Trump To Airline CEOs “Don’t Worry About The Money. I’ll Be Able To Get The Money”

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A recap of the key soundbites from the meeting between Trump and US airline CEOs in the White House:

  • “You’ve done an amazing job. I know you’re under pressure from a lot of foreign elements”
  • “We want to take care of you”
  • “We want the traveling public to have” the best “customer service”
  • “We have obsolete airports and train systems and bad roads”
  • Says regulations will be rolled back

Speaking to the CEOs, Trump asked “what can we do to make your airlines better, to make your bottomlines better?” adding “You’ve got a lot of competition”; “a lot of that competition is subsidized by governments, big league"; ‘‘I heard that from the minute I got elected”

Trump lamented an out-of-date U.S. air traffic control system and criticized a federal government contract for a new system that he said was not good. As he met with airline executives, Trump said he believes the head of the Federal Aviation Administration should be a pilot. Trump said the air-traffic control system is “totally out of whack” and “its way over budget"; ‘‘It’s already outdated” as he promised to make a tax announcement in a few weeks.

He asks Southwest CEO Gary Kelly, “Why did they allow the government to put in the wrong system?” Kelly responds, “We want to get the government out of the air traffic control sytem”

Trump also says in meeting that head of FAA should be a pilot

Says “I don’t like aviation fees and taxes, I’ll be honest with you” and “raising fees will just hurt you”

And the punchline from Trump: “don’t worry about the money. I’ll be able to get the money”

At that point, reporters were escorted from the room as the meeting continued, although the message was clear: Washington subsidies are coming.

The reaction was clear:

The bottom line: "you're going to be so happy with Trump"...

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"Everything is awesome!!!!"

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quit linking to fake news outlets like CNN, Tylers. Boycott all socialist-apologist news orgs and businesses.

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Maybe if the airlines didn't treat passengers like scum things would be better.

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this help on the way via subsidies must be why gold fell this AM.


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AA the one that the CEO had a conflict in schedules is the worst.  I already disliked them, now i will do all i can to ensure i don't use them.

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Trade wars bitchez

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"Mexico will pay for the airlines."





froze25's picture

Now that idea is funny, the cut in corporate taxes alone will help the airlines big time.

mtl4's picture

Guess we just need to wait for another ban to get a dip to buy in again?!

CheapBastard's picture

Cut taxes and younger, prettier flight attendants will boost bidniz greatly.

Greenie's picture

"younger, prettier flight attendants that grope you"

There, fixed it for ya

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What? You don't like Chris, your friendly and sassy male flight attendant handing you a hot, moist towel?

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Gee, that's not what was in my mind when I read the above. Bu ti would hope to see more air marshalls on planes again to control the hysterical Hillary crwod and soros fanatics.

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make the seats smaller (again)

better gropage by the nsa

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Maybe a 4th class ticket.Seats on the roof rack.

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Like the Trains in India. Free ride for those in the wheel wells.

Countrybunkererd's picture

we can call is scum class, thanks jeremy clarkson, i took that from you.   As he said, people will pay more NOT to say that.

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Goldman Spraytans for everyone!

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BigWillyStyle87 (not verified) Feb 9, 2017 10:25 AM

I was certainly no fan of the old white house nigger but i remember when he wanted fiscal stimulus it was bad for the dollar yet now fiscal stimulus is somehow good for the dollar. What the fuck is going on here?

BigFatUglyBubble's picture

The Fed/Federal Government is going to continue to rob middle class savers. 

CheapBastard's picture

Cutting 20% of the fed pork employees will go a long way to save taxpayer monies.


Add stopping the massive embezzlements and we already have $200-$300 Billion at least.

Retire John McShame and we save all that money he spent (secretly) on those al queda-isis Nikes.

BigFatUglyBubble's picture

It's either QE4 and continued low interest rates, or pop the bubble. There's no getting out of this without a tremendous amount of pain and suffering. 

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if Trump thinks he's going to subsidize the airlines on my back.....

chunga's picture

Exactly, this must be the "phenomenal" tax news. Someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't the airline industry enjoyed yuge savings from the low price of fuel, then stuffed the difference right in their pockets?

worbsid's picture

In a previous life, JP4 cost the Air force about $.11 / gal and a T-bird used about 350 gal/hr. 

Countrybunkererd's picture

and a house costs 8K and a new corvette was 3K... thank the...

CrimsonAvenger's picture

Very curious as to how you (or any of us) would finish that sentence.

worbsid's picture

" although the message was clear: Washington subsidies are coming. "  This is probably fake news as he said nothing of the sort.  He said other government subsidized airlines.  He asked how .gov could help.    

MEFOBILLS's picture

but i remember when he wanted fiscal stimulus it was bad for the dollar yet now fiscal stimulus is somehow good for the dollar.


Reality hasn't changed - just perception


Government's role is in inelastic markets.  Inelastic markets have no easy price competition, and include the commons or natural monopolies.   As an actor in inelastic markets, government role is to REDUCE PRICES, not raise them.  

Clean water, easy road access, electrical grid, regulating ports (maritime and airports) are part of the inelastic sector.

So, fiscal stimulus to then build out infrastructure is actually the government doing its job, and is good for the dollar.  Why?  Because it makes the other market sectors (elastic and mixed) operate more efficiently.  For example, when you go to a coffee shop, by driving on paid for roads, then plugging your computer into the electrical grid, and then using the net - you are made efficient.

Spending on airports, or new airport infrastructure, by borrowing from private banks will add unnecessary cost in the form of compound interest- and that will drive price UP.  In that case it would be bad for the dollar as the interest is a tax on your future output.

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who knows, without the globalist parasite we may be able to eat our cake too!!

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Trump will never fix the averge flyer's contempt for the airlines and their hatred of TSA and all the other BS "free people" have to go through just to fly on a plane.  How many people have resisted strangling a TSA employee only because they didn't want to go to prison?

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Everytime I get a freedom touch I make sure this song is playing on my iPhone for them to hear.  I wrote it myself as a parody of The National Anthem.

But I did find a nice loop hole for not getting naked scanned or freedom touched.  Simply fake an arm injury where you cannot raise one of your arms above your head.  They will waive you through the metal dectector instead of the porno tron.  Additionally there will be no patdown.  They will swab your hand for explosives, but that is it and you are free to go. 



Mr. Schmilkies's picture

Hell yeah, good idea. 

What we need is more competition for US domestic airlines, not less.  It's already an oligopoly. 

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A 'freedom touch'. I love it. Funny stuff.

cynical_skeptic's picture

SWEET!  Love the loophole, it's MINE now!

Dr. Richard Head's picture

Please share it with anyone that wants to resist these thugs.  I used to make their life very difficult and lecture them while they groped me, but that did me no good and actually got a TSA agent to hit me hard in the groin in DFW.  This new method makes it much better for me, because lecturing those assholes is like trying to get my ex to help in our 8 year old's homework - it's a waste of my time and resources. 


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But for goodness sakes DON'T need a wheelchair.  I had to a few years back due to severe back issues... you would be better off walking with the pain.

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Oh please write out the lyrics.  

Dr. Richard Head's picture

Oh say can you see

TSA touching me

As they fondle my balls

With our rights slowly fleeting

Who's blue shirts and black boots

Take away all my rights

WIth no shoes and no belts

TSA perverts feeling

Touching cock pubic hair

Fingers in underwear

We all are servants 

With the terrorists winning

Oh say does that TSA agent fucking care

For the land of the thief

And the home of the slave


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"Trump will never fix much of anything now that neocons and GS are back in the handler seats, by his invitation"

fixed it for ya...
Granted killery was an express elevator to hell, Trump
has a round-about way to get to the same destination.
Just takes a little longer.

cynical_skeptic's picture

on my recent trip to the US, on the way out, i always say no to the scanner, just my little way of saying "FUCK U VERY MUCH" whenever I can.  The little Barney Fife lookin freak gets on his shoulder talkie and screams "MALE OPT OUT - repeat MALE OPT OUT.... I GOT A MALE OPT OUT OVER HERE-SPECIAL SCREENING" 

Makes me more disgusted every time i have to go through that bullshit.

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i finally succumbed and got tsa pre

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Shut down the TSA, let airlines/airports handle security. Put what's left of the TSA employees down on the border.

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Put them on the MEXICAN side of the border please.

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One third of the people working at the TSA are immigrants. And a lot of those are Muslim. Who made that decision???