Bernie Sanders Cut Off After Saying 'CNN Fake News, Whaddaya Think?'

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Hilarious stuff. The chimps over at CNN must have a keyword trigger for whenever a guest says the words 'CNN Fake News' -- which prompts an instant audio cut. After all, calling a CNN journalist 'fake news' is no different than calling a black person the 'N word.'


Speaking of CNN fake news.




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To address the Fake News issue, President Trump needs to break up the Liberal Media Industrial Complex. He should force the Networks to divest of their local affiliates, and allow the local affiliates to carry any News they choose, just like how the Hollywood Studio system was broken up in the 1940s. Local Affiliates should be like local movie theaters that can carry any content they want, not just what the Big Brother Network tells them to show. He should also make NPR and PBS the Voice of America, and turn NPR into 27/7 Open Phones Talk Radio.

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If anything defines the Fake News, it is the reporting on climate change and global warming. Just recently a NOAA Whistleblower tried one again to expose the fraud highlighted in the Climategate emails. The media is ignoring it. Here is an article detailing what the media refuses to address.

Climate Science Behaving Badly; 50 Shades of Green & The Torture Timeline

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Trump actually just tweeted about this!

Excellent.  Stay on the attack, Donald.  It is your only real choice.

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CNN = Crony News Niggers

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Now that's funny...

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Actually, this time I think it's CNN true news with misinformation within the content, based on CNN desperately grasping a deliberate misinformation leak of classified information from the CIA, who wants knock out Flynn out of the picture because they know he knows where the Obama, Clinton and Bush intelligence community skeletons are hiding. 

The CNN news reporter that put this one together may have to testify in court as to how he got the information and how the CIA and NSA were monitoring Flynn's private converstations and then transcribing them without a warrant. 

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That old wily bastard stabbed CNN with a long ass dagger.... it's payback for their fake news about him because they supported that cunt Clinton

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Every report coming out of those outlets seems to be I gues that is fake news to go with a fake DC and a fake Congress and the rest..Get real everyone.

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Similar to BDSM safe words.  Although, in that context, CNN would have no need for safe words.  Those whores can take it shoulder deep and then ask "is it in yet?"

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Fuckin' typical CNN bullshit production, Look at the 'bright" side ,at least they are consistently full of shit and don't stray into the realms of common sense or reality too often.


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He did say it was a joke but it seemed that CNN was pretty quick with the cutoff button. I think there's a two second delay.

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CNN is struggling for their surviving.

They´ll drown.

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If CNN is drowning,

they can borrow my anvil.

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mountain99889 (not verified) Feb 11, 2017 3:26 PM

also, if you criticize Israel, the Jews at CNN will cut you off, Jew Blitzer will be babbling about techinical difficulty

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Doesn't want to waste our time????

Anyone watching CNN is wasting their time.

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prolly why they dominate airports

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Tha last in their studios shut down the lights pls.

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haha cnn you clowns.

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mike pence in the headlights, again.
"11 APRIL 2007
What does it mean to be "ponerized"?
When something or someone has become "Ponerized" in its strictest sense, it means that the person or group can no longer make the distinction between healthy and pathological thought processes and logic. One is no longer able to draw a line between correct thinking and deviate thinking.
I can't let pass a couple of comments made by the "pro" side of the debate, representative Mike Pence, who was with John McCain last week for the photo op at the Baghdad market. Remember while reading these comments that they are the arguments from the pro-Bush side of the debate.

Pence writes:

"We have a long way to go in Iraq. There is tough, difficult work ahead of us. But we are making progress, and there is reason for cautious optimism about President Bush's surge."
"Cautious optimism"??? Things are so bad that the lackeys defending the Bush "surge" can do no better than tell us there is reason for "cautious optimism"?!?! Are we soon to be told that "there is light at the end of the tunnel", the famous phrase used by the Nixon administration to justify the continued carnage during the Vietnam war?

The good representative, elected to office by the people of Indiana, who describes himself as a "Christian, a conservative, and a Republican, in that order", offers up a couple of bits of evidence to back up his hopeful claim for "cautious optimism".

"Despite all you see and hear in the media, there is a springtime of hope beginning in Iraq."
Springtime of hope in Iraq?!?!

Springtime for Hitler and Germany
Winter for Poland and France
is more like it, as the Mel Brooks' song from The Producers puts it...

But what is really sinister is his placing of the blame on "the media". According to Pence, the "liberal" media are lying about what is happening in Iraq. There is lots of good news! They just aren't reporting it! So the lie that the media are not part and parcel of the ruling pathocracy, that somehow they are at odds with the pathocrats and are not themselves part of the pathocracy, is perpetuated.

Now, the first thing that comes to mind when I think of the news that the US media isn't reporting about Iraq would be the real numbers of deaths of Iraqi civilians, now close to 1 million since the invasion and occupation started. Add to that the million killed during the years of the embargo, mostly children, under the Democrats, and you've got both US parties responsible for killing 2 million Iraqis since 1991. But, somehow, I don't think that even a scoundrel like Pence would openly admit that these deaths are the good news to which he was referring.

So what kind of good news does he have in mind?

You're not going (to) believe these...." .....

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What do I think? Bernie is a loser and moron, anybody who supported him is the same.

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Just another hypocrite being portrayed as anti establishment.  Ron Paul's video on Sanders' sell out to the banking establishment:

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MSM (almost completely joo owned) is fighting for its life.  Everyone now knows it is all bullshit.  MSM will do anything, commit every crime possible, to stay alive.   It is fun watching it die.  The jooz fear that if they can no longer brainwash the American public, the US government will no longer support Israel, and Israel will eventually be obliterated.

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I think your're wrong... in the use of the word 'everyone'.... I think you should havve said, 'everyone that wants to know... now knows...'

We have to admit that the herd is mostly composed of those that either aren't capable of knowing, or don't want to know... cognitive dissonance etc.

Of course, it isn't just the 'nazis, but all those 'chosen people' of the dark... and the Beltway is full of them... as well as their usual compatriots, such as the psychopaths, pedophiles, criminal and creepy types... these guys (and a few gals) always make up this ruling group in every infiltrated and ponerized system.

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CNN has this Arrogant view that 'of course' everyone watches CNN.

Much like Hillary's Arrogant Attitude.

Actually I grew up with Feminism in my generation, it kind of sucked. Lena Dunham, Madonna, Ashely Judd... they display this sickness and wear it as a badge on honor.

Full Circle... Yes, CNN Wears their Arrogance like a Badge of Honor. Rotting from the Head Down! Then they make their Guest look stupid for asking what you think Pres. Donald Trump is waiting with baited breath for CNN reports?!

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Like CNN saying it's just as bad to call a journalist fake news as it is to call an African American the N word.

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I had to look up "ponerized".  Upvoted you just for that, and thanks for the word....



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What does it mean to be "ponerized"?
When something or someone has become "Ponerized" in its strictest sense, it means that the person or group can no longer make the distinction between healthy and pathological thought processes and logic. One is no longer able to draw a line between correct thinking and deviate thinking.
Flagrant examples of such ponerization can be found in the press of oppressor countries justifying their exploitation of others. In Germany in the 30s, the Reich proclaimed the faith of the unification of the German people. Now the Americans speak of bringing "freedom" to Iraq. But look at what they have actually brought to Iraq: the death of close to a million Iraqi civilians, not to mention a million more who died under the embargo put in place by the Democrats and Clinton. The country has been destroyed in the name of liberation, and in spite of this horror, the only remedy Bush can find is to send in 30,000 more troops.

The debate in the US media is not over impeachment and trial of the criminals and deviants in power in the United States, it is over how many troops to send, for how long should they stay, and how slowly can the US pull out of occupied Iraq." ...
well done, the perfect word.

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Speaking of wasting time... every second spent listening to this airhead is a colossal waste.

Happened to see this live, but couldn't even last (tend to cringe after the first 30 secs) to catch the feed cut, hilarious. She's definitely world class deer in the headlight material... completely clueless, just the way they like 'em!

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CNN is sensitive about their carefully crafted fake news division, and most important is don't ever talk about the CNN fake news division. 

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So, the first rule of CNN Fake News™ is... :>D

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Jeff Rense and Gerald Celente - Has Trump Duped America? Shocking Developments

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I am a Trump supporter. That being said, Jeff Rense's show is AWESOME and I submit that most ZH readers (being libertarian-minded) will like it, especially those of us aware of the khazarian mafia.

That episode does indeed reflect Rense's newfound hesitation about Trump, as have the preceding episode or two. However, he has been a strong Trump supporter and breaking new shit on Pizzagate all the time, as well as other fucked up situations we here are all aware of, and are not on shows like Tom Woods., Peter Schiff, Contra Krugman, etc.

I don't blame him for his fear or skepticism, but I agree with him when he says at least give Trump 3 months before judging him. He might seem like a corporatist neocon right now (post inauguration), but maybe he is just getting all his ducks in a row for something BIG. Let's hope.

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Danny Sheehan with Gary Null: Four Interviews – New Reflections on The Deep State, Money, Nazis, and Murder . news that does not "fit".


Danny Sheehan - The Masters of Wealth & History, Part1

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Stopped reading at Bernie.

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Ha Ha.  Bernie felt compelled to say 'that was a joke', because he knows these fools are sensitive about that.

And why are they sensitive?  Because they are in fact propagandists, and they know it.

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Yes, and they cut him off anyway. Apparently, CNN= fake news because they can't allow anyone to even mention the term while on air with one of their newstwits.

If it was a false accusation, they would be laughing at it and presenting a refutation.

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mountain99889 (not verified) Fathead Slim Feb 11, 2017 3:28 PM

t he illegal spic lover

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Lou Dobbs can't stop laughing.

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Ahahahaha duckface doesn't want to "waste [our] time", huh?
Ahahaha 'tis good to laugh. Nice way to start a Saturday.

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CNN also predicted the "Warmest Winter In History" for this winter here in New England.  I just finished shoveling another 130.3 mm of "global warming."

Is there also "Fake Weather" ?

- Ned

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Thet just missed by a few states Ned. Been warm as toast and only one snowfall here in the Peoples Republic of Illinois.

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Fake News!

Real Yankees do inches not mm's

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well, real yankees actually do furlongs and fortnights 'n' shit

but hey!  I'm practicing my french accent, y'know.

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Where is global warming when we need it? ;)