Iran To Name US Individuals Involved In "Helping And Founding" Terrorist Groups

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Following the escalation on Friday morning, in which the US Treasury Department published a list of 13 Iranian individuals and 12 Iranian entities facing new restrictions following Iran's recent ballistic missile test, Tehran promptly denounced the latest round of sanctions imposed by the US and said it would retaliate - something it has previously said it would do - however added a new twist when Tehran announced it would impose legal restrictions on American individuals and entities helping "regional terrorist groups", a Foreign Ministry statement read as quoted by TV.

For obvious reasons, this naming and shaming of US-based terrorists promises to be far more interesting than if Iran were to actually ban, say, the US national chess team. Such an action will quickly coalesce the world's attention on a handful of US entities, putting under a microscope all of their offshore activities.

"The new sanctions ... are not compatible with America's commitments and resolution 2231 of the U.N. Security Council that endorsed the nuclear deal reached between Iran and six powers," the Iranian Foreign Ministry statement said late on Friday.

Tehran said it will react accordingly to any U.S. measure aimed at the Iranian nation's interests.

"In retaliation for the U.S. sanctions, Iran will impose legal restrictions on some American individuals and entities that were involved in helping and founding regional terrorist groups," the Foreign Ministry statement said. It said names of the entities and individuals would be announced later, although it was not clear when exactly that is.

As reported earlier, on Friday, the US Treasury Department blacklisted 13 individuals and a dozen businesses as part of the sanctions. The majority of the individuals in question are from Iran, as well as three Chinese nationals and two Arabs.

“Iran’s continued support for terrorism and development of its ballistic missile program poses a threat to the region, to our partners worldwide, and to the United States,” John E. Smith, acting director of the Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control, said. He added that in countering what he called “Iranian malign activity,” Washington will not hesitate to put more pressure and restrictions “to address this behavior.”

Countering rising US rhetoric, Iran’s foreign minister, Javad Zarif, said in a twitter post that “Iran unmoved by threats as we derive security from our people.”

“We'll never initiate war, but we can only rely on our own means of defense,” he stressed. Iran's Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan noted that Tehran “will not allow foreigners to interfere” in the country’s defense issues and insisted “the test did not violate the nuclear deal or (UN) Resolution 2231."

The international agreement referred to by the Iranian Foreign Ministry in its statement on counter sanctions against the US, is the so-called P5+1 agreement. The pact was signed by six major world powers (Russia, China, the US, Britain, France, and Germany) and Iran in July 2015. Under the treaty, Tehran agreed to reduce the number of its centrifuges by two-thirds.

Late on Friday Paul Ryan said that despite the new sanctions, Iran's Nuclear Deal, key to keeping the price of oil from spiking, the Iran nuclear deal is likely to stay in place. That however may change depending on what US-based names Iran drops as helping "regional terrorist groups." Once Iran unveils the list, we will update this post.

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Giant Meteor's picture

They're really askin for it now!

Croesus's picture

This should be interesting..

$20 says they name McCain, and a whole list of 'people we know'.

BullyBearish's picture

I'm sure our Russian friends can help them out with a complete list of enablers, many of whom have lost their employees due to those same Russians...

The Juggernaut's picture

I hope its someone good.  Chances are whoever Iran names is opressing the US people as well.

froze25's picture

Let's see, Hillary,  Kerry, McCain, Graham, Rubio.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) froze25 Feb 3, 2017 7:34 PM

George Soros

FatTony7915726's picture

John McCain, Hussein O'Bama, Eric Holder, Low-retta Lynch, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton...........etc

OregonGrown's picture

Wouldnt it be cool if the iranians made USA terrorist playing cards?


I would buy it, just like newsweeks MADAM PRESIDENT hanging in my office (makes me chuckle EVERYDAY)

HowdyDoody's picture

McCain is also best buddies with the Mujihadin el Khalq, an Iranian cult that commits acts of terrorism in Iran. So I give him No. 1 slot from Iran's perspective.

Trump has also called him out for trying to start WW III.

"Wouldnt it be cool if the iranians made USA terrorist playing cards?"

Paging WB7. Please pick up the white courtesy phone.

DaveyJones's picture

let's see every congressional, executive, and judicial member supporting the war on terror narrative since 9/11/01. Shit, that's a lot

fleur de lis's picture

So it looks like the ban is starting to yield results.

The Iranians will state publicly what DC always knew but denied.


scoutshonor's picture

I love that Newsweek cover--I have it on my desktop and print out a copy occasionally and post it on random walls at work.  Drives the California libtards crazy.

They think it is worse than posting porn--hmmm. They may be correct.

greenskeeper carl's picture

Ya me too. McCain, graham, Clinton, Obama? Not directly of course.

Another issue is that one mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter. In other words, what the US govt has been calling the 'moderate Syrian opposition' would be called a terrorist by the rest of the world, correctly in my opinion. We will see. Kinda fucked up that it's gotten so bad that most of us are probably inclined to believe the Iranians....

chunga's picture

Pretty sad state of affairs when the only news we get that isn't fake is Wikileaks and Iran.

brianshell's picture

Do you see what Trump started with his tweets. Now everyone except the MSM wants to just blurt out the truth. Its refreshing. I can't wait for Trump and Duterte to tweet. Who knows, may Kim Jung Un will get on the horn.

MaxThrust's picture

"Who knows, may Kim Jung Un will get on the horn"

Probably not but Kim may get a call from the deepstate requesting he fire off another of his ballistic missles so the MSN can have another orgasim and distract the sheeple from what Iran will be saying.

WTFUD's picture

'. . probably inclined to believe . . .' would be an understatement.

Maybe Rex T/Exxon are not included in Iran's Oil Plays.

sixsigma cygnusatratus's picture

"...American individuals and entities that were involved in helping and founding regional terrorist groups"

Dear Iranian Leaders:  Soros is your man.

Omen IV's picture

perfect turnabout - I love the Iranians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Soros / McCann / Jarret / one by one bring it on

Larry Darrell's picture

You're  assuming this is unanticipated  by Trump. 

What if it's  his goal.  Get Sessions approved,  have the treasonists outed by a "hostile" nation.

"Look into the accusations" as if he's  not already  aware.  Eliminate the filth. 


Between Rosanne's  tweets, Anthony  Wiener back in the headlines, the busting of the California pedo ring, the public spat with Ahhnold (who passed a 2004 bill to protect  pedophiles),  the "bankruptcy " of a CA based "adoption " service specializing in LGBTQxxxxxx couples, and the links between  the " banned muslims" countries ( which  serves to stop the flow of the "product "...aka children being  trafficked),  one might induce that this is an orchestrated take down of the global cabal. 


Larry Darrell's picture

I didn't write  any of the above with the intention of people  thinking  this is what  I believe ... I'm just reminding  people  that as fucked up as things sound on the surface,  nothing  can be taken  at face value  anymore. 

BigFatUglyBubble's picture

Agreed. I appreciate the mental exercise, which seems to be your purpose.

Socratic Dog's picture

That said, what you say isn't out of the question.  This world, and my view of it, has changed in very fundamental ways since 9/11.  A lot more people find something like that quite feasible than was the case 20 years ago.

Link I followed from the Hedge a week or so back.  Thanks to whoever posted it.  I find McGowan to be a very credible writer, in general.  This one is fucking insane.  As with his other stuff I've read it's referenced largely from the MSM, which in a twisted way gives it more credibility.


WTFUD's picture

More like Don's pretending to go tough on Israel to justify his harsh stance on Iran. What did Iran do again?

Probably they've told Exxon Hands/Fuck Off.

MaxThrust's picture

@Larry darrell

You and I are on the same page. Arrange for the Iranians to fire a missle. Castigate Iran for violation of the Nuclear Agreement. As pre-arranged [with Iran] sanction some Iranina people and companies. In turn the Iranians drop the bombshell of who in the CIA/Mosad/DeepState have been arming and facilitating ISIS.

Nice work who ever thort this one up.

Larry Darrell's picture

If your brain  takes you down that road there's no telling where it actually ends. If that were the game, then Trump is playing it masterfully by giving Putin a way to distance himself from Trump a little by coming out  against the Iranian sanctions and saying they are counterproductive.  The only thing  I know  for certain  is that I don't  know  anything with certainty.

MaxThrust's picture

And yes, I agree with you on that view  point as well.

What we the average citizen miss some times is the intrigue and complexity behind events global. Best to put yourself in the shoes of those in power and ask yourself "what would I do?" such a theoretical self question is quite enlightening.

Socratic Dog's picture

It's not easy to try and think like a totally amoral, power-obsessed fucktard.  That's why we keep getting blindsided.

IndyPat's picture


Fucking THIS.

Was my first though. Masterful.
There is something much, much bigger going on, people.

I knew Flynns bluster didn't fit.

Yog Soggoth's picture

 Wouldn't that make Paul Ryan controlled mole? I don't know about you guys, but I never trusted him.

turnoffthewater's picture

So who gave Iran Werner's 250,000 emails?
China, Russia, Israel, NYPD?

Yukon Cornholius's picture

This unravelling is going better than I had hoped. I was assuming war by autumn, but it'll be here by Valentine's Day.

BigFatUglyBubble's picture

Roses are Red,

Violents are blue,

The dollar is going down,

So Iran said "fuck you."

Giant Meteor's picture

Borrowed from Washinton Blog ..

The director of the National Security Agency under Ronald Reagan – Lt. General William Odom – noted:

"Because the United States itself has a long record of supporting terrorists and using terrorist tactics, the slogans of today’s war on terrorism merely makes the United States look hypocritical to the rest of the world."

Odom also said:

"By any measure the US has long used terrorism. In ‘78-79 the Senate was trying to pass a law against international terrorism – in every version they produced, the lawyers said the US would be in violation."

end quote

I do not think at this point it is any great secret. It only seems to be a secret from the overall US population in general, who, are usually convinced, if convinced of anything at all, in the righteousness of their own cause.

This is the very same cognitive mallfunction, that cannot bring many people to the jumping off point, in regards to 9-11 as example, that their own "government" perpetrates evil on a steady and continual basis. Of course this "assumes" that there is a peoples government, as opposed to say more hidden, darker forces, who ultimately call the ball. 

neidermeyer's picture

That would be sweet ,, we already connected McCain to ISIS in that one famous photo...

Atomizer's picture

Linsey Graham as well. That little miget from my state. 

oncefired's picture

Looking Forward to This, of Course we Know Mclame & Goober are on the list, but could we have the Hag & crew named over the Benghazi screw up and the gun running to Syria - maybe Obutthead himself along with his CIA approved Boss Valerie Jarrett? We Really need to Stock up on Popcorn with Trump running at Light Speed! Great Entertainment..... maybe the Snowflakes will make total Fucktards out of themselves again once they release the list!

GUS100CORRINA's picture

Croesus ...

I agree with you. 

So now we know why the "ESTABLISHMENT (Democrats & Republicans)" did not want TRUMP to be elected. The "ESTABLISHMENT" had their hands in the cookie jar.

Get "Sessions into Office" and watch the prosecutions commence when information is released.

I will all bet $20 that HRC and McCain are on the list along with many, many others.


Yog Soggoth's picture

Yeah McCain was the first thing to pop into my head, but second is corporations that have done bad things. Blackwater, XE, Acedemi. Dyncorp of course. Then you get to oil companies that also hire them. I would imagine Iran knows a whole lot about who is causing trouble in the region. I hope the list comes out soon.

HowdyDoody's picture

Hopefully McCain makes No 1 slot.

Plus Putin said the Russian intelligence knew the names of 40 companies/individuals involved in the ISIS oil smuggling racket.

Bring it on.

nmewn's picture

Well if McCain makes number one Obama and Hillary can't be far behind.

I mean...being the former Commander-n-Chief and there a formal declaration of war against Libya & Syria asked for by President Redline, "I don't recall" ;-)

Mr Pink's picture

Please be Hillary, please be Hillary, please be Hillary

Giant Meteor's picture

Jesus, forgot the sarc tag again,

Pull your panties on, downvoters, for Christ sake ..


Giant Meteor's picture

I like it. Being in a good mood, I'm upvoting everybody ..