Authoritarians At The Gate: How One High School Is Ripping Its Community Apart

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We strongly advise you to put down all sharp objects before reading the following...

Submitted by Mark Glennon via,

Not since the Vietnam War have I seen as much strife and personal hostility within an otherwise friendly community.

Thank the administration of New Trier High School in north suburban Chicago. This story is about the madness on college campuses now being crammed down into a public high school. More importantly, it’s about an angry brawl now growing rapidly.

Oblivious to how identity politics have divided the country, the school is holding an attendance-mandatory All-School Seminar Day with the stated goal of “understanding today’s struggle for racial civil rights.”

That sounds fine, but the problem is that it serves no such goal. The agenda is brazenly and unquestionably one-sided, divisive, political and radically left. Understanding civil rights, as New Trier sees it, doesn’t mean challenging students to sort through competing ideas. It means force-fed dogma.

Results were entirely predictable. Conservative and moderate parents, including me, erupted over what we see as propaganda masquerading as education cloaked in the language of togetherness. We’ve publicly made a simple request: Add balance to the program by including topics and speakers to expose students to a fair range of ideas.

Balance, that’s it. If the school is unwilling to add that balance, then the seminar should be cancelled or, at a minimum, attendance should be made optional. Those feeling that way put up a website linked here and have launched a petition drive linked here.

Reaction to the request for balance was also predictable. Program supporters took to social media saying critics want to censor out discussion about race, don’t care about civil rights, are bad parents for trying to shield their children and, of course, that we’re racist.

Sure we’re racist - as program supporters see things. Systemic, invisible racism is the core theme of the program. As one workshop description puts it, “Most systemic racism is invisible…often to both ‘sides’…until you know it’s there. Once you know it’s there, you can’t stop seeing it.” Our racism is so clear, in other words, that it should be taught as fact and not one of many viewpoints.

Hostility is growing much more intense and personal. Before we get to that, some background:

The School District

New Trier High School is often ranked among the best in the country. It covers very prosperous suburbs north of Chicago and is overwhelmingly white. The township was traditionally conservative and Republican but is now solidly liberal and Democratic, based on the last election cycle and polls I’ve seen.

New Trier High School’s main campus

The Seminar

Let’s look at some samples of the workshops.

  • One of the invited speakers is a rapper named John the Author. Here’s a segment from his work:

Divide and conquer, white supremacy the silent monster
I see you sneaking in the corner trying to have some karma
We ain’t looking to know your honor, No your honor we (?) problem
The resolution is an economic revolution,All in the name of retribution, you ready? Let’s do it,They integrated then infiltrated through immigration
The richest folk in our neighborhood ain’t even our neighbors
They take the dollar back across town, don’t you dare tell me to calm down
(?) mister doghouse,We want it all now, it’s time to push ‘em all out—I’m ready to start now

  •  “A People’s History of Chicago” will look at race “in the tradition of Howard Zinn.” Zinn wrote A People’s History of America, about which black, conservative economist Thomas Sowell wrote,

It speaks volumes about our schools and colleges that far-left radical Howard Zinn’s pretentiously titled book, “A People’s History of the United States,” is widely used across the country. It is one indictment, complaint, and distortion after another. Anyone who relies on this twisted version of American history would have no idea why millions of people from around the world are trying, sometimes desperately, to move to this country. The one virtue of Zinn’s book is that it helps you identify unmistakably which teachers are using their classrooms as propaganda centers.

  • Another segment is “Spent: A simulation to see how long you can survive on minimum wage.” Any bets they won’t be simulating how long you can survive on no wage, which countless economists argue is the result for some from minimum wage laws?

New Trier didn’t let the topic for the seminar, racial civil rights, stop them from throwing in a couple other progressive favorites:

  • In one segment, “SOARS’ creator, Scheherazade, discusses the role arts can play in creating a national movement to end sexual violence.”
  • Another segment on the Equal Rights Amendment will ask, “Why hasn’t it been ratified? Do we even need it anymore? Let’s talk about it!”

It doesn’t help that some presentations are just plain silly:

  • There’s “Disney and Racial Stereotypes: Watch classic Disney animated films and discuss how these films influence childhood development of racial identities.”
  • Another says, “Come to the Northfield Library and read picture books to a group of children (ages 3-5). The picture books will focus on themes of embracing diversity, accepting others and oneself, and social justice.”
  • Then there’s “Racist Memorabilia Through the Ages.”
  • My personal favorite is “Microaggressions: Not So Small.” Maybe it should be subtitled “Tolerance for oxymorons!”

The rest of agenda for the day is posted on links here and here. You’ll find only four or five out of the hundred or so that would seem to present even a moderate perspective. Read the whole agenda and you’ll see that this summary written by its critics is valid:

  • The Seminar claims: “Identity” is defined by race. Period. It is fixed and determinative. (The term  “racial,” “racist,” “bias,” and “systemic racism” suffuse the panel descriptions, together appearing over 80 times. Meanwhile, in a Seminar Day devoted to, “Understanding Today’s Struggle for Racial Civil Rights,”  a working definition of the term “civil rights” is not offered.)
  • The Seminar claims: People of the same race think and feel the same way about most or all things.
  • The Seminar claims:  Disparities between races are de facto evidence of “systemic racism.” Not, for instance, government policies that confine poor children to failing inner city schools, devastate black families, and encourage crime and dependence.
  • The Seminar claims: “Systemic racism” should be the root of all discussions.

The “Tolerant” Strike Back at the “Haters”

Things really hit the fan when program critics put up their own site that allows incoming comments.  Here are a few of the emails received. Senders included their names with their emails, unafraid to say these things to their neighbors, though I’ve deleted names here:

  • “Go fuck yourselves. Honestly, what you are trying to do is pathetic. ‘Diversity programs don’t work’? What’s your alternative, segregation?” That’s from a New Trier grad who says she didn’t understand race until she went to college at [a private, elite liberal arts school whose name I’ll withhold]:
  • From a New Trier Parent: “The district would not need to spend money on this day if the majority of parents, like yourselves, were not racial assholes.”
  • From a New Trier student: “Get your fucking KKK looking asses back to your house and shut up.”

I guess comments like that are quite reasonable if you accept the central teaching of the seminar, which is that we’re all racists. Plenty more like that from hatred’s enemies can be found on this link. I certainly would not be surprised if equally nasty things are being sent by some critics of the seminar to its defenders, but that’s really the point: Is this seminar promoting understanding and rational discussion?

The School’s Response

New Trier’s administration has been mostly silent, except for release recently of this FAQ and and some short comments to the press.

First, the school’s Superintendent defends the program by saying, “I have had well over 300 phone calls, emails, and letters of support saying ‘Don’t change it, it looks fabulous,'” she said. “The direct communication we’ve had has been far more in support than in opposition. In fact, I’ve never seen this kind of outpouring of support on an issue in my life as an educator.”

We pay her $419,000 and God-knows-what pension to set educational content by counting popularity beans?  Would she exclude the liberal voices (which are properly included) if she were in some school district in the South where those views might be overwhelmingly unpopular? She offers no reason for refusing to add other perspectives.

And her method of counting is faulty because of another horrible problem, as to which she’s seemingly blind: Critics of the program are stifled by fear of the controversy and retribution, so she’s not hearing from them. We’ve heard from any number of program critics who won’t dare say or do anything. One active member of our opposition, who has a business in the community, asked us to be extremely careful not to mention either her name or business, fearing the consequences. Some even fear retribution by very progressive teachers against their kids.

New Trier’s Superintendent also didn’t mention that, for a similar program last year, about 40% of New Trier kids did not attend.

Those kids may be smarter than the adults on this. While some are vocally on one side or another, plenty see through it. I asked one how he thinks his fellow students view the program. He thought just under half shrug it off as “more SJW [social justice warrior] nonsense.” He added that he thought many of the liberals who like the program think it’s unbalanced.

In the FAQ, the school emphasizes that the program is not political. Oh, please. It’s straight out of the playbook used by countless Democrats in the last election cycle. It’s about as “not political” as the poster on the right, which went up in the school on Inauguration Day. You decide if that, and the seminar, are political.


Politicking in schools has legal limits. New Trier also has a written policy requiring that discussion of controversial topics “present a balanced view.” I don’t know whether New Trier crossed the legal line, but a separate group is researching that now and will file a lawsuit if they conclude it has.


Operating costs per day when school is in session is slightly over $533,000, according to responses in a FOIA request from New Trier. The school’s FAQ adds that the seminar has an additional budget of $30,000.

At a recent New Trier school board meeting, in defending the program, an Assistant Superintendent of Student Services said the preparation was a “huge effort” and “exhausting.”

*  *  *

It would be easy to rattle off a list of topics that would make New Trier’s seminar day more balanced and genuinely educational. Moderates and conservatives might not agree on that list, but this controversy could easily have been avoided with even a lazy attempt. I’ll suggest just one topic that would have helped, the virtue of which should now be evident to all:

How identity politics have ripped America apart and undermined the quest for racial harmony.

UPDATED 2/6/17 to increase the compensation paid to the New Trier Superintendant from $315,000 to $419,000. For further information on compensation and political nature of the rest of the school’s administration, see this article.

*Mark Glennon is founder of Wirepoints. Opinions expressed are his own.

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Manipuflation's picture

The daughter that I have who is currently reading Das Kapital is coming of age. She can lead and she does with her classmates. She would be reading Keynes' General Theory except for the fact that I am reading it. She will read it.

Read "The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money" for yourself because you won't believe that it is actually acknowledged as an economic treatise.

tarabel's picture



Read the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. Not only is it immensely valuable as a life guide, it is actually interesting to read-- rather than a chore.

How interesting is it? It is always a shock to reach the end of it and realize that it was never finished but leaves off right when the story is about to get super interesting.

But Franklin's advice on self-improvement is priceless and even laid out in an easy to follow plan of action for anyone to take advantage of.

Elco the Constitutionalist's picture
Elco the Constitutionalist (not verified) Feb 7, 2017 10:46 PM

The SJW movement appears to be very analogous to a parasite that quickly kills its host. It is a dead end strategy because it is a strictly positive feedback mechanism.

David Rockefeller's picture

Glennon is sadly misinformed and barking up the wrong tree.

First, public schools anywhere are indoctrination centers whose sole aim is to produce apathetic, misinformed, individuals such as Glennon himself.  He should be fighting to abolish the monstrosity of government-owned, curiosity-stiflinging, prisons that call themselves schools.  Let a 1000 flowers bloom, not fake uniformity.

He should be fighting for abolishing the wretched schools of education, whose specialty is to produce ignorant teachers.

Then there are his examples:

1. Thomas Sowell is a highly-paid Uncle Tom.  His critique of Zinn probably raised his pay by 10%.  Even that idiot Trump knows better than Glennon.  "Do you think we are innocent?" Trump asked a reporter.  This is a fact: the biggest perpetrator of genocides in history has been, and still is, the USA. 

2. What's wrong with inviting an intelligent wrapper--or a plumber for that matter--to talk?  Glennon wrongly believes that a world in which 8 people own as much as half of humanity is a good world.  Any sane person, anyone who knows what genuine democracy is, anyone who knows just a bit of  cultural anthropology, knows that we could, and we ought to, have a better world.

I could go on showing that Glennon is either brainwashed or a self-serving individual.  But that is the way it is:  What can you expect from a people (and tabloids like ZH) whose ideology and political horizons are limited to such psycopaths as the Clintons, Bushes, and Trumps?  The sad answer is: NOTHING.


IndyPat's picture

Sorry, Dave.

I stopped reading @ "intelligent wrapper"

Tachyon5321's picture

Interesting that black ACT scores are declining as White Privilege valves are taught in the North Shore. White Privilege really took after local school systems started firing the bad teachers. Now it is no longer the teacher's fault or the fault of the student that does not study, but White Privilege.

The country will be better off eliminating the Department of Education and returning control to local school systems 

rcentros's picture

It's hard to have a lot of sympathy here. Just pull your kids out of these public school hellholes. Problem solved.

Dr. Bonzo's picture

Public schools are the reproductive organs of the state.

Elocutionist's picture

Well, this certainly provides the reason(s) families moved - in droves - from the one-time upper-class North suburbs of Chicago over the past two years. If students - let alone their parents - are going to have to live with this shit, they might as well move back into the city. If the people behind this waste-of-time, non-educational-education aren't part of some high-level plan to destroy American society, then anyone interested in doing so would only have to study this blueprint. It is bad enough people have to live in the most confiscatory state in the union. But that they have to live through these sorts of 'official' requirements defies reason.

KKAOSS's picture

Mark Glennon , whose "YUGE" opinion lies before us is a "YUGE" troll, (aka SKANKHUNT42). So he has some valid points, nevertheless the tenor he has taken as well as his posture and his overall BLOVIATING reminds me of the "so called" president - the ANNOYING ORANGE...and you can always move! To a galaxy far, far away.
You do realize that this country was built on 2 pillars, the first was the extermination of the indigenous population and the second was slavery (and slavery hasn't left it just took another form).
The pendulum will swing back to the left and back to the right ad nauseoum. You sir are living in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Mark you are an instigator. Do you have a brown shirt and a black leather trench coat, and knee high black boots?

Mark so how about coming up with solutions, concrete solutions instead of always pointing crap out put viable palatable solutions on the table for goodness sake. GET ON THE NT Township school board! You're efforts solicit confrontation and not solutions. You just anger people.

KKAOSS's picture

Mark G - this FAKE NEWS,

Your Creator's picture

This is what the left wants for the whole country.

IndyPat's picture

Bet you're a Spanish Teacher.


KKAOSS's picture

Swing and a miss Indy
Bet you didn't watch the whole Super Bowl game did ya ? Hehe

tarabel's picture



In Nazi Germany, the new regime created a completely new set of educational standards and institutions known as Adolf Hitler Schools to practice them in the purest form, even while letting the traditional school system stumble along in pale imitation of it.

Only one Cabinet member sent his son to an Adolf Hitler School-- and he did so as a punishment.

So I guess my question to this dude is why does he bother playing King Canute inveighing against the tide? Even if he succeeds in derailing this extra bit of brainwashing, the daily cleanings will continue on his child forever. He should have marched into the Principal's office and withdrawn his kid on the spot and in the middle of the day. 

Poor offspinrg. Sentenced to an Adolf Hitler School so his Dad can tilt at windmills in search of fame.

IndyPat's picture

Last bit sounded kinda weak at first, but on is defeatist, because the battle is lost there. So you're right, I think. Way too late for a grassroots push back on that front.
Yank your kid out and fight another way.

KKAOSS's picture

Battle ain't over just began Indy
C'mon ma'an!

sunkeye's picture

Growing late '60s early '70s up on the northside of Chicago, as teens we used to ride our 10 speeds up Sheridan Rd along the lakefront 10-15 miles to a stretch of road we called the Ravines that was a twisting dipping then climbing back up again mini trip into enchantment - well for city kids like us. The ride was honestly gorgeous - fresh air, clean streets, triple canopy tree tops bucolic as any place I've ever seen. The houses set back from the street like antebellum mansions, Lake Michigan waters nearby.  I honestly can't over describe how beautiful the Wilmette to Highland Park scenery is.

To see these people WILLINGLY participate in committing their own societal suicide is - almost - beyond belief.  Given what's taken place tho over the past 2-3 decades I'm past surprise if not disgust.

All great societies crumble - the history of the world evidences it. What is taking place at New Trier East HS just one more example.  Western Civilization and America as we knew is is dying but we can't see the forest for the trees - speaking of that beautiful green lakefront north of Chicago.

Good luck to the parents of New Trier who are not willing to go easy into that long good night.  Pardon my cynicism and I do hope I'm but I think the US has lost the culture war - as Pat Bucanan said.  And thank you for reading if you have to here.




IntTheLight's picture

The irony is student body very Jewish. They are supposed to be exempt from the white privilege meme that they created. Woops.

KKAOSS's picture

No the student body is not "very" Jewish
You are misinformed, many more Christians
And you are FAKE NEWS w/out evidence or verifiable numbers to support you baseless comments - you are a instigator too SKANKHUNT42 v2.0

sunkeye's picture

Please 'scuze the beau coup typos this comment.

"Growing up ..."

"... it is ..."


And others probably overlooked too ...

mountain99889's picture
mountain99889 (not verified) sunkeye Feb 8, 2017 7:34 AM

the hospital room where I was born, you could look out the window and see the grand Lake Michigan. To think I will never see my Lake Michigan again, it calls to me.

RichardParker's picture

New Trier High School is in Winnetka, IL 60093

Average home price there is about 1.2 million dollars.,pf_pt/34876_rid/42....

In the name of diversity, they should build some low income housing projects there for minorities.




KKAOSS's picture

We're fine, but thanks for the comment.

IntTheLight's picture

Testy aren't you. Section 8 and low income housing should be built there. You could call it the Ferris Bueller housing project.

Look. I agree. This is ridiculous. But when you vote left and support the Democrat's 24/7 demonization of whites, don't be surprised when it rears its ugly head in your hood. No one is immune.

IndyPat's picture

Yep. Few tokens bused in from 100 miles away ain't gonna cut it.

This privileged little Burg really needs to embrace and immerse into some black culture, fo' reelz.

headless blogger's picture

I think his point is that many of these wealthy areas are full of Liberals who want all this long as its in someone elses neighborhood.

Kind of like Katrina Vanden Heuvel, editor of Nation magazine. She likes to talk about opening borders, but the smug righteous princess has never worked in a food processing plant with tons of Mexicans who treat the "gringo" like dirt. She lives in a gated community far from the reality of working class and low income "diverse" neighborhoods, where gangs abound.

DosZap's picture

Yep Dems and Socialists have Always been very generous with OPM.

Boygoy's picture

I bet that there is a significant echo in the NT administration and that they are really relishing their stampeding of the goy. Oy, it's deplorable!

Small Government Is Better's picture

New Trier is the school system for communists.  It is time to bring back McCarthyism, and run the communists out of the USA!

any_mouse's picture

New Trier is a Hollywood/Spook feeder school.

Why New "Trier"? Why is Trier in the Old World famous?

MrBoompi's picture

Even conservatives could learn something by reading Zinn's book. 

haruspicio's picture

Send your kids and then discuss it with them. Show them where they are wrong in their thinking instead of preventing them hearing the arguments from one side. I guess you are inable to do this. I also wonder if the shoe was on the other foot with the KKK being the major speakers you wouldn;t have any problem.

headless blogger's picture

I think it is very hard for working parents to fight this. No matter how hard you try to counter it, the Liberal marxist culture is too strong. Someone needs to come up with something more potent to fight against it.

safedisk's picture

Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted. 'Vladimir Lenin'.

Prepare yourselve for the cultural revolution 2.0, led by the liberals and enforced by the young zealots/crazies.

orangegeek's picture

Marxist brainwashing almost over - cabinet in place is step one.


Step two is the IRS auditing of the European funded groups that are driving paid riots in the US.

dinkum's picture

Instead of filing a complaint, pay for a copy of the Charles Ortel due diligence summary for each student in New Trier. 


DonGenaro's picture

any parents who subject their children to public "schooling" should be arrested for child abuse

YourAverageJoe's picture

I guess you're going to foot the bill on their private school?

Your statement should read:"Anyone who pays school taxes should be beaten to death."



PleasedToMeatYou's picture

" in some school district in the South where those views might be overwhelmingly unpopular?"

So sick of people, sometimes even "conservatives", assuming that the South is more bigoted than the North. 

Ckierst1's picture

If we absolutely, positively have to have compulsory schooling (I recoil in horror from calling it education), then at least permit parents to have a choice in the obligatory service provider and permit them to direct their portion(s) of the taxed money to the schools of their choice.  We are taxed for this shit, but then must pay a penalty called a tuition at a private or parochial school it we vote with our feet to avoid or minimize the indoctrination.  This amounts to double taxation of scrupulous parents and isn't fair unless you are abiding Communist Manifesto, as they are.

esum's picture

get your fuckin lazy ass to work and quit having kids out of wedlock,,, pull your weight,,, parent your kids

get some personal responsibility and self respect.... 


no they replay ROOTS 

fuck them... the race card is EXPIRED





rocknrollinhoneybadger's picture

And people wonder why the kids in the US lag behind in science, math and reading. How can they learn any of that when they are busy indoctrinating the kids on the joys of gay sex, how to put a condom on a cucumber and how to hate your own nation and white people.

steelhead23's picture

Don't like the program?  Don't go.  There is a hell of a lot of shit .gov does that I don't approve of and cannot avoid.  This one is easily avoided.

WirePoints's picture

If you don't attend that day you cannot attend extracurricular activities that day which, probably not by accident, is Spring sport tryouts day. They are forcing attendnce.

fedupwhiteguy's picture

Freakin' wacky lib admin/teacher cabal just steering the herd toward destruction. Just bail out and starve the beast:


50% of women have a man already picked out as plan b if their current relationship fails. (

60% of women admit to having an affair. (

69% of wives initiate divorce. (

10% of children are false paternity. (

95% of genetic counsellors lie about paternity. (

41% of 1st marriages end in divorce. (
60% of 2nd marriages end in divorce.
73% of 3rd marriages end in divorce.

82.2% of women granted child custody. (

Child support payments can be extended beyond 18 years of age. (

Alimony payments continue even when women cohabitate with another man. (

Palimony payments forced on men who had live-in girlfriends. (

Prenups are thrown out in favor of fairness. (

Divorce devastates men financially (paying for 2 households) & emotionally (loss of access to children). (

Posponing intercourse until 26+ avoids life's pitfalls (cock carousel riders are bad news all around). (

Virgin brides divorce less than cock carousel riders. (

Women start losing their Sexual Market Value at 20 y.o. (

Women gain weight after marriage. (

Frequency of sex drops off after marriage. (

Woman are just crazy for a man's money. (

Sperm donors can be forced to pay child support. (