Orwellian Happenings: Twitter Censors Trump, Suspends New Comic Strip For Lampooning Liberal Stupidity

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While reports are rolling in about Twitter censoring or curating President Trump's tweets (at least some of which Trump is aware of), outrage is building over increasingly Orwellian suspensions of conservatives - the latest being a 2 week old account which was apparently way too honest about Social Justice Warriors (activist idiots). "He He Silly Comics" (@sillyfunnycomic) set up shop over at Twitter on January 20th and began tweeting hilarious comics which immediately began picking up steam.

Ban Update: 

Here are a few examples:






And a few more (click to expand):

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It was THIS comic, however, which apparently sent Twitter off the deep end:


animation (11)

4chan takes notice, @SillyFunnyComic stops by:







This sums it up nicely:


Since being banned on Twitter, you can find Silly Funny Comic over at gab.ai


So Twitter decides to suspend the account of an artist trying to make a name for herself for no other reason than her opinions, while a bunch of pedos and the NY Antifa chapter get to keep their accounts.

I'm sure their fans are happy.

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x marx the spot's picture

A profound loss for humanity.

Lost in translation's picture

Twitter's stock price is what, again?

besnook's picture

beware of anyone who can't laugh at themselves. they are serial killers in training, either individually or part of a serial killer klan. that theory transcends political affiliation.

northern vigor's picture

Last year the liberal media went to the wall fighting for Charlie Hebdo's right to lampoon Islam with political cartoons. 

But when twitter does it today censoring cartoonists lampooning liberals?...Crickets.

Insurrector's picture

Admittedly hypocritical.  But is was all media that did so - Faux News was also on the bandwagon as were other extreme left media.

One of the big differences is that Twitter is a free service that is not touted as a news service. Think about it - 140 characters is not a good vehicle for reasoned expression - it is really geared towards sound bites and insults as the Donald (and many many others) have demonstrated.

I do believe Twitter has a right to limit expression on their platform.

northern vigor's picture

I would have agreed that  proprietary rights allows them to limit expression on their platform but then I thought about this more.

If you own a property but allow the public to squat on  it  for many years with no limit, eventually the owner loses the right to stop the public from using it. The owner cannot start saying this person can use it, but this other person cannot use it. It goes back to old common law. 

barysenter's picture

Dilbert is far more seditious and its syndicated. Will the shareholders have reason to sue the Twitter nincomscumboard for suiciding their valuation? I hope so...

TeethVillage88s's picture

Interesting post. Might have to go over to /pol/ since is easy place to post images.

ZeroPointNow's picture

Absolutely. Even after posts slide off the main page, 4chan archive is alive and well. 

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One-Eyed-Thong (not verified) Feb 7, 2017 12:13 PM

well, i was once visited at work by 3 men with guns over my "Bank of America is conducting mortgage fraud on a massive scale" post

my boss said i had to go to "therapy" or else get fired

funny thing, the therapist was a black woman and hated white males 



Insurrector's picture

Were the 3 men with guns part of law enforcement?

If so, why would you confess that here?  I laud it, but damn dude!

One-Eyed-Thong's picture
One-Eyed-Thong (not verified) Insurrector Feb 7, 2017 3:02 PM

2 out of state feds

and 1 sheriff's deputy


the deputy was cool

the feds can suck on the salty part between my anus and my scrotem (they tried to get me fired)

Rabbitnexus's picture

Not often I get to tell of this but it may be of interest given the subject. I'm an Aussie and also a Muslim convert.

I have had a visit from a couple of armed federal agents, part of an anti-Terrorist task force, at my own place of work. They had as their only cause an anonymous "complaint" that a Muslim woman had been seen in my house. That was it! The address was actually of my ex-wife and I hadn't lived there for years and only through the other info about my business were they able to locate me. They knew nothing about me, coming in cold without anything but an anonymous internet call. I deduced the call came from some butt hurt Zionist with old info about my home address. They used to have all that and have used it before, but haven't kept up with my last few home moves since remarrying.

The incredible thing to me was that they were actually investigating me for being a Muslim. Well actually they had no idea I am. I explained to them the reason a Muslim woman lived in my house, was because I am a Muslim and that is my wife. There was nothing at all in the complaint. We'd not been alleged to do anything wrong, act oddly or anything. As I said the complaint was bullshit anyway, just malicious trouble making by some Zid. BUT what the hell is going on that Federal Police are "investigating" people for being Muslim? I was horrified to imagine the terror some immigrants might experience at that. Being an Aussie and knowing my rights AND having been more than a few rounds with the police over the years so they don't scare me as much as I do them actually (I'm a bad boy really), I gave them an earful and ruined their day by giving them some info which proves our "intelligence services" and government are deeply involved in the jihadi trade. They left here a bit deflated actually and with me calling after them as they drove away, "So you have to figure out now, who do you work for!" 

Nevertheless. The fact this is happening is shocking. I also think the reason for it is this. (I told them too)  These dupes are going round collating info on Muslims. This goes into reports. Those reports do little, except they'll be accessed by the intelligence agencies. Who will be able to use these reports to select the ideal PATSY for their bullshit terrorist "events"

I wonder if something similar is going on in other Western countries?

Bananamerican's picture

screw all that....
You are a muslim? How "much" of a muslim are you?

Why are you in the west (the House Of War)? why aren't you IN some wonderful majority muslim country (the House Of Peace)?

what do you think of Trump's so called "Ban"?


Rabbitnexus's picture

Firstly you bigoted dickhead, fuck you.

Yes Bananayank, I am a Muslim. 100%. I converted in 2011, before which I had been a Buddhist for a decade and born as a Christian. In fact I spent four years studying the Bible in seminary and hold both Christian priesthoods. Aaronic and Melchizedek. In other words chances are this is like a meeting between a Homosapien and a Cro-magnon as far as our relative knowledge bases are concerned. I'm even married to a brown person. Best we get that out of the way lest you be in for further shocks as we progress. Actually Missi is lighter skinned than me usually since I am outdoors more, and I am of anglo-celtic heritage. We go right back to an independent Scotland. But she is a Paki so by all means include that in your prejudgment of me.  :-)  Oh heck, I nearly forgot, she is also 29 years younger than me too, but I am sorry to spoil it for you if you hoped otherwise, she was 19 when we married so I aren't any more of a pervert than President Trump. I have been married three times too. First two were tall, blondes. French and Danish. I like variety.

As for why I am in the West, if you're paying attention it may have begun to dawn on you. That is because I was born here. I am an immigrant. My family first came to Australia a couple of hundred years ago, but I am close to some very senior aborigine tribes and have a personal treaty with them. Which includes my family in perpetuity. I believe in putting my action where my mouth takes me and I support the indigenous and tribal cultures I meet in my wide ranging travels, it seems to be a default wth me. I figure it is the traditional values and common sense these cultures own which the West does not. I also am attracted to Italians, Spanish and Greeks for similar reaons. I've cured supposedly terminal diseases with traditional knowledge that the West does not have. I don't need to ask anybody what works, I am a man of earth and can competently look after myself and family without modern civilisation and restore a good portion of it's technology too if I had to. I am a proud Westerner mr puppy nation Yank and one who is conscious of all our herirtage, including the lies and stolen bits. I don't feel superior among the world's cultures, I feel 'adequate" and I am afforded great respect in business and private as a very rare Westerner who does not have the blindness and arrogance and hypocrisy of most. As a result I both teach and learn, everywhere I go.

Given my rare position between two cultures, East and West and a well established foothold in both, I am free to choose where my/our future will be and I suspect it will eventually be in the East. Simply because I don't go down with sinking ships. I'm an Aries. We lead, we initiate but we don't stick around to go down when the rest of the crew can't make the grade. There's always new horizons. I am free to choose and for now I owe my birth culture and the country in whose army I enlisted and served to try and help it survive the stormy seas ahead and maybe, find a place for itself in whatever is left at the end of the wash cycle.

Trump's ban is complete bvullshit. I support it in principle, even if the USA is completely responsible for and at fault for the refugee problem in the first place (Australia is not innocent either) the thing is this. Among those refugees are a large number of former rat bastard jihadis from Iraq, Syria and anywhere else the USA is clandestinely (and not so clandestinely) supporting their Takfiri nastiness. They began to stream in and the Soros gang released the floodgates to cover their movements, about the time Russia helped turn the tide against the Takfiri scum in Syria, hence the name which sticks, "Syrian refugees" Indeed many do carry Syrian passports, since the CFIA provided ISIS with a printing press to make thjeir own!  The truth of what I am saying is clear and abvious to anyone if they open their eyes ands stop being blinded by lies. The behaviour of these animals is NOT Islamic. The misogyny and violence all of it is absolutely not allowed in Islam. Your problem is you think otherwise so miss the obvious. These are your terrorists. There are a lot of ordinary people, even many former terrorists and their families will just want to put it behind them, but plenty are the filth of the streets. Criminals and opportunists and yes, extremists who all got caught up in the net YOU used to gather them and inflict them upon the long suffering Iraqis and Syrians and Libyans.... So just to be clear, whilst I am concerned about them and see the danger better than most of you do, I cannot accept we did not earn this. YOU EARNED IT! you made them and now you own them. The media can't admit it anymore than the government can. They have used a false story from the start, just like with MH-17, how can they unravel that lie? They have to stick to the lie they are refugees.

The thing is this. The "Ban" is bullshit. It ONLY includes countries who have been mostly bombed by or expect to be bombed by the USA and they are all just enemies of Saudi Arabia and Israel. The fact the media isn't mentioning this and just playing along with the lie oit is an anti-terror related ban or religious ban just shows Trump and they agree on one thing. Look after the Saudis!  That was when I jumped off the Trump train actually. I was a Trump supporter. Many Muslims were. We couldn't care less about immigration, most Muslims are very happy where they live, they even don't much care about insults or Quran burning crap. We'd be happy to put up with all that, just stop killing us and bombing us and supporting the most eveil sons of bitches you can find to repress our people wherever they are sitting on some resources or land you want access to. Ask nicely and we might actually be happy to trade. Stop fucking our countries everytime we get a proper fuinctioning first world one going and you might be surprised to see what the Islamic world can do. How soon you forgot where the entire Western civlisation came from. The dark Ages were our lot when Islam was at its golden age. The Crusades are the record of our theft of all their technology, science and medicine etc. The BIGGEST secret of the West. Our shameful secret, the dirty skeleton in our closet. We stole everything, and destroyed the rest so they couldn't get up again.. Ever since we have stood on their head to keep the East from rising. It is over by the way. The East is rising.

The list is therefore bullshit. A placebo has been tossed to the mosh pit and the media is playing along so the Trumpys don't get a whiff of what just happened. Trump's failure to me came from sacrificing so much political capital, everywhere on an action which was all along a fabrication. There has been no terrorism on US soil from those countries. (Don't tell me about the couple of ridiculous non-events and the Bowling Green massacre please :-) that was NOT terrorism on you, and the guys worked for you when they were terrorists) but there has been lots of terrorism real and false flag from two Muslim and one Jewish state not on that list. What do you think of it? Were you sold? It didn't occur to you the Saudis might bea problem? What about my wife's home country? You sure are responsible but make no mistake, Pakistan is a very dangerous country for the West. Not least because there are huge ties between Pakistan and the West with families already.  It was truly a monumentally stupid idea to radicalise so many idiots there I can tell you.

Islam is a religion of peace and those who forget that, lose their Islam. You just go round starting wars and claiming the reaction to your aggression is proof of Islamic violence. That's idiotic.

Meanwhile talking about a "House of Peace".....AREN'T YOU AN AMERICAN?  I repeat my first suggestion to you. Also use a condom when you do, I'd hate to take the risk you might reproduce with yourself. Hard to know what happens with all these new genders invented by "Western Civilisation"

goober's picture

And do you still work there ? If so why ?

lasvegaspersona's picture

All Trump needs to do is utter the word 'gab'. Twitwats should be careful or they could wake up one day with no company.....well they'd still have a company...just no one using their services.

photonsoflight's picture

The left will use it to organize. Better to shut it down completely.

UndertheDRADIS's picture

How about an app that simultaneously posts to both, so people can be weaned from Twitter?

JackieG's picture


Akzed's picture

Level -1 thinking.

Salsa Verde's picture

If people are offended by something they read it means two things.

1.  They can chose not to read it.

2.  The 1'st amendment is doing its job. 

photonsoflight's picture

A book is a dangerous thing. You don't know what is in it until it is too late.

UndertheDRADIS's picture

I don't think these kids can conceptualize any idea that takes more than 140 characters to express.

PoliticalRefugeefromCalif.'s picture

George Bush tried to warn us that they hate us for our freedom..

Rabbitnexus's picture

Yes but he wasn't talking about the other side of the political isle. Bush also started what Obama continued and Trump is now also running with. The USA started it's war on terror and made it self fullfilling. The only refugees previous to that, were ones from previous US wars.

Skiprrrdog's picture

LOL... "Mother is a violent word". Does this mean I cant say MOTHERFUCKER any more? Instead maybe defiler of a pregnant person?

lasvegaspersona's picture

I never considered the pregnancy state of the mother to be critical when using the term motherfucker.

Isn't it enough that she is just a mother? MILFs need love too.

barysenter's picture

Twitter is irrelevant. The whitehouse owns whitehouse.gov, the biggest data center on the planet and all the staff they require to scissor all the lying press and psyops with one cut. Permanent-like.

Do it! Do it!

Insurrector's picture

whitehouse.gov was better under Obama

barysenter's picture

Sure, if you like bullshit, really expensive pure evil bullshit you can't afford, don't condone and must pay for, if you like forking over billions you don't have to terrorist sponsor states like Iran, and permanently wet diapers like Israel, Ukraine, Iraq, ECB. Didact wider. Deeper. Faster.

Rabbitnexus's picture

Excuse me but Iran has never been involved in terrorism. They have been targets of US and "Israeli" terrorism for decades and they have had their airliners shot down by US navy ships. In international airspace. Indeed Iran may be the worst victim of terrorism on the planet. Hezbollah are their ally and a legitimate self defense and social movement. They also are not terrorists. They are an answer to "Israeli" terrorism. Iran is rightly recognised as the essential brick against terrorism in the MIddle East. The terrorism you started. They will end, with Russia's help.

The money the USA paid to Iran was THEIRS and you had stolen it. You still hold much that is theirs, you have stolen much that is theirs.

The USA and Israel are the source of virtually all terrorism. Their close and cosy alliance with Saudi Arabia is entirely natural for this is the terrorist triangle. You have to knowingly lie and obfuscate things to say anything different these days too. Just so you know, very few people buy that bullshit anymore. Probably why your stocks of it are so high these days. The market for bullshit is drying up.

whatamaroon's picture

I followed him on Gab. He's got lots of funnies, poking fun at the SWJ's and their hypocracy.

Akzed's picture


Aaaand Google is In-Q-Tel is CIA is DHS. So be not surprised when Google writes the rules in favor of its Deep State backers.

lasvegaspersona's picture

Any media celeb who spends a night in the White House is suspect. Eric Schmidt is way beyond suspect. He is the evil google was originally trying not to be. He loves the limelight and the women attracted to his manpower.

gdpetti's picture

It isn't JUST Google, but all the large tech firms.... CIA/Mossad/WallStreet bankster investment startups are all members of the club.... which is why they grow so exponentially fast...

goober's picture

Yes all are tied together and incestuous. And all have fed at the gov trough one way or another at one point or another. Basically a matrix or form of mind control mechanism has been created to easily mind fuck the masses.


The shit gets more perverse and Orwellian each day. Free speech, who gets to decide such ?


Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Carlos Slim too...  Got megarich (allegedly) real fast,  didn't he?

deplorable nation's picture

Another example of leftist "tolerance". Soon they'll be burning books.

Rabbitnexus's picture

Book burning is an attitude and they are there. They don't read books much these days. The censorship from the left is modern day book burning.

TheLastTrump's picture

The left's been burning books for decades. :) Huckleberry Finn & Catcher in the Rye were effectively burnt out of school systems a looooong time ago.


The left are some of the most hypocritical & nonsensical people I've ever known. I'm not saying I'm anything to brag about, it's just glaring.


The left p.r.i.d.e. themselves on being educated but we've discovered lately that universities are a zoo, and violent, filled with stupidities. This didn't just spring up over night. If you've gotten a college degree since the late 1950's you're contaminated. Fortunately it seems to wear off as you age. :)

WorkingPoor's picture

Jones: "It tells me that goose stepping morons like yourself should be READING books instead of BURNING them!"

Dr. Henry Jones Sr., Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Akzed's picture

The death rattle of the Left, 'tis music to me ears.

Insurrector's picture

You mistake it for the rattle of the snake on the right as it prepares to inject venom into the world

Rabbitnexus's picture

Unfortunatley you may be correct. It was recognised by some of us that if Trump was not what he pretended and was in fact the result of a very clever and sly stunt by the usual suspects, then we are going to be really in deep this time. That said, thinking people could see Clinton was a one way trip to hell. ... Or at least they were made to. ...

northern vigor's picture

This is why Face Book, Google Twitter etc need those important employees from the seven countries, Trump banned getting into the US.

Who will censor free speech, without narrow minded employees?

Totally_Disillusioned's picture

Concepts like RICOH, monopoly, censorship come to mind...Twitter now the arbitor of "truth"?  Erie echoes of the Third Reich?  Nazi?  Stazi?  

New_Meat's picture

Ya, we use Konica-Minolta almost exclusively for our concepts.  We get echos off of Huron mostly.

Insurrector's picture

Fucking hilarious New Meat.

Unlikely disillusioned gets the allusion.

Drawing he proverbial "Eh?" on the Huron echoes reference.  Color me ignorant on that one. Here is the top hit I got on Google for that one:

A hilltop site in Milan, Ohio, located on a bluff overlooking the Huron River, was likely a prehistoric ceremonial site for "Early Woodland" people 2,300 years ago.

New_Meat's picture

it is eerie how you picked up on that