Fake And False And Just Plain Nonsense

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Submitted by Raul Ilargi Meijer via The Automatic Earth blog,

Two and a half weeks after the inauguration, and yes it’s only been that long, the media still don’t seem to have learned a single thing. They help the Trump campaign on an almost hourly basis by parroting whatever things, invariably judged as crazy, he says. One day it’s that negative polls are all fake news, the next it’s some list of underreported terror events. All of it gets an avalanche of attention provided by the very people who claim to be against Trump, but greatly help his cause by doing so.

Not a single thing learned. If Trump tweets tomorrow that tomatoes are really fruits and he’s going to have someone draw up a law to make them so, or that Lego should be recognized as an official building material in order to have the Danes, too, pay for the wall, it will be on the front page of every paper and the opening item for every TV news show. The crazier he makes them, the more serious they are taken. The echo chamber is so eager to incessantly repeat to itself and all its inhabitants that he’s a crazy dude, it’s beyond embarrassing.

And it takes us ever further away, and rapidly too, from any serious discussion about serious issues, the one very thing that the Trump empire desperately calls for. The press should simply ignore the crazy stuff and focus on what’s real, but they can’t bring themselves to do so for fear of losing ratings and ad revenues. All Trump needs to do, and that’s not a joke, is to fart or burp into their echo chamber and they’ll all be happy and giddy and all excited and self-satisfied. A spectacle to behold if ever there was one.

British House of Commons Speaker John Bercow can play that game too. He has loudly advertized his refusal to let Trump address UK politicians in the House of Commons and the House of Lords: “An address by a foreign leader to both houses of Parliament is not an automatic right, it is an earned honor..” It’s an honor recently gifted to the likes of China President Xi Jinping and the Emir of Kuwait. Fine and upstanding gentlemen in the tradition Britain so likes, nothing like the American President whom he accuses of racism and sexism.

The racism part ostensibly is a reaction to Trump’s Muslim ban, which, nutty though it is, is not a Muslim ban because most Muslims are not affected by it, and besides, ‘Muslim’ is not a race. So maybe Bercow would care to explain the ‘racism’ bit. Has anyone seen the British press pressuring him to do so? Or, alternatively, has anyone seen a thorough analysis of the British role, though its military and its weapons manufacturers, in the premature deaths in the Middle East and North Africa of many thousands of men, women and children belonging to the Muslim ‘race’? Not me.

The ‘sexism’ accusation refers to Trump’s utterances on for instance the Billy Bush tape(s), and by all means let’s get the Donald to comment on that. But this comes from a man who speaks as an official representative of the Queen of a country where child sex abuse is a national sport, from politics to churches to football, where literally thousands of children are trying to speak up and testify, after having been silenced, ignored and ridiculed for years, about the unspeakable experiences in their childhood. Surely someone who because of his job description gets to speak in the name of the Queen can be expected to address the behavior of her own subjects before that of strangers.

Yeah, that Trump guy is a real terrible person. And he should not be allowed to speak to a chamber full of people directly responsible for the death of huge numbers of children in far away sandboxes, for or the abuse of them at home. After all, we’re all good Christians and the good book teaches us about “the beam out of thine own eye”. So we’re good to go.

What this really tells you is to what extent the political systems in the US and the UK, along with the media that serve them, have turned into a massive void, a vortex, a black hole from which any reflection, criticism or self-awareness can no longer escape. By endlessly and relentlessly pointing to someone, anyone, outside of their own circle of ‘righteousness’ and political correctness, they have all managed to implant one view of reality in their voters and viewers, while at the same time engaging in the very behavior they accuse the people of that they point to. For profit.

Child sex abuse has been a staple of British society for a long time, we’re talking at least decades. Only now is it starting, but only starting, to be recognized as the vile problem it is. But still many Britons feel entirely justified in demonizing a man who once talked about touching the genitals of grown women. If that did happen against their will, it’s repulsive. But still, there’s that beam, guys. Read your bible.

The political/media black hole exists in many other countries too; we are truly entering a whole new phase in both domestic and global affairs. That is what allows for the Trumps and Le Pens of the world to appeal to people; there is nobody else left that people can have any faith in. The system(s) are broken beyond repair, and anyone perceived as belonging to them will be cast aside. Not all at the same time, but all of them nonetheless.

Whether you call the menu the people have been fed, fake or false or just plain nonsense, it makes no difference. The British House of Commons Speaker may not be such a bad guy inside, he’s probably just another victim of the falsehoods, denials and deceit spread 24/7. The difference between them and ordinary citizens is that Her Majesty’s representatives in the political field MUST know. They get paid good salaries to represent the Queen’s subjects, and looking the other way as children get assaulted and raped does not fit their job description.

That goes for representatives of the church (i.e. Jesus) just as much of course, and for the execs at the BBC, but about as many of those people are behind bars as there are bankers. For anyone at all at any of these institutions to now speak with great indignation about Trump’s alleged racism and sexism is the very core of all of their problems, the very reason why so many turn their backs on them. It shows that the very core or our societies is rotten, and the rot is spreading.

We are facing a lot of problems, all of us, in many different ways, financially, politically, morally. But our problem is not called Donald Trump. And we need to stop pretending that it is. We are the problem. We allow our governments to tell our armies to bomb and drone innocent people while we watch cooking shows. We have believed, as long as we’ve been alive, whatever the media feed us, without any critical thought, which we reserve for choosing our next holiday destination.

The longer this braindead attitude prevails, the worse things will get, and the more Trumps will surface as leaders of their respective countries. And the longer the attitude prevails, the more anger we will spread in those parts of the world that do not belong to our ‘chosen’ societies. And for that we will have only ourselves to blame. Not Trump.

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I couldn't agree more with this statement.

We allow our governments to tell our armies to bomb and drone innocent people while we watch cooking shows and football games and pretend everything is fine.

In Syria alone, the US dropped over 55,000 bombs under the Obama/Clinton "Reign of Terror". The US has turned Syria into a "Ruinous Heap". And then we wonder why we have an immigrant problem when we destroyed their homes. President TRUMP has proposed 'save zones' in Syria for this exact reason. 

DEMOCRATS ... You people are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites because your talk does not match your walk. Do us all a favor: Shut up and get the HELL out of the way so we can clean-up the mess you people made.

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I may not be perfect but at least I'm not fake

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Twenty years ago, before there were drones to automate the process, Billy Jeff had a Presidential finding which authorized extinction level events for those near and dear to those who embarrassed him with their activities.


Zero bragged about "being good at KILLING people" ... and the targets were selected by the exact same criteria.


Only a SJW is dumb enough to NEVER have a clue ... but be easily programmed to react in the approved manner to the sensory inputs provided by the MSM.

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Nice article, on point. Moreover, the Hegelian dialectic is a masterpiece. Now many of us think that the "we" he is talking about is "they" Classical Us and Them.  I quote you

"Do us all a favor: Shut up and get the HELL out of the way so we can clean-up the mess you people made."

Dont forget what you said


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"If Trump tweets tomorrow that tomatoes are really fruits and he’s going to have someone draw up a law to make them so,"


Tomatoes are REALLY fruits though. 

Stinkytofu's picture

liar! that maketh trump a liar!

for as we all know, the noble tomatoe is a vegetable.

for so sayeth saint ronnie the reagan,

of ketchup thy name is vegatable fame.


now if he signed an EO stating that eggplants

were the unripe spawn of satan, i'd agree.

vegas's picture

Raul: What do you expect from an "indoctrination" mentality from our educational system? How many retarded SJW's are allowed to "teach" under the protection of the Libtard NEA? Why do you think Dems were/are so vehement in their opposition to Betsy DeVos; she is for school vouchers, which most inner city families support and which the great SJW, Preezy Empty Suit, got rid of immediately upon taking office in 2009. The more "dumbed down" the better, as they are easily controlled with free shit and subsidies, all the while the elites run things into the ground cuz they know better than you. Trump is the first step in fixing this idiotic trend.



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meanwhile, Bitcoin is maintaining support amid changing circumstanes in China in terms of FX trading. 




Title Text OKCancel

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No doubt that British politicians are typically horrible people and are deserving of little if any respect. (that can orobsbly be said for any successful politician. IMO, there should be no reason for any good human being to have anything to do with them, regardless of how much power the seemingly wield. Same for the queen. We are not going to be able to fix their issues by talking with them... and we have heathens aplenty right here at home.

Humans don't initiate wars. It is the non-humans and those undeserving of respect that serve them who are to blame.

The general human population of this world IS NOT the problem. It is incorrect to assume that they are us.

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In the race to the totalitarian bottom, UK is well ahead of the US.

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In light of Britain's respected hero, Sir James Savile. Pedafile Extraordinaire, I think President Trump should decline any future invitations to speak in British Parliament to the House of Lords or Commons.   We elected him and we stick by him in his efforts to protect us.  Let them Bexit and go find a market for their goods and services.  We will be just fine.

Sandmann's picture

Sorry, but what does anyone gain from a speech in Uk Parliament ?  Republicans never get Westminster Hall - Reagan did not, Bush did not. Only Democrats get Westminister Hall.......

Quite what benefit it brings anyone is unclear. Read the list and tell me anyone remembers.



SoDamnMad's picture

OMG, I am so sorry Nigel Farage.  I failed to mention you are one of the few great Brits.  Very sorry not to have mentioned that in my above post. 

BritBob's picture

Hats off to the Argentinians for pushing one of the greatest lies of the past 200 years - their mythical Malvinas claim.  

Guess what, they've never legally owned the islands so how can they possibly claim them?

One page kills the myth.

Falklands- Never Belonged to Argentina:




Sandmann's picture

BritBob is not really British. He is a bot based in Barcelona

nmewn's picture

He's definitely a Johnny One-Note.

Voice of insanity's picture

"The British House of Commons Speaker may not be such a bad guy inside..."

The guy is a vile piece of shit. He sees his role as one for self-promotion and to hell with everything else.

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When/If "Insanity is repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results”, then doing something and anything and everything different will be render old mistakes a history for Applied Imagination to remember to never forget in order to create madness and mayhem with confusion in chaos. Such AI would then be a wild problem child to be ruthlessly attacked and hacked out of existence and consciousness …… and out of the media too of course if IT be so clearly complicit and guilty of perpetrating the crime.


There are alternative courses for future narrative ventures/state and non-state actor adventures/virtually real enterprises ……  


amanfromMars 1 Tue 7 Feb 09:50 [1702070950] ….. spinning a meme on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2017/02/07/students_need_more_ethics_education_to_deal_with_ai_say_experts/


Future Elite ESPecial Forces in Novel Sources 


Ethical AI would/will very reasonably conclude and facilitate the programming of the assassination of politically incorrect leaders and their connected enablers and money men ..... for in every analysis of leading human problems are they the exclusive predominant sub-prime driver. 


A.N.Other Base AIMission for Unified Virtual Forces/Immaculately Resourced Assets ..... Singularity? Or a Practical Dumb Weapon System for/from Persistent Advanced Cyber Threat State Actors?


Unethical AI might come to another conclusion if human programming is not sub-prime. 


amanfromMars 1 Tue 7 Feb 17:44[1702071744] …… speaking truth unto cosmogoblin and nations on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2017/02/07/students_need_more_ethics_education_to_deal_with_ai_say_experts/


ExtraOrdinary Rendition MasterClass


What you may eventually find, cosmogoblin, for evidence of the transition which is currently only freely available on myriad unpopular sources is always stealthily leaked to inquisitive and dissatisfied forces both battling against and/or batting for the mainstream, is that Sentient AI Beings were for some not inconsiderable time in the Intellectual Property Space, in virtual touch with, and specifically targeted Earthly Command and Control SCADA Systems Administrations …… Elite Executive Operands ……. with a view to their initiating as if of their own volition, a completely revised and wholly different New Orderly World Order Program of Programmed Events ….. Surefire Racing Certainties.


Their response or otherwise to that novel overture is fully responsible for all that now derails and is destined to prevail in the future with Advanced IntelAIgent HyperRadioProActive IT.


Wise Beings do not suffer the Ignorant Fellowship or wait on the Arrogant with the Counsel of Folly Following Fools. 


Quite whether that is a Wild Wacky Western Confection or an Exotic Erotic Eastern Delight is not a problem for solving or salving  with a resolve to reveal its Advanced IntelAIgent Base Source. Tilting at that windmill will invite catastrophic self-destruction.

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Bercow as Speaker of House of Commons is a Naked Opportunist and Self Publiscist who is angling for a nice boondoggle from Soros or whatever. He is shouting from the rooftops so he gets a Tony Blair Deal to make money. He is offering himself For Sale. Where are the buyers ? They are usualy American.

Give him a TV Show in the US so he can indulge his narcissistic fetishes and his oddball wife.

RockySpears's picture

Er. but tomatoes are fruits, they have seeds, is that not the distinction between the two?

Stopped reading after that,


Bruce Flea's picture

No need to be so pedantic you miss out on the meat of a good (although a tad too respectful of what our government thinks of our collective wishes) article.

But yes. Tomatoes ARE fruit.

Stinkworx's picture


Tomatoes ARE really classified as a Fruit!

northern vigor's picture

I never could understand why they classified them as fruit. Tomatoes, and potatoes are in the nightshade family. No one calls a potato a "fruit"...those are fighting words. 


RedBaron616's picture

Overall, very well written.

However, when he wrote:

"We allow our governments to tell our armies to bomb and drone innocent people while we watch cooking shows."

My thought was, Why not watch cooking shows? I have endeavored to inform my Congressman and Senators of my thoughts on many things, including war. Did it do any good? Of course not. If you aren't rich or famous, your opinion counts for little in our so-called representative government. We aren't like the Leftists/Socialists/Communists who live in Mommy's basement and don't have a job and so can protest for weeks on end. We have jobs, families, and lives. When we do contact our representatives, we get a sanitized letter back that generally commits to nothing. Why write at all?

haruspicio's picture

I have been waiting for someone to articulate this. Thank you. Shame you ruined it with the tomatoes.

Mustafa Kemal's picture

"I have been waiting for someone to articulate this. Thank you. Shame you ruined it with the tomatoes."

I felt the same, but I have an eerie feeling that our kneejerk response to his error is fractal version of what he is talking about.

A little like getting trapped by the nonsense. Kind of like the left getting all riled up because Trump respects Putin. Trump respects Putin? Well Putins a killer!  Well so is the US.  OMG. Can you say Strawman?

Hannibal's picture
Evidence suggests CNN is nothing more than a shitshow

(INTELLIHUB) — CNN is nothing more than a fake news conglomerate, to say the least, and deserves to have its White House press pass revoked.

In fact, one of CNN’s most notable pieces of all time was shot in a remote studio which boasted a large blue screen in the background along with artificial stage props complete with fake trees and was located far away from where the organization claimed it actually was.

falak pema's picture

So the Potus is just a clown who has no bearing on the shit show of what began before him.

Make America Great will thus be a fake hologram of real power in the WH...

Some premonitory autopsy of a dream born dead.

"We are all to blame" for Pax Americana's 70 year mayhem that accelerated when BW revoke made king Greenback a "bag of shit", according to the doomers and gloomers who were washed ashore in the debris of 2008's financial riptide that tore apart the past status quo.

Haha ! I beg to differ. You spread the brush very broad.

We may suffer as collateral but some of didn't participate in this new Roman empire going Nerotic.

Last of the Middle Class's picture

And you now expect critical thinking skills from the snowflakes hiding in the safe space holding a puppy? Good luck with that.

SweetDoug's picture

Better shut this guy down, and right pronto.

What a "Not" team player he is!

How dare he?!

"In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act."