Google Emerges As Financial Sponsor Behind Tech Giants' Anti-Trump Crusade

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Earlier today, we explained why billionaire Democrat, and Clinton supporter, George Soros is the likely source of funding behind the rapidly spreading  - and costly - Trump "Muslim Ban" lawsuits.

Moments ago, we found the other "source of funds" missing link in the ongoing anti-Trump executive order campaign. As Bloomberg reports, the company footing bill for the legal brief signed by more than 120 mostly tech companies that oppose President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration, is none other than the Company which offered Hillary Clinton its "strategic plan" to help Democrats win the election, and track voters, and which hired former Clinton Foundation CEO, Eric Braverman: Google (technically, its parent company Alphabet).

Eventually, the funding - which should be a nominal matter for most of the tech giants who are on a crusade to keep cheap H1-B workers - may end up being distributed: other companies have offered to fund a share of the fee, Bloomberg writes, and Alphabet, which coordinated the effort, plans to accept the offers. However, for now  it's only Alphabet who is paying Washington, D.C.-based law firm Mayer Brown LLP to handle the friend-of-the-court brief.

The rest of the story is familiar, as per our earlier report, only instead of only 97 companies, the list has since grown to 128.

The tech companies emphasized the economic and social contribution made by immigrants in their arguments filed Sunday in the U.S. Court of Appeals in San Francisco. The companies support a lawsuit by the states of Washington and Minnesota seeking to stop Trump’s executive order. Apple Inc., Airbnb Inc., Facebook Inc., Microsoft Corp., Tesla Inc. Intel Corp., Lyft Inc., Netflix Inc., Snap Inc. and Uber Technologies Inc. are among the technology companies that participated. Businesses beyond the tech industry who signed on include Levi Strauss & Co. and yogurt maker Chobani.

“Immigrants make many of the Nation’s greatest discoveries, and create some of the country’s most innovative and iconic companies,” the brief states. “America has long recognized the importance of protecting ourselves against those who would do us harm. But it has done so while maintaining our fundamental commitment to welcoming immigrants—through increased background checks and other controls on people seeking to enter our country.”

So far Trump has been uncharacteristically quiet in his interaction with the rebellious tech giants, whom he invted one month ago to the Trump Tower as president-elect to lay the ground rules for interaction. Frankly, it would be a surprise, if he let the growing rumble of Silicon Valley discontent continue without at least opining about it on twitter at least once. For now, however, Trump is more focused on making the choice for America clear: either you are with my executive order, or if there is a terrorist attack, blame the judicial system as he once again tweeted just moments ago.

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buckstopshere's picture

Google will understand what being a monopoly is really soon.

wee-weed up's picture

No surprise there... the Google boys are as Liberal as the day is long,

flaminratzazz's picture

I am Shocked! SHOCKED i tell you...

J S Bach's picture

OH NO!!!! NOT (((JEWGLE)))!!!!!!!

flaminratzazz's picture

Straightouta the bowels of satan himself..

The Saint's picture
The Saint (not verified) Pinto Currency Feb 6, 2017 11:52 PM

Google is an EVIL company. 

Oh, sorry.  Alphabet is an EVIL company.


wee-weed up's picture

Yep, Google Chrome is "sucking up" your personal info faster than the NSA! Don't use it!

eatthebanksters's picture

That cum dumpster Eric Schmidt and his butt buddy Robert Reich are some of the top propaganda people for the hard left.  No worries, karma will be their bitch.

MalteseFalcon's picture

In the 1990s the best business strategy was called "first mover's advantage."

He who moves first, wins.

Yet in the search engine business, Google was 5th or 6th behind Lycos, Web Crawler, Yahoo!, Alta Vista and Excite.

But Google won.


A simple formula:  Google = CIA = Google.


Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) eatthebanksters Feb 7, 2017 3:39 PM

(((Levi Strauss)))

Ragnor789's picture

Google Chrome, Windows 10, Gmail, YouTube search history: everything you do is TRACKED AND RECORDED. Corporate and Gov surveillance is all about controlling people. Every ZH reader needs to take these steps to protect your privacy:

SIOP's picture

In-Q-Tel also provided the seed money for Facebook. (true)

localsavage's picture

After the election, Trump brough them all in and gave them a chance.  Then they went and did this.  I hope they enjoy the extra scrutiny.  Tax evasion and anti trust issues can be a bitch.

Urban Redneck's picture

Congress only AUTHORIZES the issuance of H1-B visas.  The Department of State is responsible for ISSUING and REVOKING them, and with a simply verbal instruction from the President, all the current practices can change, and there is no executive order to preemptively sue.  Trump just needs to have Muchin short the fuck out of Google before before sending ICE in to perp walk Google employees for the press.

NoDebt's picture

Oh, wow, so the company that probably most benefits from importing off-shore labor is behind this?  Fucking shocking.

Side note:  I think we found the weak point of companies who earn their money via licenses/non-tangible products through global wage and tax arbitrage.  Nothing stops them unless you stop the flow of cheap off-shore labor they exploit.  The minute you stop them from being able to build their virtual organizations using the "cheapest of everything" from around the globe, they're paralyzed.  This is worthy of further investigation.



aVileRat's picture

In the book "I'm feeling lucky: Confessions of Employee 59" Google admits it skewed the google meta results to favor Gore. After the election Googlers were proud they "manipulated" the election to the "correct answer" (serious, read it). Google was so cocksure in their tech, they even tried to brand an entire AI theorem around social trend manipulation (Alda). As far as I'm concerned that places it about 3x more "evil" then even Big Tobacco in warping the US social contract.

Why Google is fighting this so hard, and will go to the mat is that Google is the most leveraged corp for maint.&dev. (about 60%) on H1B's. Its at a point that around 2014 they honestly considered floating barges & renting decomissioned cruise liners for their employees to skirt H1B quotas by parking them "just" offshore San. Fran. Until ReCode broke that story and they suddenly became "product demonstration facilities".

That's just the surface. Over the past 4 years they have been caught doing everything from abusing offshore tax havens to manipulating Youtube hits to prevent their largest "Stars" from fully monetizing their channels. Google is 2 bad PR scandals away from going the way of AT&T or XOM.

ZH predicted this about 4 years ago when Germany was going tit-for-tat on SAP. I'm certain Sergi & Larry are also well aware of this and should Trump institute manufacturing barriers which isolate Germany's EU tailwind, Google (followed by Apple) will be Germany's first target for trade war, starting with nationalization of their only cash cow: The Google AI which dictates how search is indexed and feeds into the AdWords.

Without that key  chunk of code, Google is just a bloated Yahoo.

Sergi should take a break from the cocaine (to offset his Parkinsons) and remember what it was like when him & his friend pledged to "do no evil", but I doubt it. Pretending to be BRK/A doesn't actually make you Warren Buffett.






ReZn8r's picture

they can be broken and can be eliminated.

Heartfully's picture

These people think they are immune from the power of the state. I think it makes sense to remind these technical zeros and ones that the application of state power is immense and in many cases, irreversible.

Ask Capone. These intel-sponsored metroNazis will be peeing into their panties when uncle sam slaps on his orange toupee.

The lax days of mr o have lulled these people into a false sense of security.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Google created a parent holding company, called Alphabet.

As such the parent provides a firewall, that serves not only the Google founders and secret owners, but also a firewall for guys like Soros.

918pigpen's picture

People ask me why I refused to use google many years ago.


Kirk2NCC1701's picture

I blocked Google from my list of search engines.

I won't give them the satisfaction / intel of telling them which ones I use.

"Do No Harm" matters, Google.

NewHugh's picture

But Google "owns" may apps/aspects of your Android smartphone. With Apple as the only real alternative what can we do?

space junk's picture



1.  root every android device and only buy ones that CAN be rooted (do it or hire someone with a cup of coffee like I did once)

2.  join electronic frontier foundation and READ

3.  Use open source software as much as humanly possible in your life and oppose proprietary greed against mathematical algorithms that should never have been issued in the first place: say NO to software patents!  NO ONE owns math nor did they invent it!

4.  Use email hosted overseas such as hushmail which has a benefit of providing nice spamproof disposable email addresses so that if you respond to a craigslist ad, you can respond as some made-up address for temporary throwaway purposes.

5.  DO NOT use microsoft products except to the extent your workplace may dictate.  Run Firefox on windows if you have to.

6.  Go to the Mozilla dot org firefox page to see what security and privacy plugins are available.  Privacy Badger is a good one and really is a must. 

7.  UNDERSTAND that all of these big companies can and do use LONG TERM tracking cookies, so that they are and will be, in perpetuity, tracking what you do both ON and OFF of their site(s).   FORCE yourself to face the fascism and not laugh it off. FORCE yourself not to give up based on complacency.  Believe me, these goddamn fucking globalist fascist companies know what they are doing and where/how most people get demoralized. 

8.   Congratulate yourself that just as a ZH reader, as well as having interest in this list, probably puts you at the top 5% in terms of awareness. 

Rebel yell's picture

Google will understand what being a monopoly WAS really soon.

Mustafa Kemal's picture

"Google will understand what being a monopoly is really soon."

But will Exxon Mobile?

otschelnik's picture

And look who's managing Schmidt's charitable foundation?   Eric "Renfield" Braverman after a stint minding the catafalque for Hillary "Bride of Dracula" Clinton, has taken up service for Eric "Frankenstein" Schmidt.  "My liege........" 

GUS100CORRINA's picture

GOOGLE is not alone ... APPLE, MICROSOFT, AMAZON and Telecomm Giants are all corrupted.

These people have strayed from any moral foundation and look to be part of a bigger more complex and very sophisticated agenda.


Hope Copy's picture

and being a receiver if big government contracts and not paying dividends..  May I remind everyone of the ruling under Scully vs Bird, as Scully ws the administrator and got sued personally.  Substitute the US Government a payer to Google applying subversive means against a client, such is breach of contract and the administrator of the breach can be sued and held liable and removed from position. 

As I read the H-B1 visa, it is not a 'forever' renewable visa and the visa holder is explicitly encouraged to obtain citizenship, after 4 years the second extension is up and they should return to country of origin.  Omission of country of origin is blatantly misleading and can be used for revocation and immediate expulsion, never to be allowed back into the country and further penalties can be applied.. 


The snowflakes are feeling the heat.  If they do reconstitute after this warming they will most likely be corn-snow.. 

shankster's picture

We turned the channel as soon as their Super Bowl commercial came on yesterday.

HedgeJunkie's picture


I don't even know which button turns the idiot box on any more.

Hubbs's picture

How many of the immigrants who founded these tech giants, or for that matter any corporation employing skilled/ H1-B visas, came to this country legally vs illegally?

sun tzu's picture

How many came from Yemen or Somalia?

Cacete de Ouro's picture

Never trust a Pakistani

Rebel yell's picture

Suddenly, Bing and Duck Duck Go have 40 million new users!

flaminratzazz's picture

bing? really? bill fvkface gates any better? duck and startpage

Rebel yell's picture

I'm really glad that you told me that because I didn't know that!!! I will use duck duck go since they call Trump Donald Duck.

Midas's picture

I do use Bing for my homepage.  I gotta admit, the pictures can be pretty badass sometimes.  I just load it up and then head on over to duck duck go for the search. 

rlouis's picture

So, the alphabet company, aka CIA is funding this?

wisefool's picture

Who would have thunk some kids working on bublesort 2.0 (1980s era search engine tech) could have bootstrapped themselves to the biggest brand in the world. Untill facebook came along.

They did not get a 1 million dollar loan from their dad like donald trump did. They might have got some money from big brother. But we don't talk about that in polite company.


20-20 Hindsight's picture

It's good to know that some major U.S. corporations aren't buying the Trumpist paranoia and actually have the wherewithal to stand up to the Big Orange's bullshit.

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California Is Home To 15 Of 20 Wealthiest Cities Nationwide, Site Finds


These are a good target for Trump to giv enotice things are about to change there if they keep tearing America apart.