U.N. Official Admits Global Warming Agenda Is Really About Destroying Capitalism

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Submitted by Martin Armstrong via ArmstrongEconomics.com,

A shocking statement was made by a United Nations official Christiana Figueres at a news conference in Brussels.

Figueres admitted that the Global Warming conspiracy set by the U.N.’s Framework Convention on Climate Change, of which she is the executive secretary, has a goal not of environmental activists is not to save the world from ecological calamity, but to destroy capitalism. She said very casually:

“This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time, to change the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years, since the Industrial Revolution.”

She even restated that goal ensuring it was not a mistake:

“This is probably the most difficult task we have ever given ourselves, which is to intentionally transform the economic development model for the first time in human history.”

I was invited to a major political dinner in Washington with the former Chairman of Temple University since I advised the University with respect to its portfolio. We were seated at one of those round tables with ten people. Because we were invited from a university, they placed us with the heads of the various environmental groups. They assumed they were in friendly company and began speaking freely. Dick Fox, my friend, began to lead them on to get the truth behind their movement. Lo and behold, they too admitted it was not about the environment, but to reduce population growth. Dick then asked them, “Whose grandchild are we trying to prevent from being born? Your’s or mine?

All of these movements seem to have a hidden agenda that the press helps to misrepresent all the time. One must wonder, at what point will the press realize they are destroying their own future?

Investors.com reminds Figueres that the only economic model in the last 150 years that has ever worked at all is capitalism. The evidence is prima facie: From a feudal order that lasted a thousand years, produced zero growth and kept workdays long and lifespans short, the countries that have embraced free-market capitalism have enjoyed a system in which output has increased 70-fold, work days have been halved and lifespans doubled.

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mary mary's picture

Those are good, but the Oligarchs' reaction is to flood the USA and Europe with Catholic Latin Americans and Muslim Middle Easterners and North Africans.  Reason #58 that I voted against Hillary.  They keep the pressure on: I keep the pressure on!

HenryKissingerChurchill's picture

I'm still all for reducing population.  Long list of reasons.  But, basically, I think

ok, easy: just kill yourself then...

WHAaaaaat? you thought Bill Gates wants to save the planet for YOU AND YOUR OFFSPRING?`???

mary mary's picture

I did not list Bill Gates among my reasons, did I? 

And do you not know that Bill Gates is working to increase population in Africa?  Homework!  Now!

swampmanlives's picture

Well, he is trying to get contraception readily available in Africa. He's just trying to improve their quality of life.

mary mary's picture

Everyone always says they are trying to improve everybody else's quality of life.

As for Bill Gates, I thought you spoke against him, and now I think you are speaking for him.  Which is it?

HenryKissingerChurchill's picture

there have always been eugenicist elites trying to save the earth and resources for their offspring to surf and hunt

without the ugly view of useless eaters...

read any of their publications: WE ARE ALL USELESS EATERS fOR THEM.

Bill Gates is just an example

mary mary's picture

What would be so awful about having a human population of 1 billion instead of 7 billion?  I can't think of anything....

New_Meat's picture

think this through then and then do your part.  and take 5 others with you.

mary mary's picture

That's always the answer.  Every time.  Because you have no answer.  Sad.

Nunyadambizness's picture

Mary, if you're really serious about this, then please jump off a bridge in front of an oncoming train.  It'll be painless, I promise.  

As to your statements about God and Statan, I'm sorry but you obviously haven't read the Bible.  I suggest starting in the New Testament, the Gospel of Mark won't take but a couple of hours at most to read through, then you might look at one of Paul's Epistles, I particularly like Ephesians, another book you can get through in less than 1/2 hour.  

Have a nice day.

mary mary's picture

Of course I have read the Bible.  Paul never met Jesus.  Paul was a Roman agent.  Peter and Paul hated one another.  I don't believe anything that Paul wrote.  There should be a Gospel of Peter in the Bible, not all that Roman propaganda from Paul.

We're not sure whether Mark ever met Jesus.  Probably not.  So Mark could have been anybody, working for anybody.

Next to Paul, for me, the worst was John, who wrote so beautifully but always wrote "and I was there".  He was not there.  He was probably 100 years later.

Lies.  Lies.  Lies.  Lies.  Lies.

Homework!  Now!

squid's picture

mary mary....


lead by example. go on, do the roght thing for mother earth and top youself.


come on now, its for a good cause.



mary mary's picture

Patience, grasshopper.

New_Meat's picture

you should effort this to improve upon your desired outcome

Mroex's picture

This agenda  is not only about destroying Capitalism. It is ultimately about controlling every facet of our lives. How much we drive, how much electrical power we consume, how much food we purchase, consume and use heat to cook. How warm or cool we keep our home. Every facet of our life involves the use of Energy in one form or another and except for Nuclear Energy, all of the rest relates to producing CO2.

Oh and of course limit the number of children people can procreate. 

Even growing crops ,raising live stock and cooking food uses Energy both in production and then transport to market.  If you cook using an electric stove, unless your electricity comes from a nuclear power plant, some type of CO2 producing fuel is being burned at a generation plant.  Using as gas stove, CO2 production is obvious.

These cocksuckers want total control of our lives PERIOD and END OF STORY!! Control CO2, you control 90% of energy use, and hence every part of our lives. NOT TO MENTION Al Gore and other getting uber wealthy trading Carbon Credits and financial derivatives of said Credits. Please search Blood and Gore Carbon Credits. Yes that is right , Gores partner is actually has Blood as his last name.

BTW please take 2 minutes of your time and sign this petition  https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/issue-international-arrest-war...


Overdrawn's picture

Oh and of course limit the number of children people can procreate. 


So why doesn't this apply to Muslims or the people in India & Africa?  Seems they want to genocide the Westerner's who are the only productive / innovative people on the planet.

swampmanlives's picture

You don't like the idea of fusion reactors?

New_Meat's picture

Excellent idea!!!!  Please post back when your computer is fusion powered!!!!

Grandad Grumps's picture

Presumably there is a document somewhere that states the actual goals. These things are drafted in committees and every technocrat has to put their stink on it. Wikileaks should put a bounty on the document thats states the real goals. My undertanding of this is that the father of all of these lies is Maurice Strong. What is he up to these days. The last I knew he was causing trouble in China.

I am tired of the treachery and the lies.

Tehcnology and prosperity have been shown to decrease population growth. The problem is that they want to have their slave culture too. They want Private jets and yatchs for the tecnocrats and poverty for everyon else. I am thinking that this will not hel save their dying race.

PoasterToaster's picture
PoasterToaster (not verified) Grandad Grumps Feb 3, 2017 9:03 AM

Good points.  The Watermelon movement has been a fraud since its inception.  It's sad that a lot of people really believe that pack of lies these days.

Overdrawn's picture

He's dead. but his legacy continues to haunt us.


aardvarkk's picture

Wikipedia says Maurice Strong died in 2015.

HenryKissingerChurchill's picture

Presumably there is a document somewhere that states the actual goals.

this is VERY public:

go into gogle scholar and look for fertility vaccine

and amaze yourself ! the older the paper the better

Svendblaaskaeg's picture

"..Presumably there is a document somewhere that states the actual goals.."

Yes - Agenda 21

Reaper's picture

Prometheus's final humiliation: The Olympian gods are taking back fire from man. http://www.theoi.com/Titan/TitanPrometheus.html

Without fire, civilization disappears; man again becomes a beast.

innertrader's picture

Look around you, MAN is still a beast!!!

Dominus Ludificatio's picture

Fake news to make retards happy.

mary mary's picture

That's what gets me.  These are some of the richest, most powerful people on Earth, and they can't imagine simply coming out and speaking the truth.  I think they're stupid.  The truth has that nice thing about it, that you don't have to keep changing your story every day.  It may not win today's battle, but it endures, and therefore can win the war.  Your best friend and your best weapon is the truth.

HenryKissingerChurchill's picture

These are some of the richest, most powerful people on Earth, and they can't imagine simply coming out and speaking the truth

they read machiavelli and orwell when they were babies, you did not...

mary mary's picture

I have read them.  I have a copy of Machiavelli right here.  I think the difference is that I don't use Machiavelli the same way they do.  Machiavelli, of course, was just a historian trying to report to his prospective client what had worked and what had not worked in the past (and also right then).  He said, "those who do these things will rule".  He did not say, "and when you rule, you should rule selfishly", although he did say that "the only study of a ruler should be war".  Actually, Machiavelli wrote a second book which encouraged rulers to rule unselfishly.

UGrev's picture

Jesus, fuck!! What IS that thing? Someone "junk check" that hideous beast. 

smoke em if you got em's picture

Did anyone look at her pcture and not say 'yikes!'

mary mary's picture

She's just old.  It happens to most people.  And it doesn't matter what I think; it only matters what her husband thinks.

swampmanlives's picture

That's what I say when I see a picture of Trump's face.

Sledge750's picture

There is a big difference between "making a living" and "making a killing".

Northern Flicker's picture

The people who believe in global warming have watched too much TV.  The polar bears are doing fine.  It was warmer 1,000 years ago.

brushhog's picture


“This is probably the most difficult task we have ever given ourselves, which is to intentionally transform the economic development model for the first time in human history."

It is definitely NOT the first somebody intentionally attempted to change the economic development model....Mao, Stalin, Chavez, Castro, etc have all tried it before.

LawsofPhysics's picture

LOL!!!  Whatever.  The bankers and financiers continue to gift themselves all the free money they want while everyone else has to perform real work and face real risk.

Fuck'em, the laws of Nature and physics will sort this all out soon enough.

HenryKissingerChurchill's picture

"In searching for a common enemy against whom we can unite, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like, would fit the bill. In their totality and their interactions these phenomena do constitute a common threat which must be confronted by everyone together. But in designating these dangers as the enemy, we fall into the trap, which we have already warned readers about, namely mistaking symptoms for causes. All these dangers are caused by human intervention in natural processes, and it is only through changed attitudes and behaviour that they can be overcome. The real enemy then is humanity itself."

<<Aurelio Peccei,Club of Rome:  The First Global Revolution>> 1991

mary mary's picture

Amen.  The real enemy is human vanity and human sociopathy (opposite of empathy).

HenryKissingerChurchill's picture

Amen.  The real enemy is human...

Mary you did not get it...

this quote is from internal proceedings of the fücking club of rome

describing how they invented the climate cooling/warming/changing hoax

to control the whole human society/economy/behaviour

please go ahead and reduce your carbon and water footprints to zero asap

PitBullsRule's picture

Actually the real enemy is the woman.  Its the woman that wants to have babies, and thats whats making the population go up.  Kill the women, and you won't have babies, and the whole problem is solved.  There, fixed it for ya, you're welcome!

mary mary's picture

I will get there soon enough.  And I think I did get it, but I still think that Earth is overpopulated, and that the primary reason is greed.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Bingo!  Nothing new under the sun.  We have met the enemy and it is ourselves.

HenryKissingerChurchill's picture

go ahead and kill the enemy asap

LawsofPhysics's picture

Again, the laws of Nature and physics will sort it all out, they always do Henry, but you already know that don't you?


swampmanlives's picture

You can't really see Climate Change, but you can see pollution. You don't mind breathing in polluted air or drinking contaminated water?

silverer's picture

Clear as a bell out there today. But keep in mind dirty looking air is not necessary harmful pollution. It can be particulate matter, dust or other airborne particles, made of natural materials such as pollen.

hardcleareye's picture

Yeah, that is what the Chinese are saying...  sadly shaking my head...

enjoy the google images...