Meet The Man Most Likely To Replace Mike Flynn

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As reported overnight, in the aftermath of Mike Flynn's resignation, the Trump administration - facing mounting domestic and international security concerns - has rushed to find a replacement for the top National Security Advisor job. The scramble to replace Flynn began on Monday evening and continued with phone calls and meetings into the early hours of Tuesday in an effort to enable Trump to make a decision and put the matter behind him as soon as possible, Reuters reported.

As a result, three names have emerged.

The first is that of Keith Kellogg, the NSC's chief of staff who advised Trump during his campaign, and who is taking over Flynn's duties as acting national security adviser until Trump finds an official replacement. Kellogg previously served as a COO in Baghdad for the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) and later worked as a contractor for Oracle.

Another name thrown out is that of David Petraeus, who became CIA director in 2011 but resigned in 2012 after he was found guilty of lying to federal investigators about mishandling government information to his mistress.

However, the person who has emerged as the leading candidate to replace Michael Flynn, according to both Reuters and WaPo, is a senior naval officer who served under President Donald Trump's Defense Secretary James Mattis: Vice Admiral Robert Harward, who was deputy commander of U.S. Central Command under Mattis, will likely replace Flynn, officials quoted by Reuters said.

Vice Adm. Robert S. Harward, commanding officer of Combined Joint Interagency Task Force 435

Harward served under Mattis while he was at U.S. Central Command and remains an ally and friend of the defense secretary. He is a Rhode Island native who went to school in Tehran before the shah was toppled in 1979. He went on to the U.S. Naval Academy and a long career in the Navy, where he worked on SEAL teams and was a commander in Afghanistan and Iraq. Harward did a tour on the National Security Council under Republican President George W. Bush working on counterterrorism.

"If the president goes in his direction, there would be very little opposition," said the official. "He's very highly regarded, and doesn't have the baggage that Petraeus has."

That said, since Harward is the Chief Executive Officer for Lockheed Martin in the UAE - in which this role "he is responsible for all aspects of the company’s business interests in the UAE, including strategy, operations, growth and execution of Lockheed Martin programs" -the Vice Admiral may be "incentivized" to perpetuate, if not accelerate, the various proxy wars in the region.

In any case, as the WaPo adds, on Monday night, Tommy Vietor, a former spokesman for President Barack Obama’s National Security Council, wrote on Twitter that Harward is a “very impressive (and nice) guy.”

When asked if Harward was certain to be picked, the officials offered caution and said the discussions were ongoing. But they acknowledged that a consensus for Harward was evident, with Keith Kellogg, a decorated retired Army lieutenant general, and David H. Petraeus, a former CIA director and retired general, still on the list. Kellogg was named acting national security adviser on Monday after Trump accepted Flynn’s resignation letter.

Below is Vice Admiral Harward's bio from the Navy website:

Born in Newport, Rhode Island, Vice Adm. Robert Harward grew up in a Navy family and graduated from the Tehran American High School in Iran. After enlisting in the Navy, he was awarded a fleet appointment to the United States Naval Academy where he received his bachelor’s degree in 1979. Harward attended the College of Naval Command and Staff, the Naval Staff College and the Armed Forces Staff College. He holds a master’s degree in international relations and strategic security affairs, served as a federal executive fellow at RAND and is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Center for International Studies, Foreign Policy Program Seminar XXI.


Harward qualified as a surface warfare officer aboard the destroyer USS Scott (DDG 995) and then transferred to the Naval Special Warfare community. He was the “Honor Man” of Basic Underwater Demolition (BUD)/Sea, Air, Land (SEAL) class 128 and has served in both East and West coast SEAL teams.


Tours in the Naval Special Warfare community include: commander, SEAL Team 3; Assault Team leader and operations officer at Naval Special Warfare Development Group; SEAL plans officer for Commander, Amphibious Force U.S. 7th Fleet; executive officer, Naval Special Warfare Unit 1; aide-de-camp to Commander, U.S. Special Operations Command; Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force (CJSOTF) deputy commander in Bosnia; deputy commander Special Operations Command, Pacific; commander, Naval Special Warfare Group 1; and, deputy commanding general, Joint Special Operations Command.


Assignments outside of his community include a tour in the executive office of the president at the White House where he served on the National Security Council as the director of Strategy and Policy for the office of Combating Terrorism. His first flag assignment was chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff representative to the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC), as a member of the Senior Interagency Strategy Team. Additionally, he served as deputy commander, U.S. Joint Forces Command and most recently he served as commander of Combined Joint Interagency Task Force (CJIATF) 435 from 2009 to 2011 in Afghanistan. Harward has commanded troops in Afghanistan and Iraq over six years since Sept. 11, 2001.


Harward served as deputy commander, U.S. Central Command (USCENTCOM), located in Tampa, Florida.

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Krungle's picture

So we are draining the swamp by putting in a Lockheed exec?

AlexCharting's picture

Yeah, we should hire a bum instead. 

Déjà view's picture

Ribbons could use defragging...

Syrin's picture

Reflexive responses are stupid.   if this guy is a loyal American and puts American security at the top of  his list then he is the right man for the job.   Perhaps you'd rather have some unknown academician from the "Division of Equity and Inclusiveness" from Berkeley?

Chupacabra-322's picture

@ Syrian,

What's at Stake is the Deep State Global network of MultiNational Central Banking, Espionage, Murder, War, Torture, Destabilization Campaigns, BlackMail, Extortion, Child / Human Trafficking, Drug / Gun Running, Money Laundering, Corruption, NSA spying, Media control & control of the 17 Intelligence Agencies.

Most importantly, The Deep State controls all the distribution lines of the aforementioned. Especially the Coaxial Cable Communication lines of Espionage spying & Surveillance State Apparatus / Infrastructure.

Agencies all built on the British Model of Intelligence. Purely Evil & Highly Compartmentalized Levels which function as a Step Pyramid Model of Authority / Monarch Reign Pyramid Model of Authority.

That's what's at Stake. How this plays out is anyone's guess. The Pure Evil Criminal Psychopath Rogue elements of the Deep State will not go quietly. If not dealt with now, they'll disappear only to resurface at a later date with one objective:
Create Mayhem.

It's those Select Highly Compartmentalized Criminal Pure Evil Rogue Elements at the Deep State Top that have had control since the JFK Execution that have entrenched themselves for decades & refuse to relinquish Control.

It's The Black Hats Versus The White Hats. Pure Evil War / Economic Oligarch Criminal Dynasties which must fall but refuse.
Interesting Times.

sleigher's picture

They got Flynn.  We will know who is winning by more resignations or how loud the cries from the left become.  Or if they get really desperate by the gunshots.  I wonder if Trump still wears his vest everyday.  He should.  This is a war within the government that will decide the future of our country and the world.  


God speed President Trump!

xythras's picture
xythras (not verified) Chupacabra-322 Feb 14, 2017 7:49 PM


Man-Bear-Pig's picture

Never-ending conspiracy theories must get tiring...

Someone in the United States has to be at the pointy-end of the spear.

Who is going to do that other than patriots like HARWARD? Some inbred cockfag like yourself?

logicalman's picture

When all the top military guys are there due to MIC contacts and all the financial guys are Squidites I doubt the outcome will be a good one for the vast majority of Americans, or the rest of humanity, for that matter.

These guys are loyal to themselves. Period.

All that seems to have happened is that some of the gators in the swamp are new ones.

Hitlery, Soros etc. are still avoiding striped sunlight.

Banksters are still above the law.

The Deep State guys are still hiding behind the curtain.

Only the glove puppet has changed.

Only possible worse outcome of the Election would have been HRC.

Whoever you vote for, the government gets in.


BlindMonkey's picture

<---Loyal American = Neocon empire builder

<---Loyal American = Non interventionist


Defining the terms is needed in today's atmosphere of rapid fire bullshit.

Shockwave's picture

This dude was an assault team leader for DEVGRU. Thats SEAL team 6 to those that only know stuff from the media.

Dudes record is fucking legit. I'd be really surprised if he didn't have an America 1st mentality.

I've met a few guys from that walk of life, and they're some of the most pro-US, pro-constitution guys I've ever known.

The few I knew actually lived it. They put their life on the line every day in the belief that they should be in harms way to protect our constitution, and most recognized that the US government was in most ways an enemy of the citizens.

BigJim's picture

Protecting our constitution in Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq...

Farmer Joe in Brooklyn's picture

Flynn was one of the good ones.

This is starting to look bad.

If Bannon goes, I am officially withdrawing my support.

Syrin's picture

Who says bannon is going anywhere?

Dollar_Store_Confucius's picture

Bannon is the only one Trump can completely trust. Bannon the ex-Goldmanite. That's quite a pickle you're in Trump. Godspeed.

truthseeker69's picture

Steve "winter is coming" Bannon... is a neo-con/globlist elitest. Maybe of a milder flavor so the Trumpsters can digest.

dupes will be dupes



yttirum's picture

Who's this "we" you are talking about? I doubt someone like you, writing a few words about a decorated military man, can compare to the subject you are typing about. Don't be a little weasel, weasel. So what if he works within his wheel house. We all do and that doesn't make someone an automatic bad guy.

SubjectivObject's picture

Jeuters and WaPoo seem to want him.

Not that that's a tell.

The central planners's picture

 We passed the winning mode, now we are spinning like idiots.

The Wizard's picture

Not only Lockheed, but RAND.

tbone10's picture

Another anal cancer on the presidency

Syrin's picture

You are?   Thanks for letting us know.

Bill of Rights's picture

The fuck you say we had eight years of cancer you fucking tool.

07564111's picture

and now pindos get another 4 ;)  the world laughs while you implode :D :D :D

Got The Wrong No's picture

We may be imploding but your ass is going down with us. You better hope Trump can pull us out or we all become slaves.  

AlexCharting's picture

Looks like a tough guy.... I like it. 

NoWayJose's picture

Will he be the 'hair of the dog' to overcome the Flynn hangover?

IridiumRebel's picture

Can I get some Soros trolls in this mufuka?

NoDebt's picture

I was listening to Rush while I was picking up some stuff for my wife for Valentine's Day.  I think Rush was way off base on his analysis this time.  His premise:  The media pressured Trump into giving them Flynn's severed head.  Now more caving in to media demands will follow by Trump.

Horseshit.  Trump decided (rightly so, I believe) that he didn't want the Obama appointee in that slot any more because Flynn wasn't forthcoming with Pence when directly questioned him about his conversation with the Russians.  End of story.  I can imagine that Trump is not the sort of guy who reacts well to liars, people who don't know the truth or are generally cagey when asked for the simple facts of a situation.

Leaving him in would have been the mistake.  For Trump I'd recommend the following:  When in doubt, if it's an Obama appointee, fire their ass and pick another.

ReZn8r's picture

Here is how it should be: Anyone that was in a position when the lying motherfucking black assed obama was president gets fired immediately!

Bavarian's picture

I think you're both right.  Trump had been taking an imaginary bath that was made to appear more real with Flynn's unauthorized, deceptive conversation.  Flynn could've waited until he was in office and for the right time to conduct such a call.  He blew it.  In this toxic, higly charged made-up environment, such appreances stoke the flames. 

NoDebt's picture

Thanks for the comment, Bavarian.  I think you're expressing what I'm intuitively feeling here.  Maybe Flynn is a good guy (personally I think he is).  But he fucked up procedurally at the WRONG time and in the WRONG way with the WRONG guy.  He's gotta go.

It's a little like Comey's situation.  I don't know what to make of that guy either.  Where does he really stand?  Is he somebody you would want on your team?  If I was Trump I'd boot his ass to the curb, too (despite Jude Napolitano vouching that he's a good guy).  You can NOT afford to keep question marks like that around when you're trying to roll back an attemped soft coup of the United States by the communist who previously occupied the WH.


sleigher's picture

Comey comes off as a guy who wants to do the right thing but they got something on him and his hand gets forced.  He should just quit if I am right.

Quantum Bunk's picture

This guy wont get it. Its Seb Gorka, Page or Papdopolous.

tbone10's picture

Really? The freaking wolf of Wall Streetr heads up treasury ...munchkin

Ace006's picture

Just so long as it isn't the anti-Russian fanatic, McFarland.

flapdoodle's picture

If he went to high school in Iran I would assume he has at least some respect for the Persians and his first instincts are NOT to start a war with Iran, but you never know...

As for Flynn, perhaps lies are the way the game is played in Washington but reputations for honesty, particularly when you are first starting out, are absolutely essential to create the trust needed to operate effectively. We don't know the context of things but setting a threshold of zero tolerance for lies within the inner circle is probably worth it. I am none-the-less worried that the neo-cons seem to still be the ones in charge even if going to war against Iran is (ONLY VERY!) slightly better than going to war with Russia and China.

L Bean's picture

Why the fuck did he go to high school in SHAH ERA TEHRAN??


Sounds to me like he was born into the CIA, just like Obama.

Duc888's picture



About 15 seconds doing a web search and you'd have your answer.


1. He Was Born Into a Navy Family & Grew Up in Iran


Bob Harward is the son of a Navy officer and grew up in Iran, although he was born in Newport, Rhode Island.

Harward graduated in 1974 from Tehran American School, a school affiliated with the U.S. Embassy in Tehran. He then graduated from the Naval Academy Preparatory School back in Newport, Rhode Island, and was given a fleet appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy.


Harward then attended the College of Naval Command and Staff, the Naval Staff College and the Armed Forces Staff College. He has a master’s degree in International Relations and Strategic Security Affairs, according to his U.S. Navy bio.

07564111's picture

so that's a yes to the CIA ?

L Bean's picture

Clearly my question was rhetorical, he's obviously a military brat, I didn't need to Google. Do you not get what we were up to in late 70s Iran? He was literally born into the deep state family.

Duc888's picture



Jeez, does everyone who grows up on a military base in Germany or Okinawa get a free entrance to "the deep State" and are instantly granted membership into CIA? (rolling eyes).


Whoda thunk?


scv's picture

beginning to look like this country is fucked

07564111's picture

it's what happens when you first pick a chimp with a banana and then double down on stupid by picking an orangeutan with a haipiece. ;)

:D :D :D