Has Trump - Who Ran On an Anti-War Platform - Already Sold Out to the Warmongers ... Or Is He Just Playing for Leverage?

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Conservative Patrick Buchanan - who endorsed Trump for president - writes:

High among the reasons that many supported Trump was his understanding that George W. Bush blundered horribly in launching an unprovoked and unnecessary war on Iraq.


Unlike the other candidates, Trump seemed to recognize this.

Trump's anti-war, anti-interventionist statements appealed to many Americans.  Indeed, quite a few Sanders supporters switched to Trump (or stayed home on election day) because of Trump's anti-war promises ... and Clinton's record as a warmonger.

Buchanan expresses disappointment that Trump is already saber-rattling:

It was thought he would disengage us from these wars, not rattle a saber at an Iran that is three times the size of Iraq and has as its primary weapons supplier and partner Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

Former long-time Congressman Ron Paul notes that Trump has already engaged in bombings in Yemen:

Andrew Spannaus notes:

The early Trump administration has sent mixed signals regarding relations with Russia. Trump’s initial comments indicated that the U.S. would seek a diplomatic deal to reduce tensions around Ukraine, including by potentially recognizing the pro-Russian referendum in Crimea, in exchange for a broader deal with Russia involving cooperation against terrorism or nuclear arms reduction. However, Trump’s United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley on Thursday vowed to continue sanctions against Russia until it surrendered Crimea.

Brandon Turbeville says, "The new boss is now starting to look extremely similar to the old boss."  Turbeville also points out that Trump appears to be mucking about in Syria.

And since Trump took the helm, war with China is looking increasingly likely.

So it's starting to look like - despite his promises of being an anti-war non-interventionist - Trump will be a warmonger.

I hope I'm wrong ... and that Trump is just playing the unpredictable madman to gain negotiating leverage with foreign powers.

Conservative Michael Rivero - a smart guy - notes:

I too am alarmed by Trump's rhetoric.


But there are two factors to consider.


The first is that Trump is still trying to win Senate confirmation for his nominees, and Trump and the Nominees may be saying what they know the Warmongers in the Senate (like McCain and Graham) want to hear. What Trump does after the confirmations will be telling.


Second, if you read Trump's book, "The Art of the Deal", he writes that the opening bid in any negotiation should be very aggressive, far beyond reasonable, then let the counterparty negotiate back to what you actually wanted in the first place. That tactic served him well in business and he may well be using it here with Russia, China, and Iran.


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I would caution concluding prematurely on this.  Keep in mind that he has held true to his word on the wall, immigration, job building, economy building through open communication with UK, Russia, Japan and today, China.  Some of you are throwing out the real possibility that he's playing the game to get his guys confirmed.  You are all aware they have rehearsed  mock grillings to practice saying what they want to hear perhaps.  Cannot be discounted. 

I don't believe Trump will waver so dramatically on this issue.  He's hamstrung with a very limited cabinet.  I'm going to wait and see before making such a decision.

Rabbitnexus's picture

I gave up on the orange clown after his first week in office. Welcome to dissapointment land those who just arrived.

messystateofaffairs's picture

"Change you can believe in." Trumps turn.

messystateofaffairs's picture

I'm sorry but I've pretty much given up on Trump. Its time to start scoping out a Jew free nationalist replacement who does not harbor a socialist mind, Trump is looking like a one termer.

dizzyfingers's picture

..."Its time to start scoping out a Jew free nationalist replacement who does not harbor a socialist mind,"...

There are no such animals. If there are, name one.

DuneCreature's picture

Trump may not know anything about being at war with anyone.

Who the hell knows who we are at war with? ... Certainly not the Pedophiles at the Pentagram.


We don't know who we are at war with of how much it costs. .. Trillions, DoD knows that much. Because they know that much is missing.

Mostly the US Army just shoots at the CIA and sends the taxpayer the bill for the bullets.

Now the US Air Force, they are a special case. If the CIA gives them their drones back they may start shooting directly at the taxpayers and kill the Golden Goose that going to have to pay for the F-35 super duper airplane because it's not a drone.

Who the hell knows who you are bombing when you are sitting in a shipping container in Nevada. .... You might be bombing St Louis and not even know it. The CIA might the messing with your drone telemetry feed to make your combat pilots look bad to Congress to get their killer drones back.

But it's OK because nobody keeps records of combat flights anymore anyway.

Live Hard, Try And Stay Off The Target List If They Even Use One In These Days Of Free Form War And Mayhem Delivery, Die Free

~ DC v5.0

dizzyfingers's picture

..."they may start shooting directly at the taxpayers"...

My unspoken thought, confirmed.

How can the money spigot be smashed?

Iconoclast's picture

Take on the MIC and he'll be dead in a heartbeat, take on Israel likewise. If the USA stops the real shadow economy (war) then it's GDP collapses.

1neworbit's picture

Robert David Steel says what we have is a soft coup.  Trump is working with the merchant class to get money flowing agsin in the usa verses sucking it out for foriegn wars according this Peaceful ExCIA official.   

PitBullsRule's picture

Were you expecting change because you heard Trump say, "I would bomb the SHIT out of them!"?

Let me help you with that, when he said "bomb the Shit out of them" he meant he would drop a lot of bombs on them.  Those are not the words of a Peace-nik.

Steeley's picture

Y'all ain't seen nothing like this before, so don't figure you know what it is or will be. And ya don't learn shit when your jaws are flapping, just prove you don't know shit either.

Rabbitnexus's picture

Yes you hang in there Steeley.  He's just angling for position eh? He's going to take on the Zionists in control, sack all the ones he appointed and produce a whole new team of good guys overnight. 

As for me, you surprised looking monkey, I have seen LOTS of this before. I've been watching US elections as an outsider for over 30 years. It was ALWAYS exactly like this.

Steeley's picture

Don't confuse dealing with a problem as accepting the cause.

Rabbitnexus's picture

Don't confuse clinging to an illusion as caution.

CTG_Sweden's picture



Trump should probably try to stay out of anything that may cause problems but doesn´t produce anything in return (except Israel, of course). Any mistake, any problem may be blamed on Trump and create excuses for impeachment.


Trump should focus as much as possible on the wall and regulations that would make it harder for American employers to hire illegal immigrants and H-1B visa immigrants. Building infrastructure that can improve the efficiency of the economy, such as an improved electric grid (facilitates fast charging of electric vehicles which in turn reduces oil consumption which in turn improves the trade balance) and more local access networks for fiber optic cables in low-income areas (facilitates the transition of tuition on a large scale to the Internet which in turn enables the public sector to slash costs to an incredible degree) should probably be the 2nd most prioritized issue for Trump. Moving more production of value added goods, such as cars, to the US, without causing trade wars is harder. But Trump should probably try to move production of such products from Mexico to the US.


But as regards foreign policy, the most important thing should be to stay out of trouble and don´t get involved in troubles. Ukraine is a very significant potential source of trouble: Conflict with Russia and a ruling élite which is a part of the core of the international financial mob. If Trump is too soft on Russia, the Ukrainian mobsters and their friends in the US may assassinate him. If he supports them he will get nothing in return but more conflict with Russia. The world will also see a consolidated crime center which will make the 1950s Cuba stand out as harmless. Perhaps Putin decided not to prop up Yanukovych because it would have been too hard to do anything about the problems in Ukraine and because it would be easier not to get too much involved.


Rabbitnexus's picture

Trump is doing none of the things he should, and all of the things he should not as far as geopoltics is concerned. He isn't speaking for himself, he is a puppet as usual.

Posa's picture

Trump's views only amounted to a bunch of one-liners that he often contradicted in the next breath. that's why I couldn't vote for him (or Killary for that matter)... It's not all talk for confirmation hearings either... Flynn is quite erratic and his alliance with arch-NeoCon Likud traitor Michael Ledeen should disqualify him from being anywhere near the levers of power...

The Drump cabinet rhetoric and actions are reminsiscent of Dubya, who talked about attacking Iraq at the very first cabinet meeting... the attack on Iraq was destined to be and a foregone conclusion, helped along, of course by the uncanny timong of 9/11...

While bidding high and negotiating down to a reasonable agreement may work for swapping real estate ventures, in international politics, opening relations with hostile actions and rhetoric signals to adversaries to hunker down for a confrontational course... in fact, they may skip negotiations altogether... foreign policy isn't an advanced version of "Monopoly" ... walking back confrontational positions certainly looks like weakness and fecklessness... that's one reason Putin is effective... there's no BS'ing... what you see is what you get: a reasoned position that's consistent and clear and principled. You may not like it, but he's not playing juvenile games with nuclear arsenals.


darkpool2's picture

Rare that almost everyone on ZH sounds lost in the fog......usually there is a broad brush consensus.....this in itself is significant and points to great complexity in the current situation.

Rabbitnexus's picture

I don't agree with your analysis. I actually came here to watch this unfold. I was a conditional Trump supporter who realised in the first week he was just the latest installment in controlled puppets for Zionism. It was obvious to me right away that this "hotbed of Trump support", yet by relatively well informed people with in my opinion usually the right side of issues between them, would be experiencing some serious tumult as realisation dawns.  What I am seeing is day by day more souls are waking up to the con we were subjected to. The real anger is yet to come. Even I am a bit shell shocked right yet to get angry, but it is coming.

SuzerainGreyMole's picture

This question is the really important one for this country.  I have been thinking it over the last couple of days, but have not come to any conclusion.  After reading Voltairenetwork; The Saker; Globalresearch; PCR; F William Engdahl and articles mentioned in this article (plus others), I am leaving it all open at the moment.

Getting into a war with Iran, China or Russia would be a nightmare under any circumstances.  Trump is in a difficult position with all the different factions around his admin, that is for sure.

People need to understand the Globalists; NeoCons etc, are still very powerful and also still a threat to Trump.

He may have to give the impression he is towing the line while doing what is necessary to get the country moving again.  I do not think this is straightforward, but we will see.

Rabbitnexus's picture

My sympathy, but I also read the same things and PCR has fallen behind in grasping things and the Saker is a former diplomat after all. I'd even say his own analysis is darkening by the day. There are unmistakable signs this is the real Trump. he is fully in tune with 9/11 and is the Zionists TRUMP card. I just feel bad for those yet to awaken to how badly we've been had, and how wickedly we're being mocked too.  TRUMP.  For fucks sake, get it? We've been TRUMPED!

GRDguy's picture

"Trump also will meet at the White House with leading CEOs, including JPMorgan's Jamie Dimon, Blackstone's Steve Schwarzman, and BlackRock's Larry Fink."

These are probably the highest agents working for The Great Red Dragon (Money Kings), and are their best puppets. You can tell they're just puppets by their small holdings in their respective corporations; they're are just plantation managers.

Who are the puppetmasters? I'm sure I'd be suicided if I knew for sure; I don't even want to know. 

Kinda like a mob organization; you really don't want to be inside their gate.

To survive, Trump listens.

SheHunter's picture

Would be illuminating to know who REALLY called these meetings.  Likely not Trump.  Perhaps he is getting the whiff of being in deeper than he bargained for?

TeethVillage88s's picture

ANyway hiring TBTF Bankers, Talking up Irael, Talking sanctions on Iran and Russia, Talkin' tough on China, going after a bunch of A-holes in the Media... going after enemies... hiring major Military guys for DHS, Sec State, Security Advisor...

This is Marketing.

And much of Marketing is gathering data... which is the strong suit of the TBTF Bankers and Pentagon.

So could be Sun Szu gathering data and intelligence... while convincing them that he is setting goals along their lines... and preparing a 2nd string to take their place with his next agenda or replacement agency to MAFA, MAGA, make our kids great again.

Firing top people is kind of a good way to start a reorganization... that is if President Donald J. Trump has a mind to reorganize each function of a country including banking... including finance, FIREs, intelligence, Lobbying, Foreign Agent Activities in the US Government... and on and on...

Musashi would take a more direct approach.

TeethVillage88s's picture

Well that is how I see Iran, Russia, North Korea, China... start irrational.

"Second, if you read Trump's book, "The Art of the Deal", he writes that the opening bid in any negotiation should be very aggressive, far beyond reasonable, then let the counterparty negotiate back to what you actually wanted in the first place. That tactic served him well in business and he may well be using it here with Russia, China, and Iran."

Actually I see this as how TBTF Banks Negotiate with US Congress in a Financial Crisis:

Best evidence Videos:


https://www.minneapolisfed.org/research/wp/wp666.pdf (Proof of BestEvidence Video on Bernanke Lies)

Rabbitnexus's picture

Thank you for helping keep hope alive. I even feel a small leap of hope when I read that.

Yet the phoniness of the "Muslim terrorist ban" lost me. Why pay such a huge political price for a complete load of crap, which is all it was?  Obviously doing the bidding of Israel and the Saudis is top priority, even if it means failure for him.

Neochrome's picture

I hope he doesn't bail on his promises. 

Reaper's picture

Trump needs his justice(s) confirmed, his appointees approved, Obamacare ended, the Fed audited or subpoena for Fed's records on all cash given to foreign banks/entities, and McCain+ indicted for ISIS connections, etc.. Trump's just changed the Putin as bogeyman narrative or starting WWIII. Allow the neo-cons to express their craving for war. Ask, where did all the peaceniks go from eight years ago?

New narrative: Why die in war? Why spend money overseas,rather than at home? When will McCain et al be satisfied? Prove God is on your side? There is no honor nor glory in optional wars.

JailBanksters's picture

When people realize Trump is not on Team America, he's on Team Rothschild, it's too late.

Sure, you could have voted for that other High Priestess, but the outcome will be the same.


People should have voted for anybody that was NOT aligned to the Red and Blue Teams.

In 4 years time, everybody is going to be complaining about Trump, and you know what they are going to do about it, they're going to vote back in the team they kicked to the curb and expecting different results this time.


Rabbitnexus's picture

In 4 years?  Give it four months! This guy is going down HARDER in popularity than any US president ever.

bh2's picture

I remain hopeful that this period is one where the administration realizes the danger of other countries trying to test them during transition and is taking an aggressive stance to deter those attempts.

Like many others, I'll be disappointed if Trump and Mad Dog don't make substantial changes in our foreign policy (thus military) posture.

As to Israel, in particular, it may be the administration has "taken sides" to encourage the Palestinians to make an agreement before they loose even more ground and with no hope the US is going to forever help open doors they won't walk through.

American Gorbachev's picture

twould seem that Trump may well have already boxed himself in/painted himself into a corner (or at least given his enemies several clubs with which to beat him serially)

1. his tough talk (and now some actions) toward Iran

2. his professed desire to 'work with' Russia/Putin

3. his ego may limit his prerogatives

4. his obvious/demonstrated affection/"allegiance" to Israel

any move toward one, upsets the balance to the others, and vice-versa

and his enemies want war (a helluva tightrope for him to have to walk)

perhaps he will give them one in Yemen, so as not to have one in Ukraine ?


Rabbitnexus's picture

Bingo. This is why I have lost hope. If he is only jockeying for position to do other things, or get his nominees through, why sacrifice SO MUCH as he has with so many, including a vast percent of his support base? His massive swing to Israel wasn't necessary unless that is his new direction. That can only mean one thing. He is THEIR man and always was. That is very bad news. After 9/11 meet "end game"

VWAndy's picture

 Same pig they just put orange lipstick on it.

Nobodys Home's picture

Oh come on. Dual Webber carbs on a flat four Porsche engine isn't stock in your normal VW Bus. Neither is Trump.

Dragon HAwk's picture

Maybe trump needs something from Russia,  never one to go empty handed into a deal, or walk away empty handed

WTFUD's picture

As far as MSM goes the only channel i can see without an anti-Trump bias is RT. It would be quite a slap in the face to Russia if Trump pisses all over that Goodwill.

I reckon it's Hollywood acting to the Cabal Mob, until Rex sits down with Gazprom to discuss Energy Plays.

KennyW's picture

Wait and see.

The Management's picture

Well whatever happens something EXTREMELY telling is happening already.

1) 1000 seats on local level won - check
2) House majority - check
3) Senate Majority - check
4) Presidency - check

All systems are go!!! Order the simple temporary closing of the border sir.

Aye captain...initiating...



As someone who spent 5 years there i have no clue what the US is anymore after watching this shit show.

TeethVillage88s's picture

Ben Johnson or Ron Johnson of Wisconsin Tea Party says GOP will not move forward on Repeal of Obama Care (This week).

He says GOP wants the Parliamentarian Official of the Senate to get the protocols... and demand 60 votes... which they can't get.

Rand Paul or Ted Cruz has said screw the non-elected Parliamentarian we only need 51 votes to repeal Obama Care.

- So there is little Pathos, Ethos, Logos in US Congress or Senate... they are all Bribed, all bought and paid for... the are controlled and corrupted by big money, soft money in politics... and by the people they fear!
- It is a kind of Coup on the Congress
- There are other kinds of Coups that go on all the time

Dark Daze's picture
Dark Daze (not verified) Feb 5, 2017 8:53 PM

Its like my boss used to tell me. What is the correct order if you are on an aircraft carrier steaming towards the shore, twenty miles out? Answer is: abandon ship because it takes 24 miles to turn one around.

Gnostech's picture

But you don't need to turn all the way around, by your numbers doing a 90 degree turn to be parllel to the shore would only take 12 miles. At that point you're no longer getting closer to the shore.

Steeley's picture

Bullshit, wait until your 400 yards out and then give the order, you bilge monkeys can't swim 20 miles in the open ocean, squidly.

jm's picture

He didn't run on an anti-war platform. He intends to exterminate ISIS, rebuild the military, and re-establish US credibility.

Enemies of the United States can't stand that position of course, which makes me wonder about you yet again.

Rabbitnexus's picture

Well the USA created ISIS, and anything else he has said about it, begins with a false premise. Actually though Trump definitley DID run on an anti-war and antiregime change platform. He made a lot of noises which were to this effect. Saying otherwise is just dishonest.

Dark Daze's picture
Dark Daze (not verified) jm Feb 5, 2017 9:03 PM

Yes eh? And you always have an 'enemy' to blame it on, don't you. I'm in my seventh decade and not once in my lifetime have i ever known the US to not be afraid of something. Paranoia is one of defining elements of your society.

And no, i dont 'hate you for what you have', i despise you for what you have done.

Steeley's picture

We aren't in it for you - fuck off.

jeff montanye's picture

really.  enemies.

the real enemies are the military industrial security complex and the likud/mossad zionists who vet the u.s. government.

i had hoped that trump had slipped by them by starting at the top.

shimmy's picture

I hope it is just a tactic but I won't hold my breath that it is. After all, I'm not one of those silly Trumptards that worship the guy like he is perfect and is the new hope and change. 

JamesBond's picture

Iran has signed military agreements to "live up to". If they don't, the president of the united states has a mandate.