The Left Melts Down After New England Patriot Super Bowl Victory

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This has to be the most butthurt genre of people in history -- politicizing everything and losing badly too, almost on a continuous basis. The left went apoplectic last night after the New England Patriots rallied from behind and defeated the Atlanta Falcons, under the auspices of the best quarterback to ever live, who also happens to be one of Trump's biggest supporters.

Life for the dispirited left has been nothing but anguish and unimaginable misery since Trump defeated Clinton. Their inability to cope, coupled with their lack of forbearance, have led them down a path of seemingly unending forays in public humiliation.

In the event you're not tired of seeing snowflakes melt, I've gone through the trouble of procuring some of the better public meltdowns on Twitter last night, as the Trump train rallied and ran through the coxcombs rooting for the Falcons, due to political beliefs.



















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fedupwhiteguy's picture

Foock the left/right mirage that appears before our eyes. Politicizing a sport is a joke.



50% of women have a man already picked out as plan b if their current relationship fails. (

60% of women admit to having an affair. (

69% of wives initiate divorce. (

10% of children are false paternity. (

95% of genetic counsellors lie about paternity. (

41% of 1st marriages end in divorce. (
60% of 2nd marriages end in divorce.
73% of 3rd marriages end in divorce.

82.2% of women granted child custody. (

Child support payments can be extended beyond 18 years of age. (

Alimony payments continue even when women cohabitate with another man. (

Palimony payments forced on men who had live-in girlfriends. (

Prenups are thrown out in favor of fairness. (

Divorce devastates men financially (paying for 2 households) & emotionally (loss of access to children). (

Posponing intercourse until 26+ avoids life's pitfalls (cock carousel riders are bad news all around). (

Virgin brides divorce less than cock carousel riders. (

Women start losing their Sexual Market Value at 20 y.o. (

Women gain weight after marriage. (

Frequency of sex drops off after marriage. (

Woman are just crazy for a man's money. (

Sperm donors can be forced to pay child support. (

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After reflection, I have come to the inescapable conclusion that it was the Black Virgin Mary's behest and Allah's will that the Northern team, led by the greatest quarterback of all time, emerged victorious...

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What is a "Super Bowl"? Is that a toilet Trumps office?

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English mofo, do you speak it!?

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Does anyone else think that the game looked scripted? The game was in danger of losing its second half audience and so they came out with the 3 defensive holding calls in a row on third down. Then, when Atlanta could put the game out of reach and end the "storybook" comeback with a field goal, Atlanta gets sacked and then the 10 yard holding penalty.

The controllers must think that the humans like storybook endings (Cubs, now Patriots) and so they are seemingly providing them for us. But, this is the reason I have (for the most part) STOPPED watching pro sports.

What is "real" these days?
- Not markets
- Not politics
- Not sports
- Not news
Are our controllers STUPID, or what? Bread and circuses, my plump rear end!

PaperTaperFakerCaper's picture

WOW.  Them Dems 'n Libtards sure do love all that oppression and racism stuff. 

Buncha zombie racist victimhood-loving waterbags.  Gotta act out their failures; must level blame against the rest of us.

DownWithYogaPants's picture

Gees I knew the leftards were dumb but this is taking it to a whole new level.  

( I invented the term libtard but I no longer use it.  They are anything but liberal or progressive ) 

Pvt Joker's picture

Wow, I missed the whole thing by going to the movies-  A Dog's Purpose.  Biggest tearjerker since Old Yeller.  Loved every minute.  Got out just in time to tune in the car radio and hear the Patriots win it.  Perfect evening.

Golden Phoenix's picture

Still not tired of winning.


chosen's picture

Glad pro-Trump Tom Brady won.  Adds more misery to the liberal-progressive lunatics.  They should renounce US citizenship and get one-way tickets to Africa, the only place where they might be happy.

Fathead Slim's picture
Fathead Slim (not verified) Feb 6, 2017 10:58 PM

But, did anyone give THE CHEER?

Rat Shit Bat Shit Dirty Old Twat. 69 Assholes Tied in a Knot. Hooray! Lizard Shit! FUCK!!!

Rhal's picture


Great display of reality disconnect.

How is it that liberals are always the first to talk about colour yet never see their own racism ?

Rufus Temblor's picture

I boycotted the NFL this year, including the Superbowl. But I couldn't be happier that a Trump supporter kicked ass and so many Leftist morons are upset. Sports should never be about politics, but the Left made it that way and so they deserve losing. Their ideology is bankrupt, they are universally stupid and, best of all, Trump is only getting stated!

bozeman14's picture

Can I ask all you people 

Why is everything politicized. It's getting tireding. It's a stupid distraction -no more no less.

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Okay first a disclaimer or two. I am a Steeler fan and didn't care much about the Super Bowl once my team was out. Second is that in these situations I usually cheer for the underdog so I was actually hoping Atlanta would pull it off. Looked good in the first half and well, you know the rest. No tears or grief here (that was 2 weeks ago). Good game and thrilling finish.

All that said I can't believe that the left is to the point of personal hatred towards Tom Brady because he supported Trump. The left goes full retard at the drop of a hat. ANY HAT.

Seriously they were, and are, pinning their anger on everything that even slightly disagrees with their view? WTF? It's like hating Joe Montana because he lives in a nicer house than you do. This is so far off the rails that I'm in hysterics. I keep hearing a Devo song with the lyrics "How long can this go on?". It's been 3 months and they find every little thing to hang their hat on and it fails all the time.


Greenecho's picture

Preach on brother. Couldn't agee more. They're child who have never learned to lose gracefully. A participation award for just showing up. Like a child in a store when they can't have something they want.

PresidentCamacho's picture

We enter 2017, leaving behind the year of the fire monkey, and entering the year of the fire cock.

Donald Trump is President and he promised me I would be sick of winning we are gonan do it so much.

I'm not sick of winning yet, are you?


The fire is rising, Nice White Americans, or N.W.A. have been on the shit end of things in this country since about oh idk 1965. It's about time we got a break.



President' Camacho


Eahudimac's picture

These assholes are fucking sick. Blaming the Falcons loss on white supremecy. What the fuck?

One Eyed Jack's picture

Snowflakes, God probably doesn't hate you he just doesn't believe in you. I fucking hate you though.

Fucking losers 360 degree losers haha

dcmbuffy's picture

last time i saw some one blow a lead that big was hrc!!!!  to all you hrc supporters - see you later suckers

detached.amusement's picture

Except this was almost exactly the opposite.

Pats were legitimately getting their asses handed to them - Trump never was.

Unseen hands in the system tried to make hillary win

Unseen hands in the system provided the space for the patriots to win, or maybe Atlanta just said "if we play them soft in the second half and protect against the hail mary, we'll be all set."  Suuuure. 


For the NFL to be corrected, penalties would need to have full booth review,  and booth ability to throw or remove penalty flags when the refs decide its in the best interests of Hip National Bank to either look the other way, or flag something completely undeserving.


But that wont happen, because there's too much money to be made at the betting tables.

Victory_Garden's picture

Super bowl?

Is that some kind of ginormous salad?


Bruce Flea's picture

If I were any part of the Falcons organization, I would be PISSED to find out I was being used as an analogy to the recent turn of political events.

Furthermore, if I were any part of the Patriots organization, I would be PISSED to be called racist or deplorable.

These jackasses think they are so above the common humanity curve, and so in the right of honor and equality that they have actually lost any sense of reality.

People get along better when differences are acknowledged. I grew up a white kid in Hawaii. I was a minority. There were race issues. But at the end of it I learned to stand my ground and not back down, and to respect others regardless of their ethnicity.

I wound up having a ton of friends, and could go anywhere on any island without feeling threatened.

Government didn't teach me the art of respecting others. Life did. Some hard lessons learned at times.

The left is way past the learning stage. There is nothing anyone can teach them. They've turned into a pious bunch of ivory tower asshats that think they are making the world a better place by giving away everything but the kitchen sink. But the issue at heart is, they haven't figured out the difference between pity, and respect. Handing out EBT cards is pity, not respect. Handing out section 8 checks is pity, not respect. I could go on all day with the disdain our government has shown us by thinking that handing people a fish a day is better than letting them learn to fish.

Michael Moore, Madonna, Assly Judd, Bill Fucktard Mahr, Nancy Leprosi... And so many more diseased asshats living on million dollar incomes, while their personal self loathing eats at them so bad they have to justify it by giving to the meek, as long as nothing they give belongs to them.

Pity is different than respect.

FrankDrakman's picture

May I presume to expand on that? Paying your taxes is not charity. 

In days gone by, it was religious and social groups that provided charity. Sometimes, it was a bit of both - it was said at the Salvation Army, 'you got your meal and your prayer'. And while the people providing those meals and other services may have had different motivations (religion, altruism, enhanced self interest), they were all doing it voluntarily. 

And these volunteers (V), by virtue of not being paid, showed the recipients (R) that V still recognized the people in R as humans who needed help, and not at all deplorable. And that made R sincerely grateful to V. I know that from experience.

I've been involved with people who've kept me sober almost 4 years. We meet Friday night at 8 pm, which is inconvenient, but people show up. I tell them how profoundly grateful I am, and mean it, that they were there for me at the beginning. I have learned it's my responsibility to be there for the next person. I donate money and time to the group, and do it gladly.  Real charity is based on humility - the knowledge we are all imperfect to some degree. 

When that humility is eliminated from the equation, we get the modern welfare state. Instead of humble V serving  grateful R, we have case workers serving an ever growing horde demanding various and expensive rights. Those rights require taxes, which are grudgingly paid. 

So by systematizing welfare, we have reduced the interaction of the vast non-R majority with R to a deduction from their pay cheque - money earned but immediately taken, so never missed. There is no sacrifice of time or money, no personal mixing of R/non-R, and none of virtues of the R/V model. And, just as the military uses all events to grow, so does the welfare industry. The huge increase in Americans on disability during the Bush/Obama years is staggering.  

This helps create the Red/Blue divide. Out in flyover country, people know who their neighbours are, and who deserves help, and who's just a rat. In the anonymous coastal cities, no one knows you eat at SNAP's. To the non-R, welfare is not a personal obligation,  but an expense to be trimmed. To R, welfare is no longer a gift of grace, but an inalienable right. The ability of liberal democracy to destroy itself from within is frightening to watch. 

lasvegaspersona's picture

...some funny stuff there....

I'm still smiling the same smile of Nov  face is starting to hurt and I'm worried I'll crack a rib or bust a gut laughing...

northern vigor's picture

I notice my laugh lines are getting sort of permanently etched into my face

DaBard51's picture

In other news:

Camaroon defeated 8-times champion Egypt 2-1 on Sunday in Africa Cup of Nations football (soccer) championship match.

Camaroon (70% Christian, 20% Islam) team formed a guard of honor and applauded the Egypt (88% Islam, 10% Christian) team at the medal presentation.  Many shook hands and hugged.

Class act, Camaroon.



When nine hundred years old you become, look this good you will not.

Fathead Slim's picture
Fathead Slim (not verified) DaBard51 Feb 6, 2017 10:50 PM

CAMAROON! Boo-bwele-Boo-bwele-Boo-bwele-ah-HA.. A-HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Old Poor Richard's picture

Yes, libtard, God does hate you. #MTSBGA

SquadronVBF94's picture

Sports, especially pro sports are the ultimate meritocracy. If these whining BLM and assorted racist losers want to improve their chances of winning more they should bet on the NBA and tell their bookies they want to bet on the team with that tall black center.

Site's picture

Didn't watch the game because I will not support the NFL or their SJW adds, but couldn't help but troll some of those fools on twitter, just too glorious, you have to bath in the tears

onwisconsinbadger's picture

Congratulations to the Atlanta Falcons for not having to go to the White House this year!

Steeley's picture

Y'all can stop searching, Brady's missing jersey is now on display in the Kremlin, next to Kraft's 2004 Super Bowl ring..

Skiprrrdog's picture

These people have been butthurt for almost three months now. Dosnt that hurt? Do they make an ointment for that? Can they even sit down? Must be like having the worst case of chronic, terminal swamp ass ever...

SurfinUSA's picture

Do not forget or discount the massive BDSM kink that Leftists crave.  If they can't win they want to be flogged.  If they do win, they kill their enemies or make them slaves.

They are riding a 3 month jag of masochistic pleasure they can't admit they want more of. 

c4cheetah's picture

except that the states that the Patriots represent are the most liberal in this country.  smh

detached.amusement's picture

just dont discount the fact that there are a LOT of anti progressives that are sick of watching their elections stolen in these states

Insurrector's picture

Yea Massachusetts!

Last time I checked, Atlanta was in a red state.

But then aren't we confusing those who love the fairytale by stating simple facts?

Capt Kirk's picture

Actually, it is funny.  Its just a game.  Liberals are so stupid.

Insurrector's picture

If you believe this story represents well reasoned conclusions based on factual data, then you have a job in the Trump administration!


J Jason Djfmam's picture

The butthurtings will continue until morale improves.

847328_3527's picture
The prices for food and beer at the Super Bowl are flabbergasting


Cocktails are $15, or $30 for a double. Domestic beer in a bottle is going for $12 and wine in a glass is $11.

Tweet Embed: You need another double just to stomach paying for a $30 double.

As far as food goes, a burger is $16, a footlong hot dog is $10, a regular hot dog is $8, a chicken sandwich is $16, fries are $7, or $10 if you want them topped with chili and cheese. Cotton candy is $6, peanuts are $7, and a bottomless popcorn will set you back $15. 

Soda in a souvenir cup is $11 and a bottle of water will cost $6.

Superbowl or Supr Ripoff?!

cheech_wizard's picture

If I didn't know better, I thought I'd wandered into Davos during the yearly Bilderberg meeting.


Bruce Flea's picture

Not much different than eating in a movie theater...

$8 popcorn? Butter extra.

Stadiums are like movie theaters. All ticket sales go to the producers of the movie, or the home team at the stadium. All the peripheral costs of staff, maintenance, and security are paid by concessions.

Kinda drives the costs of a cup of Coke or a hot dog up a tad.

lakecity55's picture

At those prices, the vendors only have to work ONE day out of the year!


BSHJ's picture

If you can afford to go to the SuperBowl, extra bucks for snacks are the least of your concern.