US Productivity Growth Has Never Been This Low For This Long

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Despite slowing US productivity growth QoQ in Q4 (from +3.5% in Q3 to +1.3% in Q4), overall productivity in 2016 grew at 1% - the best annual growth since 2013.


However, that silver-lining is akin to being the tallest midget as over the longer-term, US productivity growth has never been this low for this long.

h/t @jsblokland

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This article will have to wait until I finish reading my news feed on Farcebook.

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Who knew that giving all of a company's resources to the CEO would have a negative effect on productivity? As it turns out, the CEO doesn't care what the guy doing his heavy lifting thinks.

Going Galt

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As we get more and more high labor low production jobs like bartenders and barristas, why would anyone be surprised?

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I bet prostitution is way up too.  Seriously.... SAD.

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Capital AND talent always go where they are respected.  That ain't the USSA...

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Incompetence and inefficiency was the mark of the Obama administration. So why would anyone expect US productivity to be good under that sort of regime? Let's wait until Trump has been President for 2 years... then, things will really get hopping, and the numbers will be amazzzzing!

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Thank Fuckerberg for that

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"However, that silver-lining is akin to being the tallest midget"

I have the world's largest micro-penis (it's real thing, look it up). SAD.


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Guess what pumps up the productivity of US Workers to the heavens?

Automated Factories coming back to the USA! 

It has been the steady loss of manufacturing plants that led to the loss of productivity growth.  Bring those back in their modern iteration and voila!

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Beatings will continue until morale improves.

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this productivity calc is an odd one. if you move to robots it goes up yet no one is working. I wouldnt worry about it. 

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I'm actually getting into this tiny house thing.  Why?  Time value.  I can literally destroy my life (health and sanity) trying to pay off 500k for an 1800sqft place in my city, or I can get a menial job 30 hours a week or so and live comfortably in a PAID FOR tiny house (tiny as in built on a 50ft gooseneck).