Senate Votes To Gag Elizabeth Warren After Anti-Sessions Outburst

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Not The Onion. Following a scathing speech against Trump's nominee for Attorney General, Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell said Senator Elizabeth Warren had "impugned the motives and conduct of our colleague from Alabama," violating the so-called 'Rule 19'. By a vote of 49-43, Senator Warren was then barred from speaking on the floor until Senator Sessions nomination debate is complete (likely tomorrow evening).

Sen. Steve Daines (R-Mont.), who was presiding over the the Senate during the Massachusetts Democrat's speech - who at times was repeating words being said to him by GOP Senate floor staff - initially interrupted Warren to warn her that she was on the brink of violating the rule.

As The Hill reports, the drama on the Senate floor comes after McConnell interrupted Warren's speech accusing her of breaking the upper chamber's guidelines.

“The senator has impugned the motives and conduct of our colleague from Alabama,” McConnell said from the Senate floor.


“I call the senator to order under the provisions of Rule 19.”


Under the Senate’s “Rule 19,” senators are not allowed to “directly or indirectly, by any form of words impute to another Senator or to other Senators any conduct or motive unworthy or unbecoming a Senator."

Warren offered a blistering speech against Sessions's nomination, arguing he wouldn’t stand up to Trump’s “campaign of bigotry.”

“He made derogatory and racist comments that should have no place in our justice system,” she said.


“To put Sen. Sessions in charge of the Department of Justice is an insult to African-Americans.”


Warren quoted a 1986 speech from the late Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.) who referred to Sessions as a “throwback to a shameful era” and a “disgrace” to the Justice Department.

McConnell defended the decision, noting Warren had been warned.

"Sen. Warren was giving a lengthy speech. She had appeared to violate the rule. She was warned. She was given an explanation," he said after the vote. "Nevertheless, she persisted."



McConnell also specifically pointed to Warren quoting a letter from the late Coretta Scott King, civil rights activist and wife of Martin Luther King Jr., as evidence that she had broken the rules.Coretta Scott King wrote in 1986, during Sessions's failed confirmation hearing for a federal judgeship, that he “had used the awesome power of his office to chill the free exercise of the vote by black citizens" as a U.S. attorney in Alabama. When Warren said she was "surprised" by McConnell's actions and asked to continue, the Republican objected and was backed up by Daines, effectively ending Warren's speech. 

Warren rejected McConnell's move, tweeting to her millions of followers that

"I will not be silent while the Republicans rubber stamp an AG who will never stand up to the @POTUS when he breaks the law."

Of course, Democrats did what they do best in response - unleashed a social media frenzy of hurt fellings capped by the hashtag #LetLizSpeak.

But Senator Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) - the Senate's top Democrat - had the last word... "If the average American heard someone read a letter from Coretta Scott King ... they would not be offended, It seems to me that we could use Rule 19 almost every day on the floor of the Senate. This is selective enforcement."


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junction's picture

Go get them, Liz!

Manthong's picture

Pocahontas should have been ball-gagged and cuffed.

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xythras (not verified) Manthong Feb 7, 2017 10:38 PM

Those pesky Dem controled by Soros. Sooner or later Donald will have to confront him.

The sneaky jew has his fingers in all the immigration ONGs and lawsuits agains the #muslimban

George Soros Fingerprints all Over the Lawsuits Against Donald Trump


greenskeeper carl's picture

Don't you guys know she is a fuckign American Indian? You can't interupt of censure her, its fuckin' raycis!

localsavage's picture

Liz...I guarantee that he will stand up to Trump every bit as much as Holder stood up to Obama.  You fuck faces started this game and now you can deal with it.

SixIsNinE's picture

tell her to come back after she offers up a critique of the
Boston Marathon Hoax Event :

nice compilation of the fakery in one short vid :

Cynicles's picture

Hoax, heard that word somewhere else, hmm
...oh yeah, Sandy Hoax, where no one died.

JohnnyBriefcase's picture

Something, something Francis Sawyer!!

VinceFostersGhost's picture



This little injun said.....wee wee wee.....all the way home.


I CAN say the because I AM part Cherokee Indian......unlike you.


On the other hand I'm mostly Scandinavian.......and extremely white.....sorta like you.



If all my ancestors were here........they'd say.......SHUT THE HELL UP YOU STUPID BITCH!!!

Cloud9.5's picture

I thought it was a little pig.

detached.amusement's picture

Ditto, and a tiny tiny part at that - but the way I see it, its like how the casinos see it if you want to claim some sort of benefit - one quarter, or gtfo

marathonman's picture

Liz has jumped the shark.  This is theater at its best.  Enjoy the show...

jcaz's picture

it's good that Warren is burning her currency so quickly into Trump's term-  she'll just be a spot on a blog in six months.....

jeff montanye's picture

i have not done the research on any but 9-11 but if you start out with a very big hoax terrorist event then you can't really blame people for lacking faith in your smaller, more regional terrorist events, can you?

also to eric holder we could certainly add loretta "tarmac" lynch.

and speaking of standing up to wrongdoing, i'm not sure president george w. bush was able to stand up to john "torture" yoo (sarc), currently emanuel s. heller professor of law at the university of california, berkeley.  one might think at least one of the many snowflakes there might not feel entirely safe around a man who espouses the techniques of the spanish inquisition as current adjuncts to making the world safe for democracy:

JamesBond's picture

Accepting the results of the election you are not

sodbuster's picture

> "I will not be silent while the Republicans rubber stamp an AG who will never stand up to the @POTUS when he breaks the law."<
Hey Liz- that is what we have had for 8 F'N YEARS you dumb bitch!!! Why didn't you ever say anything before???

Grumbleduke's picture

she just KNOWS that he'll never stand up to anybody - she asked her crystal magic 8-ball and the chieftains and shamans of her tribe. They never got wrong!

TeamDepends's picture

It's legal to gag progressives now? Sweet! Heading straight to Ball Gags R Us and see if we can set up a wholesale account.

JRobby's picture

I think the correct word order is 8 - ball crystal magic

Mr. Bones's picture

Because she said, right there plain as day that she wouldn't be silent when Republicans do it.  She already demonstrated her willingness to be silent when Democrats do it.

The implication is that she's some sort of protector of rights and so that's how most will read it, but the words say 'I'm a partisan, hear me roar.'

A Nanny Moose's picture

Silence is golden. Duct tape is silver.

cheka's picture

squaw with forked tongue trying to build street cred for 2020

Okienomics's picture

"squaw with forked tongue trying to build street cred for 2020"

It seems she will need it, she's already behind in MA polling. I will be supporting whoever is lined up as her opponent, to drive a steak in the tender snowflake hearts of crazed liberals everywhere.

bardot63's picture

'fuckface' is too nice.  but i can't think of one better offhand.

caconhma's picture

I don't like Senator Warren but I support her and for this matter any other US Congress member Constitutional rights to Freedom of Speech!

It is fucking bizarre. How can US Senators discuss any business if they are prohibited to speak truth and/or express their own opinion? Are we living in Soviet Union or North Korea?

TheMeatTrapper's picture

I support her right to come to Alabama and practice her free speech. We'll practice our right of kicking her ass and dropping her into the middle of the projects at night by her self. This stupid bitch honestly has no idea who she's fucking with. They really don't. People down here will kill you over "fighting words". Down here, words have meaning, and actions have consequences. Smart asses, fucksticks and cutey pie liberals simply do not last very long. Another thing most people do not realize is how many Alabamians are in this administration in one form or another. There is a lengthy list of former Sessions staffers and associates who are in the White House. 

The libturds have no clue what they are up against. 

acetinker's picture

These days, I live in the hills of Georgia, but I was borned and raised in the flatlands outside of MoGodbile.  That's down in AlaDamnbama- for them who don't know.  I dont know Sen. Sessions personally, but I'm right familiar with his kind.

They rarely start a fight, but won't hesitate to bust yer fkn head wide open.  See?  They're tolerant, decent people for the most part, and don't much mind your color or your creed.  How many times you hear of riots, protests and the like- or any Goddam thing in MoGodbile?  Ya' don't, cuz they don't encourage, or more importantly- tolerate that shit.

It's the people.  Not the cops, and most certainly not the God-forsaken FedGov that maintain this environment.  Sen. Sessions surely knows this.

It's not without problems- no city is... but again, I ask how often is Mobile in the news outside of Mobile?  It ain't.

Bingo Hammer's picture

I heard some libtards want to make it "Allah'bama....

Bollockinell's picture

What, you mean the guy that told me Alabammy was filled with cowboys wearing miniskirts and fur-lined boots who hang around in truck stops getting a hard-on over country music was lying?!?!

jcaz's picture

They're called "Senate Floor Rules", Snowflake, and despite your naive plea of "freedom of speech".  there ARE some rules in life that you have to follow;

Idjit..... Try actually READING the Constitution before you start using it as your tool.

dark pools of soros's picture

Shouldnt Trump fans burn down the Senate floor and smash windows to stop Liz from speaking just like they do for Milo and anyone else not pandering to their Soros sugar daddy?

jeff montanye's picture


we are living in the u.s. of a. where senators had to make up a rule, this one, to keep each other from, effectively, kicking each other in the tits:

IndyPat's picture

You triggered?

Can I get you a blanket? A binkie?

Ballin D's picture

this is a debate rule that prevents idiots from attacking the individual and not the issue.  If you have nothing to stand on and your audience is morons (congress and the left), then it works fairly well.  The rule exists to protect idiots from their stupidity.

bamawatson's picture

dumber than dirt
no concept of meaning of free speech
stone cold simpleton
delete your account

the view, oprah, ellen must be your sole sources of Constitutional

most pathetic zh post i have ever read

astounding you could that much pure ignorance in to one comment

SWRichmond's picture

It's just a stunt.  The left loves stunts.  The leaderless left is open for clowns, vying for a leadership role as the new firebrands of the left.  This is the simple and obvious genesis of Warren's stunt, and of Kaine's "fight in the streets" stunt.

More stunts to come. probably stunts which will involve a lot of virtue-signaling.

TheLastTrump's picture

soundbite pols


always shaping things to play well on their captured media to their captured audience

Agstacker's picture

You can't yell 'FIRE' in a crowded theater either.

ejmoosa's picture

Actually you can.

But there is a price you will pay.

That's the problem with the left.  They want to do something and never pay the price the rest of us would have to pay.

LyLo's picture

The only case law I know regarding this sentiment is actually really dark.

The Supreme Court used this analogy when ruling that a political dissident could not pass out anti-war pamphlets.  It's never actually happened: just this vague threat that is used to shut down people others don't like.*


*No one read the above statement as any kind of endorsement of Warren or her fucking antics.  Senate rulez is senate rulez; no backsies. 

If she didn't like this rule, she should have complained in the number of years she's been a senator...  I feel a foreshadowing that I'm going to be saying that exact sentence like a million times over the next year.

sister tika's picture

That was explained in above missive. Read it again for comprehension.

Okienomics's picture

"How can US Senators discuss any business if they are prohibited to speak truth and/or express their own opinion? Are we living in Soviet Union or North Korea?"

She can walk her ass down to the steps of the capital and say whatever the hell she wants. But while she's on the floor of the United States Senate she must respect decorum and refrain from personal attacks on her colleagues.

Count me as a supporter of dignified behavior in Congress.

swamp's picture

She is offering opinion, not proof.
The comments are inflamatory, not probative.
No evidence submitted, only opinion from 1986.

Poke a haunt us
Has carried on with her crazed crap stinking and polluting our system for far too long. Shut her down.

Jus7tme's picture

>>Count me as a supporter of dignified behavior in Congress.


Where the majority gets to define what constitutes dignified speech? Count me out.

urhotdogs's picture

No problem if the truth is being spoken and without hypocrisy.  Good thing Holder and Lynch were perfect and bucked Obama at every turn (Sarc).