Trump: We're Going To Take It To The Supreme Court

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In the clearest indication yet that the Trump administration will fight any adverse ruling by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals (should one be handed down later on Tuesday), President Donald Trump said he is not backing down on an executive order halting travel from seven Muslim-majority countries, vowing to fight legal challenges to his Immigration executive order all the way through the courts.

As reported last night, a federal appeals court in San Francisco will hear arguments at 6pm ET on Tuesday whether the United States should restore the order. Federal Judge James Robart, who serves in the state of Washington, previously suspended it, prompting personal attacks from Trump. Trump suggested that his administration will keep pressing the fight if the appeal fails.

"We're going to take it through the system," Trump told reporters at the White House. "It's very important, it's very important for the country regardless of me or whoever succeeds at a later date. We have to have security in our country." When asked if he thinks the case will go to the Supreme Court, Trump said "we will see." He added that "hopefully, it doesn't have to."

On Tuesday, Justice Department lawyers will argue the case against opposing attorneys from the states of Minnesota and Washington. The appeals court will focus on whether the lower court had the grounds to suspend the order, not the legality of issuing the order itself as CNBC reports. Trump's order temporarily barred travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries with visas from entering the United States amid what the White House called a need to vet immigrants properly to prevent terrorism. It also temporarily halted refugee admissions and barred Syrian refugees indefinitely.

The White House has defended it as necessary to properly vet people who could attempt terrorist attacks on American soil. Trump on Tuesday urged courts to "act fast" and has repeatedly contended that people are "pouring in" because of the judge's action, without evidence to back that claim.

During a hearing before the Homeland Security Committee, the Trump's new Homeland Secretary John Kelly took the blame for the rushed rollout of the Immigration order, saying "it's all on me."

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Chuck Schumer: “Stop calling me Minority Leader, just call me Amy”.   ;-)


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I like the lack of standing argument, I think it will hold and the ban will be lifted before it goes to the Supreme Court.

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So what the media and the commies that infiltrated the government are saying, is that the law that states he can regulate all of this is illegal, even though it's been the job description of the office of the President since the office was created. So the very law that creates his job is what they are saying is illegal.


Do these fuckers not understand how this is going to play out if they win this court case? It's going to be rifle out and ropes on the light poles.


This issue is literally the line in the sand. Not sure how the idiots of the left can not understand this very simple phrase and what it implies.

"Either we are a nation of laws and borders, or we are not nation at all."

Not sure what's so hard to understand about that. Either the borders are under our control, or there is no country, and therefore NO LAWS that we have to follow, which means open season. They don't get that the only reason they haven't been butchered by the Right and the Fascists is because they believe in following the laws.

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I keep long as there are rules, we'll play by them.

No rules....well, I don't intend to go down without a fight!
The left does not want to fuck with the right...." no holes barred "

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how about we all chip in & send Ginsburg on a much needed paid vacation to , say, a hunting lodge in Texas ?   

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How about she awakes to Scalia's penis on her pillow in the morning of April 30?

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I think the phrase is "No holds barred!", not "No holes barred". Of course, you may be a buggerer, in which case never mind.

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just ban all immigration for 90 days. problem solved.

MANvsMACHINE's picture

I like the way you think

barysenter's picture

FRB -> IRS -> UN -> corrupt politicians multiplying like flies on shit <- YOU ARE HERE

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....and when the SCOTUS decides not to decide, which they very often do, it will be the appelate decision which stands.

i'm sure Trump will get his way in any case though.

presidents have gotten in the habit of sending soldiers and bombs all over the world without asking congress. trump could just order tightening on every front.

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No problem. When the criminals' justices awake with Scalia body parts on their pillows they will all get their shit together.

An utterly corrupt congress voted us into the UN. Through fraudulent interpretation of the treaty clause presidents are subservient to the UN security council. They didn't teach you this in school, did they? Its not hard to prove. About 200 web pages of historical records.

If we don't get out of the UN its all for naught. Next stop: North American Ghetto Killing Fields. European Ghetto Killing Fields.

Burn it all down while there's still time.

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The Fifth Column wants to destroy this country. For examples, (1) Obama's deal with Iran, (2) Obama actively taking in enemy combantants from war zones, (3) Obama's lame duck mischief. 

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Looks like GORSUCH is a LOCK or TRUMP would not have taken this STEP.

Way to go MR. PRESIDENT.

The Europeans are behind you even if the DEMOCRATS are NOT!!!!!

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The Ninth Circuit is highly liberal.   Did you know that Congress and Trump can shut down the Circuit courts.   Right now the US has tyranny by judiciary which as to come to an end. 

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Be sure Ginsberg recuses herself if she doesn't kick the bucket or resign and move to NZ first. Ginsberg has to be the most openly biased judge I have ever seen.

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In 50 years, the Supreme Court has literally destroyed major portions of the American culture. It needs to be put in its place which is secondary to the wishes of the people, a people who elected a leader who can finally override the judicial tyranny.

The Irish Savant writes:

"What sort of a crazy situation applies in the USA when an obscure judge, whose job involves Federal cases only in the western half of Washington state can rescind a Presidential Executive Order and extend his ruling to the whole country? . . .

"Interestingly, but not surprisingly, capture of the judicial system ranks high on the nation-wreckers' agenda with Saul Alinsky, the Frankfurt School, Grampsci and even the Protocols Of Zion all recognising its importance. Combining this power with the broader nexus of Jewish interests is capable of achieving extraordinary results, as my case study on Yonkers shows. . . .

"Incidentally I find it interesting that when a Federal court in Texas issued an injunction halting Obama’s executive amnesty order, the administration simply ignored it and continued as before."

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yovatti (not verified) Feb 7, 2017 12:17 PM

I'm so proud of trump, he managed to answer without saying anything stupid.


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Maybe there is something you could take away from that?

g&#039;kar's picture

Judging by your remark, you probably never listened to any of Trump's speeches

froze25's picture

Most that criticize him haven't they depend on 30 second sound bites to tell them what to think rather than listen and think for themselves.

g&#039;kar's picture

Yeah, where they cut out phrases and paste them together to suit their needs...I forgot what you call that

froze25's picture

Lying, or more nicely, taking it out of context.

Joe Davola's picture

Or, in the vernacular of Slick Willy's minions:  prevarication, today's operative truth, etc...

BigFatUglyBubble's picture

I read his book, "Crippled America."  Still don't like any of his policies, except the secure borders.

IridiumRebel's picture

I looked at your most recent work on the Frozen Coloring Book by Disney.
You made Elsa look like diarrhea.

south40_dreams's picture

To enforce an existing law? That's ridiculous

WillyGroper's picture

unless he rounds up the pederasts he's going to have to contend with this.

note the date of the document.  page 5


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Why is this more important than tax reform, infrastructure, cash repatriation, trade policy, etc etc etc?


g&#039;kar's picture

I agree, but Trump can multi-task

NugginFuts's picture

he's multitasking at the price of political capital. The more he squabbles about this petty minor issue, the less he is able to form concensus and work with Congress on the other important issues.

He's burning his political capital with a flame thrower. There are more useful things to accomplish and ultimately you won't get re-elected on the basis of slowing immigration from 7 countries. 

Akzed's picture

You win by winning at all levels at once. You don't neglect to teach blocking and tackling because lineman aren't counted on to score touchdowns. Trump can spend five minutes a day in this, producing hundreds of man-hours of work on it by subordinates. He's not a ome-man band.

TheMeatTrapper's picture

When you get killed by one of these Muslim imports, we'll see if you still think it's petty and unimportant. 

NugginFuts's picture

The current odds of being killed by a refugee terrorist in America are 1 in 3.64 BILLION.

Odds of Trump being re-elected on this issue alone? 0%.

Focus on something important.

MANvsMACHINE's picture

I think you're right. He could have allowed some of the terrorists in to commit murder and then when the public is fearsome of the refugees, Trump steps in and orders the ban. That certainly would get more people behind him on this issue but he's not worried about his reelection. He's trying to do something productive.

pods's picture

What NugginFuts is arguing (and I am with him) is that this is a drop in the bucket.

He is going to take it to the SC?  He is going to go that far?  For THIS? 

There is almost no chance that this is actually going to do ANYTHING.  There is a literal snowball's chance in hell that someone was going to come in from these places and cause injury by a terrorist act.  Yet he is burning political capital on it like the end is tomorrow?

Only reason that makes sense is that his ego will not allow him to get beat on anything. 

Which means the other side will simply throw these things at him and keep him busy defending his ego on worthless crap.  So he might get to meaningful issues in about 40 years.

Just a waste, and yet everyone here at the hedge is fawning over him like he is ending the Fed.


vato poco's picture

you just don't understand. 

they picked the fight, not Trump. he issued a perfectly reasonable order, one that virtually duplicated an earlier order from the pen of that asshole obama. and they went batshit, and declared war. 

how do you fight SJW scum? Trump knows. 1) never apologize 2) never surrender 3) escalate the conflict until you win then, 4) expand your fight against them: keep them backpedaling always

pods's picture

Like I said, he will win this because his ego won't let him lose. And he will burn political capital to do so.  Which will take away from any real accomplishment.

If this is what his presidency is going to be, he will have a ton of "wins" and nothing important will be accomplished.

But, y'all can run around talking about how you beat the SJW's and all that. So I guess it's worth it.

We have ~4 years before the healthcare system blows the federal budgets to hell. So things have to be tackled now.  He could take on the cartels, RIGHT NOW, with written law.

But nope, we get to stop 500 muzzies from coming into the country and harming exactly nobody.


BarkingCat's picture

he is not burning any political capital in this.

This is not going through the legislature but the court system.

Had he allowed them to shut down his executive order in a lower court,  it would set a precedent and that would handicap his ability to govern.

The left would go after him through district courts for everything he does.


I still say he should have told the judge to fuck off because a district court lacks jurisdiction.  Point to Article 3, Section 2, paragraph 2 of the US Constitution and tell that judge that if he proceeds with the hearing, which the federal government will not participate in, he will be arrested. ...I am sure there is a providing support to the enemy law that could be used. That would be playing hardball.  It would also be last time he would have to deal with these challenges at the district level.

The left would be screaming bloody murder but fuck them. The law is the law.

BrownCoat's picture

@ NugginFuts

Chance of being killed by an immigrant is closer to 1 in 100 million. If someone I know is that one, it is unacceptable. (Keep in mind, 6 degrees of separation.) 

2013 US population = 316.5 million

2013 Boston Marathon Bombing (carried out by Chechen immigrants) = 3 killed. Several hundred injured. 

Note: This was just one incident. It does not count the killings carried out by Mexican cartels in this country.

Indelible Scars's picture

To be fair, it's only been three weeks since he took office or, whatever. Regardless, h's attempting to do what he said he would and you can't blame a man for that.

IridiumRebel's picture

He's not writing the legal briefs. He spends about 12 seconds on this a day via tweet. He has been doing plenty with much more to come. It obfuscates other things from the ire of the left.

yttirum's picture

He's just flushing out the rats onto the field of battle. Getting them outta their hidy holes.

MANvsMACHINE's picture

Just wait for the 5th of November. Something big will happen. Anonymous told me so.

Chet Ricco's picture

Because I would like to see all american families including mine live long enough to see " tax reform, infrastructure, cash repatriation, trade policy, etc etc etc".

pods's picture

You really think that one of these imports is going to do harm to your family?


At this rate, Trump will get to the important things in about 40 years.


BarkingCat's picture

He is plenty busy and does not even have his cabinet yet.