The Mystery Of Wikileaks' Cryptic "Vault 7": Do You Know What This Means?

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Submitted by Melissa Dykes via The Daily Sheeple,

Starting on February 4th, each day Wikileaks began sending out a series of cryptic question Tweets teasing the world about “Vault 7”.

The questions were framed in Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How format (but not in that order). Each came with an image “clue”.

Here they are in chronological order starting with the earliest.

The first image, What, is the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, also referred to as the “doomsday seed vault” in Norway.

The second image, Where, reportedly shows a cave Nazis used to store gold and other valuables in during World War II.

The third image, When, has been located here:


The fourth image, Who, shows whistleblowers Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden, and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange on newspapers under the headline “infamous spies”.

The fifth image, Why, shows a welder… and gives us yet another Air Force reference.


The sixth and final image asks “How did #Vault7 make its way to WikiLeaks?” and shows us a retro image of a woman in a beret mailing something at a mailbox.

So… What, Where, When, Who, Why and How did WikiLeaks Acquire Vault 7?

People have a lot of theories on what this series of Tweets refers to.

First, the Tweet Wikileaks sent immediately before its first Vault 7 Tweet had to do with the FBI releasing “Vault 6” of Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Others, however, think it might have something to do with 9/11 and Building 7, considering the references to gold vaults, welding, and drones.

Maybe its about both, considering Hillary Clinton was a New York senator at the time of the 9/11 attacks.

Either way, thousands of people are waiting on pins and needles wondering if Wikileaks is going to deliver on its conspiracy theory scavenger hunt. With a build up like that, it better be something good.

We could use a little truth in this world right about now...

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Nona Yobiznes's picture

Wikileaks is just fucking with us, trying to build intrigue and keep itself in the news. Especially now that the likely future President of Ecuador intends to revoke Assange's asylum. They need attention right now, to create massive public blowback against the new president. 

t0mmyBerg's picture

Wikileaks is just fucking with us, trying to build intrigue and keep itself in the news. Especially now that the likely future President of Ecuador intends to revoke Assange's asylum. ...

No, they probably need someone to broker a deal when Ecuador kicks him out so Assange doesnt get handed over to deep state fucks that will disappear him and ultimately torture him to death for the crime of too much truthiness

HRH Feant's picture
HRH Feant (not verified) Feb 15, 2017 2:09 AM

Hmmmm. Call me puzzled. I don't get it.

EuroPox's picture

Well there are a few clues we can work on:
1) the seed vault signifies 'life insurance'

2) the gold etc stored underground is self-explanatory

3) the jet engine is an F119 - 119 alludes to 9/11 (and F=6 could be a reference to WTC6)

4) the who picture shows 2 government contractors/workers plus Assange - there is another government worker/source (Kurt Sonnenfeld) who is currently fighting extradition from S America - he has video of empty vaults beneath WTC6 in the immediate aftermath of 9/11

5) the welder picture is from an article entitled "Keeping structures strong" - another reference to 9/11?

6) the mail drop picture is from Stasi files - it is meta data collection - pointing us to the NSA?

thisandthat's picture

The WHEN pic is clearly dated April 9, so we know when the deadline is...

fockewulf190's picture

Isn't there enough smoke and mirrors in the world today? Being blunt and too the point is the far more preferable way of communicating in my book, rather than playing games with pseudo-cryptology. Tuning in to the same bat-time, same bat-channel, to find out who the next criminal mastermind is, is getting seriously old. It would be almost refreshing if we were instead confronted on TV with a bald, pinkie sucking despot, threatening the world unless we paid him " One Million Dollars!" . Rant out.

TheEndIsNear's picture

Maybe Wikileaks is hinting at revealing information about who stole the ~$300 Billion(?) in gold bars underneath World Trade Center 4 just prior to the false flag demolition of WTCs 1,2, and 7 if Assange, Snowden, and Manning are harmed, or if they aren't set free?

New World Chaos's picture

Heard an interesting conspiracy theory that Assange has already been tortured and killed, his insurance policy holders have  been hunted down and killed, Wikileaks is compromised, and Vault 7 will be about some Weird Shit in Antarctica (aliens, Nazis, Atlantis, etc).  The story will serve two main purposes:  Distract from Pizzagate, and promote uniting under a New World Order.  Supposedly, the puppetmasters spent decades setting up some high quality fake news which they keep in reserve in case the torches and pitchforks come out. 

Heard it on 4chan so it must be true.

For a more positive take on Antarctica, check out

The Jaguar's picture

Vault 7 is where I store my silver.

Abitcoinbrain's picture


this is the FBI Vault with seven being the last of the emails

Hillary Rodham Clinton served as U.S. Secretary of State from January 21, 2009 to February 1, 2013. The FBI conducted an investigation into allegations that classified information was improperly stored or transmitted on a personal e-mail server she used during her tenure.

Hitlery was getting kick backs from Norway!!!! Norway will donate 35.9 million kroner this year — or around $5.1 million — to theClinton Health Access Initiative, a subsidiary of the Clinton Foundation, according to the Norwegian news outlet, Hegnar. The Scandinavian nation will slash itsdonations by 36 percent next year to 23 million kroner.

Most likely the gold from Gaddahfi what was being laundered in Haiti at the gold mine in her Brothers name! Or maybe her portion of the loot from 911 under bulding 7 would also make sense!       this is totally a front! 

Where? Germany Merkers-Kieselbach is a former municipality in the Wartburgkreis district of ThuringiaGermany. Since 31 December 2013, it is part of the municipality Krayenberggemeinde.


When ? ----> 


First flight 7 September 1997[1] Introduction 15 December 2005

Who ? Whistle Blowers and Wikileaks Information Providers

Why ? I bet this is all the info they have, massive dumps on way to many sources. time will tell! 

HOW ? I bet Assange is dead this is his dead man's drop! photo refers to covering up holes! :)

83_vf_1100_c's picture

Still waiting on their bombshell from October.

vato poco's picture

yeah, they talked a good game on that one. when it came down to nut-cuttin' time....nada. 

PT's picture

Agree with both of yas.

Spill the beans or do not spill the beans.  There is no "yes, yes, we're definitely going to spill the beans now ... soon ... just you wait ..."

I got flamed for making a similar comment last year.  What happened after?  Zilch.

If you're gonna make shit happen then make shit happen.  Sitting there wanking yourself off about it does nothing but make you look like a wanker.

TheEndIsNear's picture

Maybe the person(s) these hints are targeted at would have no trouble understanding them as a threat from Wikileaks that they will reveal their "insurance policy" information, which may be regarding the gold bars stolen during 9/11, if Assange, Snowden, or Manning are harmed?

PT's picture

Maybe.  Maybe.  Maybe.  Maybe.  Or maybe he can cut the crap, expose the cockroaches for all the world to see and the world's police can stomp on both the cockroaches and those who refuse to stomp on the cockroaches.  The time for fucking around is long past gone.  Welcome to the game of eternal hope.  You must be new here.  Some of us are not.

chondram's picture

Are you serious? They were released and a bombshell! The Podesta emails? Wow, you are missing out on some deep/dark stuff!

chondram's picture

Are you serious? They were released and a bombshell! The Podesta emails? Wow, you are missing out on some deep/dark stuff!

Farmer Joe in Brooklyn's picture

I would settle for a proof of life from Assange right now...

Has he been compromised..? Is this even JA or are we being set up..?

Strange times...

PT's picture

My GUESS is that Wikileaks has been compromised.  If they release something special big-time then maybe I am wrong but until then my OPINION will be that they are compromised and have been put into self-destruct mode - i.e. will destroy their own credibility.

If you have evidence of dangerous psychopaths then you don't fuck around.  You make multiple copies of the evidence and spread it everywhere.  You don't make cryptic comments with meaningless pics.  This will be the second time they have promised to deliver and failed.  Not a good trend.

Mepaulus's picture

I think Wikileaks is compromised. Yesterday they tweeted

 "Our publisher @JulianAssange has activated his personal account and made his first tweet today. See @JulianAssange" 

Only problem is Twitter says that account joined October 2011 yet the same twitter address  tweeted on July 29th 2010


See @wikileaks not this account.

2:30 PM Jul 29th via web"

See web archive*/

How could he have tweeted before he Joined ? 

In my view Twitter is also obviously conspiring with whoever controls that account to show a fake "joined" date.

45North1's picture

Does make one wonder where (or to whom) the unaccounted for WTC gold went to...

aVileRat's picture

If the trade reports did bust that day, it would have been about as hard to cover up as Man Global (Corzine). When the gold floor went down, trading shifted to two alterative desks (London / Toronto).



On Vault 7:

Its likely an insurance policy program, or the whistleblowers combined insurance policy in lieu of the recent Trump commentary against the 3 patriots.

In this scenario, we know vault 7 was an archive of US gov. emails:

which was found by a Agri request.

The theme of the FOIA's leaked by FBI Anon's. is that the first Clinton probe went "cold" because FBI NY could not tie Clinton/Rich to the laundering payments via the Jewish NGO's.

We know the House Oversight deadline is Feb 22, hence "when" could relate to Feb-22 deadline.

Where? Merkers mine was a Central Bank salt mine used as a bunker system. Likely on a secure cloud somewhere with a meta-profile like Merkers. Bolivia or Serbia is my guess.

Why? A guy at an Air Force base is weilding. The deduction is Wikileaks wants to "weild" this information as a first strike instrument, should the House Oversight deadline pass and the FBI does not act on Clinton.

How? A dead drop, mail-in; how Chelsea Manning & Edward sent in their "leaks". Wikileaks also did imply in 2013 that physical mail services would be employed (courier or PO Box) in the event of US censorship. So either is a likely conclusion.

My estimate of the damage:

- Full 680,000 emails (including the deleted ones) of HRC and her Hrod13, 22, and accounts. The Obama responses to Hrod non-FOIA accounts will sink POTUS Barry along with HRC.

- Manning's deadman file likely contains some information related to contract activity with the Shiite militas. They were actively working with Iranian trainers/elements pre-Mosul. Not damning, but it will likely bust Saudi relations for at least two generations.

- Snowden: NSA exploit history going back to ORACLE 2, code farms & foreign country launch pads.


Alternate theory, with no merit at all:

WTC No.7 was the site for the CIA local office. An old legend was that in the sub-basement was a pure, unredacted set of the "family jewels" and a trophy room streching back to Sicily Invasion. This was always in the back of my mind when riding up to "Fidelity".


My hunch ? This is nothing but Wikileaks pushing a Hype machine and will be another October "big leak" no show.

MANvsMACHINE's picture

But November 5th will be yuuuuge! Just ask Anonymous.

thisandthat's picture

Like I said above, the WHEN pic is clearly dated April 9. My guess is that's WL's deadline.

Milton Keynes's picture

That doesn't look like a woman mailing a letter so much as an agent servicing a dead drop.


Old school spies used to make marks in public places, or move a mark and that would tell the spy to go check a dead drop.

For those who didn't know a dead drop was a place where you could leave information ( Letters, codebooks, film,,,)

and the spy could pick it up, or the spy could leave stuff and the agents would get it.  Ideally these were in public, they

were secretive but they were inobstruse.  Hollows in trees near a path, the tops of pipes for road signs, etc...

turnball the banker's picture
turnball the banker (not verified) Milton Keynes Feb 15, 2017 2:33 AM

Apparently that exact photo is on an official Soros website

newmacroman's picture

It's an East German Stasi intel photo from George Soros's Open Society site.

Do I need to elaborate?

edit; typical Keynes, blabbing on profusely when the unknown is known, contrary to Rummy

hxc's picture

True of both

MsCreant's picture

I hope they are making someone shit their pants with this. I hope this is them trying to scare someone into acting stupid. 

Regarding surprises that don't happen, I wonder if they blackmail some folks a bit...scare them...then don't release when they get compliance on something.

Monty Python, long ago, did a comedy skit called The Blackmail Game. They would start to unviel a compromising photo on national tv (while playing piano), then callers would call in and pay blackmail so that they would not reveal the entire photograph!

If you have good dirt, this could be the blackmail game! 

Renfield's picture

Indeed, Ms.

Only I think they may not be trying to scare them into doing something stupid, but maybe a nudge toward the 'smart' option. As in, be co-operative, and maybe we don't expose evidence of high treason. These are oblique enough not to get people talking (much), but clear as a warning in intel-speak. These messages are not directed toward the general public.

There must be enormous resistance in certain quarters, to keep secrets, not expose certain very rotten associates. But the stink is starting to come thru the walls, and given the build-up to silence both last October and early November, and the eruption of low-level round-ups now happening around the world (that began when Sessions was confirmed), I can see a timeline evolving. Those withdrawals last autumn seemed strategic, in terms of a longer game.

The time is now, to choose whose side to play on. Hillary's tweet was exceptionally telling. Maybe as Ben Swann hinted, we'll see her next Tzuday. Glad this topic has finally made it to the Hedge.

Automatic Choke's picture

"The Blackmail Game" !!!   I remember that, good piece.


There are so many places this could go......    Yes, the idea that this is a blackmail makes a lot of sense, but so do other oddball ideas.   I am more in the line of "if you have something, you oughta just release it".    If they are trying to wangle or bargain something, then they are playing games with the people they are trying to tell us not to trust, which puts them in the same category.   


Transparency !!!!




PrivetHedge's picture

Andrew Breitbart tried announcing something before publishing too.

Never a wise move.

newmacroman's picture

Missa Dykes, she from Oroville.

Hillary on line one.

homer4000's picture

7 World Trade Center Vault  >  Kuomintang Gold > Neal F. Keenan “Dragon Family”. But it could be a fake news


turnball the banker's picture
turnball the banker (not verified) Feb 15, 2017 2:30 AM

Funny was just reading this on shtf plan.What is also interesting is that Assange today opened his own personal twitter acc.Obviously someone sent by post a thumb drive to Assange personally about gold vault in building 7

Cacete de Ouro's picture

9/11 = Mossad and US coup d'etat

Common_Law's picture

If nothing else it's good building 7 is getting discussed some. It still blows my mind that so many people aren't aware of it.

LA_Goldbug's picture

That's the one that gives it away.

PrivetHedge's picture

A quick means, motive and opportunity check for WTC7 soon reveals the culprits.

Flight 93 was supposed to hit it, and they couldn't leave it standing all wired to blow so they had to pull it.

The world stands amazed at the americans refusal to go after the people who killed thousands of americans that day and triggered such a large destruction of the middle east that has been the biggest war since WWII.

phaedrus1952's picture

Barry Jennings two interviews ...

the first, dust covered, aired on tv just minutes after he was rescued from Building 7 the MORNING of 9/11

the second, shortly before he was assassinated, described all the explosions going off in the building and stepping over dead bodies while exiting through the lobby


Viewable on YouTube

Victor999's picture

Both WikiLeaks and Anonymous teased the public before the elections with hints of a BIG release to destroy the Clintons.  Never happened.  I put this in the same category - all bluster, lots of fun for WikiLeaks, but no cigar for the rest of us.

LA_Goldbug's picture

" BIG release to destroy the Clintons"

For me it is a tough call on what WIKILEAKS did release. If those emails were yours or mine I am certain they would have locked us up and started investigating. Here we are dealing with Power Players and the rules of the game are completely different. That lesson comes out very clearly in the case of Mrs. Liar.

PrivetHedge's picture

"teased the public" = "warned the establishment"

"Never happened" = "thanks for the warnings we acted on to shut you down"


Stupid is as stupid does.

VWAndy's picture

Kinda looks like a shakedown racket more and more.

mkhs's picture

If you don't want your pictures in Bermuda to surface, send a check.  You guys are so photogenic.

quadraspleen's picture

I trhink they're trolling. They uploaded this doc to one of their pic vaults just this week:


Take the enclosed hex


to a hex-ASCII converter, And what do you get?

This: theories only benefit those who seek our destruction. Stop them.

Watch the video. LOL