"He Will Die In Jail" - Intelligence Community Ready To "Go Nuclear" On Trump

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After nearly two full days of media hysteria following the forced resignation of General Michael Flynn as National Security Advisor, a resignation which the Trump administration attributed to a 'trust issue' rather than any concerns over the legality of his actions, Trump took to twitter to ask why no one within the media seemed to care about the mass leaks being "illegally given out by "intelligence" like candy" before describing the actions as "very un-American." 


And earlier today at a press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Trump again called out the intelligence community saying they continue to commit "criminal acts" in leaking intelligence reports.

"Papers are being leaked, things are being leaked.  It's a criminal action, criminal act.  People are trying to cover up for a terrible loss that the Democrats had under Hillary Clinton."


"I think it's very unfair what's happened with General Flynn and the documents and papers that were illegally leaked."


As it turns out, at least according to former NSA intelligence analyst John Schindler, the folks within the intelligence community aren't taking too kindly to being called out by the President for their "criminal acts" or to being referred to as "very un-American." By way of reminder, this is the same John Schindler who ended his relationship with the Naval War College after he was caught in a sexting scandal...

it was not Schindler’s unhinged comments that brought him to official disgrace. It was, ironically, his inappropriate use of communications technology.


The former employee of the premiere signal intelligence agency of the world stupidly decided to send a picture of his penis to a person he met on the internet. The picture, along with a corresponding email where Schindler said he was not in a traditional marriage, were made public by Twitter user @Currahee88. According to @Currahee88 the information was released to shame Schindler though Schindler initially speculated he may be the victim of an intelligence operation.


Schindler was subsequently put on leave from the Naval War College pending a review. The review was completed with the result reportedly told to Schindler in late July that he was out at the Naval War College. He was apparently given the option of resigning rather than being fired, which he took.

But we digress. In a series of tweets posted earlier today, Schindler relayed the very blunt thoughts of a "senior intelligence community friend":

"Now we go nuclear. IC war going to new levels. Just got an EM fm senior IC friend, it began: "He will die in jail."


So when efforts to spin a Russian hacking narrative fail to sway an electorate in the desired direction of the intelligence community, we guess treason is the logical next step?

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OCnStiggs's picture

Dead Man Switch.

Trump dies and 600 elites and their familes are hunted down and executed, including influential media people.

Trump has learned from history. Why do you think Trump went to see Brennan first thing? And why was Brennan outraged after their meeting?

Trump has them by their throats and they don't like it. But, they will learn.

Expect arrests and indictments very soon.

napper's picture

Trump is not the King here. Even if he were, he would still be subject to the laws of the land.


You are thinking like Stalin and Mao, or their cronies.

Fathead Slim's picture

WTF is your malfunction, mongoloid?

VisionQuest's picture

"Nothing is more remarkable than the various deceptions by which guilt conceals itself from the perpetrator's conscience, and oftenest, perhaps, by the splendor of its garments. Statesmen, rulers, generals, and all men who act over an extensive sphere, are most liable to be deluded in this way; they commit wrong, devastation and murder on so grand a scale that it impresses them as speculative rather than actual, but in our procession we find them linked in detestable conjunction with the meanest criminals whose deeds have the vulgarity of petty details. Here the effect of circumstance and accident is done away, and a man finds his rank according to the spirit of his crime, in whatever shape it may have been developed."  ~Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Procession of Life

homonohumanus's picture

Bitter attention whore? I mean Trump is a friend of Netanyahu and is as pro american as it gets. Only in the "crazy" zone one can find serious link beetween him and Russia.

If he ends up in jail it will be because of coup not the lame excuses meant to cover it...

homonohumanus's picture

Other than that it is a little late for the "enemies of freedom" to understand how to leverage social media. THey still can't leverage the fact that people are fed with their policies as they are foremost responsible...

homonohumanus's picture

There are still many phony people working for the Dems... on a high pay check I would bet...

A lot of that communication assume that social media and leaks win Trump the election, whereas a lot of people do not know or believe the leak content hence don't really care about where they come from.


THe political truth about Trump victory is far less convenient from them to accept and a lot less reversible: Trump won during the Republicans primary by violating the puritanism and the policitically correct "thinking". They lose to truth, or one guy's truth at least, and to the leverage of common sense.

That has severe implication on their strategy... social media can helps them but for those people to fullfill their goals... it can't be done in republic or democracy, truths trump lies... Not a good news, if they acknowledge that even billions and billions dollars propaganda spread during decades is that easily revocable (one voice pretty much)... they will try something else...

Dr. Acula's picture

"Trump is a friend of Netanyahu and is as pro american as it gets." - ie Trump is a Likud puppet and enemy of Americans

Wahooo's picture

Why isn't this Nazi behind bars and being interrugated about his comment and intelligence sources? He just threatened the president with a fucking COUP. When will a l'Orange stop tweeting and start draining the swamp?????

Dr. Acula's picture

Trump is too busy with Mar Lago and Netanyahoo

Shue's picture

Trump accepts the resignation of the only person that was going to purge all these Agencies. What he should've have done was to tell them all where to go, but no, he sacrifices Flynn, an idiotic move IMO, cause now he's all alone, no one is going to stick their neck out, they'll be scared, knowing Trump won't back them up at the slightest hysteria of his enemies. Just look at Obama's record on scandals for comparison , the POS totally brushed them with arrogance and accepted no resignation, even a lot more worse things. And for these open threats to the POTUS, I can't believe the treachery going on. Be strong my American friends, Trump needs his supporters more than ever.

King of Ruperts Land's picture

What is Flynn doing now? Has he gone home and sits around in his bathrobe circling classified adds?  Who is in Oliver North's old office on the basement?  Remember how Trump said he doesn't tip his hand?  This rebellion in the open is a trap. What is Guliani up to?

Nockian's picture

Is it an American thing to lose focus on reality and get caught in the media storm ? Haven't you guys learned anything ?

You and millions of your fellow countryman voted for Trump, you have a stake in this, it isn't a bet on a soccer team which then go out into the field and scrap whilst you act as an amused bystander.

Let me re-iterate, you voted for Trump and he is your president. You, the people voted and you had better get active or your vote will be kicked into the gutter. You had better get organised and start working on the deep state that is thwarting your will. The left have lost a small battle, but the neocons, the money men and their skanky friends are untouched, they have only lost their narrative machine, but they are working to get it back into play so normal service can be resumed. The US lives under a continuous 'colour' revolution which keeps the people destabilised sufficiently to carry on highly profitable activities to which the people are ignorant through fear.

At present the MSM are like a ball bearing racing around inside a very small cup, but they are building momentum and, if you let them, they will get free and begin to dominate the narrative again. The entire 'left' Antifada' movement is a ruse, like a distraction on the battlefield to lure the troops into a hopeless fight. The Russian story is where the attack is happening, but, while the story is drawing in the defensive forces, the enemy is regrouping for a bigger assault. Think strategically, counter attack where they are weak. Get back onto the Clintons, Joe Biden and the other neocons that are trying to bring about the fall of Trump, get them fighting for their political lives, stir up the dirt.

The rest of the world needs a strong, free America or we have had it. This is like WW2 all over again, but without the blood and its you guys that will have to get organised and start fighting just as you did back then.

Vooter's picture

I didn't vote for Trump. I didn't vote for anyone. Why? Because to paraphrase Einstein, I'm not interested in doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. What's your excuse? "Voting" isn't the solution to the "money men" problem. Never has been, never will be. If you want to eradicate cockroaches from a building, do you try to vote them out? I didn't think so...

orangegeek's picture

As it turns out, at least according to former NSA intelligence analyst John Schindler, the folks within the intelligence community aren't taking too kindly to being called out by the President for their "criminal acts" or to being referred to as "very un-American."



"Now we go nuclear. IC war going to new levels. Just got an EM fm senior IC friend, it began: "He will die in jail."


Wow - so this guy is now the conduit for NSA to issue threats to NSA.




Keep draining the swamp Donald.

mog's picture

So which of the alphabets so busy bringing down General Flynn sat back and ignored this massive islamic intrusion into the highest levels of security.
Flynn dangerous.
Muslim Brotherhood and other foreign, even criminal, islamists with access to top level God knows what - OK..
Don't people care?

jughead's picture

start prepping for war.  nuff said

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

how many times have our leftist trolls told us of the evil surveillance of our phones and computers, the cameras on every light pole..the "police state"..

yet because of one's politics when Trump moves against them they support the spies?

can't cure stupid.

d edwards's picture

To answer the question in last sentence of the article: it already is treason, a violation of the Espionage Act. These fucking obama operatives in the government might think twice going to war with the commander in Chief of the armed forces. As far as I'm concerned these traitors should be shot.

venturen's picture

time for Trump to start chopping wood from the TOP DOWN!

Elentari's picture


The Jews have NO HISTORICAL CLAIM ON JERSAL:EM + and never ever did have!

King of Ruperts Land's picture

The UN is a den of psychopaths, and generally it's the wisest course to no dismiss but in fact consider the opposite of whatever they say to be true or in one's best interest.

IAmNumberSix's picture

The left loves Schindler's twattling 

atthelake's picture

Call your senators and congressmen and anyone, else, you can think of and tell them you support President Trump. He needs our help.

Dead Indiana Sky's picture

I almost spit my coffee.  Classic.

atthelake's picture

Support Trump now so we don't have to decide how far we're willing to go.

Weirdly's picture

The fifth column.

Ink Pusher's picture

YAAAWWWWNNNNNN ,Call me back when all the grandstanding, finger pointing bullshit bickering or partisan infighting is done.

The truth is that complete transparency will be required to persecute and prosecute. Without that promise, Federal justice and National security are in reality nothing more than sad jokes.

Trump is an idiot if he thinks that the Intelligence Community will take one for the team on his word.

wide angle tree's picture

The anti-trumpites are insane.

deplorable nation's picture

I wish General George S Patton Jr were alive today and in charge of "dispositioning" these rat bastards.

Akzed's picture



The last "civil war" was not a civil war in reality. The current one, however, is properly so called.





King of Ruperts Land's picture

Trump, just drive tanks up to CIA and open fire. I hear it's the 7th floor you need to aim at.

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