"A Lot Of The Toothpaste Is Already Out": Ryan Explains Why The Iran Deal Will Stay In Place

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One day after Iran defied Trump with a new missile tests and threatened enemies with "roaring missiles" following Friday's Iran sanctions, confirming our Friday report, House Speaker Paul Ryan said that despite the troubling escalation in sanctions, the Iran Nuclear deal negotiated by the Obama administration is likely to remain in place.

"A lot of that toothpaste is already out of the tube. I never supported the deal in the first place. I thought it was a huge mistake, but the multilateral sanctions are done," Ryan said in an interview with NBC's "Meet the Press" airing Sunday.

"I don't think you're going to go back and reconstitute the multilateral sanctions that were put in place," Ryan said.

While most Republicans have strongly criticized the deal, warning it doesn't go far enough in ensuring that Iran does not develop nuclear weapons, Ryan maintained that the U.S. should "expend our effort where it can pay off the most," while not ignoring the numerous transgressions with Iran.

"And that's why I think what they're doing now does make a lot of sense. So I think the key is to rigorously enforce this deal," he said. "But also, remember, they're testing ballistic missiles. They're still the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world. Human rights abuses galore. And so those are where I think we also need to ratchet up sanctions."

When asked if he was concerned that Iran would retaliate, Ryan said that the U.S. is "appeasing [Iran] already." "But look what they were doing, we're appeasing them already. So it couldn't get worse," Ryan maintained in the interview. Ryan also disagreed with the notion that Russia is a similarly destabilizing force in the region. "Nobody holds a candle to Iran's destabilization. So I think — I don't think you can equate those two," he said.

Separately, also speaking on the topic of Iran, Vice President Mike Pence would not directly answer a question about whether the administration has set a "red line" on Iran's missile program by saying last week that Tehran is "on notice." “As the president said ... all options are on the table, “ Pence told Fox News when asked how far the White House is willing to go its response to Iran.

Later, when speaking to ABC, the VP once again tried to force Iran to back off its provocative moves, which just yesterday resulted in a fresh round of missile tests the day after the US Treasury launched new sactions against 25 Iranian individuals and entities: “The Iranians would do well to look at the calendar and recognize we have a new president,“ Pence said Sunday. “What we’re seeing here is hostile action, belligerent action,” he added. “We’re not going to put up with it anymore. “

Meanwhile, Iran ISNA news agency, citing Gholamhossein Gheybparvar, head of Iran’s paramilitary Basij force, said that President Trump’s comments against Iran are “not well thought through" and added that "our people have witnessed such animosity and we know how to defend ourselves."

ISNA also said that beyond “political slogans” emanating from outside the aviation arena, there are “no issues” with carrying out the recently signed Boeing, Airbus deals, citing Maghsoud Ashadi Samani, secretary of Iran’s Aviation Companies Association.  The two companies are “committed” to selling planes to Iran.

Which, at the end of the day, is the bottom line: will Trump dare to escalate Iran sanctions to the point where billions in recently signed deals are unwound due to political intervention from the White House. For now, despite all the breathless posturing, the market - and certainly BA stock - see no reason to worry that Trump will follow through on his with words with actions.

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moorewasthebestbond's picture

First bitchez!


Yeah, as stated yesterday, ballistic missile technology has been traded between Iran, NK, Pakistan, Russia and a host of other nations for DECADES. What is the big problem now?

Looney's picture

I hope Paul Ryan doesn’t start crying too…

BTW, Chuck Schumer is a lazy-ass retard. He should’ve never used John Boehner’s “Weeping”.

However, it’s not that easy to find your own “shtick” – many decent ones have already been dibbed:

-- Sweating on cue, loosing hair on cue (Rubio)

-- Independent spontaneous eye movements (Hillary)

-- Missing eyelids / Never blinking (Pelosi)

-- Sporting a new Black Eye every other week (Harry Reid)

Chuck, if he wants to be original, should use one of these “shticks” in front of the cameras:

-- Foaming at the mouth

-- Wearing the Senate Minority Gimp costume

-- Spontaneous Human Combustion

Looney   ;-)

mofreedom's picture

I vote for that there combustion thingy.

NiggaPleeze's picture

"Nobody holds a candle to Iran's destabilization," Paul Ryan said.

Oh really?  What has Iran destabilized?  By supporting Hezbollah, Lebanon is much more stable than when the US supported Israel's colonialism / imperialism.  Iran's support for Shi'a in Saudi Barbaria and other Gulf emirates protesting for equal rights - well, isn't that something the US should in fact be supporting, opposition to extreme religious discrimination by states with State-sponsored (terror) "religions"?

Now let's look of what has REALLY desabilized MENA:  Afghanistan; Iraq; Libya; Syria; Sudan.  What do all those thoroughly destabilized (failed) States have in common?  Who destabilized them?  The Global War-monger and Destroyer of Worlds.

Paul Ryan is a wretched lying mass murderering war criminal, along with all the other scum that inhabits the swamp.  DRAIN THE SWAMP!

Manthong's picture


Got news for you Ryan, if you want to badly enough, the toothpaste can be injected back in.

 Got big syringe or even a good turkey baster.

 Speaking of turkeys…


Keyser's picture

What Iran deal? Show us a treaty signed by all participating countries outlining the details of the "deal"... You can't, because it doesn't exist you fucktard... No treaty, no deal... Ryan and McConnell allowed Obama to double the national debt in 8 years, yet balk at investigating voter fraud... They are part of the swamp that needs to GO... 

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

Schumer losing control of his bodily functions on camera would be both memorable and amusing.

Bubba Rum Das's picture

AMAZING! Public information released under the FOIA show that Paul 'Lyin' Ryan recieves MORE than Chucky Schumer from SOROS in campaign contributions...!


Offthebeach's picture

You left out being 350lbs and taking 15 year old boys down wrestling mats.

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07564111's picture

Let me help ;) here's 2 links ...

Armenia Looking to Receive an Economic Boost from Iran



Armenia’s new Russian-made advanced 9K720 Iskander Short-Range Ballistic Missile System


Sucks to be Israel and The House of Saud.

Winston Churchill's picture

The reason for the concern over delivery systems ,BM's and ICBMS's, is because the west

knows Iran picked up mirv nuke warheads in the chaos of the collapsing USSR.

At one point western intelligence agencies believed that the Iranians could not keep them operational.

They no longer believe that.Nobody is exactly sure how many they managed to buy either, only that they got 'some".

Your guess is as good as theirs.

skinwalker's picture

I heard once that in the early 90's a bunch of soviet nukes walked off.

NATO completely flipped their shit, and poured billions of dollars into the former ussr to prevent the generals from selling off any more.

The saudis paid for a large chunk of pakistans nuclear program so I'm certain they have nukes too.

bundas kenyer receptek's picture
bundas kenyer receptek (not verified) skinwalker Feb 5, 2017 12:25 PM

i remember that too, but george clooney saved the day and humanity from annihilation in the end..

CRM114's picture

The House of Saud's nukes are stored in Pakistan with  "To Be Collected" stickers on.

They will be fired from here (drop into google maps): 


Note this launch site is pointed at Tehran. There's another just NW pointed at Tel Aviv. The nukes will arrive via the airfield just to the N.

Keyser's picture

I wish they would get on with it.. The sooner the ME is turned into green glass the better off the rest of the world will be... 

07564111's picture

Yep they did get some toys, and yep, those toys still work ;)

HowdyDoody's picture

No ICBMs have been delivered, certainly not by Russia. ICBMs are defined to have a range in excess of 5500 km. The Iskander has a range of 500 km max.

GUS100CORRINA's picture

I continue to encourage people to do five things:

1. Pray for the President and the Nation

2. Read the Qur'an if you have not done so  ... it is very easy read 1/10th the size of the Bible (I READ it 6 years ago.)

3. Expand your knowledge of Isalm and Sharia.

4. Stay engaged in the political process and hold our elected officials accountable for the promise of "MAKE AMERICA SAFE AGAIN"

5. Spend time with your Children and family.

I believe today the WEST (which includes America) is woefully ignorant of Islam's ideology. In addition, Muslims are not the problem. Muslims are trapped inside the CULT of Islam and are deceived. We need to show them the way out.

Finally, below is a warning from the Lord God about being ignorant. It is found in the book of Hosea.

[Hos 4:6 ESV] 6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge; because you have rejected knowledge, I reject you from being a priest to me. And since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children.



mofreedom's picture

And pray for Israel.

Oh Jerusalem!

falak pema's picture

I would advise you to read the book written by Frederick II Holy Roman Emperor called "the three Impostors"  circa 1230... where he lambastes all three religions for practicing the EXACT OPPOSITE to what the First Commandment says : Thou shalt not kill in my name.

He is incensed for having got roped into the 5th Crusade which ends in disaster. And is determined not to repeat and spill precious blood of his own Sicilians for mad Popes. It was the first time in Western history and literature that a Holy roman Emperor TOOK PEN to condemn Papal logic and papal BUlls deemed irrevocable word of God, as the Pope was like god-Potus : infallible! 

He goes on to say that the Crusades were a huge scam. As King of Jerusalem he jousted mathematical questions and Logic with his rival the King El Kamil and won the debate. As a result he managed to get a 8 year truce signed with the ayyubids controlling the main part of Holy land including Jerusalem ---declared open city for 8 years, a treaty renewed a second time--- all thanks to peaceful negotiation.

...As a historical side note : It is to be noted that his University of Naples produced the greatest mathematican of that age : Fibonacci and the greatest scholastic of Catholicism : Thomas of Aquinas. His school of sicilian poetry produced the skills that led to Dante saying : without the Sicilian school of poetry I would never have invented the Dulce Stil Novo of my "divine comedy" and writings : the Italian vernacular that will immortalise : O Solé mio... and what follows. Petrarcha and Boccacio will go further in marking Medieval literature; and his Liber Augustalis will be the first centralised Constitution since Augustus's reign in ancient Rome.                       Some awesome trailblazer and liberal minded king in an age of obscurantism was Frederick; who chose to be a Sicilian and abandoned his Stauffen-Teutonic Knight order that controlled his Germanic origins, that would mark the ages but leave Germany desitute for a national leader until Frederick the Great appeared 500 years later; thus allowing the House of Austrian Habsburgs to rule Imeprial order in Latin christianity...

All pilgrims could visit the city of all religions as its walls were unguarded and the Templars were also allowed in without arms.

The Pope and the local barons incensed with this "false" Crusade (the 6th) declared him Apostate and had him excommunicated for allegedly having written the Three Impostors, making fun of their papal dictates.

It started a 15 year war between Frederick II and Popes which he finally lost. Saint Louis launched the 7th Crusade in Egypt as a result of Pope's demand to replace Frederick as leader of Crusader forces with mission to SHOCK and AWE those pesky Muzzie, once the second period of truce ended in 1245, and Jerusalem was retaken under control of El-Saleh, EL-Kamil's son. 

Of course the Mamluks whupped the Crusaders during that Crusade. And Acre fell 40 years later...No more spice and silks and emeralds for the Crusaders looting the caravans from their castles. Game over! Green cards revoked! 

So... moral of story... the Bible is as violent as the Quran, just as many "thou shalt nots" that are NEVER respected by the ZEALOUS  and the chosen people of Yehudi Jerusalem, those the First Crusade chased out in violent cleanse, were as violent as were their predecessors the Hittites, the Babylonians and the Pharoahs. All three religions were hocus pocus when it came to observing RULE #1... let alone all the others! And the Popes were like the COngress... WARRRRRRRRRR ! 

Don't waste your time reading mumbo jumbo. Better read : The Nichomachean Ethics of Aristotle and the Iliad and the Odyssey. 

At least Homer and Aristotle did not take all that creationist logic too seriously but believed in human endeavour, like the founding fathers; unlike the paleoconservatives here who  take the Duck's doctrine, as new Frederick II type Holy Emperor of world shouting : The three impostors to Iran, Saud and ISIS !

Now thats not religion; thats greed for OIL ! 

Same now as then and the lust for silk, spices and precious stones coming down that long road to Constantinople and Alexandria from Orient!

Nothing has changed, its awl a tinsel curtain; religion; Power and money is all that counts!

CRM114's picture

I have An Eyewitness Account of the Crusades, along with Ethics, Iliad and Odyssey on my bookshelf. Next to Decline & Fall of the Roman Empire, The Prince, Brave New World, 1984, Animal Farm, The Art of War, The Gulag Archipelago, The Seven Pillars of Wisdom....and the complete works of Aeschylus, Shakespeare, Jane Austen, and Winston Churchill.

It does make modern politics rather dull; it spoils the plot as one knows what may happen next.

buzzsaw99's picture

trump is just another warmonger maggot

Soul Glow's picture

Trump is a Yankee Republican.  He's just pushing papers around while his banker jews loot the Treasury.

skinwalker's picture

Western civilization stands on the brink of complete anhilation, and people worry Iran might lob a few missiles around.

If Israel is so worried about Iran let them deal with it on their own. They have to give back the nukes they extorted out of the US though.

GUS100CORRINA's picture

Skinwalker ...

I want to suggest another possibility. I don't think we are on the brink of anhilation, but rather we have a real CLEAR and PRESENT DANGER with our weak border security that could lead to a major disruption of power. We refer to this as a EMP driven power interruption.  

In essence, an EMP device would take out the electric grid, cars, phones and water delivery systems. It would put the USA in the dark ages.People would not have access to food and water for long periods of time. This would lead to absolute chaos and anarchy.

The TRUMP/PENCE team need to secure our borders and our infrastucture. This is the BIGGEST THREAT to America today.

A suitcase NUKE on a delivery vehicle exploded in the sky above the USA would do the trick. Good night Irene.

skinwalker's picture

You may be right.

My understanding is that an EMP attack that destroyed every transformer and electrical substation in the US would kill ~60% of the us population due to the collapse in the supply chain.

The damage could only be repaired after some months, and then only if China was willing to build sufficient amounts of equipment. That won't come for free.

People more knowledgeable than myself have told me it would take a few specially modified warheads to do the job though. Obviously Russia could do it, possibly the norks, but probably not terrorists.

CRM114's picture

The US Government thinks so too.


One exo-atmospheric nuke (atomic will do, doesn't need to be thermonuclear) would easily cause sufficient damage to the economy to crash the US dollar.

You'd need about 6, 3 up each coast, to really trash the US, but after the first the world economy is fragile enough for that to snowball into the same effect.

The Norks are the most likely to do it, but others could do it and blame them.

Look up Starfish Prime, which is the US test on which most of the effects are based.

SomethingSomethingDarkSide's picture

If everyone likes Iran so much, move there.  Yeah, that's what I thought, fags.

dogfish's picture

Its not so much loving them its not hating them enough to rain bombs down on them,get it.

SomethingSomethingDarkSide's picture

If you bag your women and outlaw other religions, your society is lost and deserves to be crystalized in glass before the cancer metastasizes.  If they hate my people, fuck them to death.

quax's picture

Actually they don't particularly hate Americans these days, hence they did not retaliate with a travel ban on Americans.  Iran actually tries to develop a tourist industry.

There is a window for sustainable peace here that Trump's diplomatic skills are just about to blow out of its frame. 

Dead Indiana Sky's picture

If you hate them so much, head over there and channel your inner Rambo.

StopBeingstupid's picture

If you thought invading Iraq and Libya made the world safer why don't you move there? No one wants to see more U.S. caused failed nation states other than idiots.

Soul Glow's picture

Ryan said, "Iran has human rights violations and supports terrorists" yet no word about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  Ryan can suck a dick.  If we are going to blow up some sand, we should destroy the whole Mid East.

Pigeon's picture

I say we open more of our own natural oil/energy capacity (offshore, etc) and tell the entire Middle East to go fuck itself, and then get out. Lock the front door so they can't get into the US and let them destroy themselves. Problem solved.

Ofay Cat's picture

I so wish that fucking two faced Ryan would have a heart attack and become a carpenter or something. I am not sure about Reince either .. they are pals from way back. Trump needs to watch those two fuckers.

skinwalker's picture

Paul Ryan can't have a heart attack. He works out a lot. I saw a picture of him curling a 15 pound dumbbell so he is obviously super mega ultra fitness man.

JPMorgan's picture

Paul Ryan, another slimy politician that I wouldn't turn my back on (and nor should Trump). 

Falconsixone's picture

Put these traitors in a position then fire them a week later and they'll lose their seat.

urhotdogs's picture

Excellent idea!  Get rid of Mitchy and Pauly


Pigeon's picture

Since TPTB are so worried about Boeing's and other US companies trade deals w Iran? Here is an idea? Maybe, if we hadn't given Iran $150B and given it directly to corporate cronies, things might be better? Yeah, I know. Not how Obama rolled, if it didn't involve appeasing terrorist nations and the Mullahs.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture


Maybe, if we hadn't given Iran $150B and given it directly to corporate cronies, things might be better?

Nobody gave Iran any money. Part of the agreement was unfreezing  and returning billions of dollars in Iranian assets which have been frozen for decades.

Also, because of the US habit of disregarding agreements it makes, only 3 billion dollars have been returned. The Obama administration almost immediately scuttled this part of the agreement by threatening banks around the world with huge fines if they unfroze Iranian assets.


Yeah, I know. Not how Obama rolled, if it didn't involve appeasing terrorist nations and the Mullahs.

...such as Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.

LA_Goldbug's picture

So the issue is not having returned ALL the money ??

That would make sense and also explain the US current response (being in the wrong) to the testing.

quax's picture

The money were Iranian funds that the US froze after the Iranian revolution. It was never American money to begin with.

CRM114's picture

As with Hillary, after the "our victory is inevitable" fails, we get the "You can't undo what we've already done".

Yes, we can.