Army Preps For Urban Warfare In MegaCities: "Mass Migration, Disaster, And Inner-City Turmoil"

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Submitted by Mac Slavo via,

There will be war in the streets of America. Things have been engineered that way.

The scenarios are many, the issues are complex. The current anger from the left, who are violently protesting against President Trump, is just one aspect of it.

But the Pentagon and the U.S. national security structure is increasingly looking towards the shifting demographics around the globe – people have moved from rural areas, and shifted into cities. Where ever conflict stirs, there will be a need for military and SWAT response to the call. Entire cities will be locked down; door to door sweeps will often have violent ends.

Baghdad could be brought home to the streets of America, and the military already knows it.

The powers that be are deeply concerned about the unfolding situations with migrants, illegal immigrants, potential terrorists, political factions, violent protests, arson and riots.

Increasingly, they are training for and expecting a homegrown conflict that will call for them to restore order in a major cities – and even hunt down suspects block to block, like in the Boston Marathon bombing incident, while making some significant infringement of our civil liberties.

During the past several years, there have been reports about unannounced urban warfare drills in major U.S. cities, sometimes in coordination with major events; there have also been military training scenarios that have maintained a consistent theme of civil unrest, economic breakdown and widespread riots.

As Intellihub reported:

For years the alternative media has warned about the US military possibly being used against the American people in a time of economic collapse or any sort of martial law scenario.

Drills such as Vigilant Guard 2010 have brought widespread attention to the fact that portions of our own military are training to take on crowds of American citizens demanding food and Constitutional rights in a time of crisis.

Now, a new release by the website Public Intelligence, once again confirms that as recently as February and March of 2012, US troops at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington were conducting training scenarios for a civil disturbance domestic quick reaction force.

A series of photos of the drills shows US troops with crowd control riot shields on the opposite side of actors portraying what can only be described as American citizens.

What do the elite know that we don’t?

Now, a major military scholar is calling for the creation of “megacities combat units” – a proposal that is a major and drastic departure from warfare of the past, which has been designed away from cities. Now, military and paramilitary units, as well as local law enforcement, much engage the population itself – with all the unpredictability afforded by a real life, complex situation filled with combatants, non-combatants and friendlies behind any and all doors, etc.

With a heightened focus on terrorism and reigning in undocumented immigrants, there will be a tendency, if we are not careful, for a heightened militarized and police state atmosphere to arise – both at home, and in everyplace that they take the fight.

Major John Spencer, a former Ranger Instructor and scholar at West Point’s Modern War Institute called for an armed unit ready for megacities deployment in an op-ed:

Every year, more and more of the world’s population moves into cities. The number of megacities is growing exponentially. Both of these global patterns and their inevitable consequences for military operations are well documented. Yet we still do not have units that are even remotely prepared to operate in megacities. If we want to find success on the urban battlefields the US Army will inevitably find itself fighting on in the future, that needs to change.


Throughout history, military forces either sought to avoid or simply had no need to engage in urban combat. Most military doctrine, and the strategic theory it is built upon, encourages land forces to bypass, lay siege to, or—if required—isolate and slowly clear cities from the outside in. The great armies of the world have historically fought for cities rather than in cities, a distinction with a significant difference. In cases where military forces had no choice but to operate within cities, the environment, almost without exception, proved very costly in both military and civilian casualties. Today, many armies have accepted that global population growth and urbanization trends will increasingly force military operations into crowded cities, and military forces must therefore be capable of conducting the full range of operations in large, dense urban areas.


Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley recently remarked that the Army “has been designed, manned, trained and equipped for the last 241 years to operate primarily in rural areas.” But that is about to change. Milley continued:




The conclusions of the SSG research are clear: megacities are unavoidable, they are potentially the most challenging environment the Army has ever faced, and the Army is unprepared to operate in them.




One ongoing military study of megacities is the NATO Urbanization Project. […] In the project’s most recent experiment, the NATO team conducted a wargame to determine the capabilities needed to achieve the goals of three likely missions in 2035: response to mass migration, natural disaster, and inner-city turmoil. Within these missions, the wargame specified that a brigade conduct three operations in a megacity—joint forcible entry, major combat, and subsequent stability operations—without unacceptable levels of military or civilian casualties.




Of course, urban warfare is not exclusively a future phenomenon. Much has been learned from urban battles in recent history: the Siege of Sarajevo (1992–95); the Battle of Mogadishu (1993); Russian operations in Grozny (1994–95 and 1999–2000); US operations in Baghdad (2003) and Fallujah (2004); Lebanese operations in Nahr al-Bared, Lebanon (2007); and the Second Battle of Donetsk (2014–15). But the broad lessons of these cases have yet to truly inform Army training for urban combat, which for most units consists mainly of tactical training (e.g., room clearing drills with four-man teams). The Army would be much better served by the creation of an entire unit dedicated to preparing to operate in dense urban environments, particularly megacities.

Any way you slice it, the military and the national security infrastructure are watching for cracks in the system.

People are at their wits end, and many are on the edge of poverty – and for many, it just won’t take much more to set them loose, and let riots erupt. Whether the system wants those to spread, or wants to suppress and contain them, they know they are coming.

Population pressures, and clashing groups within growing city centers are creating more problems, and compounding old ones.

If the economic stability of a given region were to give way, nearly every megacity would spiral out of control and descend into absolute madness – whether or this continent or any other.

via Nicholas West:

 The following Pentagon video was featured by The Intercept and portrays the chilling atmosphere presented by sheer numbers and those who would enter such environments in the pursuit of order.
Drills such as “Unified Quest” run yearly by the U.S. Army took a sharper turn in 2014 toward addressing the problem of combat in megacities – defined as cities with more than 10 million people, of which there already are nearly 25 and projected to total near 40 by the year 2025. The Pentagon’s own solicitation early last year called “Thunderstorm Spiral” was a request for “help from technological innovators to take on the future of warfare.” This appeared to indicate that in addition to boots on the ground, an additional pervasive centralized intelligence apparatus would be needed to properly plan for troop movements through such dense but vast environments that also would be made up of networks underground.

Rather than trying to guess what specific crisis may spill over into violence, or bring things to a stand still in traffic or electronic commerce, just consider the piling pressure that is growing in the techno hubs and swelling urban population centers.

New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston and dozens of enormous cities around the world are all completely vulnerable. Depending upon the political situation, unrest, violence or whatever else could spread across the entire Eastern half of the U.S., and the entire country could face collapse as it has never before known it. It is only a question of timing and circumstance.

Preppers should take all this into account. Modern life may make a connection to the city unavoidable prior to the collapse, but being insufficiently away from major urban centers is definitely a liability in times of crisis. Even outlying neighbors can be subject to looting, natural disaster, grid shutdown, riots, and many other situations. Make arrangements to shelter away from the city, and make sure you can get there safely and quickly when something goes down.

Do not rely on the services or goods of these cities, and get out while you still can. There are some very major crises brewing right now. They are preparing; you should, too.

h/t Nicholas West, Activist Post

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wisehiney's picture

I hope some of the city rats slip through the Army lines.

It would be cool to get in a little practice if they can make it out this far.

VWAndy's picture

  Dont assume anything when it comes to the millitary. They could just as easy arm the rebels like they do all over the world.

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Glad I've been honing my urban-comabt skills by playing The Division for the last year... Bring on the Rikers!!! 



Bad Attitude's picture

The core of way too many American cities are starting to look a lot like Morgadisu. I guess that's what happens when you start importing the third-world.

Forward (over the cliff)!

erkme73's picture

Thanks for my daily dose of fear pr0n.

bamawatson's picture

dang, i gave away my Jade Helm varsity letter sweater & patch

MalteseFalcon's picture

The military plans for everything.

The US had (has?) a plan to invade Britain in the 1930s.

El Oregonian's picture

Never panic or despair... Keep your cool and grow a pair.

brianshell's picture

All the preppers must be relieved. They thought those FEMA camps were for them.

Half_Irish's picture

Daily does of fear is right.  I get sick of these talking heads and even these internet writers who crank out fear articles just to have something to put up to keep the money coming in.  It's disgusting.  Yeah guys,  just put the agenda out there and maybe the stupid public will try to fulfill this prophecy you are predicting.   I mean, it has to be an image and an idea in the mind before it becomes a reality, right?

Paul Kersey's picture

Mad Max vs the police state.

Keyser's picture

My dear old departed father called this trend 45 years ago, but being born in 1907 he used a bit more crass term to describe the coming insurection... His label was the cowboys vs niggers war... Politically correct, no, factual, yes... 

bamawatson's picture

gartman says take the niggers +6

((btw there is an excellent old out of print political book --- cowboy v yankee war))

07564111's picture

Andrew Macdonald says Gartman is on the wrong side of that bet.

El Vaquero's picture

Two interesting dynamics are going to happen with the police state:


The first, that is already happening, is that the police, including the hispanic and black ones, are getting called racists, bigots, etc...  The regressive left is going to push them towards us.  In fact, it has already started pushing them towards us.


The second is that in SHTF, police pensions are going to be nuked.  That will push them further towards us.  They will see what it is to get fucked by the bankers.  


Trust me on this one:  Cops who are having to deal with the SJW snowflakes on a regular basis are getting more sick of them than we are.  

Cynicles's picture

so the sign that hangs on my fence currently should be replaced with a FUCK SJW! sign?

IndyPat's picture

Doesn't already?
Had mine up since 2009.

Calmyourself's picture

If the Army commanders are dumb enough to enter and fight within a mega-city they get what they deserve.  only one way to handle a city and ancient method called siege.  Get your supporters out then blockade cut water, elec, sewage treatment, food, introduce disease, stir and wait.  Urban combat is dumb, remove the enemy leave the buildings.

kommissar's picture

neutron bombs are faster.  just sayin...

CJgipper's picture

Escape from NY is no longer fiction.

Keyser's picture

Just wait until they introduce a virulent strain of small pox into the food supply of a mega city... Fiction will quickly become reality on a global scale... 

Implied Violins's picture

As long as your preps include a good water filter, non-GMO foods, vitamin C, colloidal silver, and alkalizing foods to keep your immune system working smoothly, you can stay well even if caught in the middle of an epidemic.

But if they do plan to unleash biological hell, it would probably be via the water system rather than through food. Their main plan is actually to starve us to death, since that is the easiest, cleanest means of mass death that doesn't destroy their infrastructure.

El Vaquero's picture

Epidemic?  I'm fucking gone.  A loooooong way away from any urban center.

sinbad2's picture

Yeah maybe even your mother or sister, that would be real cool.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Feb 7, 2017 11:46 PM

They bring in the robots and they don't need these rioters anymore.

They are going to be wiped out.

there was a time US troops wouldn't fire on Americans

that time has past.

Luc X. Ifer's picture

Told you - SHTF is a fact of when not of if; the only variable is civil vs world war. Votes?

HRH Feant's picture
HRH Feant (not verified) Luc X. Ifer Feb 7, 2017 11:45 PM

I have been waiting for either to start for the past six months. Things are pretty hot off the coast of Iran. They are also hot in LA and NYC.

I have said, for several years, that a few EMP nukes over cities like LA and NYC and the US would be pushed into chaos. Would we know if those EMPs were caused by North Korea or a false flag by our own military? No. Anyone that says they could tell the difference is lying.

Duc888's picture

No, it's all Putins fault. He will get the blame.

BlindMonkey's picture

If we are EMP'd, how will you let the people know who is to blame?  


IMO, all bets are off and the US loses 70% of the population in 4 months

California Nightmares's picture

And 25% more in the next eight months. 

EMP day is .357 day. 

Blow your fucking head off or die slowly and painfully. 

IndyPat's picture

Pretty much.

Falcons would still be losers, too.
U mad, bro

; )

BlindMonkey's picture

Until the win, I didn't realize that Brady was part of the Trump team.  So, that made me feel all better.  Thanks for asking!

Implied Violins's picture

It might not even take an EMP:

Fireballs have been increasing exponentially over the last several years, and now they are hitting the ground.

Could it be that the bastards in charge know something we don't, and all this chaos is meant to cover up what is REALLY going on?

Cynicles's picture

will be either a FF or the Sun if it happens in 2017

sinbad2's picture

Why fuck around with EMP, when you could kill them all instantly with the same nukes?

IndyPat's picture

So they can ride through with the rag top down to inspect their world...and not have to worry about radiation.

HRH Feant's picture
HRH Feant (not verified) sinbad2 Feb 8, 2017 2:44 AM

Because it would be so much more elegant to do a boom boom and out go the lights.

The use of full-scale nuclear weapons results in a lot of attention being put upon the launcher. An EMP tactical nuke is small and easily launched from a junker cargo ship -- or a super yacht that has been hijacked. Either way the result is chaos.

How long would you last without electricity? Internet? Cell service?

Got it?

DivisionBell's picture

You can't kill them all instantly with the same nukes.  A single strategically detonated enhanced radiation bomb over the centroid of North America will cause a continent-wide EMP.  That same weapon would have only localized damage if airburst above a city.

North Korea recent satellite KMS-4 took it exactly 400km over North Dakota very quickly after launch on a polar orbit and the unusually low yield of their H-Bomb test is believed to be because they have detuned it to act as a super-EMP weapon.  They have announced miniaturization of their weapon in order to fit in a warhead as well as in satellites.  Their propaganda videos show them winning a battle against us with missiles and there are acknowledged gaps in our missile defense radars to the south, which is exactly the trajectory they have chosen.  

This kind of asymmetric EMP attack is the only plausible way they could defeat us and while we laugh at them they inch closer to pulling it off.  We might bombard them with SLBMs but the damage in America will be done and the sequence of events that unfold will be catastrophic.



kommissar's picture

all the more reason to take that sick fuck out right now.  enough is enough.  ross perot predicted this would be a "four star migraine headache" when he ran for prez decades ago.

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 You only think you have a government.

yttirum's picture

Pfft! Let the Army do their jobs, which is NOT on US soil. We, and I mean us gun tote'n, red blooded all Americans, can handle the streets if need be.

Mustafa Kemal's picture

"Pfft! "

I would be so glib. Your advice is good, but will not be taken. DHS will be coming after all of us, white or black. 

Cynicles's picture

Martial Law ends that one. :/

ACP's picture

Keep your violence in your big cities. Amy infection will be met with a wall of lead from my small city.

junction's picture

Yes, by citizens who are all high scorers on the Ghost Recon video game.  And what will armed citizens do when particle beam weapons start targeting them from 200 miles up, the way the World Trade Center was incinerated?  And don't forget HAARP weaponry like that used to convince New Zealand's Prime Minister to hand in his shock resignation on December 5, 2016, one day after his country was hit with an earthquake.

MaxThrust's picture

"The powers that be are deeply concerned about the unfolding situations with migrants, illegal immigrants, potential terrorists"

Absolute Bullshit: The "powers that be" are the ones pulling the fucking strings, making all this happen!

divingengineer's picture

The domocrats have spent the last eight years weaponizing police and building FEMA camps only to hand it all over to Trump.

Personally, I'd be concerned.