“We Are Here To Fight” - Mexican Migrants Said To Prefer Arrest Over Deportation

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Following reports that US immigration officials had launched countrywide raids and arrested hundreds of illegal aliens across the nation as a result of Donald Trump's recent immigration executive order, this morning the President weighed in on Twitter, stating that "the crackdown on illegal criminals is merely the keeping of my campaign promise. Gang members, drug dealers & others are being removed!"

Trump pushed back against criticism of the crackdown which as reported last night spread "panic" among the Hispanic community after 161 people were arrested in six counties around Los Angeles alone (of whom at least 151 had criminal histories). Meanwhile, immigration officials said the raids were routine, and that Trump wasn't behind them.

"This operation was in the planning stages before the administration came out with their current executive orders," ICE official David Marin said.

Meanwhile, following yesterday's report that Mexicans are planning on "jamming US courts" as deportations are set to surge, today the WSJ writes that all but one of about 50 undocumented Mexican migrants at a meeting Saturday indicated they would rather risk detention and long court battles in the U.S. than return to Mexico voluntarily. The majority of migrants at the meeting in Phoenix, which included Mexican officials, signaled in a show of hands that they were ready to fight deportation in U.S. courts.

“Even if that means detention for weeks?” asked former foreign minister Jorge Castaneda.

“Even if it takes months,” shouted one woman. “Even if it takes years,” another yelled. “We are here to fight.”

Continuing the story from yesterday according to which immigrants are willing to drown the US court system with thousands of deportation cases, Castaneda and others have said they want Mexico’s government to endorse a strategy to battle an expected increase in deportations of their undocumented compatriots in the U.S. by underwriting the migrants’ legal struggle in the U.S. court system. By overwhelming already heavily burdened immigration courts, Mr. Castaneda hopes the legal system would break down, bringing deportations to a halt.

At the Phoenix meeting, Armando Ríos Piter, a senator of the leftist Party of the Democratic Revolution, drew cheers when he called on the Mexican government to take a harder line with the Trump administration on its treatment of the migrants and other issues. “Mexico’s government was silent when Trump started to threaten Mexicans, and that’s where things stand,” he said. He called for Mexico to cease antinarcotics and antiterrorism cooperation with the U.S.

Others were just as vocal in their desire to engage the US government and corporations head on: Ríos Piter also urged Mexico to pressure the U.S. by buying food such as yellow corn from other suppliers. “We should be very clear that we won’t buy not one ton of corn from the U.S.,” he said. “The whole Corn Belt voted for Trump, and we bought $1.6 billion of corn last year. Let’s stop it.”

Graco Ramírez, the president of the Mexican governors’ association, said the governors planned to lobby their U.S. counterparts to let them know “just how much they will hurt their own economies if they support Donald Trump’s policies.”

For now, Mexico’s government hasn’t endorsed the strategy, but President Enrique Peña Nieto recently budgeted about $50 million to the country’s 50 consulates to help pay the costs of defending migrants who are in the U.S. illegally and facing deportation. Some are worried that President Donald Trump has decided to expand the type of undocumented migrants who are at risk of being deported, from the violent or dangerous people that the Obama administration targeted to migrants who have had minor brushes with law enforcement.

The Phoenix meeting took place two days after the deportation of a Guadalupe García, a 36-year-old Mexican who lived in the U.S. for 22 years and has two U.S.-born children. Ms. García’s removal stoked panic and protests in immigrant communities.


Ms. García was convicted of identity theft, a felony, after being arrested in 2009 with a false Social Security card. She had been released into the community with the requirement of checking in with immigration agents every six months. This week, when she reported to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement office in Phoenix, she was detained and deported to Mexico.


Heightening fears in Hispanic communities across the country, immigration agents made raids and arrested hundreds of migrants last week in a five-day enforcement “surge” in cities which included Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York, ICE said.


An ICE official said the raids were on par with similar operations the agency has done in the past in southern California.

Immigration attorneys attending the meeting were clearly troubled by the development. Quoted by the WSJ, Ruben Reyes, a Phoenix immigration lawyer who took part in the meeting said “We are in an emergency” adding “this is a real threat."

The Phoenix meeting, to raise awareness about the situation of illegal immigrants in the U.S., was hosted by activists, business groups and journalists, mostly from Mexico. Margarita Acosta, an illegal immigrant who attended the meeting, said she and her family lived in fear since Mr. Trump’s victory. “We live in the shadows,” she said. “It seems as if we are happy, but we live in terror about what will become of us.”

Not all those present at the meeting were eager to launch a war with Trump: but not all legislators were on board with those calling for a tough negotiating posture. “If we bet on confrontation without first trying to convince, then we are making a big mistake,” said Gabriela Cuevas Barron, from the opposition conservative National Action Party, who heads the Mexican Senate’s foreign relations committee.  About 80% of Mexico’s exports go to the U.S., she said. “We should negotiate more forcefully, but we don’t have a blank check,” she said.

Meanwhile, as the world waits to see how Mexico will react to this latest mass deportation threat by the Administration, anti-Trump demonstrations were scheduled for Sunday in Mexico City and more than two dozen other cities across the country. Also Sunday, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the leftist populist who leads in the polls for Mexico’s 2018 presidential race, is kicking off a tour of U.S. cities with a rally in Los Angeles. Mr. López Obrador has urged the Mexican government to denounce the U.S. treatment of migrants in the United Nations.

Ironically, only a few pointed out the real reason for ongoing immigration standoff - Mexico's own economic troubled. According to the WSJ, some migrants at the meeting urged the Mexican legislators to make deep reforms at home, which they said they were forced to leave because its widespread corruption, violence and terrible education system killed economic opportunity.

“In Mexico, we don’t have any opportunity, we don’t have any education, and you can’t get a job unless you have connections,” said Maria, a woman who wouldn’t give her last name. “Here my son graduated from university. If I lived in Mexico, I would be selling chewing gum in the street.

Alas, the probability of deep, economic reform inside Mexico, a nation whose economy has been reeling in recent months, and where consumer confidence just plunged to an all time low...


... is nil, especially with inflation surging following the recent 20% price hike on gasoline.

Which is why we expect the jawboning, sloganeering and populism on both sides to accelerate, leading to another diplomatic showdown between President Trump and President Enrique Peña Nieto.

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Fight with the police......wonder how that's gonna turn oot.

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Enrique Peña Colada is a goner! It's time for him to cross the Rio Grande.  ;-)


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Deport them....why do they get a choice.   They are illegal and criminals....get rid of them!

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Hmm. I would probably piss a lot of people off if I suggested that when certain ones are arrested that have violent crimes against americans in their history, label them as terrorists and ship them to guantanamo.

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ZH got the headline wrong again. It should read...

“We Are Here To Fight” - Mexican Criminals Said To Prefer Arrest Over Deportation
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Arrest them and put them on file with a criminal record then their deportation is alot easier since the law already states that not only should illegals be deported, but illegals who commit a crime get deported faster with less adminsitrative muss-n-fuss.

Tell Pedro, 'Whooops, you're a criminal now so it's back to Mexico for ya on the next bus...."

espirit's picture

ICE town hall meeting for illegals wishing to become citizens scheduled for 7pm. Free door prizes! (cuffs) Free food! (Mre's)

Ya'll come!   ;)

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They're here illegally---that means they broke the law. That, by definition means they are criminals.

While they fight deportation in the courts they can be detained in jail. Sherrif Joe Arpaio is currently unemployed. How about FEDGOV hire him to build and operate some desert jails like those that he ran in Arizona. He can even provide the same pink underwear. If, after months or years there, and seeing that deportation is unavoidable anyways, maybe then they accept deportation immediatly.

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Once the wall is built, it will also serve the purpose of a backstop.  We'll line up all of the defiant illegal spics against it for the firing squads.

Déjà view's picture

Manzanar...reopen Japanese-American WWll internment camps...

rbg81's picture

Let's see how brave their voices are after a few weeks in the Cooler.

valley chick's picture

+100  you beat me to it. :-) 

TeamDepends's picture

Or, better yet, execute them on the spot. It is the humane thing to do, as Mexico clearly does not want them back. Would make others think twice as well. To be clear, we are talking only about the ones with a proven violent past in the US like sessinpo mentioned.

Insomnant's picture

Exactly. As a taxpayer I would much rather pay for the bullet and mass grave to show others not to try it, than continuing to pay for constant bus rides south of the border. And as a patriot, I'd happily pull the trigger and dig the hole myself.

toady's picture

They need to get all operation overlord on their asses and drop them by parachute south of Mexico's wall on their southern border... or south of the Panama canal. It'll take them a hell of a lot longer to make it all the way back to trumps wall!

toady's picture

Detention is too cushy.

We've all seen the resort-turned-detention-center articles here on zh.

I see it here in Phoenix on the evening news. Someone is being held for deportation and their kids visit every day after school. No orange jumpsuits, just dressed in shorts or jeans and shirts, whatever they brought or get from their relatives. Three hots and a cot for years while they watch caso cerrado in the day room, or swim in the pool or play tennis, while they wait for the kids to visit for dinner. 

Get rid of that shit and get them into fuckem-in-the-ass, 23 hour a day lockdown and they'll be running for the border!

Chief Wonder Bread's picture

Gosh how I miss the Eisenhower administration.

ljag's picture

OR......the ever popular double tap.....thereby saving taxpayers mucho dinero.

swamp's picture

Use FEMA camps to detain them, indefinitely
Do not appoint any new judges.

They are here to fight? Act of war
They hope to break our judicial system? Act of war


SWRichmond's picture

Take a position, force your enemy to reveal their true intentions.  Turn on the lights and see all the cockroaches.

Mexicans in the US prefer our jails to freedom their country?

Wow.  Hurry up building that wall.

The_Dude's picture

These people have no love or loyalty to this county. They are only here to take as much as they can get.   Once the gravy train stops, notice how all they want to do is destroy it. 

Omen IV's picture

Mexico exported their unemployment - and when the former mexicans in this country have control of the political system in the USA ----


they will have unlimited entry to USA for a wave that will yield $1,00 per hour wage in the US same as Mexico
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They are not migrants. They are illegals. Stop all benefits completely and they will leave on their own. 

Those left are criminals.

Put US troops on the border now.

chubbar's picture

Which is why the new streamlined deportation law that Trump is having ginned up as we speak, will allow these illegals to challenge the deportation proceedings via Skype from their hometown in Mexico, where they were immediately sent upon arrest.

Bigly's picture

How about Plan C (none of the above) and just disappear them?

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Fight back white man! Ironmarch.org, daily stormer.com, identityevropa.com, northwestern.org. You have nowhere else to run! Educate at humanbiologicaldiversity.com and jewwatch.com


JRobby's picture

Enjoy the food in jail

When you are white and you rip off SSA you are a despicable criminal.

When you are an illigal and you do it, you are disadvantaged,  a victim to be pitied.

two hoots's picture

All immigration should not be treated equally.  No one rule for all (except illegal) fits our interest.  Mexico, a neighbor and friend, requires special consideration as they provide much needed workers to select parts of our economy.  This does not imply they should have free pass and anything goes but the two governments must work out an agreeable and enforceable policy.  Still need some stiff controls, possbily the wall and increased border security as others outside the "agreeable and enforceable policy" will attempt to gain and possibly damage our system and people.  Need a reset/review but tighter security in the mean time.

localsavage's picture

much needed workers???  We pay millions of people to sit at home and not work.  And don't reply with he "job that Americans won't do." It is complete BS.  It should be "jobs that Americans dn't do because we are stupid enough to let them sit at home while we pay Mexicans to do their jobs" 

847328_3527's picture

google and soros will sue you in Robarts court if you try to hire an American citizen.

Dormouse's picture

This is a number to call if you see an ICE raid. They have a team of lawyers standing by to defend illegal aliens. I've already called 6 times. Send them on a wild goose chase!

You have to press 2 for English.

Mr. Universe's picture

When did the United States become a country where we became too good to maintain our own gardens? Farm our own food? Scrub our own toilets and sweep our own floors? I'll tell you when, the day the special snowflakes armed with Certificates of Uniqueness showed up, that's when. 

Xena fobe's picture

When the elite became frightened by our rising standard of living.

bloofer's picture

Americans used to do all these things. And we used to have thriving rural communities made up of independent farmers and independent small businesses that served the ag economy, and which the ag economy was able to support in pretty good style.

Look at old fire insurance maps for small Midwestern towns in 1900-1910. Most such towns had more businesses then than they do now--with about one-third to one-fourth the population. You also see what appears to be more businesses than residences. Only kids looked for "a job." Adults ran businesses. Kids worked at "a job" in order to learn a business or trade and save money to start one.

Chief Wonder Bread's picture

Vanished world. Someday it will come back.

American big business gutted this country's social integrity in two ways:

first, it imported a bunch of illegals to work for substandard wages in industrial ag and meat processors, etc. in the U.S.

but from the other angle, in order to maximize their profits, American big business interests in central america along with the help of the CIA supported counter-revolution in those lands in order to keep their people from having responsive governance, thus uprooting and sending even more latinos north.

NAFTA is just the final expression of that second method. If Hellary had been elected, she would have thrown open the borders from Laredo to Tierra del Fuego.

sheikurbootie's picture

Thank the Dems and LBJ for the "War on Poverty" in the 60's.  LBJ singlehandly fucked America for a century. 

greenskeeper carl's picture

LBJ didn't do any of this single handedly. Never forget, the blame for this covers both political parties and most elected officials for the past few decades. Regardless of what LBJ did, ever single president and congress since then could have rolled it back. And every single generation of voters could have demanded it but haven't up until now.

greenskeeper carl's picture

Exactly. The day we stop paying able bodied people to do nothing is the day the entire 'jobs Americans won't do' meme dies a quick death

Also, the idea that these migrants add so much value to the economy needs to be better understood by the populace. Let's say they really do add 500 billion or whatever number is bandied about. Let's say that number is sliced off the GDP by next year. You also have to look at the expenditures side of the ledger. They cost us AT least that much in various forms of welfare, imprisonment, emergency room usage, and clogging up our school systems. Imagine the lower property taxes in counties where a huge % of the students there are anchor babies and illegals. Think about how many prisons we could close, permanently. Think about not having to pay higher medical bills for everything to make up for their unpaid ER visits. The list goes on and on.

sheikurbootie's picture

That's a school book answer.  My vast experience in the real world dispels this myth.  I've travelled the world.  I've lived and worked in all Central American countries.  It's a shit hole.  All of it.  The people are NOT in danger.  They live in remote villages with shit flowing down their dirt streets.  The cities are gang land and the drug crime is rampant.   There's the very rich and the very poor, little or no middle class.

There is a US program that allows temp worker visa for those farmers that need hard workers full time.  It's seasonal work, but NO Federal benefits can be accessed AND they must go home after the season is over.  Their employers are tasked to supervise and provide housing for the workers.  The government also OFTEN checks on the living conditions and situation.  I know farmers that have used the same Mexicans for many years (NO kids, no wives allowed to accompany).  It's a pain in the ass with paperwork, but all legal.

NAFTA was supposed to cure the illegal problem.  Everyone forgets this.  It was a plan to let Mexicans have good jobs and STAY in Mexico.  It failed completely.  The Mexicans can work illegally here for $10/hour versus $2/hour in Mexico.   Mexico and C.A. is corrupt.  The Narco trade is funding politics, it's all corrupt.  No fixing it and not our problem. 

We need to focus on saving America.  The rest of world is not our problem. 




two hoots's picture

I'm not for anything "illegal" in immigration and do not support NAFTA.  I also agree with your assessment of much of C.A. (many more than just C.A.) countires and have no interest in wasting any time or funds fixing that eternal nightmare.  Your paragraph two is something others may not recognize as a current necessity to feed the US masses with vital food.  Don't want a quick program or overreaction that upsets that without a future fix.   How many Americans would work sunrise to sunset in Immokalee Florida heat picking tomatoes for $42 for a 12 hour day, no benefits?   Whose job are they taking?   Just want that understood and have some of the hate balanced with reality. 

greenskeeper carl's picture

I certainly don't want to work 12 hour days in the Florida sun. And I don't have to because I have a decent job. But the point you are missing is that we are currently paying millions of people that much or more to not work. Take that away, and you will find willing workers for those fields. Hell, once my kids are old enough I'll have them out there doing it. American teenagers used to be happy to do bitch work for low pay, and it's a healthy thing for them to do physically and mentally. My first job was loading heavy bags of mulch, soil, sod, and pine straw into people's cars for 6$ an hour at a nursery when I was 16 and I was happy to have it.

two hoots's picture

At minimum wage and twice the employees (12 hour days) your tomatores will cost cost 4 times as much.   Don't think I'm missing anything.   Government would not allow those workng conditions and that group would surely protest/strike, get not much done.  Yep, we all had tought first jobs, your's paid farily well.  At $6 an hour x 12 hours is $120 a day vs. $42. 95 million workers are a lot of votes to lose, get ready for a Dem congress/Prez.  This is a difficult postion and we must be wise in putting it right.  It will take some time.

Mr. Universe's picture

So what, that is what tomatoes should cost, or lettuce or whatever. Don't like it? Grow them yourselves. I do, and they are better than any tomatoes you buy in the store, minus the salmonella. Farmers have been fed to the big Argawolves and it has destroyed the family farm (along with our watersheds). It's allowed for factory farming for dollars and nothing else. Their main goal is that no one can exist and have a "meaningful" life without being plugged in to the Corporatocracy...oh and if you don't go along, you won't eat.

OpTwoMistic's picture

They are not immigrants, they are illegals.

bloofer's picture

The nation as whole would be far better off if Mexico weren't supplying cheap labor to "select parts of the economy." The consumer pays the difference between cheap labor costs of Mexicans and the probable labor costs of employing US citizens in the form of myriad social service benefits.

The cheap Mexican labor also enables corporate agriculture and the resulting poisoning and degradation of both the food supply and our country's agricultural land. US citizens are subsidizing corporate agriculture in the form of social service benefits. Calling a halt to that subsidy (and there are also others) might help break up corporate agriculture, promote small farming, and improve the food supply and the stewardship of the land.


two hoots's picture

In a perfect world the garden/chicken idea would be best and healthy for all.  But few live in an area where that would be beneficial thus we need corporate ag to feed the masses.  Yes it is subsidized and people still complain about food prices.  Imagine it not?  We all don't live in Hobbitville.  Spread your considerations out to the complete society and the many problems and concerns real people face.  But do the garden thing if you can, every little bit helps.  Regards

ATM's picture

When your very first act in the USA is breaking our immigration laws you are in no position to negotiate.

A person who does not wish to abide by our laws should not be welcomed or have special rules applied to them. They are criminals. Criminals need to be dealt with. In the cae of illegal immigrants they should be stripped of their belonings and shipped back to where they came from. The stripping of belongings to reimburse us for the costs they impose on our society.

Don't want to be forcibly removed and beggared? Then follow the fucking rules of your new adopted country.

rareddy's picture

If you ever watched the show "Dirty Jobs", you'll soon realize that people will always be found for work, provided the pay is proper. 

Mexico is a completely drain on the US.  They're a neighbor, but they certainly aren't our friend.


Omen IV's picture

The starting point is the ZERO BOUND - once 95 million are working then we can look at categories of labor for entry - send all out have the hearings in Mexico via internet - and the hearings in the middles of the desert 200 miles from any town - then the judges go home each nite via heliocopter and the lawyers for the defendents are not allowed air travel on government property to land  - only car, horseback or walking no accomodations

ReZn8r's picture

fuck you, very plainly and very simply fuck you and your ideas.

Deport the criminals, build the wall, any new ones caught entering the country illegally will be put in prison for 10 years, then deported after their release.