Bank Stocks Are Sliding... Testing Key Technical Support

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With bond yields tumbling, and loan markets suggesting banks are not taking advantage of rising rates to earn more NIM (willingness to lend tumbling), financial stocks are tumbling for the second day in a row to a key technical support level...

the green line (50-day moving average) has held for 3 weeks...


Close up - its clear the 50-day moving-average has been key support...


Makes you wonder what credit markets know?

is that $50 differential really pricing in Dodd-Frank easing? And if so, why isn't credit more excited about the drop in 'business' risk?

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It's club motherfucker, they can get out, anyone with a pension or 401 bullshit cannot.

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There is nothing but black swans on the horizon.

LawsofPhysics's picture

If only it were real swans and not figurative ones...

Doppelganger71's picture

At least you could eat them if you had to.........................

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DB is fortunate to have blocked me on Twitter at this point in time. 

Talk about a wet bag of dog shit ready to tear open!

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WAAAHOOO!!! [/major kong]

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I thinking of investing in Under Armor at the Good Will.

I feel I should be better prepared for the Summer of Recovery #9.

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Is this another Lehman Moment?

Archive_file's picture

Is this another Lehman Moment?

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What a joke, boom goes the market erasing all losses in 10 minutes