DeVos Confirmed As Education Secretary After Pence Casts First Ever VP Tiebreaking Vote

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As previewed earlier, in a vote that many had expected would end up deadlocked 50/50 in the Senate, moments ago the confirmation vote for Trump's Education Secretary candidate Besty DeVos was indeed tied in the Senate after two Republicans - Collins and Murkowski voted against -  which then prompted Vice President Mike Pence to cast the first ever tie-breaking vote for a cabinet nominee in Senate history, in the process confirming DeVos as America's new Secretary of Education.

The last time a VP broke a tie in the Senate was 2008, when then-Vice President Dick Cheney voted on a tax adjustment plan.

Prior to the vote, Chuck Schumer made a failed 11th-hour plea Tuesday morning for a third Republican to buck DeVos and sink her nomination. “It’s the Republican side demanding a vote for an unqualified candidate,” the Senate’s top Democrat said. “I hope against hope that another Republican will have the courage … [to] join us.”

Schumer suggested Republicans are privately saying they wish Trump picked someone else, calling DeVos a “negative trifecta.”

Democrats forced a rare all-night session to try to rally public support behind their opposition to DeVos’s nomination, including protesting outside of the Capitol with progressive groups.  In retrospect it was all for nothing.

And another piece of historical trivia: DeVos just got the most “no” votes of any education secretary in history.

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Bears everywhere are protesting

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The only way the Democrats could’ve “killed” DeVos was to sneak in a few corpses and a dozen of illegal aliens into the Senate Chamber to vote against her.

The final tally would’ve been 50-67 out of 100, but who cares? It has worked for them in the past and it would’ve worked now, too.  ;-)


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The Reid Rule…

The Biden Rule…

Those crooked, crusty old schmucks were of some good use after all.

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We should revive efforts to review the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act... know in dark places as McCain-Feingold Act.

- Climate Stewardship Acts: Co-sponsor Joe Lieberman. (failed)
- Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act: Co-sponsor Russ Feingold.
- Detainee Treatment Act

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Bye bye Common Core! Another glorious victory.

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Another win! Phew...I need a breather...this is getting exhausting what with all the lib Democrat "Bitch-Slapping"

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this should turn out to be great in the long run. If the traitors on both sides of the aisle hate her so much already then she must be the right one for the job to wipe out the DOE and Common Core.

More lib-tards heads exploding.

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A little reminder of what needs to be destroyed…



NEA General Counsel: Union Dues, Not Education, Are Our Top Priority


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Libturds will start killing themselves right about now....

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This is a huge win for Team Trump - he had to hold Sessions' confirmation back to get her through.

Just wondering if this will stop that cunt in the Californian Assembly legislating that kids are taught Putin won the election for DJT as part of their syllabus (Tucker last night).

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Collins and Murkowski confirmed for traitorous scum.

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This US Congressional event tells me that these US slave-owning, white-man founding fathers were capable of writing the US Constitution and Laws in anticipation that few hundreds years later the US Congress would be utterly corrupt and incapable of doing their daily job.

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Each kid in the LAUSD (Los Angeles Unified School District) costs $13K per year!   For a 'small' class of 25, that's $325,000 a year, for ONE class room!  Pay the teacher $50K and there's still $275,000 left over!!!  Somebody told me that in DC, it's $20K a year, per student (and we all know the results on that one...).

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But someone has to pay for the $75K/yr janitors, the 9 month work year, multitude of  luxury conventions and sabbaticals, the >$ 200K/yr Principals, the >$300K/yr Superintendents and all of the fully funded luxurious pensions.

Government service means you work to service overpaid unionized government workers.


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Now the public school system will have to compete with private education! This is a HUGE win for kids! Now they will be able to get REAL educations!!!

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Exactly. I've decided to follow the twitter feed of Kamala Harris, the idiot moonbat Dem Senator extraordinaire from California. This dolt is talking about Trump 'ruining California's education'. That's like trying to ruin Hiroshima 24 hours after the Little Boy was dropped.

Anyway, for fun, I decided to look at who funded this imbecile's election. Tons of cash from the Federal and State teacher's union. Color me shocked.



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Fukall the over paid do nothing bureaucratic turds

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I hope Trump is ambidextrous. I'm worried about the day his pimp slapping hand starts to get tired. He should Tweet "This is easy - bring me some more stuff to fix". :) lol. 

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In ur Progressive liberal democraps face NEA. 

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I have no suggestions.

Home | U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska
Official website of the U.S. Senator for Alaska, Republican party.

Senator Susan Collins: Home
Official website of the U.S. Senator for Maine, Republican party.

Are these Neocons?

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"Hay hay, Hoe hoe......Collins and Murkowski got to go"

Come on Maine and Alaska, vote these bitches out.

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no, just progressive democrats that never did any self inquiry.  murkowski shoul have lost her seat already but they pulled a fast one at some point in the past.

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lisa wearing purple with the crazed stare of well, just look at the eyes

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Good God! Is that the best picture they could get of her?

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Not neocons, just a couple of worthless ignorant twats.

City_Of_Champyinz's picture

Collins & Murkowski are the definition of useless RINO dingbat. 

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I have no trouble with yet another day of Winning!

City_Of_Champyinz's picture

So much better than waking up every day for 8 years wondering what the Marxist piece of shit in the White House is planning on doing to further chip away at our liberty...

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I hate to think how many people had heart attacks and other health problems because of them.

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Almost the exact words I used describing the feeling to Mrs. gobsmack.

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never taught a day of her life...

sure run education!  

TheMeatTrapper's picture

I haven't either, but I bet I could run the system better than you and your libtard buddies. 

balolalo's picture

exhibit A. 

thank you for that.

one of the biggest problems with our society.  and with our youth. 

we think we can bullshit our way through things.

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i like your thinking.

in the run up to the presidential election i had predicted hillary would win a close electoral vote.


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Dems are pro choice right? So is Devos so what is their problem?

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you're welcome.

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Vouchers the only way to fix "Fake Education."

Fuck the Teacher's Unions

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THIS IS OUTSTANDING!!!  Returning power to the People.

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The only way she could be even remotely considered "controversial" is she did what the Teacher's Union didn't do, educate poor kids.  The days of these unions sucking the host dry are coming to an end.   When we have an education system that gives credit for putting 2+2=5 and can mark wrong  a question where the student 6+6=12, you know things have gone off the deep end into more liberal insanity.

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It's not the only way, but it's certainly 200% better than what we have now.

The bottom line is, once people have other options than state schools, the state schools will be in deep trouble, fast. Further, the ability of politicians to buy support through education sinecures will come to an end.

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this is like those lost 8 years under BUSH and his


all the gop loved that and all it did was fuck shit up. 

the teachers unions are not to blame for bad teachers.  blame the administrators and district for doing the hiring and the firing, and for everyone allowing it.   Our culture/society that devalues education is what is at fault.

AMERICANS, we have a saying, accepted as truth,  that says "those who can't do, teach".  

That is HEART of the problem,  it is actually, "those who can do, were taught."   

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She's going to return education to the Church.  She didn't say which one though.

balolalo's picture

How is giving education to CORPORATISTS winning? 

shamus001's picture

Its a thing called "competition" you know, that whackytheory that money flocks to quality?

johnnycanuck's picture

Like who can buy the best gov't to their liking?  That sort of competition?

balolalo's picture

"Competition", "Choice", "Charter", "Voucher"etc......  these are terms meant to obfuscate the real agendas. 

There has been an OVERT and COVERT WAR on educating Americans for the last 40 years.   at least. 

The oligarchs in the USA do not want an educated populace, they want easily confused, manipulated, and controlled citizens. 

When we devalue, defund, and pork barrel waste on education are you surprised at the results?   Don't blame the teachers unions for bad teachers.  Blame the ones doing the hiring and firing: the administrators, the districts, the boards.  

AMERICANS, we need to look in the mirror deep and hard when we have a saying, accepted as truth,  that says "those who can't do, teach".  

That is HEART of the problem,  it is actually, "those who can do were taught."   

When a society/culture so little respects education that a warm body is given a classroom key, that is a bad sign.  

NO OTHER country that leads in education is pursuing this path.  And we have been marching down this path for 20-30 years.

NO OTHER countrty would waste generations on a "give it a chance" approach.  On something known to not work.

why aren't we doing what actually works????   look around, we are alone on this and for good reason. 

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Kids not winning now so why not give it a chance fool.