9/11 Mastermind’s Letter To Obama: Here’s Why We Attacked America

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Submitted by Carey Wedler via TheAntiMedia.org,

When Barack Obama was still in office, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, one of the perpetrators of the 9/11 terror attacks, penned a letter to him. Though a judge recently ruled that letter could be sent to the White House before the outgoing president left office, the contents were to be withheld from the public until a month later - until after President Trump had assumed power.

This week, the Miami Herald obtained and published the contents of the 18-page letter, originally written in 2015 and titled “LETTER FROM THE CAPTIVE MUJAHID KHALID SHAIKH MOHAMMAD TO THE HEAD OF THE SNAKE, BARACK OBAMA, THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, THE COUNTRY OF OPPRESSION AND TYRANNY.” It contains the Kuwait-born Pakistani terrorist’s insights into why 9/11 occurred, as well as surprisingly accurate assessments of American politics.

One of the main reasons for 9/11, according to Mohammed, is one terrorists have referenced before: American foreign policy. His explanation is rooted both in history and in current affairs.

The American people were misled by the Johnson administration and the Pentagon into waging a war in Vietnam that cost 58,000 U.S. lives and millions of Vietnamese lives and ultimately led to a humiliating defeat,” he writes, correctly referencing Johnson’s false flag attack in the Gulf of Tonkin, which the Democratic president used to push the U.S. into a prolonged, messy, and ultimately failed war.

Mohammed also focused on U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East and the Muslim world specifically, providing a long list of reasons why the “U.S. reaped what it sowed on 9/11.” One of those grievances was the U.S. government and CIA’s scheme to back and support  “the Indonesian dictator Suharto when his army-led massacres slaughtered hundreds of thousands of landless farmers,” though his examples span the globe.

He cites America’s notorious desire for oil, referencing when the U.S. built “military bases in the Arabian Peninsula in Tabuk, Dhahran, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, and U.A.E – which is prohibited by Sharia laws – to secure a non-stop flood of oil to [their] country at the cheapest price.” He argues this was “to support the dictatorial rule of monarchial families and oppressive, corrupt, dynastic regimes and looting the wealth of the Muslim Ummah population; and to accomplish [U.S.] military objectives there.”

He references the CIA’s 1953 coup in Iran — conducted in conjunction with their British intelligence counterparts — to overthrow the country’s democratically elected leader and empower the “Shah of Iran and Safak, the brutal Iranian intelligence agency, for 40 years.”

Discussing Iraq in the 1990s, he referenceswhen Anglo-Saxon crusaders imposed sanctions against the Iraqi people in a manner of collective punishment that resulted in the death of half a million civilians.” He later addresses former U.N. ambassador Madeleine Albright’s claim that the deaths of half a million children were “worth it.”

Mohammed also points out hypocrisies in American foreign policy, such as the American officials’ ties to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad before they wanted to oust him. He also points out that before invading Iraq, the U.S. “supported Saddam Hussein during the Iran-Iraq War, even when he was using poison mustard gas against the Kurds…”

Mohammed discusses at length the centuries of Western attacks on Muslims and their countries, also noting the way Western countries broke up formerly Ottoman nations in the early 20th century, dividing them up and claiming control in the region.

He circles back to indict the whole of American foreign policy, noting the U.S. has escaped prosecution for their “brutal and savage massacres against the American Indian and [their] crimes in Vietnam, Korea, Tokyo, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Dresden, and Latin America; and for [their] support for the Chinese Dictator, Chiang Kai-Shek, and Mexico’s dictator, Santa Ana.”

You can keep your military bases in Japan, Germany, Italy, and elsewhere,” he writes, “but Muslim land will never accept infidels army bases in their land.” He credits Allah with helping them fight back against Western aggression, frequently weaving in religious sentiments as justification for further violence.

Though Mohammed focuses largely on U.S. imperialism, one of his main grievances is the U.S. government’s support for Israel throughout the decades. He argues America reaped what it sowed on 9/11 in part because of America’s backing of Israel “in the political arena, when you blocked resolutions in the United Nations Security Council more than 45 times to protect repeated Israeli crimes.” Mohammed cites the U.S.’ support for Israel’s invasions of Lebanon throughout the years, ultimately arguing that jihadists fight for all oppressed Muslims. He claims they represent Palestinians and others who have been crushed by Western influence and invasion (of course, it is impossible to prove all victimized Muslims support terrorism as recourse, making this claim rather grandiose).

He discusses Obama’s ongoing efforts to continue providing weaponry to Israel even as the former president openly questioned Israeli settlements. While your children may play safely in the White House backyard, the entire world is watching your weapons kill Palestinian children at play on the Gaza beach during Holy Month of Ramadan or studying in their classrooms.”

Mohammed criticizes American politicians’ repeated claims that Israel “has a right to defend itself.”

Why can’t you or any American president before you say that the Palestinians have a right to defend themselves against Israeli crimes?” he wonders. “The answer is very clear but you can’t say it because your lords will be very angry.” Indeed, Israel wields significant influence over American policy.

The notion that American politicians are beholden to higher powers is echoed throughout the letter, but not just with regard to Israel’s influence through lobbying organization AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee). With surprising accuracy, Mohammed details corporate influence throughout government. Early in the letter, he points out that politicians must serve their donors, whether they are in the healthcare industry, the prison industry, or “Blackwater, Halliburton, or any other arms industry of weapons firm.” He says the latter industry requires politicians “to push the DoD and U.S. soldiers into more wars…

He condemns American capitalism and the farce of democracy throughout the letter, referring to politicians as mercenaries working for their financiers. He asserts that “[i]n the end, this will lead the rich to grow richer and the poor to grow poorer. The country will sink into debt and finally the nation will die.

Mohammed also singles out Obama, citing his drone strikes, which killed countless innocent civilians and children. He condemns Obama’s assassination of American citizen Anwar al-Awlaki without trial — followed by the killing of his 16-year-old son — as well as the president’s establishment of indefinite detention and his failure to close Guantanamo, where Mohammed has been imprisoned for years.

He calls out Western media, as well.

Don’t let Fox, CNN, BBC, or American and pro-Israeli channels cover your eyes because they never show the truth, their main task is brainwashing,” he argues. “They are experts at lying and distorting the facts to achieve their masters’ ends.

(Instead, he praises Al-Jazeera, which is, in fact, a news agency originally funded by the oil-rich Qatari government, an ally of the United States.)

Since 9/11, the political establishment’s narrative has asserted Islamic terrorists target the United States because they hate us for our freedom, because their religion is violent, and because they are hellbent on destroying anyone who disagrees with their ideology. While it’s indisputable that anyone who would seek to kill 3,000 civilians is a cold-blooded murderer, his explanation has been echoed by terrorists before; the Charlie Hebdo shooters, the Boston Marathon bombers, and the Orlando night club shooter all referenced violent, imperialistic American policy as reasons for their attacks.

Mohammed concludes:

If your government and public won’t tolerate 9/11, then how can you ask Muslims to tolerate your 60 years of crimes in Palestine, Lebanon, the Arabian Peninsula and the whole Muslim World?

As former congressman and longtime non-interventionist Dr. Ron Paul warned in 1998 — long before 9/11:

“Far too often, the bombing of declared (or concocted) enemies, whether it’s the North Vietnamese, the Iraqis, the Libyans, the Sudanese, the Albanians, or the Afghans, produces precisely the opposite effect to what is sought. It kills innocent people, creates more hatred toward America, unifies and stimulates the growth of the extremist Islamic movement and makes them more determined than ever to strike back with their weapon of choice – terror.”

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9/11 Mastermind’s Letter To Obama: Here’s Why We Attacked America

For a split second, I thought the letter was written by Dick Cheney.  ;-)


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Don't let anyone fool you.  The Mossad materminded 9-11.  They and their treasonous dual-citizen counterparts in the USA were the only ones who had access to the Twin Towers to plant the thermite explosives that were used to bring the otherwise inpregnable buildings down.  Judge by evidence... not the spoken word... especially if those words are excreted by people whose motto is "By deception thou shalt do war".

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JS Bach  "By Deception..."  Yes

But where did the Towers Go?  Into DUST  see huge pieces disenegrate before your very eyes  amazing


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Well, the schmuck does have a few good points there but I continue to suspect that his and the other actors hatred was used as a tool by more nefarious forces to engineer the 911 travesty.


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*hrumf* .. no mention of the NORAD stand-down, no plane in shanksville or at the pentagon, who placed the demolition explosives in bld. 7 (and the towers), how they procured the weapons-grade thermate..

I think someone is taking credit where credit isn't due..

And Bach~ don't think for a second the Mossad could have pulled this off without inside help from the highest echelons inside our own govt. Plenty of players in this operation. Time to bring it to light


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the ghost of Ed Bernays loves this shit




boo! bitchez

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"When Barack Obama was still in office, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, one of the perpetrators of the 9/11 terror attacks, penned a letter to him."

Stopped reading right there.

Saved 5 minutes.

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@MalteseFalcon:  Thats because you're an idiot.



Bring the US troops home.  They have zero business in occupying another country to exploit natural resources.  The citizens of the occupied country should fight any occupier just like how an American themselves would fight an occupier.  This is what Ron Paul meant when he says “This foreign policy makes US less safe”.




The US Peoples Liberty is not in the oil sands or poppy fields.  The US Troops should go home because it’s the politicians and companies are the ones threatening the US people’s liberty.




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haha, it was written by highly educated type, cant they proofread and dumb it down? sheesh..

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xythras (not verified) Troll Magnet Feb 9, 2017 9:55 AM

Obama was trolled the same way Trump is trolled NOW. 

Nevertheless, Trump knows hot to turn any situation to his advantage

Hip-Hop and Gay Porn: Donald Trump Trolled over #EasyD Tweet








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That's some funny shit right there XYT

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xythras (not verified) Obadiah Feb 9, 2017 9:58 AM

One can't just troll the Trump.

He's the MASTER TROLL, #EasyD

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Here it is folks, the single most damning evidence which completely destroys the laughable Official Story.https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LPKq2K2dh6k

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The Saint (not verified) TeamDepends Feb 9, 2017 11:45 AM

A deranged mind.  Rot in Hell, Khalid.

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How I wish he would pen the details of the meticulously-executed operation instead. I assume he wouldn't know 'cos Mossad helped take care of all of those.

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Indeed, too cute by half for Mr. Khalid Shaikh Mohammed is concerned. He probably penned this in between water boardings /s While there is no doubt that this "letter" nails some important (and by now, ready available and well established points.) Points that MANY have raised over these  long last many years, my first thought was, why this, why now? I will be keenly interested to see how much "play" this new "development" gets in the MSM ... how it will be "handled."

To me, it reeked immediately of deflection, inasmuch as what harm is there now in releasing what many have already known, and increasingly discuss, in terms of the standard narratives, larger truths and deep state actions etc. They hate us our freedoms, NOW elevated to, they hate us because of deep state actions, interventions and mucking about, which although common knowlege, previously was not even acceptable discourse in the public sphere ...

I see this as just another step, stage, in the important con, to divert attention from real deep state actions and actors, those not able or acceptable to consider, let alone discuss, without at least, the infamous tin foil hat, conspiracy theorist label.. And when one considers the all important timing, in the context of increasinging awareness, and the volatile nature of todays happenings, this to me makes perfect sense in that context..

It ain't what they are allowing to now be revealed. It is what is continued to be covered up, not wanting revealed or acceptable to be discussed.

Not all that long ago, to "release" this information, as laid out, was considered "tin foil hat" territory. Again, why this, why now. I can only conclude that it must serve a greater purpose, or if you will, the same purpose, which is to distract and deflect, as per usual, only now, the stakes perhaps have become much higher. A pre-emptive "confession, if you will.


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Nuggets of truth that perpetuate the lie.

US ForPol has been utterly evil = truths

KSM was one of the 20 intended hijackers = truth

The hijackers actually succeeded in their mission and there was no insider involvement to make sure that happened = false

wildbad's picture

and he was tortured how often and for how long to come up with this boilerplate, watered down first level conspiracy red herring?

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Bull Feces....Islam has been at war with the west since the 7th century. They have only ever stopped when they were defeated on the battlefield....Their armies advanced into France and to the gates of Vienna before being stopped and driven back.

Once defeated, they pause, regroup, rearm, and await their chance to strike again...Now their armies are weak and poorly armed, so they infiltrate by ones and twos into the west hidden among refugees and students to await their chance to strike again. Whether it be by IED, pressure coooker, or a semi truck driven into a crowd. It matters not....


If after 1400 fcking years you still don't get it, well then aren't you special......"Bless your heart"

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I don't disagree with many of the observations made by KSM . . . what I do disagree with is the unsaid, underlying premise that "Islam is a religion of peace" and that all they want to do is go about their unfettered business, tend their herds and molest little boys and girls. Islam was founded in violence and the violence will not stop even after they establish the universal caliphate.



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I don't disagree with many of the observations made by KSM . . . what I do disagree with is the unsaid, underlying premise that "Islam is a religion of peace" and that all they want to do is go about their unfettered business, tend their herds and molest little boys and girls. Islam was founded in violence and the violence will not stop even after they establish the universal caliphate.



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indeed!  the last attempt at making yurp a califate was at the hands of suleimon at the siege of vienna.  thankfully, and old man nicholas graf stopped them.  you can't even get the correct account of this on wikipedia anymore!  

now they've accomplished what they never could owing to the traitor merkel.  she will be yet another german leader whose name is not to be spoken.

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The majority of previous comments and voting patterns on those demonstrate that Zero Hedge readers tend to be more likely to understand the underlying facts that the 9/11 events were indubitably some kind of inside job, which was most probably a false flag attack done by Zionists to blame on Muslims. However, that does not erase the deeper contentions, or conflicts between cultures, but only underscores how much more severe those actually are.

American Contractor in Iraq Weighs in on Banned Countries Order, Sharing Perspective of Local Iraqis | Zero Hedge

"... The people that were behind all this are rich and insulated.

They are the criminals."

The ONLY entities that exist throughout Globalized Neolithic Civilization are different kinds of organized crime gangs, based upon more or less organized systems of lies operating robberies. One merely has to look at how big any entity is to determine the degree to which that entity was a sufficiently successful organized crime gang. At the present time, the Anglo-American (Zionist) Empire is the most dominate. However, at the same time, Islam continues to also be organized crime gangs, based on relatively old-fashioned psychotic bullshit, i.e., Mohamed is the last prophet of God, whose words must be accepted as the ultimate and final truth.

Globalized Neolithic Civilization is ALL based on the development of increasingly sophisticated and integrated systems of lies backed by violence. The biggest and best organized gangs of criminals are able to legalize their lies, and back those up with legalized violence, which otherwise does NOT change the underlying problem that being able to back up lies with violence does NOT stop those lies from still being false. Everything happening in geopolitics are struggles between different organized crime gangs. However, ALL of those developments are publicly "debated" within the overall context of the degree to which the biggest and best organized crime gangs are able to dominate societies, such that they are able to publicly promote the social stories which assert that they are NOT organized crime gangs, (or terrorists), but that ONLY some others are ...

The primary drivers of current geopolitical events are the attempts being made by the best organized crime gangs (the international bankers), operating through the biggest organized crime gangs (NATO), to consolidate their global hegemony over the monetary systems, in order to thereby control access to natural resources. Within that context, Islamic countries were among the last to be conquered by Western Imperialisms in general, which became most dominated by the Anglo-America (Zionist) Empire. Resistance to those developments have ended up taking the form of the atavistic resurgence of Islamic states.

Globalized Neolithic Civilization has developed into an objectively hopeless condition, due to everything becoming based on enforced frauds, which exponentially advancing technologies have enabled to become exponentially more fraudulent. Within that overall context, the so-called "War on Terror" was started by inside job, false flag attacks, which were intended to become self-fulfilling prophesies, that engendered enough blowback consequences to get those going, until they became unstoppable. There are NO "solutions" possible within the established frames of reference, wherein everything is misunderstood using the DUALITIES of false fundamental dichotomies, and the related impossible ideals.

Rather, what is theoretically necessary would be to use more UNITARY MECHANISMS in order to better understand how and why human beings and civilization necessarily operate through the principles and methods of organized crime, in order to develop better dynamic equilibria between the different systems of organized lies operating robberies. However, in the Western World the dominate State Religions are the combined money/murder systems, which are endeavouring to become totally consolidated on a globalized scale, which would require wiping out all organized resistance, despite that goal becoming an increasingly psychotic objective. The Western State Religions taking the forms of the monetary system and national security are especially in conflict with the Islamic State Religions.

In all current cases, it is politically impossible to have any relatively rational public debates. Rather, we can only wait and watch as those conflicts become exponentially insane! MORE & MORE, the Western monetary systems are based upon public governments enforcing frauds by private banks, in ways which are becoming exponentially fraudulent. Those monetary systems are backed up by murder systems based on the maximum possible deceits and treacheries, which particularly include the history of the ways that various wars were routinely started by false flag attacks, including the so-called "War on Terror," which has devolved to primarily become an expression of the conflicts between the Western State Religions and the Islamic State Religions. Those methods of human control are spinning out of any human control, due to the longer term consequences of their inherently psychotic characteristics, namely that, BEING ABLE TO ENFORCE FRAUDS NEVER STOPS THOSE FROM STILL BEING FRAUDULENT!

Since the Middle Eastern areas had significant natural resources, the conflicts over controlling access to those natural resources have become proportionately significant. Ironically, Globalized Neolithic Civilization, which spread out from the Middle Eastern areas, through European areas, and then around the whole world, to include North America, etc., is returning to the Middle Eastern areas, as demonstrated by the reverberations in those regions. The dominate human cultures were able to become most dominate by having historically been the most dishonest, which has resulted in their innate trends towards runaway social insanities. Since all of the dominate countries, corporations and churches are dominated by their own varies of the best available professional hypocrites, everything being done is publicly presented in ways which are quite absurdly backwards to what actually exists.

"War on Terror" has become the multifaceted manifestations of exponentially increasing dishonesties, due to the long history of successful warfare based on deceits and treacheries, becoming the foundation for successful finance based on enforcing frauds. Within that context, various old-fashioned forms of the biggest bullies' bullshit, such as Islam, are in increasing conflicts with the more modernized biggest bullies' bullshit in the Western World. Overall, Globalized Neolithic Civilization is drowning under its own bullshit, as that bullshit continues to be spouted at exponentially increasing rates. OVER & OVER, the underlying issues are that being able to back up lies with violence never stops those lies from still being false. Therefore, the better that any society becomes at backing up its lies with violence, the more psychotically false society as a whole becomes. The conflicts between different factions of the original Neolithic Civilization have become increasingly globalized. Hence, the psychotically false views of the Judaeo-Christian traditions are in conflict with the psychotically false views of the Islamic traditions.

Due to the long, long history of social successfulness based on being able to enforce frauds, and particularly the successfulness of strategies based upon deceits and treacheries, the "War on Terror" has become more and more tangled up into a Gordian Knot of apparently infinite tunnels of dishonesties, wound and wound around and through each other ... In that context, there are almost NO public debates that are not based upon taking one or another level of those lies for granted, as if those were the truth upon which to base subsequent analysis.

Since sociopolitical systems based on being able to enforce frauds are operated by the best available professional hypocrites, that applies to all publicly significant sociopolitical groups, as those emerged out of the history of Neolithic Civilizations (which were occasionally independently rediscovered in various other areas.) Nobody has a monopoly on the principles and methods of organized crime. However, Globalized Neolithic Civilization practically has a dominate monopoly on those now, and thus, for the foreseeable finite future, those developments of runaway criminal insanities are going to get way worse, way faster, due to various outrageous liars, fighting other egregious liars, while the overall results are increasingly triumphant lies, which are increasingly psychotic ...

9/11 was, so far, the most spectacular symbol of how the combined money/murder systems work, as an inside job, false flag attack, that was used to whip up "the patriotic fervor, but that was not the cause, only the psyops" which publicly enabled the invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. ... In my opinion Globalized Neolithic Civilization is necessarily driving itself towards exponentially increasing levels of death insanities. The USA became the leading component of those globalized systems, and therefore, the successful applications of the methods of organized crime to capture control over the American government has driven the government of the USA to become the main enforcer of globalized frauds.

Step by step, the vicious spirals of political funding resulted in greater and greater enforced frauds. The prodigious progress in physical science enabled almost exponentially increasing technological powers and capabilities to be primarily applied within the previously established systems based on enforcing frauds, resulting in the exponentially increasing fraudulence of Globalized Neolithic Civilization. The government of the USA was systematically subjected to prolonged and persistent applications of the methods of organized crime through the political processes, such as bribery, intimidation, as well as assassination of those politicians who otherwise could not be bribed or intimidated. Hence, the government of the USA became dominated by political puppets, which were voted for by enough of the masses of muppets. The profits from frauds were reinvested in more frauds, such that the mainstream schools and mass media more and more made sure that enough of the American people would be muppets that voted for puppets, who would order wars that were against the interests of the majority of the American people, and result in Americans becoming generally hated by those who were invaded.

The ability of deep state shadow governments to get away with assassinations of politicians that they otherwise could not neutralize through the methods of bribery and intimidation had reverberating consequences, for decade after decade, and Century after Century. Gradually the American government became almost totally dominated by various political puppets, who would be voted for by enough of the masses of muppets, such that the consequences became exponentially increasing ways that the government of the USA behaviour amounted to runaway criminal insanities, which became more and more blatantly obvious to enough Americans that it was possible for relatively superficial analysis and presentation of those actual problems to enable President Trump to win the election. However, Trump takes over power within the overall context of the USA already embedded in debt slavery systems, which have already generated numbers which are debt insanities, which are already set up to provoke death insanities ... due to already deeply entrenched conflicts with other countries that have been developing for Centuries and Millennia.

In my opinion, in more recent decades, there is a historical lineage of events, which included the ability of the assassination of President Kennedy to lead to the circumstances in which it was possible for the events on 9/11/2001 to be successfully executed inside job, false flag attacks, which have started the "War on Terror" and subsequent invasions of various countries, to become self-fulfilling prophesies, whose blowback consequences were originally designed to make that overall situation get worse, faster, for the foreseeable future, such that one could anticipate the eruptions of exponentially increasing death insanities. One could say that the successful assassination of President Kennedy prepared the way for the successful assassinations of thousands of Americans on 9/11, which prepared the ways for the mass murders of millions of people around the world, and which is probably headed towards causing the mass murders of hundreds of millions, if not billions, in the most probable foreseeable futures of Globalized Neolithic Civilization.

For instance, the following documentary presents some history regarding the ways that:

"The people that were behind all this are rich and insulated. They are the criminals."


JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick

However, that kind of video does NOT engage in deeper analysis of the NECESSARY relationships between natural selection and artificial selection, but rather, recommends bogus "solutions" that do not admit and accept that there must be some death control systems, while the murder systems are the most extreme form of those. Militarism is the supreme ideology and deserves to be respected as such. The essential political problems are that successful militarism has always been based on deceits and treacheries, within which overall context it was completely consistent that 9/11, and its subsequent consequences, were based on the maximum possible deceits and treacheries. The deeper political problems are that almost everything regarding the ways that almost everyone thinks and communicates about the death control systems is based upon staying INSIDE maximized FRAUDULENT frames of reference ...

The article above was quoted by Juggernaut, who approved of those kinds of superficially correct analyses, which lead to bogus "solutions ..." BUT, BUT, BUT, it is barely possible to exaggerate how much worse are the political problems that Globalized Neolithic Civilization has developed due to natural selection pressures driving artificial selection systems to become as dishonest as possible, while prodigious progress in physical science has enabled technologies to become trillions of times more powerful and capable than ever before in human history, which has resulted in Globalized Neolithic Civilization becoming almost exponentially more dishonest overall, while, so far, 9/11 is the most spectacular symbol of the ways in which Civilization is dominated by deceits and treacheries.



Almost everyone continues to think about the relationships of artificial selection operating within natural selection by using the DUALITIES of false fundamental dichotomies and the related impossible ideals. "We should" start thinking about those phenomena by using more UNITARY MECHANISMS. However, what is actually happening are the various ways in which Globalized Neolithic Civilization continues to become exponentially more criminally insane, in which context, articles like the one above, apparently quoting an Islamic patsie, actually amounts to another tiny contribution towards the gathering momentum of the runaway criminal insanities which direct Globalized Neolithic Civilization to prepare to commit collective suicide.

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Whenever I see one of your posts, I scroll past it and it hurts my finger. Start a fucking blog you long winded piece of shit.

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So, airplanes fail and fall from 35,000 feel and we can still find intact pieces, and even black boxes, usually.  But a plane flies into a building, even one 100 stories tall, and pulverized everything?   After building comes down?  Doesn't add up

Al Huxley's picture

...and passports - of the terrorists.  Don't forget those indestructible Egyptian passports.


And maybe worth mentioning is BBC's ability to report the collapse of building 7 BEFORE it collapsed.  That was an amazing bit of reporting, there - really top notch on the scene coverage.  

Cynicles's picture

26 min before..with the bldg clearly visible in the background

Bigern's picture

2.5 inch thick double-walled steel beams girding the exterior and shafts of the building were snapped like candy canes by hollow aluminum tubes travelling at subsonic velocities.

This is the narrative we are to believe. The building material was pulverized into aerosols, and puffed into the air like powdered sugar when the sandwich commenced. Have to say, Khalezov's theory on subterranean nuclear demolition gains traction the longer this gets dragged out. It is the only explanation that incorporates all immediate effects, lack of debris, residual heat, and thyrroid cancers among responders and excavators. No flash or surface blast effects because it was all contained in an expanding sphere of molten rock under the ground, eating its way just far enough into the building foundation to pulverize it. The channeled shock wave was focused directly upward in a narrow path, crushing the buildings most of the way up to the roof. Proper placement of such a device can produce directed effects. The USGS sampled dust from a multitude of locations around the city in the days following the event. The results of the analysis showed an intricate weave of radioactive decay products in proportions one would expect with nuclear fission.

The anwer is there, people just refuse to believe it is possible. Such people therefore create justification for the delusion which they serve, for the truth would destroy the meaning of their life. However, percieved truth based on lies is no truth at all, but a result of Lucciferian manipulation. Of course, nine-eleven was but one push to agitate. Larger moves are coming. The people must be led to believe that there is only one way to secure peace and security. Be wary of anything not from above. Lies are the work of the world, principalities and powers.

"Now concerning the times and the seasons, brothers, you have no need to have anything written to you. For you yourselves are fully aware that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night. While people are saying, “There is peace and security,” then sudden destruction will come upon them as labor pains come upon a pregnant woman, and they will not escape. But you are not in darkness, brothers, for that day to surprise you like a thief. For you are all children of light, children of the day. We are not of the night or of the darkness. So then let us not sleep, as others do, but let us keep awake and be sober." 1 Thessalonians 5:1-6

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Dont' lose sight of the FACT that the FALSE CHRIST comes 1st at the 6th Trump.  Real Christ at the 7th Trump.

Bigern's picture

I think a major announcement is pending. The greatest of deceptions, that has been preparing culture and minds since the late 1940's is about to come to fruition. The visitations and objects in the sky are not what we would be given to believe.

Cynicles's picture

"just like how Americans would fight..."

how about fighting the owners of America:

The Banksters

new game's picture

wish/think/realize it just is not going to happen until we are attacked here, then the troops come home. maybe a day late and millions dead. hard to say.

way too much money on the table to call the game.

in fact trump is going to throw a shit load moar fiat/treasury debt at the game.

waitin for the river card.

just sayin.

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@ The Juggernaut

Actually we probably agree on most things, but you don't know that, because .......

VinceFostersGhost's picture



How did you guys do Building 7?


You know WTC7......it was just sitting there......and then it fell straight down.


Did you stare at it hard?




Why did Jeb quit the campaign again?

Diplodicus Rex's picture

My favourite explanation - "Building 7 fell down...because it was tired". I read it in the NIST report.

VinceFostersGhost's picture



They have this thing called building codes.


Pretty sure it says.......make sure the skyscraper won't just fall down......EVEN IF YOU REALLY WANT IT TOO!!!

Dame Ednas Possum's picture

I felt this was fairly compelling when I stumbled over it a few months back...


Israeli art students... laying explosives in WTC 1+2. 

But no... it was the fundamentalist stunt pilots armed with box cutters. 

YHC-FTSE's picture

Yep. The DEA was whining about Israel's "aggressive espionage against the USA" in the late 90's as well and got the FBI involved to investigate these "Israeli Art Students" casing sensitive government sites and the homes of government officials. In 2002, over 140 Israeli art students were arrested and deported. Then complete media blackout about the incident.

The thing that did it for me as conclusive evidence that 9/11 was carried out by the PNAC neocons (neoconservatism is a zionist construct. Victoria Nuland's husband was an architect of PNAC) within the US government outsourcing the Israelis and Saudis for plausible deniability was the fact that Mohammed Atta and his gang used expired credit cards with numbers reserved for US govt employees for accounting purposes to pay for their bar tabs. Chris Emery investigated this, publishing the actual receipt used by Mohammed Atta and as far as I know, it has never been debunked.

Israel, PNAC, the neocon zionists and the CIA were the main drivers of the war narratives and this remains true 16 yrs later.

DomoJojo's picture

Oh vey - I read that too. Ouch! Not good for Israeli arts students. Too bad. Great comedians. Might affect future funding.

opport.knocks's picture

It was out of empathy for the others.

DaveyJones's picture

It was the Secretary of Defense who quickly said - see what you can do to pin this on IRAQ.  It was the VP who said - the orders still stand. It was the building owner who said - we pulled it. It was the president's cousin who headed the towers' securty company .....

In the end, the old (and inside guys) who designed 911 forgot about the modern world, and the internet, and so many other things that captured so much evidence that proves that day was one disgusting murderous joke. I'll never forget my screaming mother wondering if my brother was alive since he worked a building away.  From teflon lawns, holes that wont fit planes, NORADs that won't respond, jet plane exercises far far away, Secretaries of State who claim they never thought somone would do that with a plane, buildings that race with gravity, federal folks who tell interpreters to shut up, seize area cameras, and can't seem to find any broken plane parts, steel columns that melt like magic, this disgusting day is our ultimate test as human beings - to tolerate such disgusting lies, such disgusting crimes, and go on pretending is a challenge to our own indentity- and our own future.             

NAV's picture

Amen. And it is only the truth that will set us free.

Cui bono? How did it benefit the Saudis to knock down the Twin Towers? The USA is their cash cow. But there was a motivation for the Israelis. The NYT’s wrote September 12, 2001: Asked tonight what the attack meant for relations between the United States and Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, the former prime minister, replied, ''It's very good.'' Then he edited himself: ''Well, not very good, but it will generate immediate sympathy.''  Blaming the Muslims for 9-11 is what justifies the slaughter of civilian populations in several Muslim countries, as well as justifying  a domestic police state here at home to counter "Muslim terrorism."

The evidence, IMO, agrees with The Irish Savant in his article “Show Me a Nation-Wrecker": “Jewish/Israeli/Ziocon hands are all over the 9/11 conspiracy and anyone who claims otherwise is either a hasbara or has failed to undertake even rudimentary research on the subject. And I focus on 9/11 truth because its acceptance would actually result in the overthrow of our current overlords and their system. And the key to exposing 9/11 lies with WTC 7, which represents the Achilles Heel of the Official Narrative.”


The Gun Is Good's picture

Spot on. Can't forget the pols and .govers who got "Daschled" pre-Patriot Act either. That was another laughably pathetic exercise on the part of the real perps....

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Aaaand bldgs 3, 4, 5, & 6.

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Dont want to hear it? How is the bliss from such ignorance?

MalteseFalcon's picture

It is blissful to ignore untruths.