Top Neocon, Bill Kristol, Exposes His True Undemocratic Feelings During High Moment on Twitter

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Bill Kristol's father was one of the founders of the neocon movement. Essentially, they were former communists who were loyal to Trotsky who toiled to overthrow Stalin, in an effort to spread communism. After the USSR collapsed, they coopted the GOP and used 'democracy' as their call for global revolution, which was essentially code for empire through war.

Naturally, they've been part of the government for a long time, via Kissinger and Brzezinski, but they only truly came out in the open under the idiot Bush.

Here's an excellent piece discussing them.

And now here he is laid bare. Do we need any further proof that these people are a threat to democracy?



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I don't think Kissinger's state is really that deep. All-war-all-the-time? What's so profound about that?

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The "there are some nice Jews" meme misses the plot. Jews are members of a quasi-state. Judaia is not Israel, though Israel is a subset of Judaia. This 'state' of the Jewish 'nation' is more powerful than most states, and its members are dispersed amongst them in a consciously parasitic relationship. Just as America and Americans were accountable for and beneficiaries of acts such as the nuking of Japan, so Judaia and Jews are responsible for undermining American nationhood. While the high functionaries of Judaia such as Kristol bear the main responsibility for that and other acts including 9/11, ordinary Jews, who outside a Judaic context might be as nice as can be, also carry a measure of responsibility for activities they might have stopped and of which they are beneficiaries. Jews as a whole, even the 'nice' ones are responsible for the fact that among the undergraduates at Harvard Jews are present in fourteen times the number as would have made it on merit. When Trump speaks of putting America first, he has in mind that Judaia is first now. But it would be suicidal to talk that way. As it is, Jews know that's what he means and that is why all the resources at their command are being deployed to bring him down. 

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The neoCons wrote the script that the Deep State follows; ie Unipolar Global Hegemony (The Wolfowitz Doctrine)

Thh Middle East Corrollary that the neoCons wrote is "Operation Clean Break" ie burn down the whole region with regime Cange to "secure the realm" for Tel Aviv.

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Kristol --> The Zio-Scum Fat Toad Totem

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David Axelrod, Obama’s Champaign
  Manager is the great, great, grandson of Trotsky!


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Another grave on my list I want to dance on. If I don't live long enough I'll have my Grandson do it for me.

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Aren't these "Deep Staters", in fact, simply Trotskyites?  Westerners are taught to hate Stalin, but if I read correctly, Stalin wanted to keep "communism" in the USSR only, whereas Trotsky wanted to spread it all over the world.  Aren't the IMF, the EU, the FED, etc., doing everything they can to spread communism all over the world right now?

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The neocons and neoliberals combined forces at some point.

They joined forces with the intel community and decided the USA is the Evil Empire.

My response is a simple, fuck you, assholes!

See you in hell.

Kristol is just one more obnoxious jew.

It's sad, really. There are a number of decent jews out there.

It's just there are so many obnoxious jew mother fuckers out there who can't keep their f'ing jewpinions to themselves.



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Monotheism in all its forms is the problem.

The three Semitic death cults from the Middle Eastern deserts make no bones about their intent to and your thinking


Abandon the death cults. Return to the religion of your ancestors.

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Uh, dude do not protest too much.

He needs to walk the plank along with thousands of other corrupt fucks.

monad's picture

Social media: Where libtards go to die. Stands to reason as the libtard creed is, only one's "public life" has any meaning.

Chupacabra-322's picture


How do these Pure Evil ZioNeoConFascist walk the streets safely. Perhaps they need a dose of the following:

Political Leader Shot and Then Hacked to Death

Manoj Mhtare, 52 A Congress politician's murder in Bihwandi, shot and Machetes slashed across his body several times.


Dusty Rhodes' Muffler's picture

O' Reilly is such a cucktard...he needs to retire and give Tucker-Cat his slot...last night was Tuck at his best!

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I think O'Reilly hedges whenever he thinks he needs to, the same way a politician does.  He disappoints me frequently.  Also, I read one of his books and thought it was childish, superficial, lacking real research.  Tons of better information available from real researchers.  Research requires persistence and courage.

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What a (((coincidence)))!

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Yall shoulda heard Mark Cuban on O'Reilly last night, WTF? He says, we don't need working people anymore, there won't be any jobs, we need to build a place for working people to go to, to hold them, they don't matter anymore. Cuban is Deep State for sure. Manufacturing, shipping, those jobs don't count, don't exist, aren't coming back, he just figures the world is for his comfort and everyone else can go die. And fucking O'Reilly, instead of getting him more on the record, forcing an articulation of what Cuban was getting at, let him off the hook. Go find Cuban and O'Reilly from last night. Scary, man, the BOTH of them. Deep, DEEP State. Cuban slipped up bad, letting that out.

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I wonder whether robots will purchase tickets to Cuban's basketball games.  But by then, of course, Cuban will have moved on to some other industry.

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Fathead Slim (not verified) toocrazy2yoo Feb 15, 2017 9:29 AM

Nah, I won't even watch a 2 minute clip from Fox on youtube. Fox is TV for libtards who think they aren't libtards. Watch any of that shit long enough and you end up thinking just like the people who watch CNN.

mary mary's picture

99% of MSM all present the exact same Trotskyite viewpoint these days, so I think anything questioning that viewpoint can be helpful.  But, a little television goes a long way.

ronaldwilsonreagan's picture

Even Trump true believers are starting to have second thoughts I love it. OMG this is Orgasmic. Way way more entertaining then another sleazy Clinton administration.

mary mary's picture

The ghost of Ronald Reagan is going to haunt you.

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this joo is looking to get assfucked. 

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Billy Kristol is an absolute idiot who woud be cleaning restrooms if he didn't have a wealthy father. His rag is getting to be about as thin as a sheet of toilet paper. Who cares what the idiot says?

Reaper's picture

They believe they're the Central Committee destined to rule the world. A neo-con central committee or Sauron are evil incarnate.

SgtShaftoe's picture

I'd prefer they all just fuck off and leave us alone.

SubjectivObject's picture

Not gonna happn; they want all the good you got.

mary mary's picture

All your planet are belong to us!

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Kristol needs a new gig. Isn't Axelrod interviewing for a new fluffer?
Poor guy might end up homeless soon. Oh, well. At least he'll always have Lindsey Graham's pajama parties.

Occams_Razor_Trader's picture

Why "Neo-Con"?
If they are former communists- shouldn't they me called "Neo- Coms"?
Communism is the antithesis of conservatism- on the Overton window conservatism is to the right as communism is on the left- progressivism is to the far left of conservatism but to the right of communism. What they are is Neo- communists or a better term "Neo-Progressives" or "Neo- Progs".
Just because some of them have an (R) after their name (and that party had originally espoused some conservative tenets) they shouldn't be confused with any degree of conservatism.
Call a spade a spade - Neo-Progs!

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they are pretending to be conservatives, b/c in the 1950's, they came to this county and adopted the language of joe mccarthy, simply b/c they also hated josef stalin. billy kristol's mother is also a raging trotskyist commie.

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We are always looking for a name, "THE"name of our enemy and with each effort we find their identity has been changed. They have used every positive term we can think of and turned it to shit.

We need to consider our enemy NOT in terms of supposedly definitional names, but as we would identify pornography, we simply know it when we see it. Understand the INTENT and stop allowing them to hide behind labels. We see our enemies cling us racists, fascist, Nazis. While THEY epitomise the actions of who they describe.

Stop looking for a label and simultaneously KNOW thy enemy.

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McCain, Kristol, McConnell, Pelosi, Graham, Schumer and a host of others should attend the next polonium wine mixer.  I hear it's a killer party.

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Is it just me.....or does he not allow replies to his tweets? I'm not a twatter user, so I dont know if I missed something, but it looks like his twitter page is only his own posts with only the occasional supportive reply.

Kristol is a globalist ziocon, a treasonous fool totally consumed by elitist hubris.

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J..  and a C_____ie. a real american patriot like the rosenberg's

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Kristol, McCain (Arizona voters should be ashamed), Bolton, and don't forget the media who gives them a platform. As much as Trump may like Hannity, old Sean is at the head of the media neoconservative class. 

Billy's father, the original neocon. 

Fighting Dems like Soros and also fighting the Deep State, President Trump needs to channel some Nigel Farge public speaking ability here and tell the People he's got their back. 


BabaLooey's picture

I agree.

Enough with the tweets Donald.

Give a big assed speech soon. Broad scoped. Give the libturds a migraine headache.

140 characters is awesome - but they have 50 kabillion "portals" - and when you're outgunned by Katy Perry 3 for 1 - it's time to say more.


armageddon addahere's picture

What if the deep state ends up dominated by someone like Trump?

Anarchyteez's picture

How on earth would that be worse than what we have now?

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solkashberg (not verified) Feb 15, 2017 7:42 AM

If only we could identify who these people really are, we might be in a better position to deal with them. As it stands, they are able somehow to blend right in with the population at large. By what means can they be recognised I wonder


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Rowdy Roddy Piper has the glasses!

ISEEIT's picture

I'd throw this POS out of a plane directly over North Korea.


No parachute.

Vuke's picture

NO !  A big parchute.  Let him slowly float down .................

Jim in MN's picture

Very humane.

They could eat him, and then eat the parachute.

Real Humanitarian There

Never One Roach's picture

This guy is another fanatic evidently. Like McCain and graham he has lost all sense of common sense.

Old Pecksniff's picture

Sort of like saying he would obviously strongly prefer the kingdom of God.  But if it comes to it, he would prefer Satan to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Citxmech's picture

Alluding to Trump as the 2nd Coming is a bit rich, don't you think?  Now if Ron Paul had won. . . 

otschelnik's picture

Until the deep state turns and goes after you, Billy boy.  If your opponent isn't safe from it, neither are you. 


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"Bill Kristol's father was one of the founders of the neocon movement. Essentially, they were former communists who were loyal to Trotsky who toiled to overthrow Stalin, in an effort to spread communism."

Not all Jews, these JewsMessianic, racist Jews.

I don't give a shit for their collectivist world vision, which is: we work, their fellow tax farmers reap, and Trotsky and his friends enjoy.

These are the only guys who could get me to root for Stalin

Trotsky < Mao < Stalin < LBJ << Hitler.