"He Will Die In Jail" - Intelligence Community Ready To "Go Nuclear" On Trump

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After nearly two full days of media hysteria following the forced resignation of General Michael Flynn as National Security Advisor, a resignation which the Trump administration attributed to a 'trust issue' rather than any concerns over the legality of his actions, Trump took to twitter to ask why no one within the media seemed to care about the mass leaks being "illegally given out by "intelligence" like candy" before describing the actions as "very un-American." 


And earlier today at a press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Trump again called out the intelligence community saying they continue to commit "criminal acts" in leaking intelligence reports.

"Papers are being leaked, things are being leaked.  It's a criminal action, criminal act.  People are trying to cover up for a terrible loss that the Democrats had under Hillary Clinton."


"I think it's very unfair what's happened with General Flynn and the documents and papers that were illegally leaked."


As it turns out, at least according to former NSA intelligence analyst John Schindler, the folks within the intelligence community aren't taking too kindly to being called out by the President for their "criminal acts" or to being referred to as "very un-American." By way of reminder, this is the same John Schindler who ended his relationship with the Naval War College after he was caught in a sexting scandal...

it was not Schindler’s unhinged comments that brought him to official disgrace. It was, ironically, his inappropriate use of communications technology.


The former employee of the premiere signal intelligence agency of the world stupidly decided to send a picture of his penis to a person he met on the internet. The picture, along with a corresponding email where Schindler said he was not in a traditional marriage, were made public by Twitter user @Currahee88. According to @Currahee88 the information was released to shame Schindler though Schindler initially speculated he may be the victim of an intelligence operation.


Schindler was subsequently put on leave from the Naval War College pending a review. The review was completed with the result reportedly told to Schindler in late July that he was out at the Naval War College. He was apparently given the option of resigning rather than being fired, which he took.

But we digress. In a series of tweets posted earlier today, Schindler relayed the very blunt thoughts of a "senior intelligence community friend":

"Now we go nuclear. IC war going to new levels. Just got an EM fm senior IC friend, it began: "He will die in jail."


So when efforts to spin a Russian hacking narrative fail to sway an electorate in the desired direction of the intelligence community, we guess treason is the logical next step?

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Can we all consider that maybe, maybe Russia or Israel have blackmail material on Trump.  Remember Trump likes the ladies and such.



Obadiah's picture

Throw Schindler, that fucker, in JAIL NOW!


You know there is big dirt and prolly even pizza on that slimebag

TAALR Swift's picture

That Schindler guy must be on some List.  No?

Smerf's picture

He has a list. He's not on it. If he was on the list, it wouldn't be his.

scv's picture

just talk about the tax proposal for two straight weeks,

the dems and cons will fucking hate it



Chupacabra-322's picture

It's open, in your face Criminality of Epic proportions. The Criminal Fraud UNITED STATES, CORP. INC. & its Vermin Moinions are beyond "Corruption."

It's those Select Highly Compartmentalized Criminal Pure Evil Rogue Elements at the Deep State Top that have had control since the JFK Execution that have entrenched themselves for decades & refuse to relinquish Control.

The 17 Intel "Agencies", its infrastructure, contractors & sub contractors need to be dismantled. Beginning & not ending with the Pure Evil War Criminal Treasonous Psychopaths at the


logicalman's picture

The sleople have no fucking clue.

The problem with that is you are called a whack job by the majority of non-thinking idiots whose beliefs and 'understanding??!!' of the world is fed to them via the lying box in the corner of the room (not to mention 'smart' TVs & what not).

I guess it's easier to let someone else do the thinking for you, in most cases.

How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don't think.

Adolf Hitler


We're fucked, Chup.

Dragged down the toilet bowl of history by the swirling mass of brain dead, unthinking idiots following the path laid out for them by the psychopaths they voted into power.

One day we'll be dead and all this won't matter a fuck. It's just hard to look at the world my kids are going to have to live in.

Enjoy the ride.

It's all you've got.



NoPension's picture

Who's wearing a tin foil hat? Seems there was always truth in this " deep state" crap.

nmewn's picture

It kinda reads like: Spying on Americans good! Leaking classified information to the Fake Nuuuz prezzz good! Exposing our techniques & assets good! Trump bad! 

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Elco the Constitutionalist (not verified) nmewn Feb 15, 2017 9:49 PM

On second thought, I bet the blame lies more in the area of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

Staffers and Senators alike, guilty of treason and sedition.

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iAmerican3 (not verified) Feb 15, 2017 8:28 PM

Institutionally the same Roman Catholic CIA/FBI/NSA killed JFK, MLK - to restore Rome's FedScam the president had ended; and to send 58,000 of us to die for traitors' lies as papal catspaw in Rome's latifundial estate/slave plantation of Vietnam - and with Mossad did 9/11 to shore up their unconstitutional money scheme by removing Libya's and Iraq's threat of gold-backed currency, protect the Saudi "royal" buggers, and to make us False Zion's golem.

They know if the president persists in the pursuit of Justice in service to the sovereign People and God they will all be swinging from the gallows at Ft. McNair. 

American Gorbachev's picture

They know if the president keeps at it they will all be swinging from the gallows at Ft. McNair.

YEP, they see it as a war for survival now

'Roman Catholic' ?  nope, calvinist wasp YANKEES

(btw, go fuck yourself : )

iAmerican3's picture
iAmerican3 (not verified) American Gorbachev Feb 15, 2017 9:02 PM

The CIA was founded by papal knight Bill Donovan...and only recruited at Roman Catholic colleges and universities.

Four of the first seven heads were papal knights. Check after those. I stopped bothering to keep up as JFK-assassin GHWBush's Hitler-bagman and Auschwitz-building father, Nixon's "top," was also a "Knight of Malta."

How much time have you spent with career CIA employees? The "unwritten" official policy on hiring is gay Roman Catholics. 

Hmmm...#Pizzagate ring a bell?

Razor Burn'd Capitalist's picture



Since we putting it out there: 


Here's why Trump has such a hard on for building fancy shit..

Follow that trail. 


Easy Hint Start @  Fordham


Follow that trail, DJT's been bought and paid for since the 90's....this shits just WWF for the Nobility, The "black" ones in particular.


They're bring it


iAmerican3's picture

Don't forget he split "the West Point of the FBI" and went to Penn.

I helped make him Elect, but only God is perfect.

He's picking up illegals and making JFK's and MLK's assassins, those who did 9/11, sweat.

I'm open to accepting true Jews, one of which left out "6,000,000 Jews" on the remarks he prepared for the POTUS on "Holocaust Remembrance Day."

True Jews have been satanically used by the false Jews for millennia.

The Beast is going down and Mr. Trump, anointed of God, has triggered the Apocalypse regardless.

My faith is in God, Who is in control, and rules America, True Israel.

Hope springs Eternal, praise God. 

Razor Burn'd Capitalist's picture

"has triggered the Apocalypse regardless"


To that we can both agree.

Razor Burn'd Capitalist's picture

"Institutionally the same Roman Catholic CIA/FBI/NSA killed JFK, MLK - to restore Rome's FedScam the president had ended; and to send 58,000 of us to die for traitors' lies as papal catspaw in Rome's latifundial estate/slave plantation of Vietnam - and with Mossad did 9/11 to shore up their unconstitutional money scheme by removing Libya's and Iraq's threat of gold-backed currency, protect the Saudi "royal" buggers, and to make us False Zion's golem"




CHoward's picture

These people are really fucking nuts!  If I were president - I swear - they'd be missing one by one - slowly but consistently. 

wardaddy's picture

Well they all probably took a payout from Sorors and the Saudis like McCain, Ryan, and everyone else in Beltway. Then they go and place an inside trade, and after making a daily nice profit for the day, then they celebrate by sodomizing some poor kid who is imprisoned and always tomorrows fresh catch for some other DC civil service official.

And look who goes public with this.

Some guy that pulls an Anthony Weiner photo shoot.

I dont know about everyone else here but in the middle of fly-over country I cant meet my kids out of pocket medical expenses because they are rising faster than real inflation in Venezuela.

I wish Trump would  just shut up for a change and work these IC issues behind the scenes.

If anything work on Obamacare and taxes and be very public with these issues.

Im being financially sodomized by the morons in DC and no one is doing anything about it.


just the tip's picture

if i were president, i would be banging the hell out of melania, and telling ZH commenters to carry out their own policies.

BigCumulusClouds's picture

No you do this publicly and swiftly. What is left of the Republic is at stake.

nukegm's picture

i wish these " people " would let trump work - at least give him a chance for awhile.

Clockwork Orange's picture

Better Trump had them fitted for some FEMA boxes.  I hear there are plenty lying around in stacks.  Why not use a few.

techpriest's picture

I've seen them. They aren't publicized and I later learned that Google Maps doesn't show them. However, entirely by chance we were pulling into a small town on an obscure part of a US highway, and across the street was a whole field full of FEMA trailers.

I didn't believe it until I saw it.

WhiteEagle1763's picture

Back around 2008 or so, after the financial crash and around the time Zero was elected, I was into conspiracy theory stuff, Deep State speculation and the like.  At the time, it seemed so far-fetched.  Interesting that now, it doesn't seem so at all, if anything we weren't paranoid enough.  But not to digress too much, the point is back then there were websites that tracked the locations of these FEMA boxes and trailers and the like.  Can't seem to find them anymore, which is interesting in itself (shut down? censored by Google? etc), but this cloak-and-dagger stuff has been going on for a long time.  I think they made preparations for domestic insurrection a long time ago.

AtATrESICI's picture

Sadly they would rather destroy the republic than let that happen. Not too sure what they think the endgame will be, or maybe they just don't care.

BigCumulusClouds's picture

Why? So he put them out on the streets with no job if not in jail? These fuckers were involved in 911, Sandy Hook etc. These are not nice people. Pizzagaters too I'd estimate.

BigCumulusClouds's picture

If wishers were horses beggars would ride.

Infinite QE's picture

Trump needs to level Langley. While everyone is inside. The world would celebrate.


CRM114's picture

Organize a technical conference off site before you level it. All the useful people will go to that.

Don't forget to strafe the golf courses ;)

Salsa Verde's picture

Send an armored division of Marines into DC, for "training" of course, and have them squeeze the IC's balls REAL tight.

AtATrESICI's picture


Posa's picture

This coup isn't about pro-/anti Trump (I'm not a big fan myself) ... It's about whether a legitimate election can be nullified.


Make no doubt about it, the biggest winner in a Trump exit is the GOP Establishment... a Pence-Ryan succession is a GOP Wet Dream... never in a million years would these slugs have ever had a chance to win a national Presidential election. Years from now this coup will be seen is another step in the disintegration of the American Imperium... mirroring the breakdown in Athenian and Roman Empires... positively Shakespearean...

conspicio's picture

So this is nude sexter John Schindler? The John Schindler who was removed from his post at the Naval War college?

But wait, I thought John has said it was the IC who knew of the criminality for Madame Clinton and that there was no way she would match wits with the analysts in a leakfest over emailgate? So the IC was after Clinton, Inc. and now after Trump? Would be great if he could reconcile those inside baseball thoughts in more than 140 characters.

He is uneven, at best.

Oldwood's picture

They are after anyone who they can't control.

buzzsaw99's picture

I'm a zit. Get it? [/Bluto, Animal House ]

Catullus's picture

Starting to use the spy state for ruining political careers? There is indeed a nuclear option to this. It's just not what Schindler thinks it is.

Croesus's picture

Where have you been? The "Intelligence" agencies have been used to ruin political careers all over the world, since ever...

How to gain control over a politician:

1. Offer them a ride on the gravy train: career advancement, lucrative private sector jobs, inside information.(if this fails, proceed to step 2).

2. Compromise them: using their sexual appetites against them is especially useful...a video, or some pictures can ruin someone's career pretty easily, especially if it's illegal acts.

3. When all else fails, assassination.

The long version goes into much more detail, but you get the idea.

Trump can't be bought-off, they already tried #2 with the "Russian hotel" bullshit, so now they're fabricating "evidence" to give #2 another try.

If that fails, it's #3, just watch.

I hate to say it, because I want to see Trump tear this filthy, corrupt system down, but the Deep State will not go away quietly.

Marge N Call's picture

Grandma likee!!


countryboy42's picture

As a gun builder, I will have to check this out. Might have to twist up a few, just for research. Thanks for the link.

hannah's picture

we all knew that if the don attacked the cia they would do what lbj did....so lets wait and watch because this time when the cia acts i believe it will be suicide on their part.....

Umh's picture

What rational man sends a picture of his penis to anyone? Why did they not lift his clearance then?

BigCumulusClouds's picture

Ask Anthony Weiner and you'll get a distinctly different answer than from the rest of us.

TAALR Swift's picture

If the POTUS wants to drain the IC swamp, then he has to use the NSA, FBI, Federal Marshalls and maybe even the National Guard.

Start with a small and vetted team of NSA specialists, who can leverage AI to search for connections between the Media and staffers in the IC and WH.  Use SigInt to do pattern analysis and Six Degree of Separation, to ID individuals in the leaky trail.

Then arrest them in droves, using the FBI, Federal Marshalls, MPs and National Guard.  Send them to Guantanamo as Traitors and Enemy Combatants.

mc888's picture

Nah, he needs John McAfee and his elite team of misfit hackers to take down the NSA.