Explosion At French Nuclear Power Plant, No Risk Of Nuclear Contamination

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French authorities said an explosion occurred at the EDF-operated Flamanville Nuclear Power Plant in France’s north-west, in the power plant's machine room, but added that there is no leak of radiation. The incident occurred at 10:00 local time (09:00 GMT) in an engine room, Ouest-France newspaper reported. No injuries have been reported.

“It is a significant technical failure but it is not a nuclear accident” because the explosion occurred “outside the nuclear zone,” Olivier Marmion, director of the prefect's office, told AFP.

The local government for the Manche region says that the blast at the Flamanville plant on France's northwest coast has been contained and managed.

Operator EDF said that there were no injuries and that a fire led to a blast in the machine room of one of the two nuclear reactors at Flamanville. According to EDF, the fire started at 9:40am and caused an explosion in the machinery room. The fire happened in part of plant linked to reactor 1, which was disconnected from the grid, and was immediately controlled by plant’s crew;

The nuclear plant located in the Flamanville commune has two pressurized water reactors that produce 1.3 GWe (gigawatt electrical) each. The reactors were built in 1986 and 1987. A third reactor will be completed by 2018.

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Is there any third party confirmation of the official story?

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South Australia Heatwave Wind Power Collapse, Rolling Blackouts



South Australia, the world’s renewable energy crash test dummy, is once again experiencing horrendous power price spikes and rolling blackouts, thanks to excessive reliance on wind, a lack of dispatchable power capacity, and high demand caused by a Summer heatwave.


JoNova notes that electricity prices have spiked to $13,440 MWh, or $13.44 / KWh. Wind power is only producing 7% rated capacity.

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Mechanical Failure

Security Failure

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Don't know yet.

I doubt they would admit Achmed blew himself up in there.


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Would they really say that it is leaking if it was?

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2/8/2017 Japanese nuclear plant just recorded an astronomical radiation level.


Let California secede. It will soon be the "hottest" new country.

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Yes, come to California - it's the world's largest open-air tanning salon!...

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You know CA fish eaters have been irradiated anyway

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It's well known that politicians world-wide practice 180-degree politics - they say "yes" and mean "no". Whatever drivel they spew you have to turn 180-degrees to get someting close to the truth. Don't forget what J-C. Juncker said, "sometimes you have to lie..."

When the leaks get up to 500+ sieverts/hour then maybe some truth after the fact may come forth. Until then stock up on lead-lined clothing.

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Think about the implications of a good leak in northwest France - no more agriculture in most of France, southern UK, Holland, large swathes of Germany, perhaps Scandinavia etc. There will never be a leak in western France, even if there is a major leak in western France.

When Chernobyl popped, the weather managed to bring lots of radiation a very long way west, to dump on hills and coastline all around UK nuclear power stations. Odd how that happened, when weather normally goes from west to east. No way UK power stations could be to blame.

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If there is a leak it will be detectable very soon, even in the US. We have very sensitive environmental monitors in place. I worked at a nuke plany for many years. We picked up increased background radiation within a few days after Chernobyl and it wasn't admitted to by the governments for weeks afterward.

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I think the French would say it was leaking,

"But is only leaking a wee little bit, like dribbles of wine from your chin"

Probably switchgear got hot, started to burn and then arced with a flash and a bang.  I had my back to a motor control center about 3 meters away when a 20 hp pump motor starter went to ground with a BLAM.  Thought I had pissed in my pants I was so scared.

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There is no nuclear accident because we cannot find the core to make it a nuclear accident.

Just like Fukoshima /S

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There is no officially recognized word for Stuxnet in French,

so they refuse to acknowledge it.

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Hope all is well, the Japanese said everything was fine too, clearly it isn't over there.

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"It's just a tiny leak," the media said.

rumors say cnn reports its evacuation of it's 345 employees was planned months ago...nothing to do with the nucelar leak.


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Thinking about war or terrorism.

These plants are nothing more than very large dirty bombs.

I doubt all the non-nuclear munitions in MENA could match the destructive power of melting down ONE nukuloor plant.

But let's import talent from MENA to run these plants.

I'd rather do that than be a xenophobe.

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The Caliphate in france hates nuclear power.

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South Australian electricity is coming your way



Yesterday 90,000 customers lost power in SA (making it Blackout Round 5 since the big one last September).

This time it was due to load shedding.

SA power woes to spread nation-wide, starting with Victoria, Australian Energy Council warns

The Federal Government needs to take urgent action to improve its energy policies before the rest of Australia falls victim to the type of large-scale blackouts experienced in South Australia, the Australian Energy Council has warned.

It’s not just that renewables muck up the electricity supply (with frequency and instability issues), they also drive a pike through the energy market. These are two separate disruptors. We’ve seen inexplicable spikes in power prices in SA in seasons when it shouldn’t happen, but this might be a new form of volatility. Wind power produced 900MW earlier in the day, but that fell to below 100MW within 6 hours (which is not that usual, see the post yesterday for the graph).

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Moar money is being shifted to supporting refugees instead of infrastructure. Same with Europe, Canada and USA.

Repairing roads, maintaining power grids, building bridges, etc are soooo un-politically correct.

That's why USA has to beg China and Japan to build their high speed trains, etc.

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But the USA leads the world in EBT and SNAP technology...

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EBT is the weak link in the empire.  Don't even have to turn off the power, water and food.   Just turn off EBT. 

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Reminds me of that catchy EBT youtoob, Swipe yo EBT card:



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Australians are cucked. In more ways than one.

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lack of dispatchable power capacity

This means there is no excess capacity which can be easily brought online and used to meet surges in demand.  Like, gas turbines; you know, fossil fuel-powered.  Or pumped storage.

What a bunch of douchebags.

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And I bitch about 0.09$/kWh.

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I pay $.13 Cents / KWh  here on Coastal Georgia.    Wow $13.44.   That is insane 50 Kwh would cost  $672.   That would be about 4-6 hrs of Air Conditioning.


Gold, Bitchez!

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At those prices the Australians should be buying generators and solar panels. 

Use your own solar and supplement with a generator.

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Wind power is wonderful for investors

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only when the wind is exponentially increasing in speed

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South Australia, the world’s renewable energy crash test dummy

LMAO!!  Hat tip to the article writer - well done!!

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Well, there is this video from CNN... :>D

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I'm confident this is bullish for stocks, home prices.

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Bullish for Vestas. Building more wind turbines. Hundreds of them. Then the supply can drop from 1.5GW to 100MW in a couple hours.

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Is that another reactor built on the coast I see? Wonder if GE is involved in this one as it looks like it's poised to completely irradiate another major ocean if there is any major tectonic activity under the ocean.

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Tunisia set for Trump-led boom as Hillary cabal exits scene


Under the leadership of GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt is also destined to become the oil services leader in NAWA and Africa with its acquisition of American oil services giant Baker Hughes.

Tunisia’s unique position between two major oil producing countries such as Libya and Algeria; a developed economy with a strong equities market and proximity to Milan; on top of Tunisia’s good neighbor foreign policy — makes the country ideal as GE continues to win billions of dollars in contracts throughout Africa.

GE is currently eyeing taking a US$100 million plus wind farm project initially developed by Miami, Florida-based developer UPC Renewables at Cap Bon peninsula near the port city of Bizerte in northwest Tunisia. UPC Principal Peter Gish told Capitol Intelligence/CI MENA that his company has spent years negotiating land rights and regulatory approvals to build the wind farms.

GE is currently talking to Italy’s state controlled utility ENEL unit ENEL Green Power to team-up in the development of UPC’s and other renewable energy project in the region. The US government’s Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) is especially motivated to provide up to US$400 million in either corporate or project finance to any qualified operator in the renewable energy sector in Tunisia, one of OPIC’s strategic markets.

Enel Green Power is already the largest operator of wind power in the United States and it recently sold a 49% stake in its North American renewable energy assets to GE Energy Financial Services for US$440 million and operates 21.6 gigawatts of renewable power in Europe and North Africa.

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Italian mob moves in on environmental energy scam 

For an industry all puffed up about its supposed environmental virtue, green energy sure is attracting a dirty crowd. Witness its latest entrant, Italy's Mafia. The mob knows a good fraud when it sees one.  Alongside strip joints, drug smuggling, human trafficking, leg-breaking and political shakedowns, Mafia soldiers have moved in on the something-for-nothing world of green energy.

The Washington Post, in a page-one story, reported last week that a major sting operation by Italian authorities yielded a swarm of corrupt front groups run not by green hipsters, but by the Cosa Nostra of Sicily and the Calabrian syndicate known as 'Ndrangheta.

The plot was "part 'Sopranos,' part 'An Inconvenient Truth,'" the Post noted, with the mob shaking down legitimate farmers for title to their land, and then accepting EU subsidies for windmill construction, paying off political players to ensure the subsidies came.

It's the latest chapter in an ongoing story of corruption continuously surrounding green energy. In 2009, Italy's National Association of Wind Energy boss Oreste Vigorito was busted for building wind farms on public subsidies that sopped up state cash and delivered nothing. In 2010, cops seized $2 billion in 43 solar and wind fronts from "businessman" Vito Nicastri, known as "Lord of the Winds."

Can't happen here? Along with pay-for-play subsidies that have rolled into politically tied companies like Solyndra, green Mafia scams have reached the Netherlands, Britain, Ireland and Spain. Meanwhile, in Germany, carbon trading has drawn corruption of its own.

Italian blogger Pasquale Trivisonne denounced the waste of these scams in Italy — with wasted farmland and noisy windmills, but zero jobs and no energy.

It's money in the pockets of criminals. Green millionaires such as Vigorito got their seed capital from U.S. sources, Trivisonne noted. Vigorito, for one, had ties to Bryan Caffyn, founder of the "Cape Wind Project" in Massachusetts, which has been criticized for giving taxpayers little value for their money.

Note: UPC has operated in Africa since 1998, also note the IVPC logo in link.

Note: IVPC was an issue in a certain divorce case

Note: More specifics on divorce

Note: Mr. Caffyn at Hong Kong operation

Note: Market Visual Map

More relationsip maps: herehereherehere and here

Note: Lawrence Summers involvement.

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Yes several.

A ventilator caught fire and a small explosion happened. Some workers treated. No serious injuries. 

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It's in cold shut down and they have already started to build the ice wall. There is no problem with goose livers or truffles.

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And french wines now have an additional bouquet of cesium-137 and opened bottles will NOW last for milleniums!...

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Ignore the thousnads of dead fish floating to the surface offshore from the pant ... that's normal this time of year.

Nothing to worry about.

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 None dare call it a diversity incident.  Yet.

Bill of Rights's picture

Funny they said the same thing in Japan

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Ha-ha! Great non-sequitur headline.

Triple meltdown at Fukushima. No-one injured.