Industrial Production Tumbles Most In 10 Months

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Despite a surge in oil and gas drilling (up 8.5% MoM), US Industrial Production tumbled 0.3% MoM - the biggest MoM drop since March 2016. Worse still, after a hope-filled bounce to a positive year-over-year in December, Industrial Production slumped to unchanged from a year ago in January.

After December's exuberant bounce, January Industrial Production has fallen back to reality...


This occurred despite a huge spike in oil and gas drilling...


And year-over-year, IP is now unchanged... (so only one positive print in the last 17 months - this is the worst non-recessionary streak in US history)

Once again "hard" data post Trump disappoints the exuberance in 'soft' data.

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Bill of Rights's picture

Lemme guess...the weather

BigFatUglyBubble's picture

It's probably nothing...

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angry_dad (not verified) Feb 15, 2017 9:23 AM

Annual holiday shutdowns and taking inventory

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Kinda looks from the chart that this happens every year at this time..

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don't give the government statisticians any ideas or they'll slap a "double-seasonal adjustment" on the data like they did with GDP a couple of years ago. All good with a few tweaks to an Excel formula.

asteroids's picture

After 8 years of bullshit, I fully expect reversion to the mean. And I suspect its going to get very very mean out there soon.

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The Fed's IP data generally seems cleaner and less "adjusted" than Commerce Dept and BLS data.

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Wait what?  I thought manufacturing was UP?

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This is not a recession.  It is a structural Depression.

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I have to know what the BIG pic looks like, so I can get an idea about the small one.

Hammer823's picture

It's easy to avoid a Recession if you simply refuse to acknowledge it.

Stocks can trade at whatever valuation we want.  There is no "wrong" P/E.

And so the rally continues.  On nothing at all, which is fine.

As every pension, 401k, ira, 529 and government budget rely on the stock market going up forever.

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At this point, it seems ridiculous that anyone (in the general public) would adhere to socialism. Let me tell you why they do...