Watch Sean Spicer Explain What Trump Knew (And When) About Mike Flynn - Live Feed

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General Flynn:




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After a rather turbulent 24 hours for the Trump administration, Sean Spicer will take the podium momentarily to address questions from a press pool that will undoubtedly be eager to reveal and exploit new details about what Trump knew about Flynn's conversations with Russia and when he knew it.  See our post from last night ("Mike Flynn Resigns As National Security Advisor") for details surrounding the circumstances leading up to Flynn's resignation.

But while Flynn will undoubtedly dominate the conversation, we're sure some questions will sneak through on North Korea's recent provacations and Trump's travel ban.  Tune in below for the fireworks:

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GlassHouse101's picture

Steve "evicted his own grandma" Mnuchin

benb's picture

Forget Spicer and the phony media circus. Trump and his cabinet need to live steam on YouTube every two weeks and go directly to the people with a Round Table type venue.

benb's picture

The White House should have its own channel and cut the worthless TV media rats out of the loop.

BigCumulusClouds's picture

Absolutely. Only let WRC media, the Power Hour, James Corbett, and MIchael Rivero of What Really in the room. Then we'd get some real media and truth.

benb's picture

Of course... This whole merry-go-round where they derail Trump's agenda can be neutralized very quickly. Trump is a master of the public Round Table. Great non traitor guests from the media along with cabinet members to go directly to the people to make their case. Quite frankly the FCC wouldn't have to suspend CCN's license for Sedition,  they would just die on the vine.

TwelveOhOne's picture

Seems like this was General Flynn's "Martha Stuart" moment?

Sean Spicer is talking about how the legal issue was quickly settled; Flynn didn't break the law.  However, in not being forthright about his conversations, trust was eroded and due to this, he's gone.

Martha Stuart didn't break any securities rules, but she tried to cover up what happened which wasn't illegal.  History rhymes.

man of Wool's picture

The White House should have its own channel and cut the worthless TV media rats out of the loop.

It has!!  Its called RT!!!

GUS100CORRINA's picture

Flynn leaving is too bad ... but you know who we have to blame for this situation?

MSM and the MORONS who label themselves DEMOCRATS are responsible for this sabotage.


The year 2017 looks to be a period that will be full of surprises and not all of them good.

President TRUMP needs to cutoff MSM at their knees with NO MERCY!!!!

eatthebanksters's picture

Trump may not be able to clean the swamp on his own...he may need the support of his constituents carrying pitchforks, rope and axe handles in a show of force.

Rabbi Chaim Cohen's picture

That would be a "ministry of information" or a government operated news outlet. These don't usually work out so well for the country involved.

Oh that's right, it is different with Trump, we can trust him implicitly. *snicker*

MFL5591's picture

Globalist will not stop till McCain gets this country in a war with Russia!

Billy the Poet's picture

Flynn had to be put down because of his honest assessment that the US funded the rise of ISIS.

bowie28's picture

What is it he likely did?  Probably said something to the Russian Abmassador to the effect of:  The Obama regime is looking to stir up conflict with you guys because they lost the election and want to delegitimize the new admin before we even take office.  Please don't retaliatate or escalate.  Just sit back and ignore it for now, things will change after Jan 20...


Technically it may have been illegal but it was the right thing to do and may have avoided escalation of conflict in Syria, Ukraine and elsewhere.  So IMO Mr. Flynn took the fall but in the big picture he did the right thing.

quax's picture

That's entirely possible.

Nobodys Home's picture

This will either be funny, or sad.

chubbar's picture

Just the fact that spicer has to go out and face these so called journalists who are only interested in tearing down this administration anyway they can, is sad. I really had hoped he would pick just a half dozen Alt media types to allow in the press room and ban the rest. I don't think I can watch another 8 years of these jackals nipping at spicer.

quax's picture

 I really had hoped he would pick just a half dozen Alt media types

That's how they operate in dictorships you moron. The press is supposed to be adversial, the founders understood this, what happened to the US that so many Americans have no longer the faintest idea how a free society is supposed to work?

Colonel's picture

GTFOH! Those presstitutes where holding a love fest with Obozo compared to that nitpicking witch hunt, hypocrite fuckTARD.

quax's picture

That''s because the previous White House occupant has been buttering them up left and right. While Trump has been flinging shit their way from the moment he ran.  What did you expect would happen, that they'll just take it lying low?



brianshell's picture

First, the skype random news reporters is a great idea. Second, a computer lottery of all the reporters in the room should be run to keep the questioning balanced. The same small group of reporters ask most of the questions.

quax's picture

It's often both in equally excessive amounts.

1stepcloser's picture

i'll wait for the SNL version...

bowie28's picture

Time to go on the offensive and begin the purge.  Hopefully Sessions is in the process of convening grand juries to pursue indictments on all the domestic enemies in DC.  Let them focus their time and energy on staying out of prison and they will have less time to stir up trouble...


Grandad Grumps's picture

It is probably a shame that Flynn needed to go, but Flynn probably needed to go so that traitors to this country, such as Obama, Clinton, the NY Times and CNN did not have strengthening platform for their treason.

quax's picture

the NY Times and CNN did not have strengthening platform for their treason

In a free country media can be a lot of things: Ridiculous, lousy, full of lies.

But as long as they stick to writing and the spoken word they will never be treasonous, because in a free country they will always have the right to report whatever they goddamn please.

Those who don't understand this don't deserve to be called Americans. 

Krungle's picture

They are compromised by the CIA and corporate interests. How are they free press? They are the living embodiment of propaganda outlets.

goddammoron's picture

Trumptards are pretty quiet today, but that's cool.  Good days and bad.

Kinda like during the O.J. Trial.  Lot of good days and bad there for your mental equals.  Angry Black Libtards championed an elite douche who shit all over them his entire life, until, well, he demanded head from them...which they were only to happy to give.  After all he is famous and the enemy hates him. "Don't get up from the toilet sir, I will blow you while you drop that horrible steamer"  

Trump is your O.J.


Trumptards = Libtards

orangegeek's picture

Was Saul Alinsky a Pizzagater too??


Just asking.

Billy the Poet's picture

I'm so quiet today that I called my Democrat congressman and Senator and informed them that this former Democrat considers them to be traitors to our country.

Razor Burn'd Capitalist's picture

The Juice actually had a set......


DJT is something else, more of an incomplete tough guy, with a yuge desire to have a set

Yen Cross's picture

  I've been TV free today, and listening to nature outside my front door.

   My Lemon and Orange trees are full of fruit.

BullyBearish's picture

Even better plan for tomorrow when the airwaves will be filled with "We stand by israel 100%, now and forever" and Iran is a threat to world peace...

Nobodys Home's picture

Why is the current admin continuing to state Russia siezed Crimea when they know that's not the case?

quax's picture

In order to change the status of Crimea another referendum with impartial poll observers needs to be held.

There is little doubt that this will also go in Russia's favor, but you need this process to give it legitimacy. Untill then this language with regards to Crimea is appropriate. 


Thordoom's picture

There were impartial observers . There will be no election hold for this matter. You should just move Hillary use to say

quax's picture

Funny thing is that Trump doesn't seem to be inclined to move on either.

Thordoom's picture

you can go ask Trump . I remember him saying that Crim people voted  to leave and now he is saying the opposite. What doest it says about Trump...

undercover brother's picture

Wouldn't waste my time with this presser.   All it will be is the media trying to play a game of  "gotcha" with Spicer.  I give him a lot of credit for tolerating it.  

TwelveOhOne's picture

Perhaps, but I liked that he opened and closed with "Happy Valentine's Day".

jfb's picture

Trump is weak. a good analysis regarding Flynn  was done on moonofalabama:


Billy the Poet's picture

Trump is so weak that he's the most powerful man in the world. Shocking.

orangegeek's picture

Who gives a shit.


Flynn is gone.


The lugenpresse can go suck pelosi's cock.


Keep draining the fucking swamp Donald!!!

quax's picture

Keep draining the fucking swamp Donald!!!

I guess the entire admin could circle the drain in the swamp, and you'd still be cheering.

jamesmmu's picture
Strange Tweet From Hillary Clinton Loyalist Philippe Reines To General Flynn.

quax's picture

There is little doubt in my mind that Trump was not blindsided by Flynn, and that Flynn took the fall when it became clear that he ran afoul the law. Which is the way it should be. Trump has no expertise in federal government but Flynn should have known better.

SRV's picture

If you were listening, you were not, you would know the WH legal staff confirmed there were no violations... another FAKE NEWS meme from "The ENEMY!"