campuses that deny free speech need to have all Federal funds cut off. Hit these ivory tower leftist bastards where it hurts: in the pocketbook.

Henry David Thoreau's picture

Hell, why should universities have any federal funding? Don't they charge an arm and several legs already in exorbitant tuition fees?

A Nanny Moose's picture

Only for hetero-white males. Do they even let those in anymore?

Yukon Cornholius's picture

Obviously not. Even the right wing guest speakers are fags these days.

ForTheWorld's picture

Regardless of whatever issues you have with his (Milo) personal choices, he is damn good at what he does in the public arena.

undertow1141's picture

Student Loans are Federal Money. If he cuts Federal money, he revokes the loans for that college. Get it. Imagine next semester, no student loan moneies get deposited in their accounts.

rich1657's picture

Terminate their Federal grants and contracts as well:  "In the fiscal year ending June 30, 2016, UC Berkeley attracted $673.9 million in new awards. ...The federal government provided 55 percent of these funds,"  in the total amount of $370MM.  And that's just new FY15/16 awards, not to mention ongoing multiyear projects.  Commies soaking the US taxpayer much?

Zarbo's picture

On the non-snowflake side of the university, there are electrical and computer engineers who do work for the government.  Berkeley is wher the Internet (originally ARPAnet) was born as part of DARPA research.  There are loads of other projects.  Oppenheimer had an office there.

Withdrawn Sanction's picture

That's WHY, in part, universities charge an arm and a leg now:  b/c Uncle Sugar decreed years ago that anyone w/a HS diploma should be able to go to college and the govt will help w/the bill.  That subsidization unhinges demand against a relatively fixed (or at least slowly changing) supply and consequently prices rise.

Supply in higher education is catching up however w/unpleasant consequences in the offing for the professoriate.  More importantly, technology will radically change how higher education is delivered.  The net/net will be far fewer professors, far less capital intensity in the delivery of higher education (in the form of academic buildings, dorms, and campuses). 

Or put it this way, if a quality professor puts his course on-line he can easily reach 500,000 students, rather just the 500 who sit in his lecture hall (and at virtually no increase increase in cost over the original 500).  Yes there is a social context to attending college, but in the face of such overwhelming and devastating economics, current techniques of higher ed delivery will look as quaint in a few years as the Greek Academy does to us today.


SunTzu2U's picture

The other consequences of hearding youth into college are Student Loan debt and a complete dearth of qualified trades people. There are precious few new plumbers, electricians, etc being created. The average age for this group is something like 50+. Good paying jobs, not being outsourced to India or being automated completely away. Contractors I talk to can't get enough, regardless of how much they are willing to pay. 

devnickle's picture

Yep. Auto mechanic here. Can't find ANYONE worth a shit to replace me. Guess I'll work til' they pour dirt on me. Generation entitlement.

sessinpo's picture

These schools should never have gotten any funding from the government in the frst place and that is just a symptom of a larger problem.

Carl Spackler's picture

Stuck on zero... this is the key point in all of this.

PP's picture

Trump you shit, not so much about your federal fund, your fund is coming from issuing debt, it is coming from China and Japan! you shit Trump has nothing but a shit mouth which vomiting out shit.

MEFOBILLS's picture


Please don't post about the debt money system if you don't know how it works.

Student loans are created by private banks, and then underwritten by the Government.  OK?

The government does not issue the loan, it is a private bank. 

IF per chance, the student defaults, then the government is on the hook to pay back the private bank.  In that case, it is tax money that is already in circulation, that then vectors to pay the private banker.  Money in circulation, for the most part, originates from private main street banks.

I don't see government creating money that sources as a debt instrument in this scheme.

China and Japan are mercantilist, meaning they suck dollars from the U.S. in trade imbalance, and then buy TBills.  These TBills can be owned by banks, investors, shadow banks, or they might be new TBILLS issued as deficit spending.

Only in the case of new TBills is China or Japanese money finding a new goverment debt instrument.

If Trump threatens the colleges, he is threatening to withold the federal gurantee, which then changes the risk profile for the student.  Most banks will not make an unsecured loan to a student who has no credit history.

devnickle's picture

They made their fucking bed. If you Majored in liberal arts, you deserve what you get. The taxpayers will not subsidize professional students.

Lorca's Novena's picture

Did you break up with Rachel Madcow this morning? You leftist morons dont even know what youre protesting!

Mr. Universe's picture

Posted with all the intelligence and deep thought of a special snowflake.  Huddled in a corner, covered with a Dora the Explorer blanket, they continuously post their angst from the campus safe space. PTTSD (Post Trump Traumatic Stress Disorder) patients will be the next epidemic. Don't worry, they will have a choice, freedom or another progressive vaccination.

devnickle's picture

Fuck off you entitled, whining, crybaby piece of shit. Respect your elders. It's about time we had a leader with enough balls to tell the truth. Get a grip, and do something productive. Bitching, grandstanding, and obstruction are NOT productive.

devnickle's picture

Once again. FUCK OFF.


John_Coltrane's picture

PP just wet his diapers! WHAAAH-he's been triggered and now is melting.

Clearly pissy PP is an example of the failure of our education system. The anatomical word salad in his comment indicates low mentality-perhaps down's syndrome?

If PP is an example of our opponents we have already won the intellectual war of ideas. We have ideas-they don't! That's why the Soros funded "protesters" must shut us up at all costs.

wren's picture

Stop the threats, just pull the funds. I'm over the left already. It's not my responsibility, or my grandkids responsibility for that matter, to give funds to this wannabe university. Shut it down! They have the right to free speech, we have the right to close their doors!

Withdrawn Sanction's picture

"They have the right to free speech, we have the right to close their doors!"

Not quite.  They have the right to free speech, true.  They do not have the right to compel me to pay for their microphone.  If their lack of a taxpayer-subsidized microphone then causes them to close, that's their problem. 

Just Another Vietnam Vet's picture


Berkley was always different IMHO.   Even before the era of BART,  streets were literally littered with kids, scattered

like cordwood, and ignored by all, while laying on sidewalks passed out on drugs.   Radical right and left protestors / debates

outside on campus without violence, among many other activites.   A far corner of the world that is so extreme radical 

that grounded working middle class folks with families would never begin to want that type of life.   


Re :  UnderG .. "Cowardly masked agitators should put on pink PUSSY Hats instead of black burgler masks"


But This Looks more like organized masked Paid Terrorists that need identification and a prison sentance.  

It has a george hillary odor. 

Bastiat's picture

It would be a shame if the FBI had infiltrated the Soros funded organization and were ready to drop the hammer as soon as the new AG came in . . . I can dream.  If they haven't, I expect they will have to explain why not.

PacOps's picture

Yep. I have friends with degrees from Berkeley. It's possible to get a quality education there. But a significant population of UCB grads living in the senior community I now reside in I gotta say I consider most of them arrogant cunts & assholes. UCB isn't called The Open Ward for nothing.

Sanity Bear's picture

This is the real reason they're so passionate about gun control - they don't want to get shot for things they really should be getting shot for.

dark pools of soros's picture

A couple patriots would put an end to these pampered pussy protests

devnickle's picture

And they will. Keep it up. Stop now, or an AK will have your name on it.