Random Mar-A-Lago Guest Posts Selfie With "Nuclear Football" Briefcase

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Richard DeAgazio, a 72-year-old Palm Beach businessman, Trump supporter and actor, raised some eyebrows over the weekend after he essentially live blogged Trump's Mar-A-Lago golf outing with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.  Among other misguided posts, DeAgazio thought it would be a really good idea to pose with, and publicly identify, "Rick", the service man responsible for carrying the "nuclear football."

DeAgazio has since deleted his Facebook account, but as parents have been warning their teenagers for nearly a decade now, it's almost impossible to erase something from the internet once it hits social media.  Unfortunately for Richard, this was no exception:

Nuke Football


Of course, this type of aloof behavior from Mar-A-Lago guests who pay annual membership dues of $200,000 to Trump's business interests, will be exploited to the maximum extent possible by outraged Democrats.  We're awaiting an impeachment motion from Nancy Pelosi which should be forthcoming at any moment.

While the picture above was likely plenty to get him "Fired" from the club, DeAgazio was far from finished.  Here is a lovely picture with Steve Bannon...

Nuke Football


...and another with Trump standing in front of a glorious portrait of himself.

Nuke Football


But he still wasn't done, at 1:35AM DeAgazio posted the following pics of Prime Minister Abe and Trump reacting after news broke that North Korea had "launched a missile in the direction of Japan"...."HOLY MOLY!!!"

Nuke Football

Finally, after the scrambled press conference between Trump and Abe to address the Korean launch, Trump crashed a wedding taking place at Mar-a-Lago, grabbed the mic and spoke to the guests. The groom came from a wealthy Ohio family. His father is co-CEO of American Financial Group and gave $100,000 toward Trump Super PACs last fall, according to New York Magazine.

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devilsporkchop's picture

looks like a room full of douchebags. #incompetents

Looney's picture


Did he just press the “Do Not Press” button?   ;-)


barndoor's picture

Dude simply saved Trump the trouble of tweeting all this information himself...

barndoor's picture

Actually, Trump will be jealous that this guy's social media got so much action.  Lame tweets about Mark Cuban just can't compete with this stuff...

macholatte's picture


Fake News

So what?

Does anybody really give a shit?


dasein211's picture

Letting The whole world know who is carrying the nuclear suitcase is beyond fucking retarded. Way beyond.

The Saint's picture
The Saint (not verified) xythras Feb 13, 2017 3:15 PM

Donald: Rick, don't be messin' around and pressin' any of those buttons.

Stop it Rick!

No!  I'm not going to tell you the password.


MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

Trump’s administration is reckless! They’re going to start WORLD WAR III! I TOLD YOU THIS WOULD HAPPEN!

An Afrocentric History Of White People

FreezeThese's picture
FreezeThese (not verified) MillionDollarBonus_ Feb 13, 2017 3:21 PM

This is the guy we've elected ... taking intel briefings over cobb salad ... nuclear codes secured during selfies ... what's taking the impeachment process so long?



MANvsMACHINE's picture

If this story is true, I question how this guy can afford $200,000 to join Mar-a-Lago.  He's a moron but I guess anyone can come up with $200,000 to join a golf club.

JRobby's picture

Rick and Richard are both out.

Next "news" story

pods's picture

I'm sorry, but this is just unacceptable.
Are these fucking teenagers running the show?

Facebook and tweets. That is what this country has become.

Beam me up Scotty, there is no intelligent life down here.


Raymond K Hessel's picture

I can't be the only one screaming "YOU STOOPID MUDDAHFUCKAS!!!!"into a pillow

Giant Meteor's picture

Random  "Nuclear Football" Briefcase lost, at Mar-A-Lago . Guest Posts Selfie lookin under sofa at neighbors crashed wedding.  Am I readin this shit right? What the ....

jeff montanye's picture

i don't think the football was lost.  not sure about the selfie under the sofa. 

for perspective, remember g.w. bush's "joke" at the washington press roast where he was similarly looking behind furniture etc. for the iraq weapons of mass destruction.  har har har.  how many killed?  maybe a quarter million, maybe half a million.  nobody keeps count because nobody cares.

now who's in tomorrow's foresome for sure?

Giant Meteor's picture

Yep, I forgot the sarc tag again.

At the risk of being a bad cliché, what has pulled me through (sanity wise) more than any other single thing, a wicked and irreverent sense of humor,  not to go all "readers digest" on you, heaven forbid!

In the end, things are going to work out ok.

I do not need convincing of this, nor is my intent to "minimize" or to be "cavalier" with the latest goings on. Admittedly I am not immune from schadenfreude, and frankly, I do reserve the best scorn for those who in my humble opinion, have warranted it the most.

I laugh in these and many instances, because it is the only rational response left to me, and perhaps the the better option this side of violence, which of course, I do not advocate. On the other hand, its a a good thing I'm not "God" lest more than a few folks likely be in some serious shit. I know of course, that this sword always cuts both ways.

No, mostly for me, its faith, family, friends, and sometimes random strangers. Work and ZH, reading, history as pastime. All selfish pursuits really. Some of us really have, "loved but a few."

The best advise I ever received, given by my dear ole mum. Above all else, no matter what she said, keep on smiln and never give up. She, like many others, knew a few things about sufferin and sacrafice. She has been to me, God bless her heart, one of the few folks, of the many I've known, that exemplifies true spiritual / personal and moral ethics every day of her life, and without religion I may add. A certain faith in works, deed and practicality. And yet, she would blush at the mere thought, of those words, spoken on her behalf. Truth is, I've had many good examples in my life. Wise teachers, good people all and yet .....



Antifaschistische's picture

welcome to the world with camera's in and on everything.  It's only getting worse.  The difference between now, and the OBama administration, is the MSM was filtering everything for OBama....today, different story.  interesting world we live in.  

Wait until the drone world goes to the next level...that's really going to be a game changer when nano drones are able to penetrate every VIP event and security have exchanged their guns for tennis rackets.  Our world is just getting more and more complicated.

fiatmasochist's picture

Thanks, Wikileaks: $65,000 hotdogs and pizza, and a 'rappin' rave @ the Whitehouse.....perspective is everything

DontWorry's picture

You dont have to be smart to be rich.

Giant Meteor's picture

Thanks Captain Obvious! LOL


ThanksChump's picture

"Wait, is that a diamond tie pin?? Oh, it's drool. Very good. This way, Mr. DeAsagio."


You don't have to be smart to be rich, and Trump will do very well to remember that. A lot of rich people donate a lot of photo-op bribes, so Trump will be surrounded by blithering morons for the next six months.

jeff montanye's picture

minimum four years barring accident, assassination or impeachment.

lolmao500's picture

Hell trump can barely read and he's the fucking president and a billionaire.

natxlaw's picture

No, sweet cheeks, don't get ahead of yourself. That is not 200K for a membership, that is 200K annual dues. Annual means every year. With those kind of dues, i am guessing membership is at least 1.4Million if someone is willing to sell (probably will to get rid of those dues). And yes, anyone who agrees to pay that kind of money to play golf with Donald Trump is either a rich showoff, someon who likes to entertain clients who are impressed by that kind of thing, or someone who want to go to a club where they won't be bothered by folks who can't come up with that kind of money. Most of the folks that can afford that are not going to want to pay it for just golf. I could cruise full-time with 1 other for less than that. 

In Ze No's picture

So another form of pay to play.  Like Kunstler said in his rant below, blue and red are both the same shitbag opportunists.

Giant Meteor's picture

Well at least the guest wasn't taking selfies humping the nu clu er football in the Lincoln bedroom, so there's that !

Gotta look at the bright side of life !

Hal n back's picture

Telll you what: this kind of reminds me of 2 Rodneyt Dangerfield movies: CaddyShack and Back to school.

Dangerfield plays a down to earth multi illionairs who winds up populae because he is not  stuck up guy. Gets in and has fun. On the other hand Dangerfields characters were successful cause they did not mince words, made decisons and moved things along fast. 


Yeah, its not exactly similar but I for one got tored of measured words beign said to pacarte the media and anybody listening. It is nice to know where our President stands.


Let's face it, what we really need is a turn around artist. One who will change the working  culture of our government

Giant Meteor's picture

Great comment. to change the working  culture of our government.

I'm thinkin he's got that covered pretty well so far !

Giant Meteor's picture

You had me at, "Annual means every year."

That's an Orange Jesus, by God upvote right there !

stocker84's picture

Did you miss the part in the article about him being an actor? Nuff sed.

GoingBig's picture

He's not the Moron. The president and his incompetent team are the morons. Geez, can't you see this?!!!!

Put your ideology goggles down and see what's in front of you!!!

Rabbitnexus's picture

"IF this story is true" Are you kidding me? Maybe you reckon the pictures are photo shopped by some basement dweller?? The Russians?

Bollixed's picture

Watching you snowflakes melt is pure joy.

nmewn's picture

Ain't it tho?...lmao!

So I guess the guy never sleeps (meaning he's the ONLY one who carries it 24/7/365) and Trump never tweaks the snowflakes ;-)


Giant Meteor's picture

First belly laugh of the evenin. Thanks!

Tears even !

barndoor's picture

BUT ...... there is a very serious tone to many of the tweets.

Giant Meteor's picture

I have always thought, must be hard taking any comment serious, called a "Tweet." Of course I am a bit old school, don't actually tweet and only know about them from coming here. On the other hand, I'm getting use to carrying a change of cloths everywhere I go, because this shit IS that fucking funny. Sorry to laugh at armageddon and all, but JHC .. outstanding. 

Bunghole's picture

Quick.  To your safe space.

Trump might be reaching for your pussy, pussy.

The Saint's picture

I was just kidding MillionDollarButtkiss.  That wasn't a REAL conversation from Donald Trump.  LOL


Escrava Isaura's picture

Trump crashes wedding party……

Unbelievable ego. And I guess he was bored.



Giant Meteor's picture

Just spit coffee on the laptop ... fuck!

Bill of Rights's picture

Ha ha ha ha compared to what the " Me " Negro....lol fucken Dope

Citizen_x's picture


So, the POTUS show up at a wedding.  Brings Japan's big chief.  Whishes the young couple success.  Hams it up, and goes back to work.  WTF !   ...where does he get-off acting like a human being.  America demands cardboard cut-out from it's POTUS.

pods's picture

He's acting like a pompous douchenozzle.  Like people should fawn over him and the rules of common decency shouldn't apply.  Of course, the guy who paid for it was a big Trumpster, so everyone probably digged it. Let the married couple be upstaged by the POTUS.  Maybe he can institute prima nocta too?

Maybe everyone can start fainting in his presence too?  Or he will shoot them with some AAA?

Sounds familiar, doesn't it.


shovelhead's picture

You can address him as Sir Donald of Orange.