"The Planet Made Them Do It" - Scientists Claim Left-Wing Violence Is Caused By Global Warming

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There is no end to the ridiculous, rages SHTFPlan.com's Mac Slavo, adding that it seems that the radical left are claiming their rightful place among a kingdom of lunatics.

Perhaps there is a great deal of unstable and bizarre behavior that can be blamed on extreme weather, sporadic climate events and increasing heat from global warming – if so, any type of violence, instability or ‘heated’ emotions can be attributed away. And right now, it is still winter time - just wait until the dog days of summer arrive. Things could be pretty chaotic by then...


Moreover, the connection attempted by the ridiculous paper seems to be further evidence that the entire narrative is increasingly focused on growing tensions between left and right factions, and an increasing tendencies towards out-and-out civil unrest, riots and the consequential pattern of martial law and restrictions on free speech. If it all leads, in the end to less freedoms, it will somehow be all our fault for mankind’s causing climate change... even as loonies on the left remain driven by a larger disturbance in the force.


They will use any excuse at all… just get ready in case the violence and turmoil hit your area sometime soon. It seems that chaos is on the menu…

University scientists claim left-wing violence is caused by global warming… “the planet made them do it”

Authored by Mike Adams via NaturalNews.com,

In what seems like a nod to violent protesters like the unhinged left-wing rioters who recently attacked Milo Yiannopoulos at UC Berkeley, Iowa State University scientists have published an analysis that claims global warming is the root cause behind the increase in violence we’re witnessing right now across society.

Not only does the analysis fall for the global warming climate hoax based on fraudulently manipulated temperature data and severe scientific fraud committed by the NOAA, it also seeks to dissociate violent left-wing rioters from any responsibility for their own behavior. In effect, the analysis asserts that “victims of global warming” are not responsible for their own hateful, destructive actions because, essentially, “the planet made them do it.”

This fits perfectly with the victimology of the hate-filled Left, which now openly justifies murdering individuals they don’t like in order to halt their free speech. It also reinforces the “victimology” philosophy of the failing Left by providing a convenient excuse for rioters who destroy property, commit arson and physically attack innocents. Their excuse is now, “global warming made me do it.”

Let’s examine the assertions in the analysis published by Courtney Plante, postdoctoral “fellow” at Iowa State University and  Craig A. Anderson, billed as “a Distinguished Professor of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Iowa State University.”

Rioters aren’t responsible for their actions… it’s global warming!

“When people get uncomfortably hot, their tempers, irritability, and likelihood of physical aggression and violence increase,” says the analysis, implying that global warming somehow turns all of society into a kind of “Hell’s Kitchen” sweltering oven that relieves people of responsibility for their actions.

To state what should be obvious by now, even the most ardent supporters of global warming assert that global temperatures have risen very slightly, from an average of about 57 degrees (F) to just barely over one degree higher (58.7 degrees). Are we now to believe that people calmly sitting in a root at 57 degrees will become enraged, violent rioters at 58.7 degrees? That’s the absurdity put forward by these scientists.

Even that question assumes the global warming alarmists are telling us the truth… and they actually aren’t. Global temperature has risen and fallen based largely on volcanic eruptions and solar activity variations throughout Earth’s history. The following chart, courtesy of LongRangeWeather.com, shows temperature variations over the last 4000 years or so:

It shows that global temperatures were actually far warmer in 1100 B.C. than today. In the 1600s, global temperatures plummeted into a “mini ice age” that only returned to normalcy in the mid-1800s.

What we now know is that global warming data are routinely FAKED by the government to fit the climate change narrative.

Here’s the chart of U.S. temperatures published by NASA in 1999. It shows the highest temperatures actually occurred in the 1930’s, followed by a cooling trend ramping downward to the year 2000:

Meanwhile, the “97% of scientists agree with global warming” narrative is a complete fabrication based on obvious scientific fraud.

And never mind that 1,000 science papers have already challenged the false narrative of man-made climate change.

It also turns out that 100% of the “warming” claimed by NOAA and the U.S. government is actually built on altered data:

This chart shows how the REAL data (blue) were deceptively altered by NOAA (orange) to artificially create a “warming” trend that doesn’t exist.

If you filter out just the “adjustments” to the raw data, here’s what you find: Temperature data being systematically (and fraudulently) altered to create the illusion of recent “warming…”

Shocking level of intellectual dishonesty

Getting back to the Iowa State “science” article, it claims that “When people get uncomfortably hot, their tempers, irritability, and likelihood of physical aggression and violence increase.” Even if this is true, it’s irrelevant if the entire false narrative of global warming is a fraud.

Yet the article continues to argue that people can get “hot and bothered” in heated rooms and therefore this means global warming makes people violent:

In one study, participants in the cold and hot rooms perceived a series of filmed interactions as being more hostile and aggressive than participants in the comfortable room. In another, participants in the cold and hot rooms scored higher than those in the comfortable room on a state hostility scale. In a final study, participants in warmer and cooler rooms, relative to those in comfortable rooms, responded to an opponent’s ambiguous provocation during a competitive reaction-time task with outbursts of intense blasts of noise. The researchers conclude, based on the collection of studies, that uncomfortably hot temperatures increase aggression.

What you’re seeing in their article is astonishing intellectual dishonesty. To equate a very slight “warming” of the planet (if it even exists) with human behavior observed in people who are forced to sit in very hot rooms is wildly dishonest. Why? Because the temperatures were wildly manipulated to extremes. Say the authors:

For some, the room they sat in was a comfortable temperature (e.g., 75 F). For others, the room was particularly cold (e.g., 57 F) or hot (e.g., 97 F)…

But the planet’s average temperature isn’t 97 F or we’d already be dead! As revealed above, even the most ardent global warming pushers only claim a little over one degree increase in average global temperatures. Thus, a more accurate scientific test of human behavior would be to have one group sitting in a room at 75 F, and another group sitting in a room at perhaps 77 F, then observe any difference in their behavior.

Instead, this study stuck people in COLD rooms at 57 F and HOT rooms at 97 F, from which these disingenuous science authors claim their behavioral aggression proves “global warming” is causing human violence and aggression.

Al Gore, by the way, says his apocalyptic global warming predictions have all come true, but you just couldn’t tell because, well, you’re not a scientist.

If global warming was strong enough to unleash all these apocalyptic predictions, don’t you think we’d notice?

Another global warming LIE: Extreme weather never existed until humankind started burning fossil fuels

In yet another kow-tow to the wildly false narrative of global warming, the authors also seem to argue that global warming is solely responsible for all “extreme weather” events which make people mad. From the article:

Increasingly frequent and extreme weather destroys homes and jobs and requires considerable emergency and recovery spending. The economic impact is disproportionately felt by disadvantaged and vulnerable populations, resulting in increased rates of poverty and income disparity. As with malnourishment, this is a problem by itself, but it also can lead to increased aggression: Income disparity can lead to life dissatisfaction, resentment, dissent, a desire for retribution, and even violence.

Once again, the authors fall for a common junk logic pitfall of global warming cultists: Imagining that no extreme weather ever existed on the planet before Al Gore declared global warming to be the cause. In truth, extreme weather has taken its toll with stunning regularity across the entire planet, spanning all of recorded human history (and geological records prove that extreme weather was taking place long before humans ever arrived on the scene). The bizarre idea that until the industrial revolution arrived, the entire planet was a serene, peaceful “mild” climate with no hurricanes, droughts or floods is just so incredibly stupid that it doesn’t even deserve one iota of scientific credibility.

Fake global warming also blamed for terrorism!

Yet the authors go even one step further down the road of climate change quackery, even claiming that global warming is, in effect, responsible for the rise of terrorism! From the analysis article:

In fact, many of these same climate-change-driven factors aid in terrorism recruitment: Uncertainty and frustration about one’s livelihood, seeing others who seem unfairly unaffected, and the belief that there are no other viable options to sustain oneself may all contribute to terrorism.

Lost in their twisted argument is the far more obvious fact that LIBERTY is the single greatest way to stop poverty and uplift humankind through opportunity, self-determination and self-reliance. It is the lack of liberty — i.e. tyrannical government regimes — that trap people in cycles of desperation and poverty, often leading to North Korea-style mass starvation. Case in point: Socialist Venezuela, where a desperate population of clueless Leftists brought into power the very same socialist regime that’s now starving them to death.

But wait, there’s more! The authors also argue that “global warming” could lead to civil war due to people from foreign cultures engaging in mass migration (ecomigration) invasions of other areas, causing cultural conflict that can lead to war:

Among the most prominent group-level effects anticipated is ecomigration, where entire groups migrate in response to the physical, economic, or political instability brought about by an ecological disaster. Although ecomigration is not, in and of itself, a sign of aggression, it can lead to hostility and conflict through a sudden increase in competition for an area’s resources, bringing together people with opposing or incompatible worldviews, concerns about the intentions of both the migrant group and the local population, and a host of socioeconomic issues.

It seems these authors are inadvertently arguing in favor of Donald Trump’s border security executive order that sought to temporarily halt immigration from terror-prone nations. They are concerned about foreigners, essentially, invading our nation. Not because they might be terrorists, mind you, but because global warming made them do it.

The authors conclude their article with this summary: “Clearly, there is a need, and indeed there are many ways, for psychologists to weigh in on the issue of climate change and its relation to violent behavior.”

No doubt Leftists will leap on this call to action, decrying all the extreme violence carried out by their cult followers as “caused by climate change” which is, of course, blamed squarely on Republicans who support energy independence. Thus, when left-wing rioters are beating Milo Yiannopoulos fans in the face with baseball bats, they will be able to shout, “WE ARE THE VICTIMS!” (while citing “science” to prove it).

Yes, in academia, “achievement” is defined as your ability to make the utterly ridiculous sound scientifically plausible.

And that’s what all this has come to: Libtard logic pretending to be science. It’s enough to make us all angry, regardless of the temperature in our room.

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BabaLooey's picture



The left has gone full retard.

All that's left is what's going to evolve out of this effluvium.

Captain Chlamydia's picture

It DOES HOWEVER, explain why there is so much violence in the Middle East. 


Sarc (or not) 

Lorca's Novena's picture

So there is a corellation between low IQ's and hot weather then? Makes sense.  California does get hot,leftists live in california = batshit crazy.

FreedomGuy's picture

Speaking of "full retard" leftists, it is interesting that the global warming would only affect leftists. If temperature makes everyone more prone to violence it should increase the violent tendencies of the Tea Party, Libertarians and conservatives, in general, right? Seems it has a selective effect on the Left.

Maybe they really are "snowflakes" and that is why they are more bothered by the temperature?

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Naming them scientists is the first mistake..

Ignatius's picture

Put enough grant money on the table and I guarantee that we will find out that Kim Kardashian's ass is an event horizon for the black hole of media promotion at the very heart of America's despair.

"What's that?"   "Oh, this, it's... technical."  --  Dr. Peter Venkman

VinceFostersGhost's picture



Naming them scientists is the first mistake..


Well they did stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night.......and you paid for it.

BandGap's picture

That is easily remedied. Like this - "scientists".

Be one of the over 30000 real scientists, over 9000 with PhDs, to sign the petition.



PT's picture

They can't help it.  Global Warming made them do it.  Sounds like we'd better lock them up then, till the Global Warming goes away, for the sake of public safety.  Won't somebody think of the children?

nmewn's picture

The frothing-at-the-mouth stupidity & authoritarianism of the progressives will reach brand new levels as power & authority is slowly stripped away from them, so just sit back and enjoy the show. Already they are trying to justify prohibitions on free speech because that speech does not comport with their ideology or goals.

While at the same time, they burn shit in the middle of the street because..."manmade climate change" or sumpin ;-)

PT's picture

We could still lock 'em up for the sake of the children.  Maybe as a warning?  Put 'em on display at the zoo?

"This is what happens when they go rabid ..."

nmewn's picture

Hmmm, not a bad idea, back in the day there were public nuisance laws that protected the public from being offended...now it seems, there are laws that protect that special species of humanoid that is perpetually offended...while actually in the act of causing a public nuisance...lol.

Why, we could charge admission to view them in their Plexiglas cages surrounded by their natural habitat of placards, drums & megaphones and best of all, the proceeds could be used for those "badly needed infrastructure projects" they harp about on a daily basis!

Clearly a win-win for society ;-)

New_Meat's picture

"...protected the public from being offended..."

Then the ACLU intervened and it was found that one man's public nuisance was another man's free expression of art.

nmewn's picture

Thats right I completely forgot! Now we are able to run nekid down the street without fear...its called performance art!

Be Faaarrreee! little snowflakes! Be Faaarrreee! ;-)

new game's picture

something the scientists do agree on is the destruction of planet earth by man'kind'. i am talking about clean water, dead zones in the oceans and monsantoized earth. but that still doesn't get the real issues facing mankind,'witch' is brewing of too many fuking humanoids. we need moar wars; lol...

nmewn's picture

You know what I found amazing when I was in the DR last year?...the trash and garbage piled up in the ditches and on sidewalk/curb waiting for another storm to wash it all downhill into the sea.

Not everyone shares our tastes & values. But maybe these "scientists" should get out into the "real world" everyone once in a while and condemn these malcontent people about their bad habits.

Yeah, I'd pay good money to watch all that unfold...from across the street...sipping on my cuba libre ;-)

new game's picture

im a simple kinda guy, fresh ground medium roast beans and an american spirit. none the less, it has to be some of the best entertainment.

like watchiing human tops spin off the table and sputter around like flailing chickens, headless...

the sanity of insanity :)

nmewn's picture

Yeah I know watcha mean. I guess the live & let live thingy is going the way of the dodo...lol.

MalteseFalcon's picture

The real environmental issues are not being faced, because they don't provide the global elite with the tools they need to thrive like "global warming" does.

On the contrary dealing with the real environmental issues would limit their power, because they are responsible for the damage.

Double plus ungood.

shovelhead's picture

You'd have to glass them in soundproof cages because those drum circles get pretty annoying after a minute.

Aquarius's picture


Today the MSM reports sheer insanity in the USA and the EU, more than other locations. Is this "Fake News" or are the masses undergoing atmospheric induced insanity?

The World in the form of Humanity is experiencing another major shift in the cognitive structures and organization of the dominant Consciousness and sub-Consciousness.

The was first written about by Professor Julian Jaynes of Princeton University and entitled " The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind".

In and around, ie Circa 1300 BCE the masses 'lost their Gods'. Clearly, Jaynes gives solid compelling evidence of mass insanity impacting Humanity, as today; as well as mass migrations.

If one considers Jung's Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious, then one must also look to the Collective Consciousness being totally, or almost totally fractured, splintered, shattered, in order to make room for the new emergent Collective Consciousness?

But over what length of period?

Such a viewpoint also suggests that the end of the Collective Cults known as 'Institutional Religions' are rapidly coming to an end. If so, then this is indeed cognitive evolution and will most definitly impact upon our governing and economics systems accordingly; Good. But when?

Why, one asks, do the masses of youth of today, not know if they are male or female? What does this infer?

Has anyone asked the question - Is it sane to bomb 7 foreign nations of peoples and murder millions of people who have no skin in the American game?

Are those elites really in control or are their Wills being manipulated by natural forces of differentiating Cyclic energies? Here, in the Laws of Thermodynamics, we find the answers.


Ho hum


Giant Meteor's picture

To answer your question, no it is not sane ... by a long shot.

new game's picture

nice link, thnx. the essence of understanding "who we are"...

Giant Meteor's picture

I was leaning towards underwear. wrapped to tight around their heads.

Does it every time ..

Burning rubber will also fuck you up ..

Ghordius's picture

a more humane solution would be cooling helmets. perhaps also equipped with twitter screens for constant repetition of important messages

oh, and those tin-foil hats? they do the opposite, possibly

buzzsaw99's picture

they aren't lying. it is a well known fact that certain races don't riot when it is cold outside. They are Sleestaks basically.

Swamp Yankee's picture

I think we can use this!


"Its not my fault!  The Plante made me choke the life out of that lying, conniving, screeching, canckled piece of......"

BitchezGonnaBitch's picture

Left, right - labels don't matter. Please, just cut the crap already from all sides. Stop this endless gush of bullshit. It's like a mass neurosis has descended upon this Earth. I struggle to relate to a single person I see speaking on the telly nowadays, like they all lost their ability to think and assess and just latch onto whatever soundbite reinforces their prejudice / superstition, and they cling onto it for dear life and will tear your face off if you dare ask them to critically analyse their position. I am truly aghast to see people get paid so well for being so irrelevant and useless.

Sometimes I feel I'd rather just jump onto the tracks than have to peel grapes for unstable parasites for the rest of my life.   

DeaconPews's picture

"Sometimes I feel I'd rather just jump on tracks than have to peel grapes for unstable parasites for the rest of my life."

Awesome, I will use this. Thank you.

Twee Surgeon's picture

I wonder if the Left are just people that are more susceptible to Toxoplasmosis ? I fell down the stairs last year because the little cat charged at my feet.

The Scientists would say it was gravity, nah, it was the little cat. drunkerubbery, I arose unhurt.

The Liberals have Toxoplasmosis, it explains much. https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2013/12/do-cats-control-my-mi...

cookies anyone's picture

Its stupidity, not the planet

not dead yet's picture

It's not just the lies that fuel anger. We are constantly bombarded with negativity. Sports, TV programs, and the media keep pushing the negative and conflict. Even mudane shows like hunting for a house or remodeling one it's constant negativity and conflict between the hubby and wife. Or even cooking shows. Merlin Olson was the best color commentary man in football for many years yet he got fired because he "didn't criticize the players enough." One time a well regarded and popular golf pro was playing from the middle of the fairway hit his shot way left of the green and the commentary guy said he choked. Truth was there was mud on the ball causing it to fly left but apologies were not forthcoming. Shows and movies are constructed to bring out emotional responses, especially "reality" TV, so it's no wonder so many people are on edge most of the time. All they need is a spark to set them off. Snow flakes are emotional cripples being fed the negativity by their teachers and professors who ignite the flame and encourage them to rant, rave, and destroy.

apocalypticbrother's picture

The left has fully jumped the shark now. I hope they don't want violence.  I wouldn't want the Louisville slugger to have to come out...

Sid Davis's picture

If you are on the left, chances are very high that you suffer antisocial personality disorder.  This isn't caused by global warming.  It is rather a failure in identity formation that occurs as one moves from infanthood to adulthood.  Instead of becoming an independent human with a strong sense of self and boundaries between yourself and others, you fail to launch.  You don't see yourself as separate, hence you can justify taking from others what belongs to them; others are part of them after all, and what belongs to others belongs to them too.  This is the root of the socialists/communist/fascists points of view.

In its mild form, antisocial personality disorder is extreme narcissism; in worse cases it is sociopathy; and in extreme cases it is psychopathy.  These people use others.  Most politicians suffer this malady because government is power and power attracts those who don't know who they are and who find comfort in controlling others.

You might say that "liberal" is actually a disease, i.e., a personality disorder.  The average temperature has nothing to do with the violence these people commit.  The violence comes from their failure to see other people as anything but objects to be consumed to satisfy their own needs.  The violence comes from the infantile rage that comes from those who stand in the way of them taking what they want.  It is such an accurate assessment that people recognize them as crybabies and snowflakes.

Joe A's picture

+ 1 Excellent analysis.

Ghordius's picture

Sid Davis, you are in practice explaining the phenomenon of the collective

though you portray that as anti-social, which imo is a tad too much spin. socialism is... very social (sometimes too much, but that's a matter of taste)

now, the phenomenon of the "super-special, unique snowflake"... you built it in, but imo it ought to be treated separately. because there are plenty of socialists on this world that do not have that specific sickness, which imo is more tied to the phenomenon of how US Universities function (or not)

yes, a strong sense of self and boundaries is adulthood in my book, too

but the sense of the collective... is not only on the Left. Nationalism, for example, is a sense of the collective of a whole Nation (read: something you belong to because you were born into it)

even though the US experiences only two sides of the political spectrum, the real main human dimensions of politics (aka ideology) are three

Liberalism(TM) is tied with Individualism and... Liberty of the individual

Conservativism is tied with the Fraternity of the... whatever, usually it is Nation as well as Family, another thing you might get born into

Socialism is tied with Equality... starting with equality in front of the law and up to the point of treating all humans as equals and peers (yes, the utopy of communism)

note, in this: it's two branches concerned with the "problem of the collective", and one with the individual

the sense of the collective whatever is strong, in humans. disregard it at your own peril

Twee Surgeon's picture

Liberalism 'Was' tied to individualism, in the USA, Liberalism is now tied to the Collective. The Liberals in the USA are the Teachers Unions and the multi-generational government employee and Union families.

Conservatism in the United States, at this time, represents the Small business people, the self sufficiently minded people and the Individual strong and smart enough to retain and demand self determination. Entrepreneurs, etc.

There is another form of 'Conservative'. These are multi generational Militarists and their minions, the Industrial Military Complex and Patriotic Welfare recipients....

(See John MC Cain, Mitt Romney, and so on. Oligarchic Corporate Welfare cronies having nothing to do with the true state of the American self determining Conservative who is more likely to be a Carpenter or Roofer or Bricklayer.) There are Millions of families that will be befuddled if the government tit dries up.

And so a fiction is perpetrated for no good reason other than the fear of work.

Perhaps you have a misunderstanding of terms and meanings on this side of the Atlantic ? Conservative is Individualists, Liberals are Communal, Collective.

Neo-Cons are on the War machine and welfare tit. Then we have the Black people who hate everyone, even themselves and the Hispanics who are going to put one over on the Gringo, The Hindus who are pretty mellow and the Chinese who are just going to buy the place and kick us all out, so yeah, it is complicated. Oh, and now we are getting the Islamist's. Two bombs from Terrorists and Mecca is a black spot in the Desert is my guess.

Ghordius's picture

Twee Surgeon, I think I do not misunderstand that the US political vocabulary is different

I am just using the classic terms... in the fashion of practically the whole rest of the world

my theory of why you are using an.... exceptional vocabulary is because you are stuck in a political duopoly. three main branches are squeezed into two only

besides, my method/vocabulary makes the use of wikipedia... possible. whereas after every article there about ideology... a little extra article has to be attached with the note "In the US..."

+1, excellent comment. don't agree with parts, but in the whole, excellent

shovelhead's picture

Succinct and astute observations.

You must not be a Humanities major.

SpanishGoop's picture

Climate change also ate my homework.

Well, if you believe this you believe anyything.


New_Meat's picture

"if you believe in nothing, you'll fall for anything."

Joe A's picture

Putting people in hot and cold rooms and then see their responses to movies is hardly conclusive evidence that people will riot. People do tend to get a bit edgier when it is hot and for sure there have been examples of people causing riots when it is hot but that has little to do with ideology. Don't underestimate the possibility of mass migration though (and the trouble it will cause in recipient countries) when people go on the move though. And they come from cultures where people have short fuses.

south40_dreams's picture

It was RUSSIAN climate change......the worst kind!

south40_dreams's picture

It was RUSSIAN climate change......the worst kind!

EconoIdiot's picture

Big sack of "I hope you all understand how this is so important,  beause we are running out of tape".  Suckers will always

believe something and spend the money to press it.  When hell freezes over someones gonna be in deep shit.

J. Peasemold Gruntfuttock's picture

Finally a scientific excuse that supercedes "But, but... the dog ate my homework!

This fits perfectly with the victimology of the hate-filled Left, which now openly justifies murdering individuals they don’t like in order to halt their free speech. It also reinforces the “victimology” philosophy of the failing Left by providing a convenient excuse for rioters who destroy property, commit arson and physically attack innocents. Their excuse is now, “global warming made me do it.”

"Yes officer, look...my thermometer app says that it's 1 degree warmer. Can I go now?"


J. Peasemold Gruntfuttock

paint it red call it hell's picture

"University scientists claim left-wing violence is caused by global warming… “the planet made them do it”"

This is certainly a misprint. Those university experts surely ment to say that left-wing violence is caused by NGO's, "the oligarchs paid them to do it."