In "Dramatic Break" From US Policy, Trump Set To Drop "Two State Solution" In Netanyahu Meeting

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With Trump facing assaults on all sides over his administration's alleged links to Russia, he will be happy to be distracted by another meeting with a foreign leader, even if it is the controversial Israeli Prime Minister. Trump prepared to host Benjamin Netanyahu at noon on Wednesday for talks that could shape America's Middle East policy, as Palestinians warned the White House not to abandon their goal of an independent state.

Ahead of the talks, the WSJ reported that in what may be the latest major US foreign policy U-turn under Trump, the White House said that finding a solution to the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians doesn’t have to include an agreement to establish two separate states, marking a dramatic break from decades of U.S. policy. For decades, the idea of creating a Palestine living peacefully alongside Israel has been a bedrock U.S. position, though the last negotiations broke down in 2014. But now the White House position appears to be that peace did not necessarily have to entail Palestinian statehood, and Trump would not try to "dictate" a solution Reuters added.

Netanyahu committed, with conditions, to the two-state goal in a speech in 2009 and has broadly reiterated the aim since. But he has also spoken of a "state minus" option, suggesting he could offer the Palestinians deep-seated autonomy and the trappings of statehood without full sovereignty. Quoting a senior administration official, the WSJ said the Israelis and Palestinians have to agree on what form peace between their countries will take—and that didn’t necessarily include two states.

“A two-state solution that doesn’t bring peace is not a goal that anybody wants to achieve,” the official said. “Peace is the goal, whether it comes in the form of a two-state solution if that’s what the parties want or something else, if that’s what the parties want, we’re going to help them.”

Just like "One China" has been a mainstray of US foreign policy for nearly four decades, "two states for two peoples", Israelis and Palestinians, has been the official U.S. policy of Democratic and Republican administrations for decades, and was the tenet guiding historic talks at Oslo and Camp David. Most governments and world bodies back that principle as well and it had been embraced by the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority.

The U.S. historically has said it supports direct negotiations between the two sides that would end in a two-state solution. Toward that end, Washington has opposed Israeli construction of settlements in the Palestinian territories.


A spokesman for Israel’s Foreign Ministry declined to comment on the White House message, noting that Israel would wait for the meeting between Messrs. Trump and Netanyahu later Wednesday for more clarity on the U.S.’s approach to the conflict.

Meanwhile, as Trump and Netanyahu prepare to meet, a senior Palestinian official disclosed that on Tuesday, CIA director Mike Pompeo held talks with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah, the seat of the Palestinian government in the occupied West Bank. "(It was) the first official meeting with a high-profile member of the American administration since Trump took office," said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity and declined to disclose details of the discussion.

Palestinians reacted with alarm to the possibility that Washington might ditch its support for an independent Palestinian nation. "If the Trump Administration rejects this policy it would be destroying the chances for peace and undermining American interests, standing and credibility abroad," Hanan Ashrawi, a senior member of the Palestine Liberation Organization, said in response to the U.S. official's remarks.

"Accommodating the most extreme and irresponsible elements in Israel and in the White House is no way to make responsible foreign policy," she said in a statement. Husam Zomlot, strategic adviser to Abbas, said the Palestinians had not received any official indication of a change in the U.S. stance.

Away from the Palestinian Solution, for Netanyahu today's meeting with Trump will be an opportunity to reset ties after a frequently combative relationship with Democrat Barack Obama.


The prime minister, under investigation at home over allegations of abuse of office, spent much of Tuesday huddled with advisers in Washington preparing for the talks. Officials said they wanted no gaps to emerge between U.S. and Israeli thinking during the scheduled two-hour Oval Office meeting.


Trump, who has been in office less than four weeks and has already been immersed in problems including the forced resignation of his national security adviser, brings with him an unpredictability that Netanyahu's staff hope will not impinge on the discussions.

Trump had been relentlessly pro-Israel in his campaign rhetoric, promising to move the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, backing David Friedman, an ardent supporter of Jewish settlements, as his Israeli envoy and saying that he would not put pressure on Israel to negotiate with the Palestinians.

However, as Reuters points out, "that tune, which was has been music to Netanyahu's ears and to the increasingly restive right-wing within his coalition, has since changed, making Wednesday's talks critical for clarity."

Trump appears to have put the embassy move on the backburner, at least for now, after warnings about the potential for regional unrest, including from Jordan's King Abdullah. And rather than giving Israel free rein on settlements, the White House has said building new ones or expanding existing ones beyond their current borders would not be helpful to peace.

On the issue contentuous topic of settlements, the White House has said building new ones or expanding existing ones beyond their current borders would not be helpful to peace.

That would appear to leave Israel room to build within existing settlements without drawing U.S. condemnation, in what is the sort of gray area the talks are expected to touch on.

Meanwhile, for the Palestinians, and much of the rest of the world, settlements built on occupied land are illegal under international law. Israel disputes that, but faces increasing criticism over the policy from allies, especially after Netanyahu's announcement in the past three weeks of plans to build 6,000 new settler homes in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Expect many of the open questions to be addressed later today, even if hope of some resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict remains very much elusive.

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angry_dad's picture
angry_dad (not verified) Feb 15, 2017 9:36 AM

Expect more israeli false flag attacks in the mid east

the snowflakes can't comprehend how netanahoo is far more dangerous to world peace than putin


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Joo World Order cometh

Ignatius's picture

International Law, what's that?

y3maxx's picture

-Israel will take the heat off Trump regarding Russia.

Neo cons are pro Israel.....arabs will resume terrorism in foreign lands

and the Neo cons will love that.

PT's picture

Can't displaced Palestinians just claim refugee status in Israel?



Billy the Poet's picture

Israel, the Middle East's "only democracy," will now incorporate the West Bank and Gaza and allow the Palestinians an equal vote? Sounds good to me. But how will the Zionists like the inevitable Muslim Prime Minister?

BullyBearish's picture

Trumpanyahoo meets Satanyahoo, expect:

-israel is our best friend forever

-we will ensure israel's safety forever

-we will give them our sons and daughters and our treasure forever

-we will go to war with Iran for israel

-we will move our embassy to Jerusalem

-we don't give a $hit about Arabs, Palestinians, anybody but the chosen

-although i keep saying America first, i really mean israel first

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That's why an Iran war? Fuck Trump!

CheapBastard's picture

But the Palestinians are so easy to get along with.....

PT's picture

Yeah, if it was so easy for the Israelis to weasel their way into US, MSM, Hollywood, banks etc then why is it so hard for them to do the same in Palestine?  Is it that no-charge-interest thingy or is it something else?

Yes, I am that ignorant / dumb etc.  Anyone know?

detached.amusement's picture

Overtly fuck someone over, and they get pissed at you

Secretly fuck them over and set up a convincing blame game and they protect you

knightowl77's picture

No fck you! Let Trump tell the globalist/NWO crowd to go fck themselves any and everyway that he can...

You and your buddy George Soros can Fck Off And Die

ne-tiger's picture

Fuck George Soros and fuck you for being so dumb.

Stef1304's picture

So far, i was NOT very impressed on what happened regarding trump's communication (Iran, Russia, etc) or the Flynn case.

Still, let's wait and see... if Trump is truly the strong and smart negociator that he pretend to be, he should come up with some new interesting idea about peace, the future of thosee regions and the relationship with Russia and the others.




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'Democracy' these days only means Jews run a place

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Maybe Netanyahu will convert. 

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No, the Palestinians will get Refugee status in the US.

In sanctuary states and cities. Call it the multi-state solution.

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Something that don't apply to bibi and crew.

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 “You see this napkin?” he said. “In twenty-four hours, we could have the signatures of seventy senators on this napkin.”   Steven Rosen, Director of foreign-policy issues at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee


"America is something that you can easily maneuver and move in the right direction. And even if they do say something, so then they say something... so what? 80% of Americans support us! It's absurd! We have such support there, and here we're thinking 'what should we do if?'... " Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu 





Chupacabra-322's picture

ZioNeoConFascist pieces of shit. Minus Trump. For now. Time wil tell is Not keeping Flynn on was the right choice. We all know it wasn't.

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"I don't know much about Hitler. Except that last thing, about the Jews. There has never been a country that put its heel down on the Jews that ever lived afterwards."

— Huey Long (Williams p. 761)

Senator Long, assassinated 1935 Baton Rouge State Capitol Building by Dr. (((Carl Weiss)))

Baton Rouge, Louisiana: Huey Long Shot Here: See the Bullet Hole - See more at:

LightBulb18's picture

A fake claim to legitimacy made by white gentile lucifer worshipers, who want to hide the fact that they hate Jews for being unequal, just like they themselves are hated. Who like to claim Jews surrendering land will make peace with violent racist muslims, when they know it wont because obviously people have to accept Jewish inequality before there can be peace. 

knightowl77's picture

F are being played

Israel can defend itself from those rocket launching/suicide bombing/jew hating muzzies amyway they decide. If Iran and its surrogates Hamas and Hezbollah and others can't affirm that Israel has a right to exist, then thats on them....Fck em....

The Globalists/NWO/ Zionist crowd of George Soros and company are against Israel. They're against borders, they're for open immigration and they are the ones behind the BDS movement. These same clowns that support BLM, SJWs, safe spaces, hands up don't shoot bullshit, sanctuary cities, transgender bathrooms, all of it, the looney left is wrong on everything else, but they are right on this????? Sorry that is a bridge too far....

If you hate Clinton, Samantha Powers, Susan Rice, Barack Hussein Obama, George Soros and most of the left for everything else (and I do) how can you suddenly think these moonbats are right about this?????

George Soros/Obama/Powers/the Globalists/the CFR/the UN/Bilderbergs etc all want unchecked immigration, they all want a One World Gov't and they all want a 2 state solution....Your burka wearing nazi feminist clowns are not wrong about everything else and right about this....Check your premises, something is out of whack and I will never align with them on anything.

Islam is at war with the West & I am ready to crusade right back.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Straight from Mossad's mouth, to my ears (or is it eyes).

Israel is the Rothschild's personal fiefdom. 

Imagine you own 100% of a company (call it Israel Co).  You also have an 80% stake in another company (call it America Inc).  Of course you are going to try secure as much business as you can for the company you own 100%, but if the company you own 80% of gets the business, thats not bad either! 

That is what was happening with Obama and Israel.  He was giving business to the company that is 80% Rothschild owned, and 'pissing off' Israel Co in the process.

(((Their))) fingers are in all pies.

Ferrari's picture

I believe Trump is employing the same strategy Nixon did during the Yom Kippor War: an embattled president believes he can buy off a powerful segment of the (((Establishment))) by throwing big gifts at Israel. It's a logical ploy, but Nixon was deposed anyway.

The central planners's picture




Ramesees's picture

This is fine policy if he also reduces military aid to Israel.  Want to bulldoze the mideast?  OK, do it on your own dime.  

BullyBearish's picture

trump has been the tribe's #1 debt tool for over 30 years...



he'll do whatever israel wants to keep the conflict going in the Middle East, including killing more Americans

SmackDaddy's picture

What like invading Iraq for no reason?

BullyBearish's picture

There's ALWAYS a reason, and don't give him a pass based of what anybody else did...judge him against what he SHOULD do...

knightowl77's picture

What he should do is what is best for America and leave the Middle East to the Middle East...Jordan, Israel, Egypt are our friends and we should allow our friends as much latitude as possible in dealing with their own security concerns....

and just like I want to buy as much lead as I can afford for my security concerns, our friends should be able to do the same....just sayin.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Sayanim no more.

And if 'terrorists' happen to attack our enemies in the region, well, we are obligated to go and 'help' them defeat the government in power.  I mean the terrorists.  Shit.

therover's picture

I will put the Saudi's even higher on that list. 

swmnguy's picture

What "snowflakes" are you talking about?  Looks like President Trump and his entire Administration would fit your definition.

The Gray Man's picture

The snowflakes hate Israel...

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The truth? They can't HANDLE the truth. :)


If you're a JEW HATER you are a FUCKING DEMOCRAT LOSER. lololol


OBAMA the DEMOCRAT hates Jews. So do his fellow travelers. Obama loves IRAN and gave them everything and got nothing in return. Get it yet?




but they won't listen because they are foreordained for destruction...

SmackDaddy's picture

Paul Wolfowitz, is that you?  Glad to see you're staying busy here on ZH!

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Amen Brother....

If George Soros/Barrack Hussein Obama and his snowflake warriors hate something, then I am pretty sure (only 99.99999999%) that they are wrong.

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"the snowflakes can't comprehend how netanahoo is far more dangerous to world peace than putin"

If you call Sander's supporters snowflakes, you are clearly incorrect.

LightBulb18's picture

If you call justice and merit A danger to world peace, I guess your right.

LightBulb18's picture

funny, i thought the white gentile lucifer worshipers were running isis, spreading myths about palestinians so they could keep the Jews down. Dont want Jews to be able to talk about all those americans and muslims who hate Jews because they are better than them at making money.

MaxThrust's picture

"marking a dramatic break from decades of U.S. policy."

Which was ony window dressing for the goyim anyway.

50 years of US foreign policy and nothing has been achieved.

07564111's picture

The Strumpet will #MIGA

bluskyes's picture

Plantation owners, arguing over the slaves.

Rich Monk's picture

Greater Israel project moving right along. So the Jews got the US politicians, using the US Military to destroy "their" muslim enemies in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, etc... all created when Mossad carried out the 9/11 attack, and the US taxpayer has received a $5 - $10 Trillion dollar bill in return!

Déjà view's picture

Chinese/Japanese...won't be happy campers when they realize all those treasuries they buy and hold can be used as toilet paper...

Asians indirectly contribute to these festering issues!

Finally smelling coffee...anyone following Trump campaign knew he stood with ISISrael...NOT ANY SURPRISE!

Warning...Will Robinson...

directaction's picture

I'm liking Trump a little less each day. 

samjam7's picture

Why he was saying 'Make Israel Greate(er) again!' ....right?....did I miss something? 

Miss Expectations's picture

Chilling tweet this morning:

Crimea was TAKEN by Russia during the Obama Administration. Was Obama too soft on Russia?