US Eases Sanctions Against Russia

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Just moments ago, when reporting on the latest Putin comment involving the recent flaring up of violence in Eastern Ukraine, we said that "the biggest question remains unanswered: what side of the Ukraine-Russian conflict will the new US State Department under Rex Tillerson side with, and will Trump slam the alleged Russian violence as his predecessor was so quick to do on virtually every single occasion."

We may have just gotten the answer, because moments ago the Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control, under Rex Tillerson, posted a Russia-related general license notice on its website, according to which US authorities eased sanctions against Russia’s Federal Security Service - the successor agency to the USSR's KGB - pertaining to licenses and permits for information technology products in Russia.

According to the license, "all transactions and activities" with participation of the Russian Federal Security Service, prohibited earlier by executive orders of the US President, are authorized with certain exceptions. Also related to “transactions necessary and ordinarily incident to comply with rules and regulations administered by, and certain actions or investigations involving, the FSB,” according to Treasury website.

Cited by Tass, Russian Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov has declined to make a statement on the United States’ decision.

"First we need to understand what it is all about," Peskov said. "If we turn to the rocket engines matter, we will see that our US counterparts never impose sanctions that could damage their own interests."

While this initial de-escalation of sanctions against Russia may or may not give John McCain an aneurysm, it will certainly lead to a vocal outcries by Democrats and the media against Rex Tillerson - whose proximity to Putin is well-known - and of course, president Trump, accusing them of immediately going soft on Russia, and leading to even further sanctions elimination between the US and Russia, thus alienating Europe, whose relations with Moscow remain as icy as anything observed under the Obama administration.

The full Treasury general license notice is below (link).

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BullyBearish's picture

Trump should just make Putin, Syria and Iran his new BFFs and be done with it...

FreezeThese's picture
FreezeThese (not verified) BullyBearish Feb 2, 2017 11:57 AM

Make Russia Great Again

froze25's picture

Good, anything that pisses off the Globalist is fine with me. Go Trump! If that makes Russia more prosperous along with us, sounds fine to me. The Russians haven't tried to turn my rights into benefits like the Globalist have.

BennyBoy's picture


Russia is our enemy because....ummmm....because....hmmm.....give me a minute....just because....because Deep State says so!

shamus001's picture

Phew! Was getting hard to purchase a good Russian Kalishnikov.  Not that I actually shopped for one (own an American AK) but the market for Russian M-44 bolt action WW2 rifles was REALLY DRY!

Consuelo's picture



No need.   They already are - and have proven it so in the face of FU from the Wolfowitz/Rubin/Perle, etc., brigade since 1991...



flaminratzazz's picture

and then he totally  redeems himself after the apprentice fvkup

feels like watching a tennis match

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

"Trump should just make Putin, Syria, Iran our BFF..."

I'll bite. Assuming that you're being sarcastic, let's explore this line of reasoning...

If what you suggest, were to happen, what would happen to the US?  Let's see.. oh yes...

- We would no longer be wasting or hiding Trillions of dollars for the MIC and Israel

- We would no longer be bleeding and dying for Israel, or for MIC executive bonuses

- We would no longer be bombing, shooting and droning the shit out of people, who then truly have a reason to go "Full Jihadi" on us.

I know it hurts when you use your brain, but try it anyways. 

P.s. In the off-chance that you are serious, I apologize for impuning your IQ. As such a move would really shake up the MIC, the Likud and AIPAC.

And is this a 5 minute or half hour Argument?

BullyBearish's picture <sarc> tag because it wasn't meant to be sarcastic...Dump Saudi and Israel, stop the murder in Syria, save untold American lives and treasure while working with PARTNERS who really want to work with us instead of just sucking our blood...


Let's discuss...

Rabbitnexus's picture

Excuse me for butting in, but I already went at you over the same post. I think I made assumptions I should not have, in which case I apologise. Fact is those are exactly the things that need to happen and as a former Trump supporter, I can say none of them are.

He is only making moves towards Russia which are meant to disarm them whilst he goes harder at Syria and or Iran next. In other words after that extraordinary election circus, NOTHING just changed. The PNAC bullshit is still on track. Maybe running a little behind schedule but the game is still on.

Rabbitnexus's picture

You Progs are so clueless I cannot get beside you even after having jumped off the Trump train. You never saw the reality of Trump before the election, and you don't yet.

Trump has lost his provisional supporters like me, precisely because he has done nothing geopolitically except rearrange the deck chairs a bit and otherwise any changes tend to follow the Clinton script anyway so far.

Letting off the pressure a bit on Russia in Ukraine (which is yet to be seen) won't alter the strategic plan, which is yet targeting Russia through Syria. (remember the oil and gas). There the sounds from Trump are anything but encouraging. Trump's "Safe Zones" are no different from Clinton's "No Fly Zones" you nonces!

As for Iran. You have to be kidding me? The threats against Iran before and more so since coming to office have been bloodcurdling in my experience. I am 100% a supporter of Iran. I am fairly certain that any attack on Iran which will obviously involve Israel and the USA will guarantee the fuse will finally be lit which will send a blastwave all the way across the Atlantic and level the USA in its wake.  Not to mention a lot of others. That is if nobody were to help Iran. 

Given Iran's longstanding relationships with a number of other nations and the absolute devotion of all Shia entities on the planet, and remember Iran is a crucial component of the oil and gas picture to China and Russia; that would be a very naive assumption. Shias may not be more than one fifth the numbers of Sunnis but both as an observer who came into Islam via a Sunni path and a Shia Muslim by choice since then, I promise the committment and passion of Shias is five times greater than any Sunni. If it were any other way, Shias would have been extinct more than 1000 years ago. ISIS may be new to the world in general. Shias have faced this ideology from the outset. This is the demon inside Islam and the latest awakening of it's power has been one we have been expecting in prophecies. If those prophecies are legit then people really want to get serious about identifying all who support and all who ascribe to this monstrosity because this is not a drill. The force behind this thing is not Islam, it is not Allah but it is the next most powerful thing in the universe and it is at war with humanity.

Buck Johnson's picture

Might be true that the Russians have something/blackmail on Trump.  To allow the Russian new version of the KGB off the hook is insane especially since your the enemy of them.  Unless  your not.



shamus001's picture

Take that desperate "Hillary Sandwich" to go please.  Eating that in here, everyone is losing their appetite. ;)

farflungstar's picture

yes because no tired Cold War emnity between America and Russia hurts who again?

Get over it already. 

Rabbitnexus's picture

If your entire geopolitical paradigm is a fantasy, based on propaganda, often contradictory and changable from day to day, how on earth can you be of any use to anybody? Your opinions have zero merit because they begin with a fantastical concept so utterly preposterous and provably rooted in political propagandist opportunism.

I'll let you in on a little secret Bucko. As a Muslim, an Aussie and a Russian supporter and as someone who loathes the USA and will dance gleefully on the ashes of the USA, I can assure you the following is how it is.

Russia would have preferred Clinton. They long since had a direct line into her every day communications which as we know included EVERYTHING the Secretary of State could access. They knew her, had long experience of her and even owned her in some respects.  Trump was always a concern. Now he is of much greater concern as he as well as others who remained neutral realise we've all been had and this has been yet another bait and switch against the USA and this one is both dangerously belligerent and bent upon the exact same course of USA uber alles as the previous ones. Trump has become the most hated US president in history in two weeks! The only supporters he has left are those who are yet to wake up to the con. Some will not, but too many were certain he meant it with the no more regime change and wasteful wars promises and will not compromise when they realise he didn't mean a word of that.

NoWayJose's picture

The sanctions against Russia should not have been put in place, and the ones against Iran should have not been lifted!

FreezeThese's picture
FreezeThese (not verified) quax Feb 2, 2017 12:02 PM

Easy with the facts stuff there buddy ... Kellyanne Con Way don't play w girls

Got The Wrong No's picture

Freeze, get a hold of your fellow Troll or Bot,  ginsu2k666  he's  malfunctioning. 

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Because he's half Libertarian and half Republican?

Shemp 4 Victory's picture


The sanctions against Russia should not have been put in place, and the ones against Iran should not have been put in place!

Fixed it for you.

Rabbitnexus's picture

The sanctions against Iran (a perrennial victim of US aggression and terrorism) have no more justoification than those against Russia.  So far Iranians have not committed acts of terrorism against the USA and the accusations from Israel are comoing from a state terrorist justifying it's acts of terror and war crimes against an occupied people against international law.

Meanwhile the USA and Israel commit numerous acts of terrorism, including against nuclear power stations risking immense damage to the planet and which backfired we believe in Fukushima actually.  The USA has even shot down Iranian airliners in international airspace, refused to even apologise and gave the captain a MEDAL for it.

You can stop kidding yourself. The USA is the beast of the planet and nobody deserves sanctions more from the entire human race!

NoWayJose's picture

Trump jabbing a sharp stick into the eyes of the MIC and NeoCons who want war with Russia and a Pentagon who seemingly cannot control leaks!

ThirdWorldDude's picture

Something doesn't add up. If Trump's plan includes reapproachment with Russia on the expense of further threats and acts of hostility towards Russia's allies and strategic partners China & Iran, then he's in for a huge surprise...

Rabbitnexus's picture

Oh cut it out.  Read the PNAC again and tell us how continuing to go after Syria (as Trump is) and or going after Iran is doing EITHER of those things? No wonder yanks are so easily conned. BRAINLESS.

Fraud-Esq's picture

Trump won't be able to peel Putin away from Iran, so Trump's policy toward Russia and Syria has a major internal contradiction. Either Trump is faking his belicocity against Iran or his foreign policy is in conflict. 

ebworthen's picture

The Russian Federation is not our enemy.

Latina Lover's picture

Exactly. Russia is christian nation, a critical ally in our war against Radical Islam.

ThirdWorldDude's picture

Exactly. Russia is christian nation, a critical ally in our war against Radical Islam which we created.



BullyBearish's picture

How about our war against Radical Pharasaism...never mind

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

And Iran is NOT a "State sponsor of terrorism". That would be someone* else, who we're not allowed to mention.

It is true however, that Iran is supporting and arming Freedom Fighters in Lebanon. But don't worry, they are Moderate Fighters, who shoot back at the IDF, when not fighting our JV Team -- ISIS/DAESH. They're not the guys who chop off heads, drown Christians, blow up stuff, or go on killing sprees in Europe or the US.

* Israel, US, KSA, Qatar

Bay of Pigs's picture

Im still waiting for people like McCain or anyone on the left to explain how Russia is such a grave threat to the USA and our national security. Aside from the Nuland led Ukrainian shit show, what countries have they invaded? Who are they trying to overthrow?

besnook's picture

russia must be punished for kicking out and jailing all the jewish oligarchs that were stealing the wealth of the nation after the collase of the ussr. besides it is a christian nation and the jews hate christians, especially the orthodox kind.

detached.amusement's picture

what better way to fuck the goyim than have them fuel your grimiore without even knowing it

yttirum's picture

Russia isn't a threat when it comes down to it. I will say that they do play shadow games, i.e. training Ameican communists to run these protests/riots in the US to create cultural destabalization, and really should take the next step and work out a deal, publicly, with Trump saying that both countries will stop with these games. As I see, this needs to be done very soon before the neo-cons and left latch on to this fact and use it against Trump.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture


Russia isn't a threat when it comes down to it.

Yes, perfect. You should have stopped there.

I will say that they do play shadow games, i.e. training Ameican communists to run these protests/riots in the US to create cultural destabalization

Lolshto?! Now you're sounding like you're off your meds.

farflungstar's picture

Liberal college professors are training American Communists aka special snowflakes to not act like adults when things don't go their way.

Imported anitfa thugs and professional Marxist organizers from Europe on social media and said college campuses are doing the dirty work. It's no more of a crazy theory than what you just said re: Russia training them.

Neocons are just reformed leftists, notice how they all ran to back Hillary after being up the Republican's ass all thru Bush Jr. term. All they care about is israel. 

IndyPat's picture

Because Putin and Assad are butchers of chilrins.

McCain repeats that tired shit for the camera every chance he gets.

I so want to see that pig and his tranny girlfriend hang.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Russia, Syria, Iran (and formerly Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya) are a "threat to the US", because their perpetual resistance to the Fiat Ponzi makes them a threat to the Pharisees and Moneychangers. That's why.

McInsane and Lady Graham are merely eager and yappy bitches, doing their Masters' bidding.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

P.s. when the Petrodollar loses its GRC* status, then so ends our slavery to the Pharisee Moneychangers.

   * Globalists Reserve Currency 

To front-run the resulting Inflation, the US needs an Infrastructure and Industrial Revolution, to soak up all the incoming Dollars and T-Bills.

That's where a Builder like Trump comes in: MAGA and BAHA 2.0

BAHA 2.0 = Buy American, Hire American, as BAHA 1.0 was Buy Asian, Hire Asian

Falconsixone's picture

Good. More vodka and less ICBM's for me. Shove it Rothskike.

Sandmann's picture

China will take market share from US in electronic systems. Sanctions on Russia make China strong.

Consuelo's picture



Wolfowitz/Perle/Summers/Rubin/Kagan/Nuland - and those are just the immediate, high-profile ones I can think of.   Legions behind them...

There is a visceral hate from the Khazarian brigade against Russian pride and Russian nationalism, because it sorta runs antithetical to all the good things Trotsky and his fellow travelers were trying to impose, but just never had the chance to 'do it right'...

wow thats crazy's picture

Trump should go for world peace then he can have the giant statue with golden hair his EGO really truly wants!!

Chet Ricco's picture

Do you think you would enjoy a thyroid gland full of radioactive iodine? And no, it won't give you super powers.

Rabbitnexus's picture

One problem Chet. We supported Trump because he promised NOT to do that to us.

Now the orange freak has just made a little bait and switch with the same false war on terror paradigm which has brought us to the edge, AND pushed the acclerator fast forward straight to Iran.

In case you missed it since it may not have been reported inside Trump's ass where many seem to have their heads, Iran has been threatened in ways which have that country literally mobilising for imminent war with the USA and Israel. ALL Shia forces around the world are looking to enter that fray in their support too. There are Shias all over the world and if you start it with Iran, you're going to see something you never imagined. Furthermore, many far more volatile in their way, Sunnis happen to be no less supportive of Iran. It isn't all about sectarianism, there are many Muslims whose Islam is generalised and personally depends on their politics and Iran has long earned the respect of all truly devout Muslims.

Also Russi and China are quite actively mobilising for defense too. That hasn't paused with Trump's early days, nor have the major provocations from the Whitehouse.

dogismycopilot's picture

Trump needs Russia to help rein in Iran. Russia does not trust Iranians either. They have a very transactional relationship. Russia has large investments in Iraq to protect.

Sandmann's picture

Russia is boxing in Iran in Syria if USA joins Turkey in the Astana talks