"It's A Disgrace" Trump Slams Democrats For "Obstructing" His Cabinet

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President Trump is frustrated, that is clear. His cabinet remains half (or more) empty as the third week of his reign begins, and he has only one 'thing' to blame...

However, President Trump has some alternative facts as there have been many nominees who have been forced to wait considerably longer for their confirmation...

Source: FiveThirtyEight.com

Confirmed Obama nominees waited for an average of 35 days. George W. Bush’s waited for an average of 16 days, Bill Clinton’s for 16 days, George H.W. Bush’s for 21 days, Ronald Reagan’s for 13 days and Jimmy Carter’s for 6.

Of course, the question Trump rightfully implies is 'is this obstruction' with no cause?

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You sure its not the bipartisan zionists don?



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Mr President you have other problems with hypocritical whiners claiming your supporters are out to hurt everyone also. It's pathetic. It's not just the Dems, it's the alt-HasBeens:

Glenn Beck Goes Full Drama Queen Claiming he Needs Bodyguards for Trump Supporters BUT there’s just one fact…
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"Confirmed Obama nominees waited for an average of 35 days."

Hillary and her supporters are still waiting for her appointment as President to come through...

Besides, numbers don't matter if you just use common core math.

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Sadly, the Dims are in for a rude awakening this weekend. They may never end this particular session until next week some time, keeping the left wing rats from sleeping or going home.

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Orange Jesus already imploding! I'm lovin' it!

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I don't see orange jesus rioting in the streets.

I don't see orange jesus filing las suits.

I don't see orange jesus on the MSM every fucking night whining about not being the legitimate president.

I don't see orange jesus with a pussy hat on.


No, I see you and your loser friends imploding, and guess what - we're loving it.

Suck it and suck it hard.  

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Be careful what you wish for. 

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It is Orange Julius.

Now drink up!!

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Glen Beck and the oother Hillary thugs are playing the old Alynski trick of blaming the other side (Trump supporters) for the very thing they are doing---beatin gpeople up, shooting people and laying on roads obstructing ambulances.

The team needs to go to the source---Soros, Hillary etc--- and slap them in irns far away.

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well, to Fight Club, that list looks about right as far as who has been trying to slow some scumbags down compared to the other scumbags.

Pinch's picture

How long before the Orange Jesus falls on his own sword, or is pushed?

Tick tock

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What old ZH rock did you climb out from under?

Nobodys Home's picture

To the island of Elba. But stay there this time! Fucking Mayer Rothschild/Gyorgy Schwartz...May the Schwartz...DIE!

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An appropriate apples-to-apples comparison would be to compare the amount of time it took to confirm INITIAL cabinet picks when a new administration is replacing these cabinet positions from an opposing poltical party, as these are the ones that really matter in terms of changing the govt.  Right now, the delays allow the losing team to stay in place and create problems for the winners.  The delay in Lowrenta's confirmation OTOH, did not hinder Team Obama's machinations in any way, as the rest of the staff was already doing his bidding.

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Trump was not in goverment when any of these previous delays happened!

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evidence... data...

"Forget that.  Forget about that."   

Trump Feb 5, 2017

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True...all true!

Golden showers in Moscow, Vermonts power grid was hacked by Russians, Melania was an escort, Trump threw MLK's bust out the window, Jilted Stein (bless her heart...lol) proved beyond a shadow of any doubt that the leftwing computer geeks were right that Russians hacked the election, ObamaCare saves $2,500 on average for everyone and progs are high tailing it for the Canadian border.

All true ;-)

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Progressive truth requires no proof.
The INVENTOR of alternative facts.

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a travishamockery!

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Twitter worked for a while, now its time to lay off, change tactics, and simmer down. 

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You have a point. The POTUS has made a point of not wanting to "channel" what he may or may not do in regards to "national security" as example. The SAME principle applies in the case of his domestic actions. In other words twitter is cute and all, entertaining as all fuck, but you are giving advance notice and plenty of AMMUNITION, that is being turned on you at every point. Time to stop twitter twatting and start doing, the old fashoned way, down and dirty ..

toady's picture

What fun would that be?  I'm hoping he keeps doubling down, even to the point where where he tweets every waking minute! 

This is glorious! 

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LoL, ... Forgive me, I got carried away for a moment ..  Carry on ...


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I dunno (no downie from me by the way) it kinda adds something to the discussion in my opinion.

A kind of "Look! Squirrel!!!" quality with...fabulous hair ;-)


Ok...I had to up ya cuz you're getting beat up for expressing an honest opinion.

johnwburns's picture

Thanks, but ZH is so crawling with trolls as of very recently that who knows if you're getting an 'honest' down vote from a like minded citizen of a cunty thing from a hostile. 

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But how soon for the initial cabinet members? It's one thing to have a cabinet member not confirmed midway through a president's term, it's another to have multiple not confirmed at the beginning.

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He's understandably pissed at not having the AG in place. The rest can wait some days.

He needs Sessions, to clean house at DOJ. Top to bottom.

nmewn's picture

Thats really what it is, the DOJ is going to have a serious house cleaning.

The dead-ender Mzzz.Yates was first.

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Sessions needs to get started with cleaning house at the DOJ.

I agree with you the others can wait.

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It's all about Sessions.

He is a fellow Senator.

What's the hold up?

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Reduction In Force, RIF, for DOJ since they don't take care of Wall Street fraud/racketeering and they don't take care of foreign agents contributing to State Dept Officials, congress, major political candidates...

and DOJ seems unconcerned by actions of Lois Lerner, Janet Reno, Ben S. Bernanke, Timothy Geithener, and the lies in testimony to US Congress and US Citizens in 2008 Global Financial Crisis.

- What about Rule of Law
- What about Financial Police
- What about New York not going after Financial Crimes
- What about fake WMD in going to war
- What about missing funds & Documents at Pentagon
- What about Racketeering & Sedition in Voter Fraud

Yes, maybe RIF actions fit in much of the bloated federal budgets.

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Exactly. More fake news?

We have been hearing for weeks that most every other president has had the bulk of their cabinet seated in the first week and then we get shit. Apparently we have "alternate facts" here where specifics become important.

In all seriousness we have a vacant government with missing agency heads in bulk. I don't think ANYONE believes that this is normal,


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what's a Tyler got to do with it?
The real problem is we have Omama holdovers.
Usually things go much more smoothly.
But this time we have to deal with landmines and time bombs left on purpose by a president that never should have been.

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Your party controls the Senate... why can't they just call for a damn vote?

just the tip's picture

what exactly is "your party"?

as i recall some of trump's harshest opponents have an (r) following their name.

oh, wait, i get it your are stuck in the two party paradigm.  how wonderful it must be for you.

stopthehandouts's picture

What part of Trump running on the 'R' ticket don't you understand?

What part of the 'R' party controlling the senate don't you understand?

For me... both parties are corrupt to the core and every single establishment type should face a firing squad.

One more thing... what other legitimate party in your paradigm is there smart guy?

Oh... and those harshest opponents may turn out to be apart of Pizzagate.

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@ stopthehandouts

I up arrowed your comment. Still, Jeb Bush said he was voting for Hillary. It is sad that both parties are corrupt to the core and that they collude to throw taxpayers and citizens under the bus... to serve and enrich the corrupt elite class. 

Blue Team is upset with the current Red Team president. Now they know how Red Team voters felt for 8 years! Although, Blue Team is not taking it so gracefully. The "other" teams have been disenfranchised much longer... at least 16 years, but more like forever.

What other legitimate party is there? Well, the two major parties IMO are illegitimate. I support the Libertarian Party. Since the two majors make the rules, it is darn near impossible for any "third party" to get established. The Tea Party was co-opted by the corrupt R party. Bottom line, it is unlikely change will come from the outside (third party) and unlikely change will come from within (Tea Party). The voter is screwed even before the voting starts!

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Correct. A.K.A the illusion of "choice." .. 

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The Senate split 50-50 on the edu lady vote and needed a VP Pence tiebreaker vote- for the first time ever IIRC.





BrownCoat's picture

The edu lady was confirmed. Pass/Fail test. She passed! 
It's a win. 

Nobodys Home's picture

Snow and I forget...I think it was Carbunkle.

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...crazy pills! [/zoolander]

TeethVillage88s's picture

Supercharged, and info is all upside down/no logic/everything is sideways.

Wiemar Germany type emotions, Yellow Journalism, no investigative journalism in MSM, Bloomberg often posted anti-trump drivel opinions, NYT clearly bent...

Some Force is behind all of this.

The country has been torn apart since 911 which we know the Neocons planned out as a new Pearl harbor Event. Then Fake News on WMD in Iraq.

So you got Soros NGOs, the Media, DNC corruption, Hillary, Clinton Foundation with Foreign Agents Contributions, Foreign Agents lobbying Congress & State Dept.


But others are Anti-Fascism, Black Panthers, BLM, Communists, Socialists, MIC-Security Industry, CIA & Rogue Intelligence Agencies lead by Klapper.

Nobodys Home's picture

Top down. Bottom up. Inside out.
Which Omama buddy said that?

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(((Barak))) Sry. Parenthesis are new for me.


What do the words “Barack” and “Obama” literally mean? - Dictionary
Sep 3, 2010 ... Barack is an African name meaning “blessed.” It is a form of both the Hebrew name Baruch and the Arabic name Mubarak, which also mean ...

Barak (given name) - Wikipedia
The given name Barak, also spelled Baraq, from the root B-R-Q, is a Hebrew name meaning ... The Arabic word for "lightning" is Arabic: ????? bur?q. The epithet ...

(((Ehud Barak))) is an Israeli politician

Islamic Phrases And It's Arabic Translation - Facebook
https://www.facebook.com/notes/muslim/islamic-phrases... Proxy Highlight
(((Barak Allahu Feekum))) Every Muslim should remember these essential expressions.

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McConnell is trying so hard, so very very hard to get Sessions confirmed as quickly as possible.

toady's picture

Right. If there's one slippery motherfucker on the hill it's that turtle-looking motherfucker. 

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Fathead Slim (not verified) toady Feb 7, 2017 8:53 PM

He looks like somebody just snatched his dildo out of his butthole.