Village Magazine Sparks Furor Asking "Why Not" Assassinate Donald Trump

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It seems Ireland's media has decided to one-up Germany's. Following Spiegel's Lady-Liberty-beheading images, Ireland's Village Magazine cover shows crosshairs on President Trump's head with the question "why not?" However, there is a silver lining to this utter stupidity, the magazine decides "killing people is wrong... and shooting Trump is unnecessary and disproportionate."

This outrageous image was tweeted with the caption, "Why taking #Trump out would be unethical."

As Mediaite reports, after making the case for why Trump is a threat to the world, the piece dives into the morality of whether assassinating the president is justified:

St Thomas Aquinas gave the most substantial Christian argument for tyrannicide. He based his position on his arguments for just war and capital punishment and concluded: “He who kills a tyrant (i.e. an usurper) to free his country is praised and rewarded”.


However, Trump has a mandate: he was elected very recently. Aquinas would be reticent about the degree of usurpation in this case.


On the other hand, Trump’s impulses are not democratic. If he pushes towards curtailing freedoms and minority rights it may legitimate for Christians to think about removing him. A tyrant by oppression is one who has come to power legitimately, but rules unjustly, oppressively, and arbitrarily. Here Aquinas believed the community had a duty to confront the tyrant, and if necessary, depose him, according to the course of law available. If he does not go, he becomes a tyrant by usurpation and thereby may be eliminated by an act of justifiable tyrannicide in accord with principles of necessity and proportionality and provided the common good is served.


Acting in accordance with these principles, to save Germany from devastating defeat in the Second World War, and form a new government, Lieutenant Colonel Klaus von Stauffenberg, described as “a serious Catholic,” formed a plot to assassinate Hitler, which famously failed in 1944, resulting in his execution.

However, the piece ultimately concludes that assassinating the President of the United States is not a good idea. Part of their argument is that he may end up resigning or get impeached anyway, arguing,

“He will fall on a metaphorical sword, he does not need one wielded by a third party. Shooting Trump is unnecessary and disproportionate.”

And then it concludes:

Furthermore in the process of self-destruction he will generate an awareness of the dangers of allowing power to an intolerant narcissist so that institutions will be reformed, progressive policies enshrined and popular opinion inured against ever repeating the Trump mistake.


On these bases, the Natural Law would wait to see democracy play its proper role, utilitarianism would say the backlash against an assassination would risk all it might achieve and lose the benefits that a democratic backlash would itself achieve. Rights-based theories would perhaps come closest to condoning violence against Trump but the right to life of Trump himself would weigh heavily.


More trivially, any would-be assassin, more even than von Stauffenberg, risks being uncovered and discredited – in person and ideologically…


The calculus is clearly against violence, even in the case of Trump. Stick to democracy, rigorously but applied, as necessary, stealthily and aggressively.

The following image seemed to sum things up rather well...

h/t @JocularJxhn

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Arturo's picture

Libtards are a continuous menace to the individual, its liberty and prosperity.

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It's rather interesting how the Liberal Left's mask is finally coming off post Trump. We always knew that they are fanatics but Trump's election has propelled almost the entire mainstream media into Marxist territory. The events of the past few weeks are nothing short of surreal but they provide a plenty of food for consideration. Up until now some of us may still have hedged doubts and hope as to the possibility of finding common ground via healthy political discourse. But that notion has now been completely shattered.

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Ireland's Village Magazine cover shows crosshairs on President Trump's head with the question "why not?”

Let’s see how the “Village People” will react when Apple is forced to close its tax-haven office in Ireland and move the money back to the US.


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xythras (not verified) Looney Feb 4, 2017 2:10 PM

He needs to go soft on the Deep State until he can put his men in charge on all levels. If not, those traitors might follow the hints from the left. 

Here's how he stands so farThe Deep State in the Age of Trump


847328_3527's picture

Odd they were quiet while Bush and Obama were killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people overseas.

bonderøven-farm ass's picture

"Researchers who corrected a scientific paper claiming social conservatives are associated with psychoticism - when it was in fact liberals - are calling the correction “quite minor.”

J S Bach's picture

This kind of "op-ed" from mainstream media publications is actually a good thing.  It only further exposes and illustrates who the media really are and whom they support.  Keep it up, guys... you're doing a helluva service to the side of right.

Creative_Destruct's picture

"...the magazine decides "killing people is wrong... and shooting Trump is unnecessary and disproportionate.""

WOW what an insight!

And they came to that amazing conclusion AFTER publishing the meme to off-Trump in giant font..

LMAOLORI's picture


Well at least we know which village the idiots escaped from. It takes a leftist village to raise an idiot.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) 847328_3527 Feb 4, 2017 2:29 PM

Because they are Satanist and Bush Cabal is too.

They are all working together.

847328_3527's picture

There's real significance in the Catholic Church calling Hillary Clinton " the anti-Christ" during the campaign. And then there's Satan's Fly that landed directly on Hillary's face confirming what many of us thought--- that Hillary IS satan on earth.

Hillary and her assistant devils are scary as we see in their riots and extreme violence against innocent people. That's why I not only cc, but also wear my gold crucifix to protect me from the devil herself, Hillary, and her Helpers who seek to destroy Western civilization.

If things get worse (and my gf is ok with it) I'll also wear a string of garlic around my neck for protection from Hillary/Soros evil.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) 847328_3527 Feb 4, 2017 4:38 PM

Larry Nichols who was Clinton operative for years said that every full moon Hillary would fly to the City of Angels (33* parallel) to  meet these women who were witches and preform some sort of magick. He said that she is a high priestess. I believe it with the powerfully evil chart she has.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) 847328_3527 Feb 4, 2017 4:49 PM

Irish people are heavy marxists. I look at the vids and I see all these ginger heads right in the thick of it.

Note to Ireland: Fuck you!

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) xythras Feb 4, 2017 2:28 PM

Now I am going to put all my energy into George Soros chart.

The total solar eclipse of 1999 which included a fixed grand cross which started the war on terror was on Soros natal Sun.

I read he lost alot of money at that time (not listening to me, I told my ex husband get out of that NASDAQ before March it will crash then)

He muffed Brexit (I called it) and Trump win (I called it) I am going to look into this eclipse and Soros chart. who is smarter, me or George. lol

The eclipse in Leo took the price of gold to a low at that time as well. We have the next BIG American eclipse August 21, 2017 and it is on a critical degree of 29 Leo. If you are born within a few days you better hide out and lay as low as you can with no risks.

“He who kills a tyrant (i.e. an usurper) to free his country is praised and rewarded”. I can make a Christian case for killing George Soros the Satanist.

BarkingCat's picture

Soros is a jew and not a satanist.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) BarkingCat Feb 4, 2017 2:42 PM

Brother Nathanael who was born and raised as a Jew said "They are all worshiping Lucifer and they know it."

Big Twinkie's picture

You're splitting hairs...

Implied Violins's picture

Shit. My Bday is 9/1 and as a whistleblower I have a target on my head. And I live in a city.

How deep should I dig my bunker?!

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Implied Violins Feb 4, 2017 4:35 PM

9/1 you are safe unless you have planets around 29 Leo.

You were more affected by the eclipse last September on your birthday 8* Virgo.

Depending on your chart the eclipse can kick you upstairs too.

Example: My kid Sept early got an internship with no pay, was really hard for him because he is married with child. So he had to pay out of pocket to do this job. (Virgo Sacrifice/labor) he worked very hard to make up for lack of skills, did so well and got so many compliments that he is a shoein for full time work down the road.

Eclipse gave him the chance to do the work and get paid later. I did however counsel him on this. Virgo is labor/sacrifice/purity. Stay true to those principles and you win the game of life. See the big picuture Virgo can get stuck in the mud of too many details, seeing what is wrong.

hope this helps

2_legs_bahhhhhd's picture

I need some good news....anything for 11/21?

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) 2_legs_bahhhhhd Feb 4, 2017 4:50 PM

What your birthday or that day?

2_legs_bahhhhhd's picture

That's my bday... 1960


Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) 2_legs_bahhhhhd Feb 4, 2017 5:18 PM

Jupiter will conjunct your Sun late September 2017 this is a protective aspect, Uranus is oppossed so its a big change coming.

Look back to October 2005 for clues, what happened? it is related. You might move, take a big trip, expand.

your Mars Saturn opposition triggered by Pluto for the past 3 yrs, not easy and can be dangerous. Pluto is moving on thank God, the lesson was about letting go of control, bringing up repressed anger. It is big changes, life won't be the same again. Discard the past, let it go. Phoenix out of ashes, make your move in September. You want to change but I would wait for Jupiter and it's protection to do so.

This eclipse will not hurt you, you also had the Sept 2016 eclipse on your natal Pluto, was more of driving home the lesson of being reborn, erasing what was to make room for what must be. You have the moon in Scorpio so you know HOW to do this.

hope this helps

Bay of Pigs's picture

I was born 4/17/61, Bay of Pigs day.

Anything fun on my horizon? :)

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Bay of Pigs Feb 4, 2017 6:30 PM

Changes. Uranus/Pluto 

Don't take risks at this time.

Look at that day, what happened, you share this chart Bay of Pigs.

Ms No's picture

Yes, you have something fun on your horizon because next time I am in Hawaii I am going to stalk you with this information I have.  I will fiiiiiiind you!

Just kidding.  Carry on.

Ms No's picture

I would never let you see mine because I would be afraid of what you would say.  I have been told it is unusual and imbalanced.  You would probably tell me "You are completely screwed.  Just stay inside and never do anything.  Furthermore, don't talk to me again."  It's pisces with all water and fire.  There might be something else in there.  Don't judge me man.  ( :

I think what you do is interesting and if you like it so much you should consider doing it for a living. I was pondering the other day, about how Tesla said that everything is about energy, frequency and vibration.  I thought about how salt forms into various complicated shapes when exposed to different frequencies and vibrations.  Then I wondered if that could be the mechanism of astrology.  That these bodies out there are all emitting different frequencies and energies that have different signatures depending on location/distance.  So as a human life is forming and the DNA gathering or whatever, that unique signature has an effect.

Just random speculation really but I can see where their could be a mechanism.  How they hell they would've figured it all out in the ancient past would be a another question. 


Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Ms No Feb 4, 2017 6:25 PM

Why I don't do charts. Nobody wants to hear what it is or whats coming.

I am unable to bullshit people, so I can't do this for a living.

My chart difficult, my life difficult. But it's okay because I signed up for this.

I see it as working off karma which we all have.

I have no idea why it works, but it does.

Ms No's picture

I think the fact that you wont BS people, you have personality and refuse to be PC would make you very popular though.  You could start a site and just have a no BS banter and comments on issues and they would flock in for charts.  This is already evidenced by the fact that so many people here like you and this is not an easy crowd.  If somebodies chart looks too bad you could always pull the "I can't figure yours out, sorry."  lol 


StychoKiller's picture

There's been research on whether DNA has resonant frequencies as well.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Chris Dakota Feb 4, 2017 9:21 PM

2 Legs,

I don't know anything about you but your age but  this is a family thing. It correlates to your original family, maybe your father passed away during the past 5 yrs when Uranus squared Mars/Saturn and it served to bring up unfinished business you were forced to confront. Its the mother/father thing with cancer/capricorn and we bring those issues to our own relationships. You must know this was the time to deal with it, its why you were hit so hard. Facing and purging these issues is a gift, even if it doesn't feel like it at the time.

2_legs_bahhhhhd's picture

Thanks Chris Dakota

I don't specifically remember October 05 but the period between 04-07 was a very challenging time in my career. It was all resolved in nov 13. You are correct about the control and anger aspect.

"Big changes and life won't be the same again", is extremely accurate. I prefer not to reveal publicly, but I will say that all my family and friends will be effected. September may be literally a lifetime away for me.


Implied Violins's picture

OK thanks, I'll keep the bunker at ten feet.

Last Sept...can't recall much. Just worked a lot. What's been kicking my ass though is my Black moon is in Scorpio, and I've been major depressed. But I will be better after the 14th. So says Laura Walker, anyway (Oracle Report).

I appreciate what you do here, and I know the elite use astrology to plan their actions so no matter what it's worth knowing just for that reason. So keep posting, and let the criticism roll off your back as you are doing so well already.

Putrid's picture
Putrid (not verified) Chris Dakota Feb 4, 2017 10:04 PM

Wait: is Chris Dakota a guy or a girl? That question just popped into my head.

Next, as a person born in Ireland I can say with confidence that that island is full of fucking retards. I left the place, I had too. It's full of very charming, polite, funny retards. They're funny because retarded people are amusing.

They have no fucking gold. Zero, the retards have no gold. I probably have more gold than the Irish state. According to official reports they only have six tonnes, but guess what, that's less than Nepal!!! The Special Retards gave their last six tonnes of gold to Brussels as base capital for the Euro. So when the Euro implodes those Retards will have a currency backed by barley and Potatoes.

Anyway, and this gets into a bigger more EVIL point, is that WE can't tell the children the truth. Even here at Zerohedge the community can't deal with the truth.

Star Date 2017, rednecks vote to elect The Squid and a Billionaire into the Oval Office. Act surprised when the Squid revokes fiduciary duty.

Jesus fucking Christ are there Retarded everywhere?

Have you ever felt instinctively that TPTB are trying to get you to kill each other? If so, I think you're right, they want you to kill each other.

You see we know how to exit the Ponzi, and reboot the system BUT there are still too many Retards. The carrying capacity of the planet is 3 billion. So 4.4 billion need to die and the only question is how to do it in a way that doesn't endanger the continuing survival of humanity. It's a vexing question. It vexes me.


DavidC's picture

Well, more accurately, TYLER(S), the magazine cover is NOT asking a question unless part of the image containing the question mark has been left off.

The caption reads "Why not" and NOT "Why not?". To that caption I infer the magazine is STATING why Trump should not be targeted.


Bingo Hammer's picture

"A picture is worth a thousand words", your text book analysis counts for nothing

DavidC's picture

Does the caption read "Why not" or "Why not?"?

One is NOT the same as the other.


swamp's picture

They see it coming and they are furious.


Canary Paint's picture

Ha ha... I hear you. Two things...

First of all, Ireland is defo threatened by a big populist movement in the States because so many tech companies have installed themselves over there for fiscal benefits.

Second of all, Ireland is a really friendly and unfriendly place at the same time. You can drink with anyone, but a headbutt is not out of the question as the resolution of a dispute. In such a climate, we can't view talk of an assassination as particularly out of bounds ;-p

Razor_Edge's picture

Fiscal benefit is not THE priority. A reasonably well educated, english speaking member of the EU and an inward investment friendly regime gets them ready access to the EU market - some 500 million consumers.

Razor_Edge's picture

Funny that, there's a lot of supposed Catholic rationalising in this article. Funny because there are few Christians in the Irish media, never mind Catholics. All a bunch of post colonial slaves sucking up to their globalist and cultural marxist betters and masters.

There was much wrong in Ireland in the past, but there were also a lot of very good, decent people, with decent, non self indulgent values. Now our liberal betters in the media and academia mock the values of their parents and grandparents, desperately trying to show the liberal western (especially Anglo) world how modern and trendy and with the zeitgeist they are, and they unfortunately are leading so many others, especially the young, like the pied piper, to decadence, dissolution, decay, depravity and self destruction.

Surely we can't be far from the final fall of Western civilisation?

Chief Wonder Bread's picture

What's happened with Ireland anyway? I was there a couple years ago and lots of disfunction there just like in the States. Some welfare puke threatening to kill himself on the street, everybody offering lefty advice to us on U.S. politics and gun control. We did see a good fight though between a red-headed chick and a gypsy over a handbag.

robertsgt40's picture

So, for these clowns the last 8yrs have been a picture of what the founding fathers wanted?  

IntTheLight's picture

Hollywood has its tentacles throughout the West. I was shocked by a Daily Mail story of Africa featuring two beautiful European volunteers, literally covered in tattoos, their arms and legs destroyed by tattoos.

Why are we regressing? Why have we become like savages?

How is any of this progress? American kids actively seek to emulate low IQ blacks. Why?

Chief Wonder Bread's picture

The problem imho is that largely the West has replaced Christianity with the secular "religion" of Progress. IOW Progress itself is the problem. There is no real progress. It's disguised nihilism, Luciferian in origin.

It's true that technological innovation sometimes makes our lives "better" in a material sense lol but, well... I could go on and on. I'll stop there.

Stinkworx's picture

imo it's the rejection of God in society!

Christianity was the foundation of western society and we have outrightly rejected the teachings of Jesus over the last 50 years. I'm NOT talking about religion! I'm referring to Individual government and personal morals based on the teachings of Jesus.

What we're seeing is just the beginning of that fruit. It will get so much worse.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Stinkworx Feb 4, 2017 9:33 PM

The sixties did that.

Uranus Pluto conjunction which is a seeding time for large scale social movements.

Spoiled baby boomers with Pluto in Leo didn't want to work and live in the suburbs like they grew up in, they wanted to play.

They were brainwashed by the Frankfurt School Jews at UC Berkeley and Columbia University into Marxisim, it replaced Christianity

and became their religion. They actually hated their parents for being square, all tradition was thrown out the window.

The screaming snowflakes are their children, they too think "Our Generation Our Choice" just like "Don't Trust Anyone Over 30"


CurveBall's picture

You can't always judge a book by its cover. Assuming that because someone has tattoos, 1 or 10000, they have a low IQ or they are trying to emulate someone is ridiculous, in my opinion. As "civilized" humans we no longer have rights of passage, and weather you like it or not this is part of who we are as a species. I liken getting tattooed to a right of passage due to the physical and chemical effect it has on the body. Tattoos have been around since well before any bible or holy book or recorded history, this is not anything new. Your are absolutely entitled to your opinions, and I support you voicing them on here or by any means. How ever, as someone who is tattooed head to toe, who does not have a low IQ and is quite skilled in multiple disciplines... I felt the need to present my counter opinion. I don't suspect this reply will change your opinion, but hopefully it will open your eyes slightly to possibility that assuming tattooed people are uneducated or or can't think for them selves is no different then the left saying the right is all "deplorable". Anyway, my two cents, cheers to you.

Chief Wonder Bread's picture

<<Tattoos have been around since well before any bible or holy book or recorded history

Sure they have and so has venereal disease. Massive body tattooing (not talking about a couple of small tattoos here and there) is a certain sign of degeneracy and loss of a moral path in our society. But it can even be objectively criticized due to risk of hepatitis and organ failure (the skin is an organ)... ref. the Yakuza.

Not only that, but it's just downright ugly and almost a sacrilege to have beautiful young women covered in tattoos no matter what the artistic merits of said tattoos.