Poison Assassination Of Kim Jong Un's Brother "Lasted About 15 Seconds"

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Following yesterday's shocking news that the half-brother of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un was assassinated, Malaysian authorities said on Wednesday that they detained a suspect in the apparent murder and are looking for a "few" other foreign suspects, as they zeroed in on the two women who police said fatally attacked him.

The detained woman was carrying a passport from Vietnam and was alone at the time of the arrest at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, the local police said as they pieced together a timelime of the assault. “We believe she has a strong connection with the murder,” said Malaysia Deputy Inspector General of Police, Noor Rashid Ibrahim. “We are still looking for a few suspects, they are all still in Malaysia.”

Lawmakers in South Korea had earlier cited their spy agency as saying it suspected two female North Korean agents had murdered Kim Jong Nam, and U.S. government sources also told Reuters they believed North Korean assassins were responsible.

According to the WSJ, Kim Jong Nam, the brother, arrived early for a 10:50 a.m. AirAsia flight to Macau on Monday after more than a week in Malaysia, police said. He was in a well-lit, spacious departures hall lined with cafes like Starbucks, near a popular photo spot of a Chinese New Year exhibit featuring a giant, yellow chick. There, Mr. Kim was approached from opposite sides by two fair-skinned women who didn't appear to be Malaysian, said police who viewed CCTV footage. One of the women touched Mr. Kim's face with a cloth that contained an unidentified liquid before both departed in separate directions, police said.

"It lasted about 15 seconds," one official said, adding that the CCTV nearest to the incident wasn't working, leaving police to use footage from one further away.

Another CCTV that might've shown how the women departed the hall was also out of order, he said. One officer said no foul play was suspected in the nonworking cameras. Kim was then transported to a nearby hospital but was pronounced dead en route, police said. An autopsy is under way. Local reports said authorities also arrested the taxi driver who ferried the women away from the airport. Police declined to comment on that.

The woman detained at Kuala Lumpur airport was identified from CCTV footage at the airport and was alone when she was apprehended, police said in a statement.Media had earlier published a grainy CCTV-captured image of a young woman wearing a white shirt with the letters "LOL" on the front. Documents she carried were in the name of Doan Thi Huong, showed a birth date of May 1998 and birthplace of Nam Dinh, Vietnam, police said.

The portly and gregarious Kim Jong Nam, the eldest son of late North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, was assaulted on Monday morning in the departure hall of Kuala Lumpur International Airport and died on the way to hospital, Malaysian police said.

As the WSJ adds, Kim's body was moved Wednesday to the larger Hospital Kuala Lumpur, which has more extensive facilities and equipment, for a detailed examination of what killed him. At least three North Korean Embassy vehicles were seen at the hospital compound.

About 10 Malaysian police were detailed as security outside.  Security was tighter than usual at Kuala Lumpur's modern international airport departures hall Wedesday morning, with several tarmac security staff diverted to near the spot where Mr. Kim had been assaulted. An inconspicuous smattering of police moved intermittently through the hall.
Many staff said police had instructed them to say nothing about Monday's incident, and most of the those who had been working Monday had been rotated to other posts in the airport, they said. Others said they had only learned of the killing on Wednesday morning.


No areas were cordoned off, and other activity continued as normal, with several hundred travelers spread throughout the hall and cafes at any given moment. A half dozen hotel and tour operators at an exhibit just steps from where Mr. Kim was assaulted said they were stunned to find out an international incident had taken place just before they'd opened Monday. "Now it's a global event," one said, showing updates of the story on his phone.


In front of the exhibit, approximately where police say Mr. Kim was assaulted, traditional dancers performed in the afternoon.

South Korean intelligence believes Kim Jong Nam was poisoned, the lawmakers in South Korea's capital, Seoul, said. The spy agency told them that the young and unpredictable North Korean leader had issued a "standing order" for his half-brother's assassination, and that there had been a failed attempt in 2012.  "The cause of death is strongly suspected to be a poisoning attack," said South Korean lawmaker Kim Byung-kee, who was briefed by the spy agency.

Reuters adds that according to South Korea's spy agency, Kim Jong Nam had been living, under Beijing's protection, with his second wife in the Chinese territory of Macau, the lawmakers said. One of them said Kim Jong Nam also had a wife and son in Beijing. Kim had spoken out publicly against his family's dynastic control of the isolated state.

"If the murder of Kim Jong Nam was confirmed to be committed by the North Korean regime, that would clearly depict the brutality and inhumanity of the Kim Jong Un regime," South Korean Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn, who is also acting president, told a security meeting. The meeting was called in response to Kim Jong Nam's death, news of which first emerged late on Tuesday.

Yoji Gomi, a Japanese journalist who wrote a 2012 book on Kim Jong Nam, said Kim's media appearances, which increased around the time South Korean intelligence said he was targeted for assassination, may have been an attempt to protect himself. "I now have the impression that even he may have had a sense of danger, so he began exposing himself in the media and stating his opinions to protect himself and counter North Korea," Gomi told a talk show on Japan's NTV.

There was no mention of Kim Jong Nam's death in North Korean media.

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YouJustMadeTheList (not verified) Feb 15, 2017 7:34 AM

That was your 15 [seconds] of fame. OK, who's next up?

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Andrew Breitbart's coroner was like 5 seconds tops.

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And there was me thinking these guys were immortal. 

Does that mean one should not entirely believe everything the government and their media shills tell us? 

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U.S. government sources also told Reuters they believed North Korean assassins were responsible.

Translation: this is a CIA wetwork operation. Time to plant some stories to shift blame to someone else.

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Knew that the second I saw CCTV being taken out in strategic location...they let one record the act and had the better exit view covered

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This story is relevant because?

Nobody cares.

Let's make it zero hedge, AND zero Drudge, ok?

What's next... Articles about sex dolls?

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YouJustMadeTheList (not verified) RafterManFMJ Feb 15, 2017 8:06 AM

I only read [articles] about sex dolls for the [pictures]

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I see what you did there. 


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An outlier of an event to be sure

What could it mean?

Maybe its a message from the deep state that family members of world leaders can be whacked in a heartbeat.

Is the deep state currently in conflict with any world leader?

There's a potential connection...

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the intercom breaks "this is the captain, please fasten your seatbelts, we will be entering unprecedented turbulence"

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That's why I never let some strange attractive female come up to me and wipe my face at the airports.

... but the story smells fishy.


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Strange attractive women as opposed to normal attractive women. How is a guy to know? Jeesh. 

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+1 with the attached detector parked in the trousers? very reliable instrument besides being a mighty organ

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My trouser detector has been off kilter for years which has of course lead to many problems. 

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Strange attractive women are the ones that sleep with you, at least in my experience. They stopped making Normal.

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YouJustMadeTheList (not verified) Twee Surgeon Feb 15, 2017 8:08 AM

"You stupid good lookings ~ I'm too important to be captured"

~Madame X

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So true.

The poor bugger was at a distinct disadvantage there.  Strange attractive women in pairs want to wipe your face that part of the world, you assume you're gonna get laid.  Defences down.

If they'd tried to stab him with an umbrella, he'd have taken them out.

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If any woman approaches me I know she's up to no good. It just isn't normal.

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That's why I never let some strange attractive female come up to me and wipe my... the story smells fishy.


CCTV nearest to the incident wasn't working...
Another CCTV that might've shown how the women departed the hall was also out of order...
One officer said no foul play was suspected in the nonworking cameras.



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PoasterToaster (not verified) Feb 15, 2017 7:37 AM

Wonder how long it took Brietbart to die on his lawn in the middle of the night.

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Um,OK...Let's Move On

Will Silver break the $18 handle today?

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what kills that quick? with just a wipe to the face?...pols beware

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Probably used one of Hillary's soiled adult diapers.

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+1 i also want to know what it was.

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That was my question

What type of poison kills that quickly and does not hurt the perpetrator?

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Darn few well known poisons. Cyanide will lock a human or coyote up pretty fast. ..... The spooks have a few special ones for extra fast action, but that isn't usually what they want. .... No 'get away' time before there is a big scene. ..... If this was a poisoning it appears to me to be a 'high profile' hit that someone wanted to be 'noticed' or caught on CCTV. ... The girl(s) delivery system would be patsies and will be well removed from any connection with those who initiated the hit.

It smells CIAy to me. ...... Where's chindit13? ... He can probably fill us in totally OR send us off on a wild goose chase. ... Either way, it will be colorful and entertaining.

Live Hard, A "No More Playing With Your Minute Man ICBMs Toys" Message To NK Maybe?, Die Free

~ DC v5.0

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I think you may be on to something,  Didn't Trump just say something about recorded calls when he's talking about North Korea?  


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You lost me at chindit13.

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Prussic acid also known as hydrocyanic acid. There is a joke about how strong it is. "a drop on the tongue of a dog can kill a man." You would have to have a barrier between it and your skin and hold your breath while applying it. The victim is usually dead before they hit the floor.

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Back to sex robots for me.....

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Get an old one......the new ones talk back.

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Is that where you draw eyes on the back of your hand and call it Data?  "Data, service me . . ."

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Two wives? Killed on Valentine's day, I think we have our answer...

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As grandma used to say, "never let an Asian woman touch you above the waste."

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Your grandma was racist.


Yeah she was......we all loved her for it.


She hated white people.........she couldn't stand us.

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She no love him...long time.....

but some stong poison..what was that?????


Nice to know none of their cameras are working..lol...good security....Ill get right on that

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It is a warning by the CIA to Kim Jong Un that you do not fire missiles when you are told not to do so. only naive people believe it's a love triagle or some other bullshit. Pomparina is made from the same cloth as mccain and lindsey graham and pence.  look up pomparina on google it's italian for pompeo. 

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Sorry Davy. . . uh, no.  The USA had a vested interest in keeping that guy alive as he routinely spoke out against the ruling regime in NK.

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Maybe it's a warning to another leader about the capabilities and willingness of 3 letter agencies to off family members of non compliant world leaders.