The Clintons Assisted Goldman Sachs, Angela Merkel In The Greek Financial Crisis

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It's a story that has been told many times in part, but not in total. While Goldman Sachs' role in helping to create the environment for Greece's government-debt crisis is well known, less discussion is given to the role the Clinton family played in helping Angela Merkel to consolidate political control of Greece while also assisting Goldman as it continued to benefit from the meltdown once austerity measures had begun. The Clintons appear to have received funds from both Germany and Goldman Sachs during this period.

I. Goldman Sachs Was Responsible For Greece's Economic Collapse

Goldman Sachs is generally blamed for having a hand in intentionally causing Greece's 2008 financial crisis. Observers have noted that the financial group was instrumental in helping to arrange a secret loan of 2.8 billion euros for Greece, disguised as an off-the-books “cross-currency swap” - a complicated transaction in which Greece’s foreign-currency debt was converted into a domestic-currency obligation using a fictitious market exchange rate. This allowed Greece to hide 2% of its debt but left it immediately in a much worse position after the effects of 9/11 caused the amount Greece owed to Goldman double.

Meanwhile, Goldman padded its profits by leveraging Greece as much as possible along with most of the rest of the global economy. It continued this pattern of predatory lending advice in 2005, when they renegotiated the deal with Greece to lock in their debt at a staggering 5.1 billion euros. In 2009, it made another proposal for a financial instrument that would push the debt from Greece’s healthcare system into the future, delaying payment. In the aftermath of its efforts to financially hobble various nations across Europe, Goldman employees have moved into positions of control within Europe's financial sector. Mario Draghi, managing director of Goldman’s international division at the time of their negotiations with Greece, has since moved on to become the head of the European Central Bank.

II. The Clintons Helped Goldman Sachs To Continue To Exploit The Greek Crisis Financially

As Greece's crisis exploded, Goldman associates began to make apparent moves to continue to leverage the situation as much as possible. In 2014, Marc Mezvinsky, a former Goldman Sachs employee and wife of Chelsea Clinton, launched Eaglevale Hellenic Opportunity along with two other Goldman employees to attract investors hoping to cash in on Greece's broadly touted economic recovery. As a former Goldman employee, it is strange that Mezvinsky appeared to be so certain of a Greek recovery, given his relationship to the finance group that laid the foundation for the crisis and knew firsthand how unlikely Greece was to recover. SEC documents reveal that new investors to Eaglevale Hellenic were required to put down at least $2 million. Goldman chief executive Lloyd Blankfein not only invested in the firm, but allowed his association with the fund to be used in its marketing. Hillary Clinton has refused to comment on how much Blankfein invested in Eaglevale Hellenic. At a time where Greece's financial woes were not only well known to Goldman Sachs, but becoming increasingly obvious to the world, the Eaglevale fund bears alarming signs of being a blatant attempt to steal cash from unwitting investors too foolish to see the writing on the wall.

The Clintons were receiving inside information that would have kept them incredibly well informed about the Greek crisis. Gary Gensler, former co-head of finance at Goldman Sachs and the financial director of Clinton’s 2016 election campaign was revealed in Wikileaks Hillary Clinton Email Archives to have been sending Clinton inside information on Greece's recover prospects while he was acting as the head of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) in 2011. In 2012, Sydney Blumenthal emailed Clinton classified information about German leadership's thoughts on further potential bailouts for Greece which apparently had been acquired by a "sensitive source" working undercover within the German government. While receiving some of this information was part of Clinton's job as Secretary of State, her close relationship to Goldman Sachs and her son in law's Greek fund raises very clear questions about potential conflicts of interest.

III. The Clintons Helped Germany Consolidate Political Control Of Greece By Encouraging Austerity

As Greece began to react negatively to austerity demands made by Germany during its first two successive bailouts of the financially embattled nation, the Clintons worked to ensure that Greece did not leave the Eurozone and continued to accept austerity measures even when these actions did not benefit the German and Greek people. By January 2015, Greeks were tired of increasingly demanding German financial bailouts and elected Alexis Tsipras as Prime Minister after he promised to resist further austerity measures. The media was awash with rumors that Greece would leave the Eurozone in a "Grexit." By early July, emails from Wikileaks Podesta Files showed that the Clinton camp was working to ensure that Greece remained in the EU and suggested that Bill Clinton speak directly with Prime Minister Tsipras to prevent Grexit.

On July 10, just days after the first flurry of emails worrying about a potential Grexit, CNN reported that German Chancellor Angela Merkel was inclined to listen to the demands of German voters and say no to another round of austerity. Later on the same day, Bill Clinton's foreign policy advisor and Hillary Clinton associate John Podesta were included in an email chain discussing disapproval of Merkel's decision and decided that Mr. Clinton should call Merkel to "suggest" a change of course. Just nine days after this email was sent, the BBC reported that Merkel was "flip flopping" and would consider a third round of austerity measures for Greece. The austerity measures were criticized as being far too generous to Greece and not being in the best interest of German taxpayers. The multiple measures of austerity ultimately reduced Greek sovereignty and increased their reliance upon the EU.

IV. The Clintons Received Apparent Compensation From Goldman Sachs And Germany For Their Work

The Clintons not only held improperly close financial and familial relationships to individuals associated with the finance group that caused Greece's crisis, but also apparently assisted Angela Merkel in consolidating German control over the EU and forcing certain states such as Greece to become increasingly dependent upon the union. In both cases, they appear to have been compensated handsomely for the roles they played.

Goldman's role in creating the Greek crisis and Mezvinsky's attempts to attract cash to what savvy investors should have seen as a doomed venture raises new questions about the hundreds of millions paid to the Clintons by Goldman for "speaking events" from 2001 to 2016, the exact same time that Goldman Sachs was involved with helping lay the foundation for Greece's collapse. Some of these speeches occurred after Eaglevale Hellenic Opportunity opened its doors in 2014.

Germany also made significant donations to the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton's election campaign. In February 2015, at the same time Tsipras was pushing for an end to austerity measures, the German government was revealed in Wikileaks emails to be among foreign governments who were "recent donors" to the Clinton Foundation. Clinton insiders frequently worried about whether the foreign donations might be perceived as unethical or illegal. It has since been revealed that Germany gave nearly £4 million in taxpayer's money to the Clinton Foundation during the height of the 2016 U.S. presidential election.


Angela Merkel's attempts to retain control over Greece through austerity have been just one of a number of measures to consolidate and centralize power in the European Union. In January 2017, Disobedient Media reported on accelerated efforts to create an EU Army, which would cause substantial financial, military and political burdens for European states.


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The clinton crime family has such a voracious appetite, where will it feed next?  Don't expect these ghouls to starve, a ghoul never starves.....

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> " In 2014, Marc Mezvinsky, a former Goldman Sachs employee and wife (sic) of Chelsea Clinton, launched Eaglevale Hellenic Opportunity along with two other Goldman employees to attract investors hoping to cash in on Greece's broadly touted economic recovery."


What was corrupt Jon Corzine's insider information flow here? Didn't he steal billions to cover his losses after betting on the same inside infomation? Where is Comey?

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GS helped Greece to cook the books and they got rewarded for that. But several Greek governments were responsible for hiding deficits, etc. because they winned votes by promising and delivering goodies to the Greek people. There was no fiscal responsibility and Greek thought it was ok. Nevertheless, banks that provided the loans to the Greek were bailed out, not the Greek people. They are on the hook to pay off that debt. The EU taxpayers are the collatoral, they are backstopping the bailout. The banks got their bailout and laughed all the way to their banks. The Greek by blinking and not going default saved the Eurozone at the time.

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"marc mezvinski...wife of chelsea clinton"

i lol'd

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 Bank America forced countrywide AiG, GE  all bailed the paper to MBS or tranches of public debt,


Greece debt was sold (whatever printing from the AlanBenFelon calls it) including all the Crony GS den of thieves..   GE was the most unreported this was the most egregious crony capital use.  Yup no hotels, Buildings or State gambling to secure these loans just Austerity (taxes at sanction and starvation gun point).

My only comment is like the emails we have transaction logs.  unfortunately

Peace out and as Pieczenik says internet was invented by defense department.    The Greek  debt is just another  example of the fricking highway to Serfdom turned into a formula one race track.


1st RULE: You do not talk about FIGHT CLUB.

2nd RULE: You DO NOT talk about FIGHT CLUB.

3rd RULE: If someone says "stop" or goes limp, taps out the fight is over.

4th RULE: Only two guys to a fight.

5th RULE: One fight at a time.

6th RULE: No shirts, no shoes.

7th RULE: Fights will go on as long as they have to.

8th RULE: If this is your first night at FIGHT CLUB, you HAVE to fight.



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He had a heads up on the crash of the Greek bonds alright. Then he went out and collected all the investors money. He never bought a single security. They just made up the documents. Then, when the Greek bonds crashed, they used that as a cover for stealing the money. Easy peasy.


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Are Goldman Sach Russian agents attempting to subvert other western nations /S

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`What's the time line with Corzine placing his bets on Greek debt / then looting traders accounts at MFG to cover his loses?  How did he get it so wrong being so close to the Clintons?

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This isn't news. Everybody knows. What part of "globalism" are you have difficulty with?

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Tunisia set for Trump-led boom as Hillary cabal exits scene

Under the leadership of GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt is also destined to become the oil services leader in NAWA and Africa with its acquisition of American oil services giant Baker Hughes.

Tunisia’s unique position between two major oil producing countries such as Libya and Algeria; a developed economy with a strong equities market and proximity to Milan; on top of Tunisia’s good neighbor foreign policy — makes the country ideal as GE continues to win billions of dollars in contracts throughout Africa.

GE is currently eyeing taking a US$100 million plus wind farm project initially developed by Miami, Florida-based developer UPC Renewables at Cap Bon peninsula near the port city of Bizerte in northwest Tunisia. UPC Principal Peter Gish told Capitol Intelligence/CI MENA that his company has spent years negotiating land rights and regulatory approvals to build the wind farms.

GE is currently talking to Italy’s state controlled utility ENEL unit ENEL Green Power to team-up in the development of UPC’s and other renewable energy project in the region. The US government’s Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) is especially motivated to provide up to US$400 million in either corporate or project finance to any qualified operator in the renewable energy sector in Tunisia, one of OPIC’s strategic markets.

Enel Green Power is already the largest operator of wind power in the United States and it recently sold a 49% stake in its North American renewable energy assets to GE Energy Financial Services for US$440 million and operates 21.6 gigawatts of renewable power in Europe and North Africa.

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"apparent" compensation... hmmm

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The swamp is Wall Street Washington Hollywood and the Corporate Mdia. Trump will be lancing the boil and draining the swamp till end of days.

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Trump wont be around long enough to much of anything...

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I love secret loans, especially when it's to a Foreign Government.


Sooo what'ya doooin'

Nuttin', Nuttin' at all, Pfffft it's not like I'm doing a secret loan or something.

You know, 'cause that would be like, Kway-Zee, Right


And how do you know, they haven't secretly paid it back

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It's a squid world--and that's why it cannot be reformed. 

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I always get my squid pro quo.


They eat a lot of squid in Greece.  Calamari I believe it's called.  Tastes good but a little too rubery in the testure for my liking.

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(I put the post below up on the Mezvinsky fund collapse thread earlier in the day.  I never tire of sharing it.  The MSM sure keeps a lid on it.)

Just remember:

Marc Mezvinsky's father went to federal prison for about five years for basically scamming public funding programs - significantly targetig blacks.  Kind of like raising funds to help Haiti but pocketint 90% of gross - except in this case the "donors" were the fed:

Marc's mother filed for bankrupcy.  That happens sometimes when your husband goes to the Big House.  She was denied some $770K in relief when she couldn't explain where that amount of her assets went in the few years preceeding the bankruptcy filing.  You know how that goes.....wife senses that hubby is a criminal and the feds are on the trail....she starts preparing her nest egg for the day hubby appears in the orange jumpsuit and she needs to reboot the system.  Why she didn't go to jail as well, I don't know.

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Wait wait!!!!!  There's more:



‘Missing’ State Dept. Email Brings ANOTHER Clinton Family Member In Heat Of Scandal


A sitting secretary of state might well have professional business dealings with an economic bailout of an important – if bankrupt – European country, but what business did the American State Department have sharing government information with outside groups? Especially when big money and big names were involved?

That’s hard to say, because the State Department has “lost” the original email in question. It’s clear from the subject line that it refers directly to the Greek bonds – “Solidarity Bonds Greece Revised” — and therefore to Marc Mezvinsky’s business, but the email itself and its attachment have been “lost” by the federal bureaucracy Hillary once ran.

But considering it obviously bears directly on a topic the secretary of state’s son-in-law had bet his professional career on, the email should be of some interest to American taxpayers interested in just how corrupt and conniving Hillary Clinton actually is.



State Department Admits It ‘Lost’ Clinton Foundation Email


The email contained an attachment memo about Greek bonds — a significant detail given the heavy investments Clinton’s son-in-law, Marc Mezvinsky, was making in the Greek economic recovery during that same period.




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He has that in common with Jared Kushner's father  who went to jail too; convicted felon for RE scamming; Clintons and Ducks, birds of a scamming feather.

That Mutti makes Greece pay to help Clintons just says she should be out in 2017.

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It's not lost, it's all on Weiners laptop,  most valuable piece of computer hardware on the planet. wrap it up in Monica's blue dress and preserve it, ( after 3000 back up copies of course )

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If Monica had done the job properly there wouldn't be presidential gak spillage on said dress. Good help is so hard to find these days. 

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Wrap it up in Monica's blue dress.  Just the image - how am I going to have dinner now?  Good God, where are the post police around here??

But seriously....

Aren't Ivanka and Chelsea good friends?

Aren't Sasha and Malia good friends with Chelsea?

Oh wait.

The Bush daughters are good friends with Chelsea as well.

That info is in a lot more interesting places than Weiner's lapdance.

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Weiner could well be the next frankfuhrer

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  The corruption runs so deep the only fix may be to tear it down and rebuild.  You gotta kill the termites or the new structure will quickly fail.

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"At a time where Greece's financial woes were not only well known to Goldman Sachs, but becoming increasingly obvious to the world, the Eaglevale fund bears alarming signs of being a blatant attempt to steal cash from unwitting investors too foolish to see the writing on the wall."

what Eagleview bought in terms of Greek securities - what were the securities,  who was the seller and when did the transaction take place?

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Nice work crashing son-in-laws hedge fund!

Is insider trading only illegal if you profit from it?

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Well, nothing new here (or, rather, nothing surprising here), but I love this...

"Marc Mezvinsky, a former Goldman Sachs employee and wife of Chelsea Clinton"


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Marc closed his hedge fund.  So perhhaps there are Hedge Funds and hedging [clinton] funds