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Submitted by Robert Gore via Straight Line Logic blog,

Our deranged world is a product of deranged minds.

Philosophy begins with invariably difficult questions. Why am I here? What is the purpose of life? Is there a god or gods? What is right and what is wrong? How should groups of people be organized and function together? Ironically, when such questions are infrequently asked, when philosophy is generally ignored or disparaged, as it is now, is when it’s needed the most.

Political philosophy is the branch that addresses the question of how coercive power is to be distributed in a society. It’s a knotty issue, but one question provides clarification, enabling further analysis and leading to useful conclusions. Who owns a political unit’s resources? This question differentiates between governments that protect individual rights and property and those that don’t. It also highlights a key problem: on planet earth, every government falls into the latter category.

The United States’ founding documents pay tribute to individual rights and private properly. Some of the founders may have thought they were establishing a government subordinated to protection of individual rights, which would have been an historical first. However, none thought such a government would be easy to maintain, and their fears were borne out. The US government places prominently on the inglorious list of governments claiming ownership over everything within their dominion, defined as any place where they can exercise their coercive power.

To those who say the institution of inviolate private property still exists in the US, what asset can the US government not seize? The income tax gives it first claim on income. No real estate is exempt from eminent domain. Intellectual property claims are at the sufferance of the patent, trademark, and copyright authorities. Financial assets held within the banking system can be “bailed in,” and plans are afoot to ban cash. The already extensive range of assets subjected to civil asset forfeiture continues to expand. More ominously, assets can be seized from parties never adjudicated guilty. Conscription grants to the government the lives of the conscripted. The US government is no exception to the general rule, nothing is inviolate expect perhaps a person’s thoughts, and undoubtedly it’s working on that.

Individuals who assert the right to initiate aggression against whomever they choose are philosophically unhinged, candidates for an asylum or a penitentiary. Rejecting the first principle that must guide human interaction—that no one may rightfully initiate force against another person—such individuals have no rational foundation for their thoughts or actions. The “garbage in” of their philosophical premises produces “garbage out” emotional states, mental processes, and ultimately, lives. Having abandoned reason for coercion and violence, reality becomes a chaotic, incomprehensible void.

Governments’ coercive power allow them to take: might makes right. A philosophy that recognized a right of some individuals to steal from others fails on first principles; there is no logical distinction possible between the privileged and the subjugated. Does the aggregation of individuals into a unit which calling itself a government give them a right which none of them have individually? One could say that the aggregate was for the protection of its constituents’ persons, property, and rights, but a government so limited is acting as their constituents’ subordinate agent, exercising and enhancing their right of self-defense. Efforts have been made, notably the American experiment, but no government has ever been restricted in this manner.

No matter its guiding “ism,” every government has granted itself the power to initiate violence against its citizens. Just because the ruling agglomerate asserts this privilege doesn’t render it philosophically valid. What it does is legitimate the initiation of violence for any and all causes—domestic and foreign—the government deems proper.

Having violated the first principle of nonaggression, nothing can stop that philosophical default from trickling down to the subject population. The ragged thief who holds up a liquor store lacks the polish and articulation of the politician who asserts the government’s first claim on a nation’s production, the central banker who depreciates its currency, or the general bent on global dominance who wages offensive wars, but philosophically they’re soul mates. In fact, the thief has a moral one up on the others: he doesn’t claim to be protecting the values he destroys.

Millions have decried the violence that prevented Milo Yiannopoulos from speaking at the University of California at Berkeley, just as millions on the other side decried mostly illusory violence among Trump supporters during the campaign. However, not one in a thousand of those denouncing the violence as violations of fundamental civil liberties denounce the daily violations of fundamental liberties visited upon them by their own government. America’s corruption is so complete that those who insist that they are not fodder for the government, that their lives are their own, and that the only proper government is one subordinated to the protection of their individual rights—and maintain positions consistent with those principles—could hold a convention and not fill a high-school gym.

This small group is the victim of a terrifying pincer movement from above and below. When a society abandons itself to violence, “legal” and otherwise, it abandons itself to mindless irrationality driven by hate and antipathy towards every positive value. Violence is not a means to any end other than destruction and death; violence itself is the end. Humanity has been fed the same tripe for centuries: noble ends justify evil means. Violation of the first principle—the stricture against initiated aggression—bars consideration of the purported ends. A “discussion” with a gun is no discussion. Violence exercised in self-defense protects positive values, but when violence is initiated, destruction, death, and the depraved pleasure of loathsome minds are its only ends.

An individual who claims by word or deed the right to initiate violence - and the consequent rights to subjugate, injure, and kill - is a rabid, deranged, and dangerous animal. A government that asserts that right is a pack. In self-defense, the virtuous, if they are to protect their liberty, rights, and lives, must quarantine or kill the rabid. A necessary corollary of the stricture against initiated aggression is that we have the right to use all means necessary to defend ourselves from it—with pity, perhaps, but no remorse.

The chaos, the terror, of our deteriorating world is a true and faithful reflection of souls abandoned to hate. The free mind and its methods—intrepid curiosity, truth, and logic—stand as their ultimate enemy. If those who would oppose this destruction and death abandon their souls, they become the mindless evil they opposed. Those who defend their rights, values, and lives without surrendering their morality will rebuild from the rubble the kind of world in which they deserve to live. They will do so unobstructed—hate inevitably leads to its own destruction.

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The dam's s busted! Head for the hills.  Wait, we are in the hills.

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xythras (not verified) junction Feb 12, 2017 11:20 PM

That's a FINE FIRST LADY we have :

GORGEOUS: Melania Trump visits Morikami Museum and Has only Words of Praise for Japan!


The dam ruptured coz she's SO HOT. There was a need for a cold shower.

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Talkin about deranged check out these progressive loons (here) claiming Janet Yellen is Donald Trumps boss - talk about spastics. They've even got photoshop pictures of Trump being subservient to the Fed Chair. 

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Fuck off sockpuppet spammer

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Those are pretty funny pictures My Little Pony.

Nice to see another pony friend

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I'm NOT a philosopher so I may very well be wrong. But as I heard some time ago, Philosophy deals with the perception of the objects by the subject. Therefore the basic question of philosophy is "what is real?".


So that's where Philosophy begins, and then you go to: Why am I here? Where do we come from? Is there a god or gods? and so on.

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she is not hot, she is botoxx'ed,

would not surprise me to have fake boobs as any pimpable part of the ride.

like they say in europ , she has been " pulled threads ".

guess you will get the point.

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She is beautiful. You probably have never landed better than a 6. Fluent in several languages, well traveled, elegant, dedicated mother. She is a genetic treasure trove... A welcome addition to the gene pool.

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Beautiful without being pretty.

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Yeah, the author is way off base referencing Philosophy. The reality is that humans will 'game' any system that is in place, even if (especially if) it means fucking another human. Thats not a philosophy, that is a genetic imperative.

Philosophy gave us the founding, thug monkeys have taken it away.

And thats the way it is.


Rabbi Chaim Cohen's picture

Did you even read the article? The author knows this, but implores the reader to look to our better motivations and recognize the line between good and evil when we have to pick up the pieces after those "gamers" WHO DO NOT LOOK TO THEIR BETTER MOTIVATIONS play out this endgame of unbridled corruption, greed and indifference.

Read, think, THEN post.

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Old Trav777 on that link - don't knock it until you see the link and think about it.

Go Apple Jack!  End the FED!!!  Kick Mr. Yellen into the compost pile!

ebworthen's picture

Hottest First Lady we've had in a very long time, amen.

You go Melania, proud to have you grace the White House.

yogibear's picture

We have changed from a trust in god, can-do nation to one of iPhone degenerate snowflakes. 

justa minute's picture

it is a judgement of God for a people who have taken the sovereignty of God out of their minds and it will get worse and worse until all men bow at Christs feet. If thy darkness is light how great is that darkness indeed.

Vooter's picture

We were only a "can-do" nation because we had a fresh continent to rape and, later, lots of counterfeit money to spend. The truth is, we're a bunch of nut-scratching troglydytes, just like everyone else on the planet. Unfortunately, we're now next in line for the rest of the planet's wrath...

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Civil War 2.0, pick your "alternative facts" and hold on for dear life

07564111's picture

I holding on to beer and popcorn. ;)

Giant Meteor's picture

Excellent defensive position there ... You have the heights!

Zero-Hegemon's picture

Who needs the heights when the Marquees of Queensbury rules are in effect? Are we not gentlemen, after all?

Vooter's picture

Same ol' shit that humans have been doing forever...who cares? Lots of people die...THE END.

Rabbi Chaim Cohen's picture

Then why keep living?

I think you're still confused about some pretty important things.

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Good reading here .. well not good, but you know what I mean. Will be re-reading ..

To those who say the institution of inviolate private property still exists in the US, what asset can the US government not seize? The income tax gives it first claim on income. No real estate is exempt from eminent domain. Intellectual property claims are at the sufferance of the patent, trademark, and copyright authorities. Financial assets held within the banking system can be “bailed in,” and plans are afoot to ban cash. The already extensive range of assets subjected to civil asset forfeiture continues to expand. More ominously, assets can be seized from parties never adjudicated guilty. Conscription grants to the government the lives of the conscripted. The US government is no exception to the general rule, nothing is inviolate expect perhaps a person’s thoughts, and undoubtedly it’s working on that.

OverTheHedge's picture

That's odd - is everyone else asleep? Me first!

So, to continue on my theme of recent months: US culture is a culture of violence: you resolve problems by killing people. It is fundamental to the mind set, and can be seen here every day with calls to kill, maim and or imprison whoever has causd the  irritation of the moment.

My second thesis, as per Asimov, is that violence is the last refuge of the incompetent: in other words, there is always a better way. However, I agree that it is tricky to find it, when the state trooper has you spreadeagled on the ground at gunpoint,  rummaging in your nether regions for any cash you might be concealing. Life is a series of dichotomies, and other pretentious words. Now, let's see if I'm still first, or if Loonie has beaten me to the punch with something witty....

kuwa mzuri's picture

Only torture and kill those who've done it first, especially to babies and children, seems cool, except for the Christian injunction against revenge and the dismal anti-justice of corrupt man's law that protects the "important" pervs from consequences in this dimension.

Luckily, there are those warriors who are fighting the good war here and everywhere around the world the creeps take sanctuary and for whom we pray all mercy from God, since they endeavor to prevent the soulless from victimizing more of humanity, especially the children.

Akzed's picture

Biblical prohibitions of vengeance are for individuals, not government.

Giant Meteor's picture

Well done, well said.  + 1000

I was almost asleep, till I saw this ...

consider me gone's picture

The US is a culture of violence? Humanity is a species of violence. I'm sure you've read enough history to know that. The US has no corner on the violence market. Violence permeates the history of any and every country and culture. It is part of the human condition.

Darkthirty's picture

Must be a generation WTF? My kids asked me why it always ends in violence. Simply because violence is a universal language. Keep playing games and ignoring warnings, suddenly you get an epiphany, and it's no longer a joke. Welcome to reality.

davidhenry's picture

"My second thesis, as per Asimov, is that violence is the last refuge of the incompetent: in other words, there is always a better way."

If this were true, humans would've evolved beyond violence. Given the state of the world, I say violence is the hallmark of the deadly competent.  The democratic government of the world's greatest superpower stands as testament, does it not?

Which is why we need constant reminders to do good, to forgive and to remember there is no monopoly of force.

Zorba's idea's picture

someday...perhaps..maybe, we'll figure out how to remove all the corrupting forces and those that benefit and replace them with nice people who'll only want to work towards mutually beneficial outcomes.  wtf have we the people globally outnumber this fraction of a percentile of locust...tempest est fidgitus

Andre's picture

Please explain the competence it takes to reason with some gonzo trying to plant an axe in your head.

OverTheHedge's picture

To me, the assumption is that if you put yourself in the path of a lunatic with an axe, you were clearly incompetent to have got into that situation. I have always assumed that it is more than just an aphorism about being nice - it means that you need to THINK, and not get yourself into situations that involve bending over at gun point, for example. Competent use of grey matter is what it is all about - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salvor_Hardin


Cardinal Fang's picture

JFC...the shortcominngs in this logic are legion. Where do we start? Free will v Determinism? Quantum entanglement? Something in between?

What sort of ninja goes through life learning the art of war without practicing it? What is Freedom in the context of social contract theory with out exercising it?

Azimov was a great writer of the 20th century, but as such he was a propagandizing commie fuck spreading this pacifist warrior bullshit. Thats why it's called Science 'Fiction"...

how about this: "Speak softly but take no shit."

But you had better be prepared to be crucified. literally.


Andre's picture

Your inherent assumption is that you have total control and total choice over all actions not only that you take, but over the choices and actions of others. I have heard this fallacy before. There is an equally inherent assumption of total knowledge, in order for thought to ALWAYS place you in situations you wish to be in, and to avoid that you would rather not have to deal with.

"No plan survives contact with an enemy".

Asimov lived in an ivory tower, protected by others. Outside the ivory tower, a more basic reality can and will assert itself.

BlueGreen's picture

! With pity, but not remorse.....as I am, and now my son. !

BabaLooey's picture

Speaking of sows...Meryl Streep is oinking again;

From the Snout:

Ms. Streep, in New York City accepting an award from the Human Rights Campaign, referred to the backlash she received after the Golden Globes in January, when she gave a speech denouncing Mr. Trump.

“It’s terrifying to put the target on your forehead, and it sets you up for all sorts of attacks and armies of brownshirts and bots and worse, and the only way you can do it is to feel you have to,” Ms. Streep said. “You have to. You don’t have an option. You have to.”






Giant Meteor's picture

All ya gotta remember is she's playin a role, on stage. It's what she was trained in. Dark art in the right, wrong, left hands ...

Certainly, she is a bit over the top in this performance, ..


Akzed's picture

She's so brave, even if she's the only one saying so.

wcole225's picture

This can't end well. If you have eyes to see then you know that inch by inch, we move toward the inevitable. The wicked left is every single thing that they protest against. Frauds, every last one of them. They are like rabid animals that ultimately can only be stopped one way. The virtuous part of the right take it on the chin until they won't take it any more. Trump's win was the first act of what's to come. Forget compromise. Those days are gone. Prepare accordingly and then brace for impact!

junction's picture

More on the collapsing Oroville Dam:

The Bee: Say the top 30 feet of the emergency spillway does break off and it sends a pressure wave down the system. That would raise concerns of levees failing in Oroville and other towns along the Feather River channel. Would it cause a big risk in Sacramento?

?Countryman: It’s hard to say because there is a lot of volume in the floodplain, but once the levee burst most of that water is going to be leaving the river and spreading across the land. With the Yolo Bypass and everything, my gut tell tells me that Sacramento probably doesn’t have major concern.

The Bee: But Marysville, Oroville, Live Oak?? The Highway 70 corridor?

Countryman: That’s gone. I’ll tell you right now that’s gone. If they lose that 30 feet that’s gone.

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/news/local/article132356269.html#storylink=cpy
the edge of chaos's picture

It will only end in blood and iron!!

Vooter's picture

And then...guess what? A new set of assholes takes over...

wcole225's picture

Hope that you'll be around to usher the new assholes in

Akzed's picture

It won't come to that, because the rioters -for the most part- confine themselves to areas where they cannot have their desired effect upon the middle class - which is their demand for change being shepherded into the pre-planned synthesis.

First, when more or less spontaneous, riots occurs in poor neighborhoods where there are relatively few rifles. So they run wild until they run out of energy, and accomplish little to nothing by burning down their own homes and a CVS.

Second, when planned and organized e.g. by Soros employees, they gravitate to commercial districts, public squares, campuses, where those with rifles (police) are under intense pressure not to use them. People can avoid these areas and not be victimized by rioters.

Rioters avoid middle class areas because homeowners with rifles would be picking them off from their bedroom windows if threatened. So the middle class cannot be held hostage by threat of mob violence, remains basically unscathed by it, and needn't plead for something to be done! -the pre-planned synthesis- to restore order.


onmail1's picture

so shall we have pigs

hah ha

onmail1's picture

Trump is right
Trump is straight
Trump is a believer in God
Whereas in US we have corrupted generation
that is crazy about drugs & perversion & war
Its like the times of Lot of Bible
someone needs to clean the things up
the beast 666 is opposing Trump
Hebrew Dollar Muslim 666
Hebrew = Coldman$achs, Rotchilds, MerrylWho........
Dollar == Rich moneylords
Muslim == u know what

JRev's picture

Sodom and Gomorrah is a pretty twisted reference here, given that Lot offered the virginity of his preteen daughters up to the homosexuals of the city as a form of reconciliation. On "God's" command, no less. 

Gives Jeff Epstein a run for his money.

onmail1's picture

It was not God's command
It only shows that Lot
worshiped God & his Angels so much
that he was ready to sacrifice his own daughters
and I tell you this
If somehow u ever come face to face
with God, u will be so compelled that
u would sacrifice anything even ur own life

But before u do , u wont get the idea

JRev's picture

Sacrifice? The word you're looking for is "pimp." 

Say what you will
but the "True God"
would never condone
such reprehensible action.

Your heart will tell you such
but your Book-addled mind
is warped to conclude otherwise.