"He Will Die In Jail" - Intelligence Community Ready To "Go Nuclear" On Trump

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After nearly two full days of media hysteria following the forced resignation of General Michael Flynn as National Security Advisor, a resignation which the Trump administration attributed to a 'trust issue' rather than any concerns over the legality of his actions, Trump took to twitter to ask why no one within the media seemed to care about the mass leaks being "illegally given out by "intelligence" like candy" before describing the actions as "very un-American." 


And earlier today at a press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Trump again called out the intelligence community saying they continue to commit "criminal acts" in leaking intelligence reports.

"Papers are being leaked, things are being leaked.  It's a criminal action, criminal act.  People are trying to cover up for a terrible loss that the Democrats had under Hillary Clinton."


"I think it's very unfair what's happened with General Flynn and the documents and papers that were illegally leaked."


As it turns out, at least according to former NSA intelligence analyst John Schindler, the folks within the intelligence community aren't taking too kindly to being called out by the President for their "criminal acts" or to being referred to as "very un-American." By way of reminder, this is the same John Schindler who ended his relationship with the Naval War College after he was caught in a sexting scandal...

it was not Schindler’s unhinged comments that brought him to official disgrace. It was, ironically, his inappropriate use of communications technology.


The former employee of the premiere signal intelligence agency of the world stupidly decided to send a picture of his penis to a person he met on the internet. The picture, along with a corresponding email where Schindler said he was not in a traditional marriage, were made public by Twitter user @Currahee88. According to @Currahee88 the information was released to shame Schindler though Schindler initially speculated he may be the victim of an intelligence operation.


Schindler was subsequently put on leave from the Naval War College pending a review. The review was completed with the result reportedly told to Schindler in late July that he was out at the Naval War College. He was apparently given the option of resigning rather than being fired, which he took.

But we digress. In a series of tweets posted earlier today, Schindler relayed the very blunt thoughts of a "senior intelligence community friend":

"Now we go nuclear. IC war going to new levels. Just got an EM fm senior IC friend, it began: "He will die in jail."


So when efforts to spin a Russian hacking narrative fail to sway an electorate in the desired direction of the intelligence community, we guess treason is the logical next step?

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waspwench's picture

You are not smart. You are deluded. Stop worrying about what Trump might have done (but very probably didn't do)and do something about what we already know that Hillary has done.

Trump may be no angel, but the Clintons are a crime family and ought to be in gaol. The list of the Clinton's crimes is very, very long. Why are they still walking around free?

truthseeker47's picture

Isn't it amazing how stupid some of the "smart" people are?  (at least they think they are smarter than everyone to the right of them).  I live in a mostly "liberal" community and I see it all the time.  Logic and reason have no effect on them.

comfortablynumb's picture

David Brock, is that you? If it is, well, fuck you.

Syrin's picture

How much uranium did Hillarnazi sell to RUSSIA for campaign funds?   How many intel docs did RUSSIA get off Hillarnazis illegal server?   How many BILLION dollars did she steal from the Haiti relief fund?   When you ass fuck your mom, do you call her by her first name, or just "Mommy"?

goldsaver's picture

I normally would not answer to such idiocy but, I am in a good mood. When you say collusion with the Russians, what do you mean? What actually, in your mind, happened? Because so far, here are the facts. HRC had her illegal server hacked by a hacker named Guccifer. Guccifer is in US custody, so this is not arguable. Second, we know that two different entities, unknown but according to IC was Russian, suckered John Podesta into giving them his e-mail password (#password) and then provided the e-mails to WikiLeaks. These same entities hacked into the DNC's server and downloaded documents which they then provided to WikiLeaks. These documents had incriminating evidence of collusion between Donna Brazile and the media and evidence of DNCs work in derailing Bernie Sander's challenge to HRC.

Are you with me so far? Whew, so, let's pretend, for the sake of your perilous sanity, that DJT had a conference call with Vlad himself and convinced Vlad to have his super duper hacker corp do all those things. OK, so what you are saying is that releasing the contents of those emails and documents to the American voters caused them not to vote for HRC.

So, revealing the true underhanded, cheating, backstabbing activities by the DNC and HRC is the same as hacking the election and a threat to US democracy? Really?

The truth shall set you free.

stecha's picture

Hey shitstick, please let us know where your moms basement is. I would really like to squeze every bit of those brown puppy dog farts you eat out of you, becasue they are clouding your judgement..

nmewn's picture

Cuz Trump gonna pay my mortgage dats why! An he gonna fill my gaz tank too! Hell, evehbuddy up in heh gonna have a TrumpFone!!!

HenryKissingerChurchill's picture

you guys are all pathetic shit-for brains, or russian hacks... thank god none of you have kids, cause those are the type that suicide bomb/shoot up mosques.

google? groundwork? is that you? https://thegroundwork.com/

TheReplacement's picture

1.  IF the FBI has any info on Trump colluding with the Russians then let us see it in its entirety.  Anything less is as believable as you posting without getting paid for it.

2.  IF the FBI has any info on Trump colluding with the Russians then let us determine WHAT the collusion is about.  Perhaps it is criminal and perhaps it is for purposes of peace.  Have you even considered that you imbecile?

3.  We would not accept Hitlary nor Putin RULING over us.  We do not accept any ruler.  We accept governance which is constitutional.  Do you even understand the difference?  Survey says, no.  Survey says you are just an indoctrinated and paid troll.

4.  You are on a list somewhere now.  Good luck.

new game's picture

lets go back to when this all started - 911, homeland security, nsa. now this org can spy on everybody including the prez. ironic as it is, i would think the prez could cut funding, get burner phones or something. fucking soup cans and waxed string. if all else fails smoke signals.

write everything down and hand deliver it...

just proves that NOBODY can be trusted in gov.org.

trump, welcome to your first elected position in politics. spooks, assholes, backstabers and the worst dispicable humans reside daily in your midst. fucking resign and tell every fucking american, that dc sucks so bad i had to get out to keep my sanity. i have sandards i can't stoop below, so therefor fuck off, i'm rich ass hell and it aint worth it. say good bye and tell mericans to have a nice day. tweet it everyday the rest of your life to rub it in...

jeff montanye's picture


as malvolio in twelfth night reads aloud, some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.

meet greatness thrust upon him.

Billy the Poet's picture

Always enjoyed this little speech by M.



(picking up the letter) By my life, this is my lady’s hand these be her very C’s, her U’s and her T’s and thus makes she her great P’s. It is, in contempt of question, her hand.
Billy the Poet's picture

Trump ain't going nowhere. Western Pennsylvania will march in defense of our choice. That's a fact.

fleur de lis's picture

Isn't it interesting how the CIA/NSA/FBI/ATF/IRS etc., spooks can really go nuclear when someone offends them but they won't get up off their fat asses to resolve the 911 hoax and expose the perps?

They still protect their friends who participated in the murder of JFK because they didn't like him either.

JFK had a mind to straighten them out which is the last thing they wanted then and now.

They never stepped in to prevent any of the false flags that terrorized the American population.

Never lifted a finger to stop the narcotics trade out of the DC swamp that is destroying millions of American families.

Wouldn't lift a finger to solve  human and organ trafficking, pizzagate sleaze.

Never went after Hellish after how badly she and her sleazebag husband abused America.

Wouldn't even touch her rancid emails.

Never even tried to solve the Pan Am disaster, nor the Malaysian plane that disappeared near their Diego Garcia hidey hole. 

By their own perverted egos they dropped the mask and proved to us all what they are really made of.

They were never in the business of protecting us, the Constitution, or America.

They were always NWO waterboys who will only jump into action when it serves their own twisted interests.

America is only a means to an end for them.

Like their NWO masters, they abuse American tax money to acheive their own ends and stick us with the blood and treasure bill.

JFK was right about them all along.

They need to be smashed to a million peices.

All they ever bring us is trouble.


new game's picture

nice post, getting to old to remember it all, and not as smart as you. thnx...

i deduct with reasonable common sense it is fucking hopeless to change this mess you eloquently descibe.

beyond swamp draining, beyond change, beyond anything conceivable to turn it around. trump is the last hope...

fleur de lis's picture

Thanks but I do not consider myself all that smart.

But I do love America, and I honor all those at every level who do the right thing.

Civilian and military alike.

Too many of them have been killed by the traitors who control our country. 

It irks me beyond description that DC is such a disease ridden bordello of criminally insane traitors posing as patriots.

And then to top it all off the spooks who are addressed by the laughable term "Intelligence" would turn on the President just because he accurately pointed out what good for nothing, deceitful, duplicitous, dishonorable, treasonous, traitorous, lying, disloyal, degenerate, infected little concubines they are. 

They get all miffed like bitchy schoolgirls scheming to get even.

That's all it takes.

Not the widespread treason, no no, that's just fine with them.

They just don't want anyone upsetting their happy little rat nest.

They should all take a good look into the mirror and see what a psychotic cockroach looks like.




Giant Meteor's picture

"Isn't it interesting how the CIA/NSA/FBI/ATF/IRS etc., spooks can really go nuclear when someone offends them but they won't get up off their fat asses to resolve the 911 hoax and expose the perps?"

The Money shot ..

jeff montanye's picture

well, they didn't expose the perps because they are the perps?

froze25's picture

Oh people get that, that's why Trump got elected. 

waspwench's picture

Trump needs to go nuclear. Clean house and begin all over again.

Donald, you have to destroy them before they destroy you (and the entire country.) You will need to do a Stalin. Purge, purge, purge.

MalteseFalcon's picture

"They were never in the business of protecting us, the Constitution, or America."

Bay of Pigs's picture

The fucker who tweeted this should be arrested immediately.

Giant Meteor's picture

Sedition if there ever was a clear case ...

Start there ....

idahobandito's picture

he should be force to remove hildicunts depends off with his teeth and eat her dead clam pussy.

jeff montanye's picture

perhaps not, that smacks of cruel and unusual.

but some serious discharges seem appropriate.  but be wary.  allen dulles was fired and then helped kill kennedy, the one who fired him.  look what reagan did to the air traffic controllers and they only wanted an (illegal) union.

these people seem a good deal further down the line.

ReZn8r's picture

and these people have not inflicted cruel and unusual punishment upon the united states? I think they have and the sentence stands, the bastard will use his mouth on the Bitches dead clammy pussy everyday for life..

Hal n back's picture

There will be a lot of skeletons uncovered in the near future.

MalteseFalcon's picture

Trump should produce a skeleton every time an opponent tries to own the news cycle.

old naughty's picture

latest? coup?

seems to me, a civil war (THE iWAR) is being fought, right before our eyes (are yours on screen)?


Thanks, Knukles, for the link.

SoDamnMad's picture

The enemy seems to be not so much on the outside or a continental boundary but on the inside. Perhaps General Mathis needs the Marines to go to Langley and have a chat with those there.  Also have a bunch from 29 Palms pay a visit to that large NSA site out in the western wilds. A half dozen Ospreys might be a colorful sight rising the dust into the air filtration system.  This is just a training mission; with snipers, AT4s and live ammo.

LasVegasDave's picture

There are a lot of armed dirt people who would relish the chance to free Trump from prison, and kill as many globalist/marxist scum as possible.


kinda romantic, too.

Theosebes Goodfellow's picture

~"...kinda romantic, too."~

Well, don't get too caught up in that Chuck Norris wetdream. Them sppoks is gonna' have to get a House that will impeach, and that House ain't there, (to use the vernacular).

Mr.Sono's picture

What do you mean, the house ain't there? Just curious

jeff montanye's picture

i wonder too.  the neocons messed up on trump big time and they knew it soon.  but they have been vetting candidates in both parties for generations (https://smile.amazon.com/dp/098213150X/sr=1-1/qid=1467687982/ref=olp_pro...) and i wonder how it would go if it came to a vote in the house of representatives.  if president trump is not a fraud he will have to take it to them and beat them in the court of public opinion.

in some ways unfortunately the best way to do this is via 9-11 because so many still cannot conceive of such treachery or coordinated action, especially after the fact (the mossad chuckles indulgently).  one would think the lost wars with millions dead would be enough.  but they're not.  and 9-11 is.

better hustle.

MsCreant's picture

House of representatives. Con-gress.

MalteseFalcon's picture

Are we talking about the guys who made Dennis Hastert their speaker?

Those guys?

New_Meat's picture

mussolini got busted out, but then again, it didn't do him much good, on a long enough timeline ...

Giant Meteor's picture

I'll drive the car. No Thelma nor Louise here either  ....

NoPension's picture

Say the word, Mr. President.

A lot of us got your ass. A LOT of us.

If this is what they want, let's fucking give it to them.

Citizen_x's picture


Careful... careful now troopers.  We must NOT think like pawns in this game of chess.

A few lines from an old George C. Scott movie...



Misean's picture

Without looking, that wouldn't happen to be along the lines of..

"No one ever one a war dying for his country. He WON THE WAR by making the other poor son of a bitch die for HIS country!"

TheMeatTrapper's picture

Trump should compile the home addresses of every Federal judge, every FBI agent, every CIA agent and every NSA employee. "You bastards fuck with me one more time and this list goes out on Twitter motherfuckers".

Lol. I would.

WeTheSheeplez's picture

Fools rush in...where angels dare to tread...I believe thats the quote...

Lumberjack's picture


This has got wikileaks attention. Here is a link from the WL on twitter.


Schindler tweets from the XX Committee and keep in mind Hillary's tweet regarding Pizza a few days ago.

flaunt's picture

So Trump has all the tools at his disposal to utterly WRECK the traitors inside our country.

jeff montanye's picture

no.  he doesn't at all imo.  my military/covert training stopped in the cub scouts but this looks like no calkwalk to me.

they may think they have a count in congress that impeaches trump using democrats and hardcore neocon republicans.

he has, no kidding, got to get serious about this because they very much are (9-11 treason and mass murder charges; they believe it even if you don't).

ReZn8r's picture

this is candy ass punishment for the traitors. WTF happened to the death penalty on all of these acts?

jeff montanye's picture

truth and reconciliation panels may be our best bet.  we and israel may be undergoing something like the end of apartheid, they with the one state solution (and the revelation of the real 9-11), we with what, half a government and nearly all of the media accomplices before and/or after the fact?

lincoln forgave the rebels.  and they still shot him.