Facebook Launches Fake News Filter in France Ahead of Presidential Elections

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Starting today, Facebook, in conjunction with Google, will be blocking unsavory news from their platforms in France -- thanks to the very generous and progressive assistance of 8 liberal news agencies -- including the far left Le Monde. Having learned his lesson during the US elections, CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants to ensure the people of France only get to see the right news and information -- generously shielding them from fake news and right wing disinformation campaigns -- like global warming is a hoax.

Effective immediately, users will get to mark news articles they deem to be fake. Partners will pass judgment upon them and also get to tag them with an icon -- all for the benefit of the 24 million idiot users in France who are, seemingly, unable to decipher the news themselves.


Similar projects are being launched in Germany and the United States -- fettering out hoaxes and fake news -- with the help of ultra left wing Snopes, ABC News and Associated Press.

It's 'their' platform and can do with it as they like. If you do not like it, don't use the platform.


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Marion LePen: https://youtu.be/cmhFLUesQBs

A great put-down to the fem left: She's probably banned from FB...

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Way too early morning rant!

Well, I'd drink hot bile and vomit before I'd ever join that farcical journey into serfdom known as Facebook.

Believe me when I say this, there are many who would love to get close enough to all these execs at Google and Facebook and splatter their brains.

Facebook and Google have absolutely become the enemy of humanity. It's time for many of these people to start having very bad things happen to them to stop them from continuing this madness we are all forced to endure of intellectual poisoning and disease.

This internet escapade into technological adolescence with freedom of speech which is now being used as thought weapons must be destroyed and those who are doing this to this planet, these people must be made to stop or just flatly killed. Tyranny is tyranny no matter what century or location on the planet you reside.

A solid new slogan set:

Death to Facebook -
Death to Google -
Death to the enemies of humanities children.

These people are exceedingly evil people.

Thankfully my life is nearly over, this world is utter vomit. Laughably, I say Hitler didn't go far enough, we should have helped him stamp out the Ashenazi Khazarian Zionist Jews and kill every Rothschild, Rockefeller and Banker on the planet when we had the chance.

As history has proven, it appears we destroyed the team that was trying to rid the earth of these sick diseased fucks. Now these Zionists have their own state and control all the media of the world and the banks, mission accomplished for them. Now they're fully inside our entire apparatus like a disease that can not be easily gotten rid of.

These people hold themselves out to be the Jewish Children of God when they are exactly the polar opposite. Get it straight people, a Khazarian Ashkenazi Zionist Talmudic Jew is NOT Judeo Christianity.

They are two totally separate concepts, thus the great deception continues until we finally obliterate these fuckers off the planet permanently and this diseased subset of humanities children are simply extinguished from their perpetual quest of war and control over all material and living life on this planet.

All the haters, you can hate on me all you like, but these people are a menace to society and are bent on dominating every single one of us into a debt enslaved life where they control everything down to what we think now?

How about FUCK YOU ZUCKERCUCK! The world would absolutely be a better place without these waring destroying tyrannical fucks.

Life comes down to the simplest common denominator as for real solutions that bring true results.

After studying history for now over 50 years, my assessment for the cure is simple; KILL THE DESTROYERS OF HUMANITY WHO SEEK TO ENSLAVE US PHYSICALLY AND IN OUR MINDS - KILL THEM ALL - SAVE HUMANITY - ITS THAT SIMPLE.

Although harsh, I feel very fair based on what I now know of who these creatures truly are and what they serve.

Killem all and let God sort them out!

I feel a little better now that I've purged the intellectual vomit I feel towards that sickening sniveling Zio-Jew faggot Zuckercuck! Nah... he really needs to die, then I'll feel a weence better.

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I'd sooner eat a pile of cat shit than ever go to Facebook to view anything. Nice try!

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Social Media has always been about secretly gaining and centralizing power and control of others from behind the curtain.


Social Media = Social Engineering.




Downtoolong's picture


Social Media has always been about secretly gaining and centralizing power and control of others from behind the curtain.


Social Media = Social Engineering.




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"...all for the benefit of the 24 million idiot users in France who are, seemingly, unable to decipher the news themselves"

in which world does the author live?

people were not flooded with news, not that long ago

in order to get news, they had to buy and read a newspaper, or switch the TV to the very few news segments

now, today, on this planet, "news" has become the new spam

and most of that stuff is for free, meaning that "the reader is the product"

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Any links to verify this or is it just fake news?

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Never had a FB account, never will...no problem, shame about the sleepwalking moron blebs though eh?

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So, now "3rd fact checkers" are meddling in your sharing/conversation ?


I hope more and more people walks away from "Fakebook"... ( a centralized & truly unhealthy system) 

Not even user friendly, sucking at their data and preying upon their privacy.


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Are the globalist so scared that France votes for Marine Lepen ? Against EU ? And for frexit ? 

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American technocrats meddling in sovereign elections... hoodathunkit?

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The EU is vunderfal. Suckerburg is a slime bag nerd college log in blog that has sucked in the world.
Germany now France in line...You fucking idiots! Including my woman!


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I didn't know that Goebbels (the Reich minister of propaganda) had been ressurected?

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"disputed by 3rd party fact checkers" will become the mark of the viral story that everyone speads ... nobody will give a hoot if it's true or not ... fakebook are fooling themselves

To fix it they need to outright delete the story but they won't do that because the punters will leave in droves

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Has your post been checked by propornot? You don't have the ok believable Norton believability shield.

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Facebook and Google are the enemy of society.

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G o o g l e

6 6 6


F a c e b o o k

           6 6 6




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Any private company actively encouraging you to place your personal pics and data in its website - for free ! - is packaging you as a nice product. 

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Le Fakebook can do whatever they want, but Le Penn wins, Merkel loses, and EU fails.

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Is that to make sure the Fake News does get through, like FOX, CNN, MSNBC

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This is why we need more blogs and news outlets so REAL news can reach the people and the gubmints and/or their puppets (like FB) cannot block them The guy who invented WeChat should get a nobel prize because thru it hundreds of millions of chinese stay connected and it is extremely hard for the gubmint to block all the real news with their fake news and propaganda.

Some chinese man cooks a delicious bowl of dumplings in Yunnana and by end of day the news and photo of the dumplings has spread across all continents and read by millions of people.

It's quite amazing.

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I'm using wechat at the moment and I'm not sure how much the government tracks all of the messages but it's pretty damn impressive, plus not bad translation in there as well. I haven't quite worked out how to link my bank account to it so I can pay for stuff but all in all so far I'm a big fan. 

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Do they call it "Le Facefuck" in France?

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 "fesse-book", with fesse = butt; similar to "f*ckbook"

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Nope - its called Facefuck Royale.

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Who the hell is still using Facebook?!?

Are there that many people who want every bit of personal data sold to the highest bidder hundreds of times a day?






sUCK 'eR, bERG. 

Only this little faggot could make the French look like a nation of John Wayne's in berets smoking Galouises...............