France's Macron Says He Is Target Of Russian "Fake News" Campaign

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The French learn quick.

Gunning for the anti-Russian sympathy vote, and perhaps anticipating a Hillry-type outcome in the coming presidential elections, French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron who is currently in second place in the polls with a 22% approval rating, behind Le Pen at 27%, said on Monday he was the target of Russian media "fake news" and his campaign is facing thousands of cyber attacks, according to his party chief.

Richard Ferrand, secretary-general of Macron's En Marche! (Onwards!) party, said that Russian state-controlled media Russia Today and Sputnik had spread false reports with the aim of swinging public opinion against Macron.

“These attacks are coming from the Russian border,” Ferrand said. “We want a strong Europe. That’s why we’re subject to attacks on our information system from the Russian state.”

"We are in the presence of an orchestrated attempt by a foreign power to destabilize a presidential election candidate," Ferrand said and called on the French government again to take steps to prevent foreign meddling in the French election campaign.

Ferrand said Moscow looked favorably on the policies of far-right leader Marine Le Pen and center-right candidate Francois Fillon - both election rivals of Macron - and both had been "mysteriously spared" from Russian media criticism.

"If these attacks succeeded, the campaign of En Marche would become extremely difficult, if not impossible," Ferrand said in Le Monde online.

Ferrand also said the Macron campaign was being hit by "hundreds if not thousands" of attacks probing the campaign's computer systems from locations inside Russia. Calling for government action to prevent foreign meddling in the election campaigning, Ferrand said: "What we want is for authorities at the highest level to take the matter in hand to guarantee that there is no foreign meddling in our democracy. The Americans saw it but it came to late." He said about half of these thousands of attacks came mainly from Ukraine and had been organized and coordinated by a "structured group" and not by lone hackers.

With President Donald Trump weighing a thaw in relations with Putin, Macron argues that EU nations need to stick together in dealing with their eastern neighbor, Bloomberg added. While sanctions should be lifted in the long term, they must be kept in place if Russia is meddling in Europe’s democratic processes or using its energy exports as a form of geopolitical blackmail, the official said.

Whereas National Front leader Marine Le Pen has called EU sanctions on Russia “completely stupid” and Republican candidate Francois Fillon has repeatedly opposed them, Macron was part of a government that helped impose the measures and has labeled Fillon a “Putinopile” or Putin fan. “I don’t believe in French people saying that great-power France should be speaking to great-power Russia -- good luck with that,” Macron said in January in Berlin. “Russia is indeed in Europe geographically and historically speaking. We have lot of passions together, literature. And Russians live as Europeans. But you have Russian leaders who don’t share our values and our views.”

Macron has jumped in campaigning for the French election and opinion polls make him favorite to win election in May. Ferrand said that Macron, as a staunch pro-European, was a Russian target because he wanted a strong united Europe that had a major role to play in world affairs, including in the face of Moscow. Sputnik earlier this month ran an interview with a conservative French lawmaker accusing Macron, a former investment banker, of being an agent of "the big American banking system".

"Two big media outlets belonging to the Russian state Russia Today and Sputnik spread fake news on a daily basis, and then they are picked up, quoted and influence the democratic (process)," Ferrand said.

Similar accusations were lobbed at US media outlets by the losing Clinton campaign shortly after the election, accusing most websites who did not support Hillary Clinton of being distributors "fake news."

Russia Today said it rejected allegations it spread fake news in general and in relation to Macron and the forthcoming French election. "It seems that it has become acceptable to level such serious charges at Russia Today without presenting any evidence to substantiate them, as well as to apply this 'fake news' label to any reporting that one might simply find unfavorable," the news channel said in a statement.

As Reuters adds, Russian newspaper Izvestia has also reported comments from Wikileaks founder Julian Assange who said his organization had "interesting information" about Macron, who opinion polls say would easily beat far-right leader Marine Le Pen in a May 7 runoff.

Soon after the accusations, the Kremlin denied that it was behind media and internet attacks on Macron's campaign.  Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, replying to a question on a daily conference call, said charges made on Monday by Macron's party chief, Richard Ferrand, were absurd.

"We didn't have and do not have any intention of interfering in the internal affairs of other countries, or in their electoral processes in particular," Peskov told reporters. "That there is a hysterical anti-(President Vladimir) Putin campaign in certain countries abroad is an obvious fact."

Well, in a world of "he said, she said" fake media accusations, there is nothing to lose by stating something that can not be disproven, and at best, can lead to some marginal sympathy by anti Russian voters.

Meanwhile, Sputnik, in a comment on Tuesday, said Ferrand's accusations were false and lacked any evidence, and represented an attempt at spinning public opinion.

"By citing various opinions expressed by people involved in the election campaign, Sputnik always covers events as they are," it said. Alas, these days any time news emerges which hurt's ones political agenda, the response is rather generic: accuse it of being a source of "fake news", as has now happened first in the US, then in Germany, and now in France.

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The French Hillary.

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Ferrand said Moscow looked favorably on the policies of far-right leader Marine Le Pen and center-right candidate Francois Fillon - both election rivals of Macron - and both had been "mysteriously spared" from Russian media criticism.


You poor dear.
Maybe you just aren't cut out to be a national chief executive... 

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well if there was ever proof that there is a global elite with one homogeneous program to dominate all peoples everywhere this should be it.

the Russians and fake news...really? again? did you not see the results of your idiotic fiasco plan in the USA?

pleeeease just keep doing what you're doing,

Go Marine!

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What a joke ! He is a "fake candidate", a bankster running for presidency...

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Il Dottore (not verified) Derezzed Feb 14, 2017 9:20 AM

All these people deserve nothing but a shot in the rear of the neck, one after other, in a row.

Fucking Cancerogenous Soros People.

That's it. I'm tired of "Political Correctness". Best Invention Elite ever made

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Any news not from the Jewish News Networks (JNN) is "fake" Russian news, hahaha.

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Same old song and dance, BUT IT WILL BE DIFFERENT THIS TIME! RIGHT?!

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Macron's election theme song:

"I'm a little libtard, short and stout

Here's my anus, here's my mouth....

Fuck me in the asshole and you'll see

How I ingest all my ca-lo-ries."

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Putin goes after ALL the Rothschild stooges...God Bless him!

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This frog needs to have a living snake shoved up his ass

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Macron worked/works for Rothschild indeed..
il devient inspecteur des finances avant de débuter en 2008 une carrière de banquier d'affaires chez Rothschild & C

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Look who is financing his rallies and you get closer to know who's man he is.

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"What we want is for authorities at the highest level to take the matter in hand to guarantee that there is no foreign meddling in our democracy"

Democracy meddling.

What a quaint concept.

They can't meddle with our democracy, only we can meddle with our democracy.



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“He left to work as an investment banker at Rothschild & Cie Banque. While at Rothschild, he closed a high-profile deal between Nestlé and Pfizer,[9] which made him a millionaire.”

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He should run for president of San Escobar.

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Il Dottore (not verified) NoWayJose Feb 14, 2017 9:08 AM


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something smells jewish about this guy ... i could be wrong but usually not

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Close, practicing catholic..... At 15 he was banging his 24 yrs senior school teacher....  And then went on to marry her....  so yeah pretty fucked up.

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wow that's some old vag, so she's like 75 now?

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"At 15 he was banging his 24 yrs senior school teacher....  And then went on to marry her....  so yeah pretty fucked up"


No no that's the official story/cover-up. When he joined the French Ivy League at 18 19, he got ahem... "discovered" by a  Socialist gay billionaire named Henry Hermand who ahem... put him on the right tracks. It's Hermand who made him, not Brigitte.

Freemasonery, gay networks and a globalist circles that's the three networks who put Macron on orbit.

Brigitte is not Macron's wife she's the president of the fan-club. Macron finds solace in men.


In the French Pravda named "Libé" they call Hermand, macron's "benefactor" who "took him under his wing". LOL "put him in his bed" would be more accurate.

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good stuff, the whole bio smells ... worked for the Rothschilds maybe all we need to know

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It's great when these guys instantly "out" themselves.  Makes my work a lot easier.

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omg another snowflake. lulz

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Another leftist asshole blaming his unelectability on those evil russians

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Its bad when even communists fear Globalists.... The only Commies that appear to embrace globalism are the Chicoms.....  But perhaps I am looking at it wrong, it could just be two different schools of globalism fighting over who will be king shit beetle.

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Or maybe you are just an asshat

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Le Pen is currently winning in every demographic except the over 65s.  I am sure the Russians read ZH (where else would they get their news?) so, if Macron is right, can they please do something to improve Le Pen's chances with this group.

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lol. thanks for the hilarious "I am sure the Russians read ZH (where else would they get their news?)"

come on, folks. If I want to read something factual about Macron or France's Left, then no, neither Sputnik nor RTNews is the place I look

it would be like looking to read something factual about Trump on CNN's website, or looking to read something factual about Murdoch on his own media

actually, it's bad for Marine Le Pen that she is not gaining any traction among the over 65s, I hope you realize that. and it's the group least likely to consume Russian media in the first place

and no, while many here seem to think that it's about the presidency, period, a French president still needs support in the French Parliament for anything worthwile

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It is not just 'bad' - it is a disaster!  It is interesting that her support is highest amongst the young - 35% in the 18-24s and drops off consistently as age increases (30% 25-50; 26% 50-65 but only 16% in the over 65s).  I have my fingers crossed for her!

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Well, if Macron faces Fillon, Fillon wins - which is the plan.

Filion will go exponentiel on neoliberlism and austerity which will basically kill off most of those over 65's that might have voted socilist out of tradition.

Therfore Le Pen will crush any oppositon in the next election after this one, if she does not win this time.   

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Fillon to kill off the elderly? how?

by protecting... their pensions? by making the French state slighly more efficient, and so improving healthcare for the elderly, too? by making the French economy less sclerotic? by... balancing the budget?

yes, Fillon has a recipy ready for France that could be seen as neoliberal and austerian. but it's France, for criminy. a state saturated by socialist "solutions"

if you lack salt, I would advice to have some. if you are experiencing a salt poisoning, I would advice lots of water and no salt

solutions ought to have some point of reference in the existing condition

both Macron and Le Pen have the same in mind for certain areas of how to run France, in both cases it's the old recipy, overapplied by several govs

just my opinion, mind

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What's the fake news story? That you have a little Dick. Now that wouldn't exactly be fake news then.

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So which specific "fake news" stories were promoted on these Russian-sponsored sites?

Hostile charges require tangible evidence.

It's also curious that "attacks" are launched from Ukraine unless they are just more of the "fake news" generators whose only goal is making money on click-bait. Or is it suggested that Putin is now responsible for all greed in the world?

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"So which specific "fake news" stories were promoted on these Russian sites?"

That he sucks dicks (I mean literally) and that his marriage to a woman 25 years older than he is is a smokscreen displayed the keep the faggotness of Macron out of public sight.

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This male toyboy 'Ollande-clone Frog should stop his whining and make way for Le Pen, the female de Gaulle.

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And if you cannot handle the 'Russian onslaught' BEFORE the election, how will you do it AFTER you are elected?

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BigWillyStyle87 (not verified) Feb 14, 2017 9:02 AM

Maybe this faggot just isnt that likeable?

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This is what Michael Crichton talked about in "State of Fear."

TPTB controls the masses by keeping them in a constant state of fear.
First it was the Russians, until Regan f'd that up by destroying the USSR.
Then it was global warming, until that fell apart with actual evidence.
Now it's back to the Russians, because…they are anti-Islamic nationalists?

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No... try "jacobinism", centralized power. People does not have the mean to cooperate and coordonate at the local levels, to process informations as for other things... The bottom down pyramid so to speak...


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Macron is a globalist a pro-Muslim AND a homo... therefore he's the French Obama.


I hope Assange has enough "material' on him to sink him for good. Otherwise if he gets elected we're fucked. 80 or so days to go... faites vos jeux!

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And Benoit Hamon, did you see the talk between MLP and Najat Vallaut Belkacem (inistry of education...). The former asked "Benoit Hamon, l'islamo-socialiste" the later to answer "yes"...

down in a hole...

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I wonder if the globalists really think they can control Islam after they use it to destroy the west?

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We are three month from the elections and the man has NO PROGRAM, can you believe it?

I guess we have the answer said program was hacked by uncle Vlad ... dam I can't stand that fucking dick head...

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These libtards will never learn, will they? Just pathetic.