Americans Haven't Been This Positive About The US Economy Since July 2007, But...

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Bloomberg's Consumer Comfort index surged once again this week to its highest since April 2015, but it was the "state of the economy" survey that really soared - breaking to new cycle highs at 42.8 - the highest since July 2007...

The last time we saw a surge like this was the post-QE3 "well they would not have stopped QE if they didn't know that everything was awesome" narrative...


How did that work out for them?

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It's different this time

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This time they will be coming for your 401K

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Yes, the .gov and cronies will be coming for (and getting) everything that is in the "official" financial system, period.

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401k, all bank accounts, security boxes and YOUR ICE CUBE TRAYS. They commin' for it all.

Better to cash out your 401k because it is better to have %70 of something than %100 of nothing.

After u cash it out buy PM (I'd say go all silver) and toss a little to Btc.

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Yes.  It is VERY different this time.   Most Central Banks now see global equity markets as a tool of monetary policy and are openly buying billions with no end in sight.   Just the SNB (The only CB who is legally obligated to disclose their holdings) has > $63B in just US equities.   Also, seeing as these CBs literally print the money they are buying with, this "market" will not fall significant until they decide that it will fall significantly.  

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The markets are once again being set up for a massive crash. The unknowing, will once again be caught off guard. It never ceases to amaze me how people can't see these things coming.

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So if the marekts are being setup for a "massive crash", then does the SNB increase or decrease its current $63B holdings in US stocks?    Also, seeing as the SNB (just one of MANY CBs) has no limit in its ability to obtain new funds (it just prints until people riot in the streets), do you not think they can buy the market up to whatever number they want?  $100B, $200B, $1T?  It honestly doesnt matter to them... 

IMO, unless the CBs want a massive crash, it wont happen.   I think a more likely outcome is continued political instability and distrust of gov. because of their current actions.

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We can only resist the "easy money" for so long. It's always just a matter of time....we just can't help ourselves.

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Full faith and credit...bitchez!

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But Trump er something

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I'm confident in the greatest and smartest president ever!!


I'm confident you are actually dumber than you look, Billy.

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Fuck off cunt we've seen your stupid shit here x 10

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2017, it's the new 2001 but now Gen Y gets to play too.

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yellen leaves Feb 2018 - and the "markets bid machine" will likely be shut off as it walks from the office.


global CB balance sheets are $30T and climbing with ZERO regard for profit - print, buy, keep markets pinned.


what a wonderful world.

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There is in fact a sucker born every minute...

...and millions of federal and state pensions need funding...

Global Weimar is ON bitchez!!!!

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According to that chart we need one more little thin wafer.. to make it to the last top.

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The only thing we are positive on is that this is our last chance. We have to be optimistic when the alternative is oblivion. Most people have been down for so long that they don't remember that we actually did have better lives once upon a time

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I sure hope it's not too late for me to get in on this! I wouldn't want to miss out on another chance to get rich!

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The good times died in the its just survival mode.

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Jethuth Kwithe Look at that Dow Stawkth thpike, my nothe ith bleeding.