Corporate America Setting Up "War Rooms" To Prep For Potential Trump Tweets

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Since November 8th, several public companies have unsuspectingly fallen into the cross hairs of Trump tweets sending their stocks gyrating violently while adding or erasing millions of dollars worth of market cap in a matter of seconds.  Here is just a small sample:


As we pointed out back in January, Toyota's shares, along with the Mexican Peso, tumbled on Trump's threat to impose a "big border tax" on their Corolla imports as the unprepared and shocked company frantically drafted a response.

As Mr. Trump posted his message, Toyota’s chief communications officer, Scott Vazin, was packing his suitcase and preparing to leave his hotel room in Las Vegas, where he had been holding meetings around a trade show organized by the Consumer Technology Association. Mr. Vazin’s phone began to buzz as he faced a deluge of text messages and calls from his communications staff and reporters.


Once the tweet was sent, Mr. Vazin called Messrs. Lentz and Nagata to discuss the statement he would craft, as the company’s stock began to inch downward. The auto maker posted its response on Twitter less than two hours later.


“Toyota has been part of the cultural fabric in the U.S. for nearly 60 years,” said its statement, which bolded the name of the Mexican city where its plant will be located—Guanajuato, not Baja. The company touted its “$21.9 billion direct investment in the U.S.” and its number of employees and facilities in the U.S. Mr. Vazin said the company hasn’t been contacted by Mr. Trump since the statement.

Now, according to the Wall Street Journal, Trump's Twitter blasts, which often drive 'yuge' market reactions and come without warning, are forcing companies across the country to draft plans for “war rooms” to address a surprise presidential tweet.  Moreover, other companies are actively exploring strategically placing ads on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” CNN and “The O’Reilly Factor”—programs and networks fro which Trump has often appeared to draw inspiration for his tweets.

“Every business and association in Washington is thinking about how they would respond to a tweet from Donald Trump,” said Alex Conant, a partner at the communications firm Firehouse Strategies and a longtime Republican strategist.


In one recent simulation to prepare for a public attack by Mr. Trump, says consultant Eric Dezenhall, top executives of a science and technology company spent an afternoon in a room responding to various fallout scenarios, such as a stock-price plunge, congressional hearings or questions from investigative reporters.


Mr. Dezenhall says the company that
rehearsed the drill is now looking for something it can use as a potential peace offering to the president in the event of a critical tweet or other Trump tirade, “an equivalent to ‘we’re no longer building a plant in Mexico.’”


Lobbying shops are telling their clients to do a thorough review of their business interests, especially as they relate to federal contracts, so they can tell a story about how the firm invests domestically.

Still others companies have begun aggressively promoting previously announced job creation numbers in an effort to head off any criticism from the White House.  The latest example of such a move came from Intel's CEO, Brian Krzanich, who recently visited the White House to tout a $7BN investment in a facility in Chandler, Arizona which was already announced under the Obama administration.

Other companies have taken more proactive steps. Intel Corp. CEO Brian Krzanich last week traveled to the White House to roll out the company’s plans for a $7 billion investment in a major manufacturing plant in Arizona—plans that had been in the works for several years. Mr. Trump said following the announcement: “We’re very happy.”


Other companies, including Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and Inc., have issued press releases touting U.S. job creation numbers from previously planned store openings and expansions. Some are also turning to “social-listening” tools to monitor mentions of their products on social networks, analyze the fallout from Trump tweets about other companies and track what’s said on the accounts that Mr. Trump follows.


General Motors Co.—whose CEO Mary Barra has frequently spoken with Mr. Trump—said last month it would invest at least $1 billion across several U.S. factories, days after the president accused it on Twitter of moving Mexican-made vehicles across the border.

Guess we can add the cost of establishing these 'war rooms' to the list of excuses as to why companies will inevitably miss Q1 2017 least they get to blame something other than the "weather" for once.

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Maybe your company should have been based on fundamentals instead of media hype you fucking twats.

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Most companies are actually in the hands of mobile users, just another inconvenient truth that Trump has called attention to.

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Trump should let them have it with both beaks.

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Just bill the shareholders for it. They're used to being taken for a ride.

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"Gentlemen! You can't fight in here, this is the war room!"

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"Placing ads during the O'Reily Factor" 

LOL...I bet that just pisses these snowflake assholes off to no end. 

More money for the "no spin zone" 

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Hopefully one of these tweets is "We are suspending all immigration, including H1Bs. Suck it, losers!"

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Corporate America 2017: how we stopped worrying and learned to love Trump.

GUS100CORRINA's picture

GOOD ... Setting up a WAR ROOM is a GOOD THING.

VIX cycles expected to explode in Mar/Apr'17 TIME FRAME.

These companies are going to need a WAR ROOM when their stock buy backs GO REALLY, REALLY BAD.

Arnold's picture

My thoughts exactly.

We always had a war room.

Always well stocked with Chivas, and lesser nectars.

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Spend a little more time worrying about the people you fleece you cowfucking corporatists.

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Tlön Uqbar (not verified) Feb 13, 2017 10:37 PM

Is the wall to keep illegal Mexican nationals from coming in or to keep US jobs from going out?

Someone needs to call Lindner and figure out how this Chiquita, Cincinnati Reds shit works for real.

How about instead of hotels and resorts, America makes it's own cars like the Germans made the VW?

Oh, that would be some shit.

Fuck these players.

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 Corp trolls writ large. I guess the government trolls are not enough.

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You guys are a laugh riot. :)

VWAndy's picture

 Trolling for $?  Dont cry when I shit on your soul.

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cuck forporate.

Rob Kirby's take on Jim Rogers...a warning.

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This should be the job of MSM, but, because of "corporate capture" of 95% of major media outlets, this duty has fallen to alternative media, such as The Tyler's.
I think it refreshing to have some(cough,cough)transparency from our newly elected President. Unlike some other recent Teleprompters of the U.S.
The guilty shall remain nameless, as we know they don't care one whit.

Freedumb's picture

Poor Corporate America, doing business was so much easier when implementing anti competitive crony policies was all done in an orderly fashion at expensive dinners and golf clubs, and not subject to the sort of market uncertainty that those piddling non-insiders have to live with.

onmail1's picture

Its like East India Company
sourcing dirt cheap raw materials
now its cheap labor

quax's picture

It's really fascinating to see the deep understanding of market economy that is expressed in this comment section.



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Trump is like a force of nature.

randfan's picture

the responses to this ZH article pretty much sums up what's gone wrong with ZH over the last 8yrs.

Watching people on here take Trump's side on something they'd spare no mercy on Obama or Clinton doing is just hysterical.  Trump has no business insinuating himself in the private sector in this fashion, calling out SPX CEOs for running their companies to maximize shareholder value. 

8yrs ago ZH wrote truly enlightening & insightful articles on the financial service space usually with PDFs from insiders at GS, MS, JPM, C, and small boutique i-banks. I'd visit 2-3x a day.  Today, it's just crap catering to Trump's hardcore losers who think heteroscedasticity is a left wing conspiracy to turn everyone gay.  If I visit once a week, it's a lot (and actually too much, given the move away from finance).

It's a shame, this used to be a great place for uniquely original content.

The fun part of Trump is watching him enrich the 1% in a way no politician since Harding & Coolidge have.  You call democrats snowflakes but you're the yellow snow he pees all over. He feeds your white supremacists hopes with talk of walls, wars and closed borders but wouldn't spend 30 seconds alone with any one of you.

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There are no markets anymore, so to spend an inordinate amount of time on technical analysis or econometrics would be a bit of a waste of time, wouldn't it? Or we can talk HFT all day.

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turnball the banker (not verified) randfan Feb 14, 2017 1:17 AM

You are spot on the blind trumpeteers are just as stupid as the snowflakes and libtards.I call them trumptards

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Then go elswhere, if you have a trouble with ZH community. maybe CNN?

oncemore's picture

Globalists face a head wind, no, a storm.

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Corporate America Setting Up "War Rooms" To Prep For Potential Trump Tweets


another drive to increased shareholder value - oh wait, cunt yellen just bids it all, so playing plasticine at work appears to be acceptable now - cunt yellen has the CEO's back

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Seeing or even hearing Americans is making me physically ill.

Get off the planet already and take your mass torture, mass murder, financial and moral abominations with you.

Kick the Americans off the planet and save the world.

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"Seeing or even hearing Americans is making me physically ill."

OK snowflake. Here is a newsflash for you. (you are welcome to copy/paste to your book you put as your description in your profile).

We,the American people,by design,cannot controll the "mass torture, mass murder, financial and moral abominations" our government inflicts on the world.

Unless you come from a 3rd world nation,chances are that our government protects your ass from military dangers.

Now. Please be so kind as to inform us ZH readers as to where the utopia you come from is located. After all,if the Americans are so vile, and you feel the need to oust us from the planet,where you live must be completely free of these abominations.

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If you are a CEO of a big multinational company who has to worry about a few truth based tweets from the POTUS then it's probably because:


1. You sell over-priced crap to consumers at rip off prices, and usually in the form of government contracts

2. As a CEO you are massively overpaid in relation to genuine company performance and your employees in general 

3. Your company is not paying the taxes it fairly should 

4. You treat your US employees like shit and can't read all reports that properly trained (your expense) and invested workers in the West are actually

    more productive than offshoring.

5. You though from previous presidents that politics only swings in your favour. More fool you.



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Trump is making this trickle down economy work ... forcing them to apply trickle down economics.

It's running down the leg right now.

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Corporate America spends way too much time and money on PR. War Room? Some low to mid-level PR chump sitting in a cubicle monitoring the web. Lots of wheel spinning and NOTHING to do with selling products, streamlining bullshit and making higher revenues. Fucking time sink. If you're a CEO and you're worried about Twatter, you should be FIRED.

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And the proof is the eating of the pudding, justifying their strategy (bonuses) instead of what's best for long term good of owners.

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140 characters > metrics

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The troll war rooms came to this article like flies to shit.