TEPCO Admits Fukushima Radiation Levels Reach Record Highs As Hole In Reactor Discovered

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With just 3 years left until the 2020 Olympics, Japan is likely desperate to reassure the world's athletes that all is well, but an admission from TEPCO - the Fukushima nuclear plant operator - that they discovered a hole at least one square meter in size beneath the reactor's pressure vessel, and lethal record-high radiation levels have been detected, will not likely reassure anyone.

Radiation levels of up to 530 Sieverts per hour were detected inside an inactive Reactor 2 at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex damaged during the 2011 earthquake and tsunami catastrophe, Japanese media reported on Thursday citing the plant operator, Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO). A dose of about 8 Sieverts is considered incurable and fatal.

As RT reports, a hole of no less than one square meter in size has also been discovered beneath the reactor's pressure vessel, TEPCO said. According to researchers, the apparent opening in the metal grating of one of three reactors that had melted down in 2011, is believed to be have been caused by melted nuclear fuel that fell through the vessel.

The iron scaffolding has a melting point of 1500 degrees, TEPCO said, explaining that there is a possibility the fuel debris has fallen onto it and burnt the hole. Such fuel debris have been discovered on equipment at the bottom of the pressure vessel just above the hole, it added.


The latest findings were released after a recent camera probe inside the reactor, TEPCO said. Using a remote-controlled camera fitted on a long pipe, scientists managed to get images of hard-to-reach places where residual nuclear material remained. The substance there is so toxic that even specially-made robots designed to probe the underwater depths beneath the power plant have previously crumbled and shut down.


However, TEPCO still plans to launch further more detailed assessments at the damaged nuclear facility with the help of self-propelled robots.

TEPCO confirmed a black lump in the space beneath the pressure vessel. There is a possibility of nuclear fuel melting down (fuel debris). If it is fuel debris, it will be the first time that fuel melted down will be taken after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident.

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buckstopshere's picture

Uranium is selling pretty cheap these days.

Croesus's picture

Jesus, what a catastrophe...

Naturally, GS made a profit on it.

Stackers's picture

21st century: When Michael Crichton movies actually start coming true ....

IridiumRebel's picture

And the 70s doomer flicks.

Chris Dakota's picture

And they go on and on about climate change but not ONE WORD about Fukushima which is an extinction event worldwide.

BaBaBouy's picture

Remember the second day of the Crisis, they used Firetrucks to spray salty sea water on the plants to try and cool down the innards...

Its like some Science Fiction/Comedy Disaster flick, playing out live...

knukles's picture

"Discovered a hole in the reactor"
"And water is wet"

wee-weed up's picture


The REAL question is why does the Olympic Committee continue to choose (and stay with) very problematic choises for cities to host the games?


balolalo's picture

why do you think japan wants to "invest" and make american jobs?

it's called a BRIBE. 

hush money... for oodles of things that need to be kept quiet

NoDebt's picture

And so-called "environmentalists" across the globe say NOTHING.  Not a fucking peep.  

Some minor species of river pike on a minor tributary in the middle of Colorado gets them all hot and bothered, should anybody dip their toe on the water.  But a full-on nuke meltdown (and lets be honest, that's what this has been since the day after the tsunami) and they say NOTHING.

SINCE WHEN HAS ZH BEEN THE VANGUARD OF ENVIRONMENTALISM??  We're usually the last fuckers standing up and saying "this will wreck the environment and we need to stop".  Yet here we are, the only voice saying this is seriously fucked up.

The "environmentalist" movement is a fucking sham.  They don't give a flying shit about the environment.  They only give a shit about who pays them money to raise their flag in protest.  Apparently no money in bitching about the greatest nuke disaster since Chernobyl.

I got a good mind to break out my 58" Husqvarna, my Alaska Mill and turn every redwood left in California in to rough-hewn homemade furniture in protest of the lack of protest going on over this.


cheeseheader's picture

Whoo-hoo, I'm with ya brother...ya gots any black walnut laying around for me to work with???

xythras's picture

I stopped buying tuna fish and other Pacific caught fish years ago.


any_mouse's picture

Wait. Where's the link to dailywesterner?

wchild's picture

I did the same, this is a real catastrophe and severely down-played which is absolutely amazing to me...

techpriest's picture

My dad was successfully able to make some stain from the black walnut tree on his property. Took the fruit and boiled it down - very cool to watch.

balolalo's picture

do you ever get out of your echo-chamber bubble??


"Nuclear water: Fukushima still faces contamination crisis - February 25, 2016

Environmentalists are at odds with authorities, warning the huge amounts of radiation that seeped into coastal waters after a powerful tsunami caused a meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant on March 11, 2011, could cause problems for decades...."

NoDebt's picture

That's "acceptable dissent" if I ever heard it.  I don't see the U.C. Berkeley campus being burned to the ground over this.

I don't even see them calling for an end to Unranium fission-based reactors.  Germany at least had the balls to call for a retirement of their reactors shortly afterwards.  No other country followed suit.  

It's weak sauce, balobolo.  Just some people going on record to say they "opposed" something.  And attention is quickly shifted back to horseshit "global warming" caused by CO2 emissions.


SoDamnMad's picture

Lithuania was forced to commit to shutting down it's 2 Chernobyl style nuclear reactors when it became free from the Soviet Union and joined the EU. The "sort of promise" was that they "might" be replaced with modern (cough,cough) containment dome type reactros in the future. One unit went down in 2004 and the second with the Westinghouse safety shutdown system on Dec 31, 2009.  Replacement  finally went to a national referendum which turned down the funding/ construction.  Now a Russian designed reactor is being built just across the border in Belarus, 90 miles from Lithuania's capital and there is not a thing they can do about it's design, safety features or operation.

hibou-Owl's picture

Are you implying that the rusian reactor in Belarus is no good?
I like remind you that the fuka mess was yankie design, built on the edge on the sea in one of the most earth quake prone areas of the world.
The backup generators got flooded, Hmmmm! shit for brains.

greenskeeper carl's picture

Correct. The best the great minds at GE could come up with. Of course the design of the reactor probably isn't all that relevant when it's built in an earthquake/tsunami zone. Nor does the design of the reactor really matter much when you are storing years worth of spent fuel rods in an above ground pool in a tsunami zone with the generators kept below the flood line.

techpriest's picture

Probably made by guanxi (look it up) and "diversity" hires. When excellence ceases to be the focal point for your talent, you get sub-par talent.

rrrr's picture

This is characteristic of the human species. Fully one half of the entire human population is below average IQ, and most decisions are made by these people. They think nothing of running for public office, getting impressive jobs in charge of public projects, and placing nuclear reactors on major earthquake fault lines, even when warned by competent experts not to. Then, when something goes wrong, they do nothing. Really, if the rest of us were acting responsibly we would leave our homes, get on airplanes, go over there, and smush the people responsible for this as flat as pancakes and flush them and their genes down the toilet. It's a matter of life or death for our whole planet, and instead we do nothing but point our finger and blame them. Talk to me again about cowardice and courage.

techpriest's picture

Having been around some very high IQ folks (scientific community), I would also point out that it's not lack of IQ, so much as wrong priorities and the tendency of organizational pressures to collectively lower IQs. Read books on corporate leadership (currently I'm reading "The Board Book" by William G. Bowen) - from the top to bottom there is a tendency for managers to refuse to admit mistakes, and until there is a true disaster very few people, even boards, have the guts to call BS on bad decisions.

IOW, collective cowardice can lower IQ by 30 points or more.

Canoe Driver's picture

Few people have any idea anymore what it means to have a "high IQ." It is the equivalent today of saying a person attended a prestigious university or has an important job. Being rich will also convince most of the imbecilic public that you are at least fairly intelligent. Meanwhile almost no one can define 'IQ" or describe how it is calculated. Real intelligence is a wonderful personal asset that is at least as useful as several million dollars in cash. Despite what one might hear at cocktail parties from webpage designers who studied architecture at Yale, higher intellect is present in the population at about the same rate as are billionaires.

root superuser's picture

Fukushima disaster is negative externality of capitalism and pursuit of GDP which is so praised by many people here. Fukushima is most tragic one but environment is being destroyed all over the place by this plague. We need to kill capitalism or it will kill us.

Terminus C's picture

Capitalism is clearly not the problem when faced with Soviet environmental disasters.

The problem is human stupidity.  There is only one fix for that and Fukishima is getting the party started.

hoyeru's picture

"Soviet"? Nice defection but Japan isnt in the Soviet Union. Such a total fail. m

ThuleNord's picture

He was making a point that non-capitalist countries have had nuclear accidents as well and the general problem is human stupidity in general, you f*cking idiot. You just proved his point.

Omen IV's picture

"and the general problem is human stupidity" - NO it's not - This decision to locate a Nuclear facility in an area riddled with earthquakes and the sunami's they create - was well known for 100's of years by "peasants"

so education and IQ nor critical thought had anything to do with it - this was the USA exerting pressure to build with General Electric questionable technology in the face of post WWII control of Japan - The Japanese Bureaucrats did what the politicians, industry and the US told them to do or suffer the consequences for themselves - they didnt care about the environmental impact no less their society or their people

each time whether muslims in the US with clear and present danger or this more obvious bad solution -  it is polticians that are bought by industry who have no interest beyond the immediate election

In Ze No's picture

Human stupidity?  The government threatens people with 10 years imprisonment if they get too uppity and start yipping about radiation illnesses.  That's on the authorities, luv, and not the people.

rrrr's picture

No. It's on the people, because the people are the ones who will die. The people put their lives into the hands of incompetent others. That is what has to stop.

greenskeeper carl's picture

Yes, by all means, let's go back to endentured servitude or give socialism a try. They've both been great in the past.

FreedomGuy's picture

That's a stupid comment from an idiotic socialist. If Fukushima somehow represents capitalism then what does Chernobyl represent?

There is this bullshit fantasy that nothing bad happens in Socialism and all the bad stuff is due to greed or just the profit motive in capitalism. Bad things happen in eveyprthing from monarchies to republics. It is part of life.

It was an idiotic mistake in hindsight but they are inevitable in history. More bad things happen to more people in Socialism, it is a dangerous lie and even a trick to compare any nasty thing that happens to some theoretical happy utopian socialist society that will never exist.

general ambivalent's picture

Backwards thinking. It is capitalism which cannot be criticised because fools like you always respond, 'But, but, socialism...' The reality is that 2 billion have been killed by capitalism, and this could soon be 9 billion. People are finally starting to wake up to the hidden violence of capitalism, and fallacies aren't going to change that.

techpriest's picture

So... me selling soap, soda, or software I make out of my own house, or some friends throwing in together to start a local insurance outfit, is killing 2 billion people how?

Sometimes defining words helps, esp. with "isms."

FreedomGuy's picture

Not one person ever has been killed by capitalism, moron. It is simply voluntary exchange of goods and service which you are too stupid to understand. It is like saying botany kills people. The free exchange of goods and services is what has saved more lives so that now instead of most starving many are fat.

Socialism kills people by starving them to death and puttin them in camps when they have improper thoughts. I cannot tell if you are just a stupid revisionist history leftist or a troll but you seem like the former.

This plant, it was government regulated, government inspected, government approved by a largely socialist Japanese government, right? Yet, government did not save them. Your answer is of course, more government of the "people". Well, my point stands that the nice socialist government of the USSR did not save it's people, either.

Your world is fake and will never exist no matter how angry you get.

detached.amusement's picture

Fuck you, go find Israel's magna bsp "cameras" that blew fuku sky high, it had jack shit to do with capitalism, and like every other ill in this world, has its roots in graft, theft, and usury.

auricle's picture

A one meter hole in the containment vessel? That's not much of a containment vessel then. This is fucking bullshit. A con has been played on all of humanity. This is the fate of every reactor should it melt down. Aside from natural disasters such as tsunami and earthquakes, any nuclear detonation will cause an EMP knocking out any nuclear reactors in the vacinity resulting in the same meltdown as fukushima. 

And crickets from government, and lets import some more of that radiated seafood without even testing it. Same as Corexit contaminated seafood from the Gulf of Mexico. The goverment is not here to protect you they are here to protect banking, MIC and corporate interests.

detached.amusement's picture

You make it like nobody's ever taken an effort to address potential EMP issues *rolleyes*  News flash, its not going to put anyone back in the dark ages.

auricle's picture

Your logic sounds far better, they can't build a containment vessel to contain the likely event of a meltdown but they sure thought and executed a plan to protect against the very unlikely nuclear detonation or once in a lifetime solar event. 

newmacroman's picture

58" Husky NoDebt?

You only want the branches right?





NoDebt's picture

That's all I got.  Even at that, it's the only machine I own that actually scares me.


Stinkworx's picture

I don't mean to argue with you but there is one voice who hasn't shut up about this and her name is Helen Caldicott. She is a colourful woman and an Aussie. She is a nuclear Scientist (or something similar) and she has been jumping up and down about this forever. She is definitely worth a listen to.

There are a few others too but they get no traction from the ever compliant fucking media!!

Her warnings are dire. It is claimed that Chernobyl has directly killed 100k people since it 1st happened. Caldicott claims that at the VERY BEST Fukishima will kil 3 times that amount. She also states repeatedly that this catastrophe has just started. It has not even entered the pre game advertisements.

We are poisoning the planet. At the very best, we are poisoning the Pacific Ocean!

Stuck on Zero's picture

It's hard to make out but it looks like a little Godzilla-like creature can be seen in the lower right corner of the first picture. In the second picture it looks a lot larger.  It's clearly evolving ...

sodbuster's picture

That's not the reactor chamber- they somehow got a copy of my last colonoscopy.

TwelveOhOne's picture

TEPCO confirmed a black lump in the space beneath the pressure vessel.

"Mom, Dad!  It's evil!  Don't touch it!" https://youtu.be/QKGbguoildA

Chris Dakota's picture

Japan wants to get out of Japan.

Would you stay there?