French Protesters Set Car On Fire During Ongoing Anti-Police Protests: Live Feed

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Protesters against police violence have set a car on fire during a rally in the Paris suburb of Bobigny, which followed a police officer’s assault on a 22-year-old man last week, leading to a spike in anti-police demonstrations across Paris.

Today marks a week of violent protests in Paris suburbs after the alleged abuse of a young man by police officers. The rallies have followed the charging of a police officer who allegedly used his baton to rape a 22-year-old man. Three other officers are accused of assault. The incident is said to have happened during a stop and search operation.

The prosecutor’s office said the police had stopped a group of about a dozen people after hearing calls of drug dealing sites in the area. During the operation the officers “attempted to arrest a 22-year-old man”, and when he resisted, used tear gas and “one of them used an expandable baton”, it added. But the man, known only as Theo, suffered such serious injuries to his rectum that he needed major emergency surgery, and remains in hospital.

Cited by Euronews, Abdallah Benjana who is the former deputy mayor of Aulnay-sous-Bois, a diverse Parisian suburb, asked what was happening? “Isn’t there enough tension to spark trouble? Unemployment, insecurity, high rents… no idea of a future; you do this to a young man; all of this can only explode.” The four officers have denied the charges but locals say they’ve had enough. It is unacceptable what they (policemen) have done. And every day it is like that, whenever the police come they carry out abusive checks. It is always like that.”

French police have in the past been accused of using excessive force in poorer neighbourhoods. The death in police custody last summer of a young black man, Adama Traoré, in Beaumont-sur-Oise outside Paris, and the slow reaction of authorities sparked accusations of police violence and a state cover-up. An investigation is ongoing.

Anti-police violence is not new in France, with similar incidents taking place periodically, most rececntly in May of 2016, when protesters in Paris attacked a police car with two officers inside with iron bars and set it alight in a dramatic unleashing of new anti-police violence, as officers across France took to the streets to denounce violence they say has been repeatedly directed at them.

"Everybody hates the police!" they chanted at Paris' Place de la Republique, where several hundred police officers gathered on their lunch break to condemn "anti-cop hate." The protesters were dispersed with pepper spray.

The anti-police tensions show no signs of abating as the live feed from the latest day of anti-police protests below demonstrates.

Live Feed:

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moar napalm

C'mon ZH quit the auto vid already.. pisses me off

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Load up the manure spreader with pug crap...STAT.

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Looks like another Tesla committed self immolation.

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too bad its not a pile of soros family.

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Soak the protesters down with Krazy Glue then hit'em hard with glitter.

Sit back and watch the fun.


The Sparkle People in all their glory.

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mmmmm ...  Soylent Black

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Couldn't happen in a more deserving city. Burn Paris to the ground, lefties, that'll show em!

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Je Suis Paris

There's something wrong with me head.

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Paris is so dangerous now most travel agencies in China no longer suggest it to clients there. Chinese travelers who tend to carry lots of cash are ripe targets for the african and muslim gangs news says.

Same in the USA where the black rapper made a video encouraging and teaching blacks how to attacck Chinese and rob them.

"Diversity is our strength" he was heard to say.


"First, you find a house and scope it out. Find a Chinese neighborhood, because they don't believe in bank accounts."

The lyrics from Black rapper YG's song Meet the Flockers, a step-by-step guide on how to perform a burglary, has outraged the Chinese-American community and netizens on the other side of the globe.

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I fully agree with you on intent and principle.

Yet France has an unhealthy history of an solely aggressive police force, the flics are universablly feared and hated for a reason.


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"Couldn't happen in a more deserving city. Burn Paris to the ground, lefties"


You got it wrong buddy! Bobigny is to Paris what South Central is to Bel Air. A distant suburb full of darkies where no Parisian will ever set a foot into. Nobody gives a shit about Bobigny, it could burn to the ground no one would notice or care...

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This guy has it right. When you have to take the RER to CDG, you do your best to get in the middle of a car so that you are nowhere near the exit when people get on or off. I have seen more businessmen lose their briefcases or luggage standing too close to the door.

I live in the Midwest, and it's like the South side of Chicago there. Stay within the single digits of the Parisian escargot. Certainly don't go higher than the 16th. The rest gets really shitty. And the suburbs are a war zone.

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les enfermer !

les enfermer !

les enfermer !

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leur tirer dessus !
leur tirer dessus!
leur tirer dessus!
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construire un mur, un mur très haut, autour d’un volcan et les jeter dans !

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perfect advertising for Marie Le Pen !

same will happen in USA - capture footage post for 2018 election - then Immigration Reform by the super majority!

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Advertising for Le Pen, yes surely she was there to express her support to the Police, but she had no solutions to the problems in the part of the area where the violence is happening, where poverty is widespread and some 35% of the population is under 20 years of age, with unemployment in the area around 12%. 

I Feel a little Qeasy's picture

...'she had no solutions'

You are a moron of the first order, how about stopping Europe from being over-run with them? Isn't that what she stands for?

What's your solution by the way? Moron.

DeathMerchant's picture

Makes absolutely no sense why violent and destructive demonstrations are tolerated. It should permit use of deadly force.

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`Cited by Euronews, Abdallah Benjana who is the former deputy mayor of Aulnay-sous-Bois, a diverse Parisian suburb,´

Three upsets in one sentence

- Euronews (fucking sick of that "euro" by now)

- The name of the former deputy mayor

- "diverse suburb" (we all know what that means).


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Aulnay-sous-Bois is fully colonized for at least 20 years. Common knowledge here, it's one of our famous project, like the bronx or harlem are (were?) for americans.

The problem is that's spreading out of control. (IIRC 790 no-cops area)

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It's a Natural Fact that.....Weakness encourgages aggression- Patrick Swayze in "Break Point".   Like gravity and Newton's Laws of Motion, you can count on this one to be veritas.

Why are louts, poltoons, churls, sub-human Pieces of Shite like this all over the World allowed to destroy the porperty and livlihoods of good people?  Why not use rubber bullets, 5.56 and .45 caliber, full auto on these  reptilian psychopaths?   Why does the polity vote for weak, Left Wing politicians?  150 years ago, the citizens would have DIRECTLY confronted rabble like this, broken their bones, and killed them.

The Western Male is "Bobby Brown", Frank Zappa's satirical characterization of gutless Western Manhood.



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So these riots were started by what, the Russians? /sarc

Marine Le Pen is looking more right as each day passes.

And guess what? Now that 9th Circuit and DemocRats have stopped the 7 country travel ban in America, THEY OWN THE NEXT TERRORIST ATTACK IN AMERICA 100%

That's right. If the 9th and Chucky Schumer love immigrants so much, the next terror attack belongs to them - they are gambling with American lives and they will get their blood money trifecta and then some.

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Thin Veneer of Civilization Folks... Stay Armed. but avoid conflicts.

directaction's picture

Just one car? 
Usually they set hundreds of cars on fire.  

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One burning car does not a serious event make. A typical farmer protest or messy soccer game will get a couple of dozen vehicles burning.

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The Parisians need to take back their city. We all know they have not the spine to do so

Volaille de Bresse's picture

"The Parisians need to take back their city"

Once again Bobigny is NOT Paris, it's a suburban dump no one gives a shit about.

Reclaming what? A bunch of projects à la "The Wire"? LOL! Let them burn their own shit town...

Expat's picture

I thought everyone here hated the French.  So why criticize slum dwellers who are fighting the French authorities.  You should be encouraging them and providing financial support!

This is as confusing as the banned travel "ban".  You hate ISIS but you ban Iranians who are fighting ISIS which means you are supporting ISIS by banning Iranians.  WTF?  Do you guys have a single coherent thought in your brains?

SpanishGoop's picture

I have got a single braincell left and it is crying out loud "F* unbelievable that this is allowed".


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This street theater casting the arabs as victims benefits the leftists political power.   This ought to heat up into the final tour of the presidential election.   Also, BTW, cars burning in France is a regular thing.   We only hear about it over here... selectively.   

Ex-Oligarch's picture

For a guy spouting off about coherence, you're not thinking very hard.
It is possible to hate the French, but hate rioting criminal entitled migrants even more.
Encouraging the rioting and supporting the migrants is not in the best interests of Americans, regardless of its impact on the French.
It is possible to hate Iran but hate ISIS even more.
Preventing Iranians from entering the US is not providing support for ISIS.
Admitting Iranians to the US does not increase the likelihood that they will fight ISIS and prevail.

any_mouse's picture

Down voters must think the USA has a rational view of foreign policy. As a nation, we do not have a rational view.

To really fuck with the Globalists the USA should seek closer ties with Iran, Russia, and China.

WW2 was a long time ago, the Cold War a memory. The old enemies are gone. Replaced by the Globalists.

The military needs to forget the past, tear up their list of nations to invade. Go back to being a tool in the box to be deployed when needed and put away when not.

The USA fucked Iran over in 1954 under "I Like Ike", the POTUS who had the Dulles Bros. running State and CIA, appointed Brennan and WARREN (JFK coverup) to SCOTUS. Built up the MIC then warned the USA about the MIC.

Anyway back to Iran, we owe justice to Iran for the Shah. And we need to cease doing the same to Syria now.

The reason the deep state doesn't like Iran, and Russia, is that they are fighting our proxy terrorists.

I Feel a little Qeasy's picture

A little more to it than that. The truth is simply that the US wants to attack anyone who wishes to sell oil for anything but US dollars. Because when they accept US dollars for oil, and then the US prints more dollars, the dollars that were given previously are now worth less, and so the US has effectively stolen the wealth of their trading partner.

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TThis song sums up immigration to Europe...

Stanelli's picture

Suburbs of Paris, what a lovely place to live.

You wouldn't know you're in Europe if not for the street signs.

Mimir's picture

Yes it is actually mostly a lovely place to live.  Marine Le Pen lives in one these suburbs of Paris, in a mansion worthy of a millionaire like her father. 

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

And while a bunch of Frogs in the Fascist Government make a PR stunt out of a deliberate rape by the police as a means to urge on and provoke this climate as "one more test"...

Far... far... worse happening elsewhere in those NATO fortress encampment(s) in Baghdad (

My only dream is to see those fortifications within the Green Zone "breached" and all the foreign embassy staff tortured, and brutally gang raped and murdered! They've been deserving of it for far too long!!!



Lost in translation's picture

Can you imagine the scene?

Man, the fear and desperation accompanying such an event would make the airlift out of Saigon in '75 seem like a birthday party...

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

L i t

This one "when" not "if" it happens will make the U.S. pine for the Fall of Saigon.

It all comes back "in spades" don't it! And our government crosses it's fingers every day that the "levee won't bust" because that is all they have left as they will be unprepared just like Syria, just like Afghanistan and just like Eastern Europe!

It would indeed be a horrible sight but we are the poster child of that behavior that wiped out more than 3 million of there own since 1990 destroying their government and unsuccessfully attempting to loot them of all there oil using rape, torture theft and murder going on 13 years.

What can I tell ya but that "Payback" is one hell of an "ugly female" that looks like the Democratic candidate for President who lost!

And the LOSING ain't over by a long shot!

SuperRay's picture




Son of Captain Nemo's picture


And the Tulsi Gabbard "Get out of Syria" 5 years too late???!... I've signed at least 5 petition(s) to Congress outside of Gabbard's starting in 2011 when the U.S. and NATO starting bombing the shit out of Damascus and Aleppo before importing the CIA/Mossad trained "head choppers"!

While your intentions are good petitions don't work.

I know I've signed too many to count starting with the "getting out of Afghanistan and Iraq" 10 years ago... the treason of the Patriot Act(s)... The NDAA 2012...

Just look at AE911Truth???...

The only thing that will fix it is when 4 or 5 million show up in Washington D.C. and DON'T LEAVE until their conditions are met like DAPL on "steroids"!!!

We are way... way... beyond petiton(s) to Congress and Senate that simply ignore and laugh at them!

Fathead Slim's picture
Fathead Slim (not verified) Son of Captain Nemo Feb 11, 2017 7:15 PM

I signed a petition one time.Nothing happened. QED.

Fathead Slim's picture
Fathead Slim (not verified) SuperRay Feb 11, 2017 7:38 PM

Nah, I'm just going to wait until he comes in the poolroom and then I'll beat the fuck out of him.

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Elco the Constitutionalist (not verified) Feb 11, 2017 1:24 PM

100's of cars are set on fire every year in Paris.

There was a protest a little while ago where dozens were set on fire.

The Masters in France have a hands-off policy for enforcing their laws with respect to foreign invaders. The war against their own people could not be more bald-faced without sending the army into the homes of whites and slaughtering them.