Rand Paul To Tucker Carlson: Let's Audit The Fed - Oh And WTF Is Up With The Neocon Iraq War Architect Trump's About To Appoint?

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After a Democrat filibuster of Rand Paul's "Audit the Fed" bill - reintroduced in January along with 8 co-sponsors and passed by 53 Senators including Bernie Sanders, the Senator from Kentucky believes he may find a friend in President Trump, who has previously endorsed the idea. Opponents to the audit, also known as establishment shills, suggest that transparency might lead to scrutiny. You don't say?  On Tucker Carlson Tonight, Paul explained how the Fed hurts people:

The reason I want oversight is people get hurt in the downturn," Paul said. "So in 2008, when the housing market went bust, I blamed that on the Federal Reserve. We're right in the middle of another boom. Anybody seen the stock market lately? It is a boom, just like the real estate boom of 2008, and it will come to an end. I wish I knew exactly when, so I could give your viewers some investment advice, but it will end. There will be a correction." -RealClearPolitics

Given the Trump's rollback of Dodd-Frank, which included provisions to audit dark money emergency lending facilities (yet harmed small businesses and community banks) - Auditing the Fed is perhaps more important than ever.

Just as interesting: Carlson, a patriot, brought up another issue which Rand Paul and many others feel strongly about; rumors of Neoconservative Never-Trumper Elliott Abrams imminent appointment as second in command at the State Department. As Paul writes in a Rare op-ed yesterday:

Crack the door to admit Elliott Abrams and the neocons will scurry in by the hundreds.

Neoconservative interventionists have had us at perpetual war for 25 years. While President Trump has repeatedly stated his belief that the Iraq War was a mistake, the neocons (all of them Never-Trumpers) continue to maintain that the Iraq and Libyan Wars were brilliant ideas. These are the same people who think we must blow up half the Middle East, then rebuild it and police it for decades.

As Think Progress writes of Abrams:

Abrams was one of the defendants in the Iran-Contra Affair, and he pled guilty to two misdemeanor counts of withholding information from Congress. He was appointed Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director on the National Security Council for Near East and North African Affairs during Bush’s first term, where he served as Bush’s chief advisor on the Middle East.

That's about as swampy as it gets, and contrary to just about everything Trump campaigned on.

Paul had the following to say on Tucker about Abrams:

Someone who was a never-Trumper should never be in a Trump state department - for goodness sakes! President Trump has been different than many. He said that Nation building hasn't worked. When he said that, Elliot Abrams said "He's absolutely wrong, Nation building is exactly what we need to do."


Regime change, Iraq War; Elliot Abrams was one of the key architects of the Iraq War. We don't need people with a failed policy back in. Donald Trump represents something new and different, and is I think, a welcome relief from the Neocons.

Tucker: "I'm baffled by it, to be honest." 

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allthegoodnamesaretaken's picture

Nations can as Germany did support themselves and prosper without a bunch of outside trade and without wars 24/365.  Nations can do well, even great by themselves, but, the International Banking King cannot stand it neither can he allow his revenue to dwindle a single penny.  Increase, always increase, the King, can never get enough.  We will never be allowed to audit the fed, but, we will soon have debtor's prisons and nearly constant civil war even if the war is not a shooting war.  This will happen if Trump continues to select Jewish duel citizens to places of power within our government.  They, will see to it, President Trump, no more than any of the other of the president's since Jefferson will be able to reign them in.  It is in their DNA to destroy nations and people.  Teaching children, Jewish and Muslim children that they are the favorite of a god, that they need blood, human and animal blood to satisfy a need in their god, that people not like them are useless eater's, needing to be used and controlled, the raping and murdering of them a good thing.  Teaching little children such horror and filth as this, from birth throughout their life, makes for a lot of people who just don't care about anything except themselves and maybe a few of their own kind.  We are already in a civil war, not a war between the states though California is trying to make it seem so, we are in a civil war, wherein people have broken off from each other and formed armies, masses, gangs, of their own.  Obama, used his army, an army of non-white, non-Christian people to inflate the government with non-white, high paid, high pensioned, employees, white people lost badly fighting these battles.  A real effort was made to replace the police and military with non-white people, it failed only because the replacements just didn't have the right stuff, i.e., a desire to run over and even kill white Christian people.  For this we should acknowledge the non-whites in America, the people who stood by our Constitution, their Constitution, and, all of our Bill of Rights.  We all lost a lot those eight years, we could continue to lose if the course of events is not altered, soon, and drastically.  Being aware of the fact that the army of foreigners who intend to destroy our nation as it should be, is spear headed by the MSM, before auditing the Fed we need to audit the Jew owned and controlled mass medias, television, publishing, Hollywood, etc..  Gaining back some semblance of control over the truth would help US a lot. 


musimann's picture

Ran Paul Ran. So he's back to pretending he's a libertarian?

Grimaldus's picture

Neoconservative interventionistsare F-ing PROGRESSIVES!

Geezus H Almighty please get if right!







pocomotion's picture

FEAR ITSELF is a bitch -- when you know that there is more to the FEAR than just FEAR ITSELF.

We have no 'thing' or person that can rally Americans to fight a war that they know is contrived.  So the next FF better be a dozy. 

No true audit the FED as it will just bring out the MOSSAD/CIA/MI6 to terrorize us into compliance.

We are locked into a game that they have designed, for maybe 200 years now, and we don't really know the players or the rules.


Kneel down to God and pray for once in your life.  1st pray for forgiveness and then for DIRECTION....

onwisconsinbadger's picture

Elliott Abrams, Frank Gaffney and Daniel Pipes, what do they have in common ? They are back.

conraddobler's picture

That's the first thing you do with an abuser you audit them sure, great idea.

How about stop the abuse?

Nah, that's just silly. /sarc

unlock your mind's picture

Probably Trump realizes that the only chance for stopping the upcoming collapse of the petro-dollar is another war in the Middle-East.

Get ready Dorthy, because you ain't in Kansas anymore.

gdpetti's picture

Never have been, we've been in 'Oz' the whole time, Kansas was just a dream.

spqrusa's picture

Tucker Carlson is un-FUCKING-WATCHABLE. He always has this MORON DOPE FACE.

Tucker only knows how to rattle off sound-bites.

June 12 1776's picture

Tucker is nothing but another in the long line of Corporate Fascist uniMEDIA's ---uniCORPORATION-O-Gov Politburo paid shill.......unplug.

John Beau's picture

Democrats getting busted for their crap all over the place.

gdpetti's picture

Do you really think it's just the 'Democrats'? Remember the Bush clan? Remember Reagan? Do you remember how they got these games more active again? Do you think there is any real difference between one side of the coin and the other? The oligarchs are running a puppet show. They use these puppets to entertain, distract and destroy the masses. It's all about control, and in a fake democracy, that means at least two parties... make it look like there's 'opposition'... it's all fake.. same as fiat money, same as the stock markets, wars, etc... all fake.

Not that it will matter much longer... there are bigger 'games' to this game.

NuYawkFrankie's picture

Appointing that utterly detestable ZIO-Thug Elliott 'Rat Face' Abrams - one of the prime architects of NeoCON-Instigated mass-slaughter  -   to ANY position would be A Bridge Too Far and a gross violation of what Trump claimed he stood for.

trippy64's picture

Trump is in over his head.

June 12 1776's picture

Trump knows exactly what He was told to do when He was installed........just like Obama and Bush and Clinton.............

assistedliving's picture

as is Amerika trippy, as is Amerika

Grandad Grumps's picture

Yes, did Trump submit to having his body taken over by demonic forces? Was it willing or unwilling.

The Neocon warmongering side of Trump is new.

highwaytoserfdom's picture

Rand Bernie is a wolf in sheep's clothing 



Langley busy today  the only thing that takes 9 months is human gestation. Cheney LOL   

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAFupPVsCus       George is wrong MSFT Goog AAPL FB  for sure Sum Ting Wong laundry...  rest of hard goods to simple accounting..   Langley is the books for  what 20% of drug and enforcment and medical economy...

I've given up hope as Democide continues.


"A man is no less a slave because he is allowed to chose a new master once in a term of years"    - Lysander Spooner

because he is allowed to choose a new master once in a term of years. Lysander Spooner
June 12 1776's picture

Thanks for the Lysander.......I read him over 25 years ago............and still applies to this hour!

Reaper's picture

An audit takes too long. An audit is the opinion of the auditor. https://hbr.org/2002/11/why-good-accountants-do-bad-audits

Subpoena and seize all records of cash given to foreign places (FBI + Grand Jury), which infuriates the taxpayers. All the cash the Fed has and the cash the Fed has given away to foreign entities was from people of the US. The Fed claims assets of $4,453,000,000,000. https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/WALCL That's cash taken from the people. It can be seized. The part which is treasury notes cancelled, reducing the federal debt.

Power corrupts. $4 trillion dollars corrupts bankers and auditors absolutely. Strike quickly with asset seizure, criminal charges and a court order giving temporary control to the Secretary of the Treasury.

June 12 1776's picture

Where are the records and audits of the 1st and 2nd of the Olde World Order, Star Chamber Liar Lawyer Cartel's King's Monetary Theory Fraud installed US Banks.............thought so, slaves don't get to audit their Master(s) without blood spilled.

indio007's picture

Fed is exempt from subpeona.

Reaper's picture

The Fed is a private corporation. Criminal acts therein are subject to FBI/Grand Jury investigations. The Fed establishment act gives no protection against criminal investigation of Fed. https://fraser.stlouisfed.org/scribd/?title_id=966&filepath=/files/docs/...

June 12 1776's picture

You're operating under the presumption that a bona fide as founders constituted RULE OF LAW exists..........when you arrive at the final destination of reality that there is No Rule of Law but of Men......your FBI "Investigations" go poof and are meaningless!

Nunyadambizness's picture

While I agree with your thought process, doing so would unleash the banksters worldwide, and there would be a crash of epic proportions, and likely WWIII immediately thereafter.  The banksters know it, and likely have thier bunkers fully prepared....

Reaper's picture

States worldwide would quickly copy the US, depriving the bankers and Bank of International Settlements (BIS) in Geneva of their power. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-08-13/bank-international-settlements-...

Power to the people's governments.

ToSoft4Truth's picture

That Ron Paul.  I hope he gets a great taxpayer funded pension.

bluskyes's picture

Close your ignorant mouth, lest it bring shame upon those associated with you.

Ron Paul refused the congressional pension.

as per Wikipedia:

Former congressman Ron Paul refused to participate in the congressional pension system, labeling it "immoral."[8] North Carolina congressman Howard Coble did not participate in the pension system, either.[9] He campaigned against the system in his first campaign in 1984.

Ckierst1's picture

Well, if we have to have that sort of thing in the first place, at least Ron Paul is one of the most deserving Congressmen that I can think of, with decades of service in the interest of Jane and Joe Sixpack on Main St., liberty, sound money and economics and peace, as well as running point on the assault on the establishment during his two runs for President.  My guess is that if you were to ask Dr. Paul if it is better to dispense with the pensions for congress critters, he would agree.  Ron Paul is a decent man with a demanding day job who made it his business to try to make things better in the nation and the world.  We didn't manage to get him in, but at least we bought time and may have installed an iconoclast for good or I'll.  We had to elect him to find out what was in him to warp the words of a twisted sister.

delmar Jackson's picture

My expertise is not foreign policy or neocons. It is immigration. On that front we should have to go to the DR to get the smile removed from our faces. Amazingly, we have the premier immigration patriot in America, Jeff Sessions, named attorney general, and trumps chief advisor is miller who is on the same page as Sessions. We just had Tom Cotton introduce a bill to eliminate, let me repeat tat, ELIMINATE chain migration and cap refugees at a maximum of 50,000 a year. Ending chain migration is a nail in the coffin of our immigration invasion pushed by the globalists. It is as big as building the wall. Call Washington this week to support tom Cottons bill. Finally, for the first time in almost 100 years we have a president who is serious about reducing immigration. While I understand other issues may be important to those who voted for trump, NONE of them have the permanence of our immigration invasion which is the chief weapon being used against us by the globalists. If trump fails to end our immigration invasion, no other decisions he may make his administration will have mattered in the long run.

Steeley's picture

How about your fat kid living in the basement playing Grand Theft Auto on the X-Box all day? A little sweat might be life-changing.

Kefeer's picture

I'm giving Trump the benefit of the doubt till shown otherwise.  Withholding information from Congress; yet Congress gets lied to and no one goes to jail or held accountable as Ms. Clinton and Brannan can attest to...among many others  Congress is told some truths that demand action and does nothing. Congress is the illusion of some type of Democracy.

June 12 1776's picture

how much Trump paying you to shill?

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

Elliot Abrams is a member of the Cheney/Kagan/Kristol/Wolfowitz PNAC gang of Israel-firsters responsible for the 2003 Iraq invasion. They are constantly clamoring for perpetual war against everyone and don't give a shit that their policies have ruined the US economically and reputationally.

Employing Elliot Abrams at the State Department would be a pretty clear signal that Team Hillary is still running the show and thus remove all benefits of any remaining doubts.


LibertarianMenace's picture

If on the outside chance that Trump frequents these pages, he can't claim he was unaware of what pseudo humans like Abrams represent. There are no excuses, President Trump, for taking the same crowd on board and expecting different results. None.

dizzyfingers's picture


Someone please Tweet to President Trump:

Mr. Trump: DONT DO IT!! 

Elliott Abrams - Council on Foreign Relations Bio. Elliott Abrams is senior fellow for Middle Eastern studies at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in Washington, DC. He served as deputy assistant to the ... cfr.org/experts/middle-east-israel-human-rights/e...
Kefeer's picture

Just like appointing FORMER GS people; you need a few on the inside to maneuver dangerous waters...he will keep a close eye on those types...give him some rope and he will either use it as a lasso or hang himself with it.

June 12 1776's picture

You don't need anything but a firehose backed to 180MM strong and to maneuver through the raging fire started by No Rule of Law, Star Chamber Liar Lawyer's, Monetary Theory Fraud Outlaw's mathematically perfected wage & plunder of our People's Treasury.............fk all this apologist keep on the payroll faux BS..........the Republic is on fire.............

Ckierst1's picture

Ah, a wee bit of hair from the dog what bit ya!  Sounds like the affluence of incohol to a booze addict.  I'd consider it preferable to have committed personnel rather than potential moles from the gitgo.  Too much doublethink and footdragging/obfuscation!

LibertarianMenace's picture

I agree, but then again the non-gentilientsia and their ziomob have compromised all branches of government.

indygo55's picture

Has anyone noticed that Elliot Abrams last name was Podhoretz? He took his wifes, or rather his ex-wifes last name Abrams and kept it. His father's name is Norman Podhoretz. Who does that? Never heard a man take his wifes last name. Weird. 

PleasedToMeatYou's picture

...and 4 UP ARROWS???...and counting. 

Sometimes I think some of the zombies here would shoot themselves in the junk if there was even the slightest chance of hitting a Jew on the other side.  What a bunch-a maroons.  Intellectual equivalent of the SJW fascist anti-fascists: "Fuck the facts, man!"

Wahooo's picture

That's not correct. Podhoretz is the step-father of Rachel Abrams who was the wife of Elliot Abrams. She took HIS name.

Hey Assholes's picture

A piece of shit by any other name would smell as bad.

PleasedToMeatYou's picture

I have not noticed that.  Just a quick check at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elliott_Abrams gets this:

"Through Senator Moynihan, Abrams was introduced to Rachel Decter, the stepdaughter of Moynihan's friend Norman Podhoretz, editor of Commentary. They were married from 1980 until her death in June 2013. The couple had three children: Jacob, Sarah, and Joseph.[9]

Maybe you've got a better link verifying your assertion?

June 12 1776's picture

Rand Paul nothing but a distractionary Government employee gatekeeping shill............like we the People are going get anything accomplished with an impartial,unbiased, independent, third party financial foresenic analysis of the cooked books of the Monetary Theory Fraud Manufacturing Headquarters..........LOL time to put Rand Paul in the public square pillory.

The No Rule of Law, Olde World Order, Star Chamber Liar Lawyer Cartel's, Monetary Theory Fraud Outlaws has been dividing and conquering the minds of its enslaved "right" and "left" for centuries............there is no 'right' or 'left" its Master vs Slave............all else is Slave babble.

Slaves of the 'right' 'left' dialectic are never liberating the Republic...........how can slaves free anything they themselves are not free from?

All records upon the human history cycle(s) show this one fact over and over.....MASTER vs SLAVE...................all else including your Monetary Theory Fraud "audit" BS........is slave babble.



DON QUIJOTE's picture

 This author says that  US trade deficit do not matter for the reason that US just erases it by printing more dollars or by manipulating the exchage rate in the forex market, this way US screw his 'trading partners' by giving them worthless dollars for real durable goodies (products).

Why Trump will crash the dollar----By Dollar Vigilante


For the last eight years we’ve seen the rise of the Social Justice Warriors (SJW’s), as they had lobbied their man, Obama, for the political powerrequired to direct the force of government in the name of their own peculiarly relativist brand of “social justice.”

While they are still busy demonstrating the violent soul of what is inherent in all brands of statism by breaking storefront windows (masked), under the Trump epoch a new type of statist “warrior” has emerged… let’s call them the Economic Justice Warriors (EJW’s).

Like the SJW’s, the EJW’s ultimately also want to direct the “force” of government in the name of justice, albeit slightly different. And, much like the SJW’s, this new form of economic justice isn’t just at all.  In fact, it is antithetical to the goals of the EJW’s.

One of the big rallying cries of the EJW’s has been to “build a wall” across an entire continent!

This is silly for a few reasons.

One is that there already is a wall across most of it… but all it takes to defeat a wall is a ladder or a shovel.  Or a boat.

But, even that is silly because there have been more Mexicans leaving the US than migrating there for the last five years (“More Mexicans Leaving the US Than Entering” - New York Times).    Most say they leave due to how unfree the Land of the Free is nowadays.

In fact, Americans may be building a wall that eventually will keep them in.  The IRS has just announced that it will be notifying the State Department of anyone with overdue extortion (tax) payments.  Anyone with overdue tax payments will not be given a passport to defect from the country.

Adding insult to injury on building this useless wall is Trump’s idea on how to “make Mexico pay for it”.  His way of “making Mexico pay for it” is to charge American’s 20% more on anything imported from Mexico.

Mexico is one of the biggest importers into the US and two of its biggest imports are petroleum and food… so get ready for food and gas to rise 20% in price in order to build a wall that is already mostly there and is useless.

But, imposing tariffs on foreign imports and building walls isn’t just useless and increasing the cost of things for Americans.  It actually threatens to destroy the entire American economy.

TDV’s Senior Analyst wrote this in our last issue to subscribers:

Like most Americans, [Trump] is unaware of the role that international trade has played in developing wealth, not only for American corporations, but also, American consumers and the many countries engaged in it.

Ed points out that Trump doesn’t make the proper distinction between trade and globalism.

Besides failing to grasp the mutually beneficial nature of trade, he doesn’t understand the complexities involved in the balance of payments theory, which has long been discredited as an old mercantilist doctrine. He uses it to attempt to define who the winners and losers are in trade. But, Ed points out, the accounts are always in balance; the other side of a “trade deficit” is a “capital surplus.”

When enough money is put into American goods and services - and when people who trade with Americans also store their money in the US - the US can develop a “capital surplus.” As Ed explains, a country can have a trade deficit because its capital markets are attractive. It is after all trading financial claims for goods and services.

A country may also have a trade deficit if it prints more currency than its trading partner, but this kind of cheating tends to self correct via exchange rates eventually.

On the contrary, the US has had a “trade deficit” for as long as the US dollar has floated freely, and probably longer. Sometimes this is the result of its inflationist policy, but mostly it is because the US has always offered a relatively more attractive - i.e., more diverse and more liquid - and more politically stable capital market environment to store wealth.

That’s one of the ways the US dollar became a reserve currency - by offering a home for all those mercantilist governments around the world who would debase their own currencies in order to give their exporters an edge into the American market. How many times have you heard the argument about the Japanese or Chinese banks funding US deficits and consumers.

Yet this is precisely the kind of thing Trump thinks of as exploitation.

But America gained from it too. Because people all around the world wanted to trade with people in the US, its currency circulated broadly; in fact, combined with the beneficial aspects of trade on productivity it helped the Fed manage the fallout of its policies on local prices.

But Trump thinks having a trade deficit is a bad thing and wants to wipe it out. He will try to, and in the process he will do a lot of damage to the American economy, as Ed points out. For, by eliminating the trade deficit he will also eliminate the capital surplus, and reverse all the benefits that have accumulated not only to the economy, but also, the dollar over the decades.

Trump is wrong to target the trade deficit. Trade is not a win-lose concept. Nations are not necessarily better off because they export more physical goods than financial claims if there is a competitive advantage on each side discovered voluntarily in the market by entrepreneurs.

The policy will radically shrink America’s sphere of trade. It will lower labor productivity as a result, and real wages in the process. It may even more radically accelerate the dollar’s global demonetization (de-dollarization) as those who have traded with America over the years finally repatriate their dollars.

Just this week, Iran announced it will stop using the US dollar in response to Trump’s bans.

EJW’s think they are going to improve things in the US by limiting trade and enforcing tariffs and bans.  What they’ll get is the exact opposite.

Trumponomics is a US dollar crisis in the making.