Berkeley Antifa Attacker Unmasked As UC Employee? CNN and Young Turks Lookin’ So Dumb

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Today, propagandists on the left attempted to change the narrative over the violent "Antifa" riots, suggesting that Trump supporters were secretly behind the group's spate of violent terrorist acts since the election:

Of course, the ultra-liberal, Armenian Holocaust denyingTalcumX hiring, "better than you" elitists - also known as "The Young Turks," started furiously parroting these Alisnsky tactics to cast doubt on just who keeps co-opting student protests and turning them violent...

 And Thursday night, The Young Turks Ana Kasparian - a horrible human being, introduced the question of just who IS this Antifa?


Don't worry Ana - Twitter user Pave Darker (@PaveDarker) has your back, hack.

In a nutshell: A violent Antifa attacker bragged about beating up a Trump supporter over Twitter. In that user's profile, @PaveDarker found a link to the attacker's Facebook account with his real name [Note: This man is a suspect - name withheld from this post pending official investigation]:




Witness journalism in action Ana:


Mmmm hmm:


Deeper we go:


And this $69,824K/year Antifa rebel appears to be a "Digital Comm Spec 4" at Berkeley:




The authorities have been notified, and the UC Employee is thought to be in New York right now. Developing...


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Rico Soiree's picture

What is happening to domestic terrorist Yvette Ferlaca, non-violent "teacher"?

Appears at 2:38

Rich Monk's picture

Hitler realized that you must get the marxist Jews out of the media business in every form because of their constant propaganda push before his Christian Nation could ever excel to Greatness.

America needs to do the same.

The enemy from within: Jews.

Rich Monk's picture

This war by the marxist, atheist Jews has been going on for more than 100 years. Jew Marxism vs. Indepence and liberties. Line these marxists up against a wall!

Salsa Verde's picture

Find out where he is holed up, then send in Milo and a camera crew to confront him.

whoisjg's picture

They need to return Milo to Berkeley and have a sting operation. Feds dressed as antifa, pidgeons as blond women in trump hats. encircle and wait. first one to strike a woman with their long clubs, the whole lot goes to federal lockup

Davidduke2000's picture

They do not look like dumb, they are dumb  in addition of being wicked. 

Charvo's picture

I wouldn't be surprised if Jeff Sessions prosecutes these violent protesters under federal law as being a violation of the 1st amendment.  These are crimes against the Constitution.  

Trump is laying low now until all his lieutenants get confirmed.  Soros and these freak show protesters that want to beat up women are going to be toasted later.

Sandmann's picture

Berkeley has a deadbeat mayor who admires Hugo Chavez

Rico Soiree's picture

The mayor is a cuck who looks like a night-shift manager at Wendy's. He said he'd studied long and hard in preparation for Milo's talk. Nonsense. Some 400 antifas showed up to prevent 30 unknown TWP protesters in Sacramento. The cops stood by, letting a riot ensue. He didn't think even MORE fascists would show up for Milo?

In Berkeley, cops again did nothing, hiding in buildings, as antifas again ran amok. 

Cops paid to protect citizens did nothing. The mayor aided and abetted those who violated the First Amendment.

Why is no one sued, arrested, jailed?

Stinkytofu's picture

he's a real tough guy.

wonder how many waterboarding sessions required

before he rats out his pals....

Davidduke2000's picture

They did not have to waterboard mccain to rat all his friends, his Russian interrogators assfucked him to no end for being a traitor to his country  , that is why he hates Russians.  

Mazzy's picture

McCain has always been a traitor.  That's why he loves Israel so much, he is at a minimum a useful pawn to them.

newworldorder's picture

If he wsone of the100 military uniformed men carrying wood handles, then he shoulb be 'encouraged' to sing like a canary. 

DirtySanchez's picture

The filthy, lying, deceitful jew midget, robert reich, claims on fake news that the anarchists are actually right wing white supremists.

From now on, any ahole wearing a mask or bandana, rioting, harming others, or causing damage to property, should be skinned.



Take back our streets.


SquadronVBF94's picture

If there is anything that the radical communists and anarchists have demonstrated by their actions it is that they have no interest in full and open discussion and that they are eager to bring about the kind of emergency that will require the very repression they claim to fear and seek to prevent.


torabora's picture

Twerp Reich is egging them on with a "Resistance Report". Sedition anyone? Buehler?

torabora's picture

If the government licensed privateers today they would end up licensing ISIS.

From NJ's picture

1.I hope this is true.

2. If it is true, that thud you'll hear is CNN dropping the Berkely story like a hot rock.

3.. If it is true, I hope they find his ass, prosecute him, and show his face EVERYWHERE. Unmask these thugs.

The Trump DOJ has to destroy these anarchist groups.

Zer0head's picture

The internet archive is forever


if someone has a  twitter account this is very interesting for @pavedarker as there seems to be a connection

with this recently deleted twitter account  (it looks like it was dormant for a year but only deleted yesterday or the day before the other social media accounts it links to also gone but live in the google caches and internet archives)  also interesting when you click on some of the friends of these people . like going down a rabbit hole

Steeley's picture

Drive-by investigation dump. There's a bunch of us out here. I never use my primary account when diming off a dirtbag, always throw-aways. I just leave the evidence up long enough for archive and then delete the account. Not traceable, perectly legal probable cause (anonomous tip with an evidence trail), and keeps my life peaceful. 

Rock on snoflakes, but watch your on-line back-trail, it even glows in the dark...


Ubuntuuser's picture
How we can bring prosperity back to America!:


dvfco's picture

CNN really needs to clean house, be shut down, or forced to run a formal disclaimer at the bottom of the screen 24/7 saying "90% of what you'll see and hear on our network is completely false - we are so incompetent we don't even know when we are lying on purpose or out of pure stupidity - or both."

They are sleaze and it is getting serious now.  It's time the networks each have at least one conservative attorney on staff to review what's being published and able to shut down a story when it's complete bullshiit.

Also, the smug little cunt George "I've never stopped working for the Clintons" Stephanopoulos needs to be imprisoned and the other prisoners just need to know he's a child molestor - so they treat him well.  He is as sleazy as they come.  OK, and Chris Cuomo is just as sleazy, he's just younger and dumber.

KuriousKat's picture

College Desk geek and writer editor  by day then Anarchist Thumper by night...was enough

but Impersonating a Musician is the Last Fucking Straw!



MaleFeelings's picture

P r o s e c u t e. P r o s e c u t e. P r o s e c u t e. P r o s e c u t e. P r o s e c u t e. P r o s e c u t e.

Follow the money and the conspiracy to stand down the police by the mayor. Follow the money to the organizers and funding sources (Soros Sith Lord). Prosecute the police for dereliction and abdication leading to near homicide and great bodily harm, if not treason. 

P r o s e c u t e. P r o s e c u t e. P r o s e c u t e. P r o s e c u t e. P r o s e c u t e. P r o s e c u t e  these filthy truly, truly, truly fascist thug whores and their network of violence.

Hello fake antifascists. I've got a big dick with your name on it. Come to papa.

JailBanksters's picture

One is just the Media version of the Feral Reserve where they just create news out of thin air.

And the other just comments on news created by somebody else to get a cheap laughs.


Windemup's picture

Why does anyone listen to that little commie shit? I have thrown up listening to him many times. He talks nonsense and he lies.

SquadronVBF94's picture

Trump needs to just tell the entire Universe. of CA system that any repetition of this kind of SANCTIONED violence any the entire system is cut of from Federal funding. So far The Univ of Chicago is the only school I have heard of that has publicly stated that this shit won't be tolerated and the free and open discussion is what higher education is about. They straight up said that if you are offended by opinion you don't like find another school.

koan's picture

That guys a little thick to be into yoga, me thinks he wears it for the "ladies".
I guess I'm old now, but tattoos all over the body reek of stupid to me.

scv's picture

when i read a conservative hosted this event, the first question was...

what kind of conservative would chose to attend school at berkely? and is there enough conservatives to even fill the event?

iAmerican3's picture
iAmerican3 (not verified) scv Feb 4, 2017 2:48 PM

Despite the obvious, Berkeley is a highly regarded state school, not that any with brains would choose to live in geologically and mentally unstable California.

DEMIZEN's picture

I can believe this jihad TV is somehow relevant at all? why are you feeding these trolls?

divide_by_zero's picture

should make for a great civil lawsuit, with deep pockets all around.

bardot63's picture

Sorry, but after 5,000 words, I still don't see the dots in the headline connected.

mendigo's picture

DLeaves one to wonder, where is "the law" in all this.
Seems like dereliction to me.

My thought would be ring fence in arizona desert. Round up leaders of the violent and place them inside. Return to take care of amenities such as food water and shelter as time and budget allows.

Ducks's picture

Two men enter, one man leaves!

Steeley's picture

Then shoot him as he clears the exit.

Ducks's picture

Two men enter, one man leaves!

Dan'l's picture

The thug's name is Ian Dabney Miller of Oakland, formerly of New Orleans but from CT. Like most anarchists that work, he works for the government. In his case he works at Berkeley, Univ. Of CA. I hope this thug is slammed with a felony attempted murder. He deserves it. Reich didn't recognize any of the rioters because he's only 4'9". What a dumb fuck that troll is. Reich is the only guy that has that kind of position with zero credentials. He doesn't even have a PhD.

DarthVaderMentor's picture

New Orleans and CT? I bet he went to CT to participate in the recent NYU riots. New Orleans? Black Lives Matter riots, folks and St. Louis isn't too far. I'll bet this one is part of the core of professional Soros agitprop specialists. 

Pausebreak's picture

This suggest there is a national network supporting these anarchists.

KuriousKat's picture

I think you may be right 8 yrs at uc communications  expert..he knows who is really buttering his toast..squeeze him hard and he will spill the beans..

I hope he is not suicided.

Skookum's picture

Reich didn't recognize any of the masked rioters.  Thus, they couldn't have been affiliated with the university.

New_Meat's picture

well, in Robert's defense, he's kinda' short and all belt buckles look the same.

michelp's picture

Anyone who defaces their own entire body with tatoos has evidently no respect for him/herself, and by extention for anyone else.

And don't give me that Tatoo Artist bull, please.


Dickweed Wang's picture

Anyone who defaces their own entire body with tatoos has evidently no respect for him/herself . . .


Agreed . . . I never have been able to figure that one out.

mathew913's picture

arrest jail and fine them. also please come to the midwest where citizens will shoot you.