Annotated History Of The Democratic Party

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They left the racist Bolshevik Woodrow Wilson off of it

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They left out the white hoods, also known as Ku Klux Klan somewhere between Jefferson and JFK.

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I think you mean former U.S. Senator, Robert Byrd.  He'd be proud to fill that role.

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Dems are going full retard. I notice political emails thru Yahoo to Verizon users are blocked as "spam." Anything with a dem name in it or associated with dem politics is blocked and bounced back. I knew Yahoo was far leftoid but now it's taking it even further.


The Yahoo-Verizon deal was just another way for left wing extremists to control communications imo.

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Jefferson had nothing in common with modern Democrats.  I'm sure he's rolling in his grave over this.

And let's not forget the panty-waist Carter - they're still on the hook for him too.

JFK was too conservative to be elected as a modern Republican.  He was in favor of tax cuts, hated commies, and believed the globalist elites were the greatest danger to democracy.

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Calling bullshit on that.  He (Jefferson) was one of the SJWs of his day.  He loved all the "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity" bullshit.  I'll take God, King, and Country every time.

I mean if Liberty and the Constitution lead to open borders, tranny bathrooms, the largest debt in human history, and Jewish control of every major insitution in our country.  Then fuck it - bring back the Monarchy!

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Our old school SJWs weren't an international embarrassment: that's why they're trying to identify more with that crowd than the Italian Fascists of the 30s.  If I were you, I'd take arguing with one of those "liberty, equality, fraternity" SJWs than the new "punch a Nazi" SJWs any day...

Personally, I'm closer to the "liberty, equality, fraternity" type of bullshit than "god, king, country" type of bullshit.  However, even I can see that I'd rather argue with your crowd than the crazies in the DNC today.  (Can they still punch a Nazi if it's a girl?  Is it okay to be a woman-beating Nazi-puncher?)

Also: Seriously, king?  Jeeezus...  Have you seen Prince Charles?  You want that? lol  ;)

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Was thinking something more alongs the lines of King Edward.  You know the one who was forced to abdicate for being a Nazi.  Or how about Longshanks?  The one who signed the Edict of Expulsion.

As far as Charles's go.  I'd take Charles the Martyr (the one publicly killed by Cromwell's joos).......  Or even the "Hammer".  Wonder how many Mulsims you have to brain to get that nickname.

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Jefferson wrote the Constitution, which is to modern Democrats what holy water and silver crosses are to vampires.  So, sorry, dude - gonna stand my ground on this one.

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Jefferson was NOT a Democrat. He was a Democratic-Republican, different party created to oppose the scumbag bankster worm Hamilton and the Federalists. It is often thought of as the beginning of the Republican party right or wrong. I don't even think a Libtard Dem had been even brainfarted yet.

There is a reason there are NO DEMOCRATS ON MOUNT RUSHMORE. Because they ALL SUCKED.

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@ archon,

"Constitution? What are you a racist." "Racist!" "Racist!" "Please take your "White Privilege" elsewhere!!!"

The standard Operating Program response by the Mentally ill Liberal Mindset.

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Yep, that's right - the Constitution laid the legal framework for ending slavery.  There might still be slavery today if it weren't for the Constitution.  So, if that's what racism is in Orwellian America, then color me racist!

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Just give it one more generation of demographic change. All the older white folks will be gone and well have 50 million more "new Americans". The constitution won't matter when we're minorities in our very own socialist utopia

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Uh, didn't Madison have anything to do with it?

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Jefferson was in France while the Constitution was being hammered out, perhaps by design.

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...  Well, see right there.  Charles II, all the way, and how could you think otherwise?  I don't even get it.  Gotta love the guy that brings back fun.

Also, if you mean Ed VIII, I thought he abdicated because he wanted to be some random lady's tampon, and back then it wasn't cool?  (Now it is, apparently...  Also, if it was to solve the 'Nazi' problem with the royalty, it failed.)  And isn't Ed I also known as the Hammer (of the Scots)?  Or am I messed up there?

(Sorry, total history dork; always happy to read new sources.)

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Well it seems your understanding of history is limited to what you've been taught. Which you've accepted without any sort of critical analysis.

I mean sure, the only English King to ever abdicate voluntarily did so for love. He must have never heard about Henry VIII

Try some non-jewish sources.

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Naw dummy, tha nigga was a nazi !!!!!  and a satanist, he even lived the rest of his life after WW2 in the U.S. and not his home land where he was a king !!?????

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I dont think Edward VIII was forced to abdicate because he was a Nazi. As that time, the whole Windsor family was Nazi - remember the cute Nazi salute of QE 2?

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Punching a cunt? Fuckin a right. They have NO pussy pass here...

Any cunt that steps into a man's shoes gets it. Fuck em.


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First comes the Alien card.  Thats the globalists last card they have to play (notice how Antarctica is making all the rage lately?).

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..."Then fuck it - bring back the Monarchy!..."
Bibi for King!....or is it B.B. King?....anyways...have it your way!...

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You, sir, are an idiot.


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easy now, these dim bulbs are attached to mob rule.

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"bring back the Monarchy!"

We did!  Or, rather, you did.  All hail King Donald I!

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dumbdumberdumbest thing i've read on ZH in quite awile.  i can just picture smackdaddy fightiing with cromwell at yorkstown..probbably would get on the first boat back to the homeland.

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JFK was the last American president, in 4 years I hope I can reassess that statement.

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On behalf of Squid Vicious "Fuck you Ramirez!"

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On behalf of anyone with a triple digit IQ
"Fuck You Ramirez"

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"Kennedy the last American Prez"?   mmmmmeeehhh...........not so much, I think. 

what defines JFK as "american"? the fact he had Daddy and Dick Daley steal the election for him? the fact he got his panties pulled down in front of the whole world in re Bahia de Peeegs and the Berlin Wall clusterfuck? only to follow that up with nearly starting WW3 over cuban missiles? the fact he oversaw and applauded the weaponization of the press as useful for bashing the opposition party, and for hiding his sociopathic serial adultery? adultery that included (quite probably) statutory rape of his underage WH interms Fiddle and Faddle? adultery that included fucking poor stupid Marilyn, publicly rubbing his wife's nose in his shit ("Happy Birthdaaaaay, Mr. President!! also I'm not wearing any panties! See?"), passing her off to Bobby and the others so they, too, could claim, "I fucked a movie star"? and then most likely had her whacked when she grew troublesome?

the fact he weaponized, politicized, and corrupted governmental bureaucracies and the fucking cops forever by allowing the formation of public sector unions (via EO, IIRC) as a payback to Daley and others for their help in stealing the elction? etc etc etc?

you mean like that? naaaah, no thanks. as fucked up as he was, I'll take Nixon every time.

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oh, dear. I Sense I Have Offended. and yet every word of it is true. ah, well. hey, he DID have great hair....and a rockin' funeral...

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I think it's mostly the 'fuck Nixon' urge.  He did really suck, even if he wasn't nearly as shit as many other modern presidents.  And JFK was kinda cool, and so there is a 'JFK rules' urge, even though he didn't really accomplish much and was kind of slimy.

Neither can really be well argued, as we really haven't had a good president.  Like ever.  Because that's not really their job: they actually are supposed to have very limited power that can be pretty safely ignored outside foreign policy, and even that is supposed to mostly be dictated by Congress.  So by the time they've done anything to deserve being called "good," one can pretty decisively argue that they overstepped their bounds and screwed the Republic, in effect becoming "bad."

But that's just my 2-cents.  (Basically, "good" would be handing all the power back to Congress, shutting down the standing army, and going back to polishing the china so we can impress our foreign guests.  But nobody would call that "good," would they?)

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No, that's not it.  We remember Nixon all too well.  I especially do.  If money is the foundation of an economy, Kennedy was pulling us one way, and Nixon shoved us down another path.  He had that creep Kissinger whispering in his ear all the time, too, along with the California gang of Haldeman & Erlichman.  You can also thank him for the war on drugs, as described here:

"Writing for Harpers (in 2016), journalist Dan Baum described a meeting he had with Ehrlichman in 1994 while researching a book about the politics of drug prohibition. Ehrlichman cut through Baum's questions and gave his story about the reason for Nixon's war on drugs:

“The Nixon campaign in 1968, and the Nixon White House after that, had two enemies: the antiwar left and black people. You understand what I’m saying? We knew we couldn’t make it illegal to be either against the war or black, but by getting the public to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin, and then criminalizing both heavily, we could disrupt those communities. We could arrest their leaders, raid their homes, break up their meetings, and vilify them night after night on the evening news. Did we know we were lying about the drugs? Of course we did.”[18][19]"

There is plenty more to say about Nixon, and while I do see your point, my opinion is, all Presidents are mere mortals with multitudes of sins in their various forms.  Having lived with my own libido now for almost 70 years, I am way past judging any other man's needs.  There are so many other things to be concerned with that have real effects on the lives  of all of us.  Kennedy left us with "Ask not what your country can do for you.....".  Nixon left us with "I am not a crook."

It really is hard to compare Presidents before the 24 hour news cycle with those who came after.  The press was a much different animal then, and secrets remained secrets.  Now, a loud fart in a Senator's office gets reported and analyzed every half hour for 2 days .


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well put. green arrow for you! I went w Nixon largely for the shock factor, as well as that whole "not almost starting World War 3" thing. and I don't fault Kennedy for having affairs - but the way he did it is strongly suggestive of sociopathy, IMHO. 

and if I gotta choose between a megalomaniac narcissist sociopath and a lowlife political dungbeetle as the man with his finger on the button...Nixon wins every time. consider also: Kennedy sanctioned the murder of the Diem (?) brothers in vietnam, amd then almost started WW3 because he had been humiliated at having to stand by impotently with his thumb up his ass as the berlin wall went up.....and Nixon, rightly or wrongly, Nixon went to china.

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Kennedy had little choice regarding Berlin.  When it came to Cuba, in America's sphere of interest, he did not blink and the Soviet's grand scheme for nuclear weapons 90 miles from America's shore ended.  Going to China set in motion the wheels of globalization, and the hollowing out of America.  

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"Writing for Harpers (in 2016), journalist Dan Baum described a meeting he had with Ehrlichman in 1994 while researching a book about the politics of drug prohibition. Ehrlichman cut through Baum's questions and gave his story about the reason for Nixon's war on drugs:

...and you *believe* what Dan Baum wrote almost 20 years after John Ehrlichman's death? Cowardly quoting someone on such a major issue when they're not around to refute. i seriously doubt someone as slimey and cunning as John Ehrlichman would say something so damning to a journalist. Not credible.

Maybe Dan Baum was just trying to make a name for himself. Wouldn't be the first journalist to be so dishonest.


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Maybe, maybe not....but the war on drugs is both fact and tragedy, so what's your point?

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jefferson or jfk would be far better than the republiCONS dimocRATS...if they could withstand all the srutiny by our sensationalistic jouranalist

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remember lavabit that shut down rather than compromise subscribers?

they're starting back up...not available yet, but if you pony up you lock in a very reasonable price.

yuck fahoo.

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Speaking from experience, try just sending one link at a time. More than two links in an email they flag as spam.

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The KKK punished injustice, ended Reconstruction, then disbanded. Subsequent reincarnations had literally nothing to do with the original Klan. The Union League... well now there's an execrable legacy in unbroken linear descent.

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They left off the Magic Hussein too..or could have used a black marker on the baby.

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It ultimately should end with a monkey.....

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Jefferson was not a democrat...though he did own slaves.

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Jefferson created the Republican Party.  It was then renamed the Republican-Democrat party.  After that, it was called the Democrat party.  The current Republican party was created in 1856 and took off when the Whig party collapsed.  

What are the liberals liberating?  What are the conservatives conserving?  The ideas of the current Democrats are very different that Democrats 100 years ago.  The same thing goes for the Republican party.  The Republican party is being redefined by Trump.  In four years, the Republican party will look very different than the Republican party of Bush.  At least I hope it will.

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Like most words today, Liberalism is exactly the opposite of what Liberalism was. A free market economic philosophy has become a hand-out economy.  In other words, a dictator, benevolent or not, allocates your resources to those that refuse to work, and contribute.

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The Cherokees don't...

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Where is that racist Lyndon "I'm going to have those niggers voting Democratic" Johnson?